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December 4, 2019

Teacher at Utah Public School Told The 11Yr Son of Gay Parents it Was Sinful, Gay is Wrong

When one of the students answered that he was “thankful for finally being adopted by my two dads,” the teacher retorted that “homosexuality is wrong,” one of the boy’s parents said in a video that has gotten widespread attention on social media. The teacher then told the student that it was sinful for two men to live together, the father said.
The substitute teacher was fired soon after, according to the staffing company that had placed the woman at the school, Deerfield Elementary in Cedar Hills, Utah.
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 Van Amstel, an Amsterdam-born choreographer, former dance champion


A substitute teacher at a Utah public school asked students in a fifth-grade class what they were thankful for before they left for Thanksgiving break.

When one of the students answered that he was “thankful for finally being adopted by my two dads,” the teacher retorted that “homosexuality is wrong,” one of the boy’s parents said in a video that has gotten widespread attention on social media. The teacher then told the student that it was sinful for two men to live together, the father said. 

The substitute teacher has fired soon after, according to the staffing company that had placed the woman at the school, Deerfield Elementary in Cedar Hills, Utah. 

The father, Louis van Amstel, who is known for his role on “Dancing With the Stars,” wrote on Twitter and Facebook that his son, Daniel, 11, had been bullied by the teacher.

“It shouldn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, bisexual, black and white,” van Amstel said in an interview Sunday. “If you’re adopting a child and if that child goes to a public school, that teacher should not share her opinion about what she thinks we do in our private life.”

Van Amstel, 47, credited three girls in the class with alerting the principal about the teacher’s actions and with speaking up on behalf of his son, who he said did not want the teacher to get in trouble.

“The woman, even when the principal said, ‘Well, you’re fired,’ and escorted her out the door, tried to blame Daniel for what she said,’” van Amstel said.

The episode happened Nov. 21 in the Alpine School District, which is one of the largest in Utah and serves about 80,000 students in several communities south of Salt Lake City.

The district’s spokesman, David Stephenson, said in an email that “the school took appropriate action that day based upon their investigation,” but referred questions on the substitute teacher to Kelly Services, the staffing company used by the district. The district did not identify the teacher. 

Kelly Services said in a statement Sunday that the substitute teacher was no longer employed by the company.

“We are concerned about any reports of inappropriate conduct and take these matters very seriously,” the statement said. “We conducted an investigation and made the decision to end the employee’s relationship with Kelly Services.”

The company did not respond to questions about how long the substitute teacher had been placed in the school district or the vetting process it used for school instructors.

Van Amstel said he was proud of how swiftly and decisively the school had handled the situation but was troubled about the vetting of the teacher and about how she had tried to impose her personal beliefs on a group of children.

Van Amstel, an Amsterdam-born choreographer, former dance champion and creator of the dance fitness program LaBlast, said his neighbors in Utah had rallied around his family. He said some online commenters had jumped to unfair conclusions about what he described as a politically and socially conservative state.

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 Gay dads

“It doesn’t mean that all of Utah is now bad,” he said. “This is one person.”

The episode came just a few weeks after the Trump administration proposed a rule change that would roll back Obama-era discrimination protections that were based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families have said that the reversal could allow foster care and adoption agencies to deny their services to LGBTQ families on faith-based grounds.

In 2017, van Amstel wed Joshua Lancaster at the Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah, posting a photo of their marriage license on Instagram. He said his spouse took his surname so they and their children would have the same one. 

The couple started the adoption process in 2018 and met Daniel for the first time in March after seeing his photograph online, van Amstel said. Daniel’s placement with his would-be parents came on Father’s Day, according to van Amstel, who said the adoption would become final this month.

“This boy since we met him feels like our son,” van Amstel said. “Right now, it feels like I made him.”

October 23, 2019

Teachers Get Fired When Gay or Pregnant, They face Strict Unfair Immoral Demands

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Associate Professor, Michigan State University

Pregnant teachers in classrooms are routine these days. But the law didn’t always protect expectant women in any workplace.
As part of her stump speech, Sen. Elizabeth Warren tells a story about being fired from her job as a speech pathologist for special needs children once she became pregnant back in 1971. Sharing this chapter in her history has prompted dozens of other women to speak out about their own similar experiences.
And while things have changed quite a bit, teachers are still confronting evolving restrictions on what they can or can’t do – inside and outside the classroom – typically based on moral grounds. 
As a professor who instructs students who are training to become teachers, part of my job is to prepare them to uphold these ethical standards. I also have to explain that these standards are rarely clear and change all the time.  
Nurturing Teachers

August 4, 2019

The Most Highly Educated States in The Union (USA)


The Most Highly Educated States in th

In the past 20 years, the number of Americans age 25 and older with a master’s degree or a doctoral degree has doubled. As of 2018, the 13.1 percent of Americans who hold an advanced degree earned on average 3.7 times as much as those who had not completed high school.
Those with degrees from community colleges or state universities tend to settle relatively close to their alma mater. Graduates of elite colleges tend to head for the big city and may even move hundreds of miles away for their career. This results in some areas of the country attracting large numbers of college graduates, particularly those with advanced degrees. A state’s economy plays a role, as well as cultural and entertainment attractions. Overall, states with a higher percentage of residents with an advanced degree tend to be those with large metropolitan areas where large corporate headquarters are located. People move to where the best jobs are.
The percentages of people holding advanced degrees in each of the top 25 most highly educated states come from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey

February 9, 2019

Christian Group Can Bar Any LGBT Students From Leadership Roles, So Rules A Judge

Image: University of Iowa
University of Iowa students walk past the Old Capitol building in Iowa City. Charlie Neibergall / AP file

By Associated Press
IOWA CITY, Iowa — A federal judge has ruled that the University of Iowa was wrong to strip a Christian student group of its registered status after the organization barred a gay student from a leadership position.

U.S. District Judge Stephanie M. Rose on Wednesday granted a permanent injunction banning the university from rejecting the status of the group, Business Leaders in Christ, The Des Moines Register reported.

Rose found that the university had unevenly applied its human rights policy by allowing other groups to limit membership based on religious views, race, sex and other protected characteristics.

"Particularly when free speech is involved, the uneven application of any policy risks the most exacting standard of judicial scrutiny, which the defendants have failed to withstand," she said.
Trump gives the nod to Karen Pence at National Prayer Breakfast
Business Leaders in Christ member Jake Estell said the group is happy with the outcome.

"This victory reinforces the commonsense idea that universities can't target religious groups for being religious," he said.

The university said it plans to adhere to the court's decision.

The university revoked the group's registration in November 2017 after the group barred a student from holding a leadership position after he disclosed that he was gay. The university said it has a right and obligation to ensure an open and nondiscriminatory environment on campus. 

LGBTQ families poised for 'dramatic growth,' national survey finds
The registration loss meant Business Leaders in Christ could no longer reserve campus meeting space, participate in student recruitment fairs, access funds from student activity fees or use university-wide communication services.

Business Leaders in Christ sued the university, arguing that its membership is open to all students but that leaders must affirm a statement of faith that includes rejecting homosexuality.

Rose in January 2018 ordered the group to be temporarily reinstated while the lawsuit was pending. The U.S. Justice Department in December filed a "statement of interest" backing the group, arguing that the university had violated its free speech and assembly rights.


September 27, 2018

Sounds Like The A-Bomb Exploded in Zimbabwe After A Teacher Comes Out Gay

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Harare - A Zimbabwean high school teacher has triggered a furore after coming out to students and parents as gay to pre-empt a newspaper story that would have outed him. Neal Hovelmeier, a teacher at the private St John's College in Harare, and headmaster Cavaliere Corrado Trinci wrote a letter revealing his homosexuality to parents after announcing it during assembly at the boys only school.

Homosexuality is illegal in Zimbabwe. St John's College made the disclosure after the independent Daily News sent in media questions about the teacher. 

Hovelmeier said he made the decision in the hope it would curb homophobic behaviour after some former pupils who had gained confidence after school to pursue their sexual orientation told him how they had “intolerance, intimidation and homophobia" while at St John's.
The 6th form teacher’s admission sparked heated debate countrywide and on social media, which some critics saying the school should not have assembled pupils to make the disclosure.

{The tweets were so full of ignorance based homophobia and discredited Anti gay ideas.

In a Twitter polls asking participants if they would be happy with Hovelmeier teaching their sons, over 6 500 or 52 percent voted ‘no’, compared to 36 percent who said ‘yes’ and 12 percent who were ‘undecided’.

"I don’t have a problem with him being gay. I just think that he didn’t have to assemble children and announce that he is gay," Twitter user Kudzai Mutisi posted on the network. "Parents will take this as an attempt to influence their kids. After all, these kids look up to him.”
During a meeting at the school on Monday, angry parents demanded that all officials involved in the debacle quit – including headmaster Trinci, Hovelmeier, second deputy headmaster Andrew Sakala and Charles Msipa, chairman of the school’s board of governors. 

As tempers flared, fistfights broke out among some parents, while others had to be restrained from assaulting school officials.

In a statement, Msipa took full responsibility over the matter, saying he had taken legal advise after the Daily News enquiry and had been advised to run ahead of the story.  
Msipha said he had approved the release of the communication without board approval because the publication of the story appeared imminent. 

"On a personal level, it is my respectful view that the college should continue to strive to provide a safe, caring, inclusive, diverse and tolerant environment and space for all persons regardless of race, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, abilities or disabilities," Msipa added.

Zimbabwe is a deeply conservative country, with Christianity the dominant religion, and homosexuality is generally frowned u

His successor Emmerson Mnangagwa -- who has been careful not to upset Western countries as he struggles with a legitimacy question over his rule after a disputed July 30 election -- has avoided expressing a personal opinion, only saying he is guided by the Constitution whenever the question arises.

African News Agency/ANA 

May 10, 2018

LGBT Teacher Is Suing The Mansfield Tx School District for Sexual Discrimination

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