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August 8, 2018

German Couple Sells Their 12 y.o. Son to A Pedophile Ring on The Dark Net

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 A woman who sold her son to paedophiles on the dark net has been jailed for 12 years and six months by a court in southern Germany.
Couple in court, 7 Aug 18
The couple's sexual exploitation case shocked Germany
(faces blurred for legal reasons)
The Freiburg court also jailed her partner, the boy's stepfather, for 12 years. The boy was nine when the trial began in June.
The German nationals, 48 and 39 years old, had sexually abused the boy themselves for at least two years. 
The dark net is an internet area beyond the reach of mainstream search engines.
On Monday the court jailed a Spanish man for 10 years for sexually abusing the boy repeatedly. 
Five other men have also been prosecuted in connection with the abuse.
The couple were found guilty of rape, aggravated sexual assault of children, forced prostitution and distribution of child pornography.
The boy is now living with foster parents.
The couple must now pay €42,500 (£38,000; $49,200) in damages to the boy and to a three-year-old girl, who was also abused by them. What is the dark web and is it a threat?
Trial participants, 7 Aug 18
 The defendants (L and C): Faces are not shown because
 of strict German privacy law
German media report that child welfare authorities in Baden-Württemberg state have been heavily criticised for failing to stop the couple's abuse.
The boy had been removed from the couple temporarily by social workers, but was then handed back to them.
Spiegel news website reports that welfare officers had not exchanged information about the case that could have led them to the couple's crimes.
According to case psychiatrist Hartmut Pleines, quoted by Spiegel, the mother's claim that she was in thrall to her partner when she committed the abuse, was false. 
She did not explain her actions, but her partner did speak a lot in court during the two-month trial, Spiegel reported.

June 7, 2016

Britain’s Pedophile Gets Life with up to 200 Children as Victims

Britain’s worst paedophile who abused up to 200 Malaysian children has been jailed for life.
Warped Richard Huckle, 30, posed as a committed Christian and English teacher to rape vulnerable and poverty-stricken children over nine years after first visiting South East Asia aged 19 on a gap year.
The former grammar schoolboy from Ashford, Kent, was arrested when he arrived back in London for Christmas with his parents in December 2014.
Police found more than 20,000 images of abuse on his laptop.
He eventually admitted 71 charges, including rape, sexual assault, and sexual activity with a child at the Old Bailey.
His youngest victim was aged just six months old.

Priscilla Coleman/MB MediaBritish man Richard Huckle in court
Richard Huckle appeared to put his hands together in prayer as he was sentenced at the Old Bailey

Universal NewsRichard Huckle admitted 71 charges - Investigators believe he abused up to 200 victims in poor Christian communities. One of the most prolific paedophiles ever to have been brought before a UK court
Richard Huckle abused children in Malaysia for nine years after first visiting aged 19 for a gap year

Huckle held his hands in prayer as he received 22 life sentences on Monday.
He will serve at least 25 years in jail.
A member of the public shouted "a thousand deaths is too good for you" as he was led down to the cells..
It comes as the police watchdog has launched an investigation into whether more could have been done to stop Huckle, amid fears he may have abused children in the UK.
In a bizarre and callous letter read out in court at an earlier hearing, Huckle claimed sex crimes were “endemic” in Kuala Lumpur and "no one cared".
But he said he had "no regrets" about living in Malaysia as it improved his "confidence and charisma" and blamed "external factors" for his horrific campaign of abuse.
Huckle hit out at the “poor attitude to child welfare" and "the pathetic, perverted lust of those who lured me onto the dark net". Huckle made the comments in a letter to his solicitors which his barrister Philip Sapsford QC said showed his remorse.
He insisted “no one cared” about his victims who were “badly treated” in a society where sexual abuse became endemic.
The Old Bailey heard Huckle had little sexual experience with adults because he “lacked confidence with women”.
His barrister told the court he and his junior James Mason had never seen an admission of guilt on that scale in their combined 89 years experience.
It took more than an hour for the charges to be put to Huckle at an earlier hearing, in what is believed to be the worst case of its kind.

CENTRAL NEWSRichard Huckle
Callous Huckle said child sex crimes were "endemic" in Malaysia and "no one cared"

“What is significant in our instructions is Mr Huckle repeatedly said few people cared for these child victims,” Mr Sapsford said.
“His instructions were, he didn't want to do anything that would lead to any long-term damage physically but accepts and believes he certainly lost touch with reality and just how serious his behaviour was.
“He thought this was overlooked or ignored in Malaysia.”
Huckle forced some victims to pose with sick slogans advertising his foul images which he sold for Bitcoins on the TLZ website on the dark web - the encrypted version of the internet.
He first went to south-east Asia as a teenager where he felt he “belonged” for the first time, said his barrister.
Huckle began attacking children when he was on a gap year, aged just 19, in a campaign that spanned nine years, from March 2006 until he was finally arrested in December 2014.
He faced up to 22 life sentences at the Old Bailey after admitting to an unprecedented 71 charges, including rape, sexual assault, and sexual activity with a child.
In his letter, Huckle added: "In no way do I want to be treated as a martyr for child sex tourism."

Huckle even crowd funded his abuse online and encouraged other paedophiles to follow his model 

Mr Sapsford said Huckle only realised the extent of his offending when he was arrested.
Huckle “attributed his offending to others on the internet and the characteristics of the culture of the victims”, when interviewed by a doctor who studied his warped mind.
“His instructions are, at all times, these children were very badly treated in the society in which they lives and sexual abuse became endemic,” added Mr Sapsford.
Huckle targeted an impoverished Christian community in Malaysia where he posed as a student, photographer, English teacher and philanthropist to groom his victims.
He took pictures and videos of himself raping and abusing young girls and boys and even a baby wearing a nappy.
Huckle bragged of the attacks in online blogs and penned a 60-page perverts' handbook titled 'Pedophiles & Poverty: Child Lover Guide'.

CENTRAL NEWSRichard Huckle
The police watchdog will investigate if more could have been done to stop Huckle

As part of an international network, Huckle awarded himself 'PedoPoints' for carrying out the attacks and used a paedophile crowdfunding website, called PedoFunding, to finance the abuse.
He began the nine-year campaign in 2006 and it is believed he assaulted up to 200 children before his arrest in December 2014 when he was caught with more than 20,000 indecent images.
The charges relate to the horrific sexual abuse of 23 girls and boys aged between six months and 12 years. Some 22 of the victims are from Malaysia while one is Cambodian.
But prosecutor Brian O'Neill said Huckle's own twisted ledger contained reference to a possible 191 victims.
Huckle, formerly of Ashford, Kent, pleaded guilty to 31 counts of sexual assault of a child under the age of 13; 12 counts taking indecent photos of children; six counts of assault by penetration; thirteen counts of rape of a child under 13; three counts of causing a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity; three counts of causing a child under 13 to engage in penetrative sexual activity; arranging or facilitating the commission of child sex offenses by writing a child sex abuse manual; making 20,253 indecent images; and advertising child pornography.

August 11, 2015

Pedophilia in Pakistan a "Way of Life”}} More than 200 Children Uncovered Abused

Children who are said to have been abused hid their faces while their mothers 
were interviewed by a journalist in their village in Punjab Province on Sunday. 

HUSSAIN KHAN WALA, Pakistan — Pakistani officials have initiated an investigation into allegations that a gang of men sexually abused more than 200 children and sold videos of the abuse.

The accusations have rocked the country, drawing the attention and condemnation of human rights activists and politicians in a case that involved subjects long considered taboo here.

At least 280 children under the age of 14 from three villages in eastern Punjab Province were said to have been subjected to sexual abuse by a gang of 15 men, who made videos to extort money from the children and their parents. Seven of the accused have been arrested, police officials said Sunday.

The accusations of abuse started trickling out last month as victims began to report it to the police, and last Tuesday, hundreds of residents staged a protest, accusing the police and local politicians of protecting the gang members and ignoring the accusations. Some of the protesters clashed with the police, and dozens of people were injured, including several police officers.

On Saturday, details of the abuse were carried by The Nation, a Lahore-based English-language newspaper, which reported that the gang members had drugged and intoxicated their victims, some as young as 6, and had recorded hundreds of videos. Some of the children stole jewelry and money from their parents to pay the men to stop them from making the videos public, according to the reports. The newspaper said many of the videos were sold to buyers and pornographic websites overseas.
 The coverage prompted an outpouring of outrage on social media, especially on Twitter.

Pedophilia remains a taboo subject in Pakistani society. Human rights activists say that child abuse is rampant in the country and that homeless children, as many as 1.5 million according to some estimates, are particularly vulnerable.

However, provincial officials in Punjab played down the scale of the abuse and said that only seven cases had been registered by the police so far and that they were in possession of only 30 videos.

Most of the victims and gang members are from Hussain Khan Wala, a dusty farming village in the Kasur District of Punjab Province, near the border with India and about an hour’s drive from Lahore, the provincial capital.

“This group was active since 2007 when they were school students,” Shahzad Sultan, a senior police official said in an interview on Sunday, referring to the suspects. He said most of the videos involved consensual sex between teenagers.

Local police officials say the allegations became public only after a land dispute arose between two rival groups in the village. Mr. Sultan said that the videos of consensual sex were being used now as part of an effort by one party in the dispute to discredit or intimidate members of the other group with accusations of child abuse. “The videos are old,” he said.

The man identified as the main suspect, Haseem Amir, said in an interview that his uncle had bought the land under dispute now and that members of another family who opposed the sale were now accusing him and his friends of child abuse. 

The seven suspects who were arrested are ages 16 to 25. Mr. Amir, 25, denied that he was involved in blackmail and extortion. “We made some mistakes while we were teenagers in school,” he said, alluding to the sex videos. “We used to record videos and share with one another just for fun.”

But Muhammad Ashraf, the father of one of the accusers, who filed a complaint to the police on Sunday, said his son, 20, was abused as a student five years ago, but did not tell the family at the time.

After video clips surfaced about two months ago, “we came to know about it,” Mr. Ashraf said.

“My son was disturbed and sad,” Mr. Ashraf said. “He asked us to lodge the case. He used to steal money and some valuables, and says he used to give it to the blackmailers.”

In one video, a boy is seen crying after he is sexually abused, and tries to cover his face with a hand to hide from the camera. In another video, a man orders a boy to smile as he films him while the boy is abused.

A senior police official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of offending local sensibilities, said the case involved a “mixture of social deviants” and behaviors that reflected changes in Pakistani society. “Such acts of teenage homosexuality are becoming common practice,” the officer said.

Opposition politicians said over the weekend that they planned to take up the issue of child abuse in Parliament on Monday.

Waqar Gillani reported from Hussain Khan Wala, and Salman Masood from Islamabad, Pakistan.

A version of this article appears in print on August 10, 2015, on page A4 of the New York Times

May 4, 2015

UK Fr.MP Harvey Proctor House Searched by Police Looking for Pedophile Ring Evidence

Mr Proctor denies any knowledge of an alleged 'rent boy ring' at the heart of Westminster in the 1970s and '80s

The home of former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor has been searched by police investigating historic allegations of a Westminster paedophile ring.

Detectives have visited the 68-year-old’s home within the grounds of Belvoir Castle near Grantham in Leicestershire, where he works for the Duke and Duchess of Rutland.
Mr Proctor said in an interview on the BBC’s Today program me that police told him they were investigating sex abuse allegations going back more than 30 years, and that the offenses he committed in the past would no longer be offences as they related to the age of consent.
White Flowers Campaign

He told the programme he had never been part of any “rent boy ring” at Westminster and denied knowledge of alleged sex abuse.
Mr Proctor, who left Parliament in 1987 after pleading guilty to acts of gross indecency, said he had been considered a “loner” in the Commons who did not discuss his private life or sexuality because it “didn’t matter a damn to the work I did on behalf of my constituents”.

“I have never attended sex parties at Dolphin Square or anywhere else,” he said. “I have not been part of any rent boy ring with Cabinet ministers, other Members of Parliament or former generals  in the military. “I conducted my private life in a discreet manner. It wasn’t I who outed myself, it was the press who did an assortment of things to out me.
“The police wish to interview me,” he said, adding that he wants it to happen “at the earliest opportunity”.

A Met Police spokesman said he “can confirm officers from Operation Midland are carrying out a search of an address in Grantham in connection with their inquiries”.
Operation Midland was launched by the Met last November to look into abuse allegations centred in Westminster during the 1970s and '80s. It includes detectives from the child abuse investigation command and the homicide and major crime command, who are investigating allegations that three boys linked to the alleged ring were murdered.

July 31, 2014

46 Yr Old Pedophile Scout Travels 230 Miles to Meet Teen, Gets 7 Yrs.


A GAY scout worker from Yorkshire who groomed a teenage boy in Tunbridge Wells and travelled 230 miles to have sex with him has been jailed for seven years.

Christopher Worrall, 46, who was also chairman of Holme on Spalding Moor Parish Council, travelled to the town for a sex encounter with a boy he had groomed after finding him on Facebook.

He was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court this morning (Wednesday) for his offences with the boy in Kent as well as with another boy in north Yorkshire.

The court heard how Worrall contacted the victim online and by text and travelled to a Tunbridge Wells hotel where he got the boy to perform a sex act on him and asked him to take photographs of his private parts.

The incidents with both boys happened between June 17 and October 2, 2012.

The court also heard how Worrall, of Chapel Fields, Holme on Spalding Moor, had agonised over “coming out” as a gay, grooming his victims on the internet and of how one of them tried to commit suicide after meeting him.

Judge Martin Joy said: “There has been a devastating psychological impact in relation to both your victims. Both have had a very severe traumatic effect.”

Judge Joy added there had been “deliberate and calculated grooming” involved but decided Worrall did not present a strictly defined danger for the future.

Worrall received consecutive sentences of three and a half years for each offence of having sexual activity with the teenagers with a concurrent sentence of 27 months for two offences of grooming them.

A sexual offences prevention order was also made and Worrall’s name will appear on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.

July 14, 2014

Pope Francis Says 2% of the Catholic Clergy are Pedophiles


Pope Francis revealed that 2% of the Catholic clergy, including priests, bishops and cardinals, are pedophiles.
Francis made the statement in an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica published Sunday. He said his colleagues presented him with “reliable data" that indicates pedophilia within the Church is at 2%. 
"This finding should reassure me, but I must tell you that I do not [find it] reassuring at all," said Francis, according to a Google translation. "I find this situation intolerable and I intend to tackle it with the seriousness it requires."
The pope also called pedophilia a "leprosy" infecting the Church.
There are currently 414,313 Catholic priests worldwide, according to the latest Vatican statistics. Of that total, there would be close to 8,300 pedophiles currently in the Church.
Francis held his first meeting last week with victims who were sexually abused by members of the Catholic clergy. Six victims from Ireland, Britain and Germany met the pope at the Vatican, after attending his private morning mass.
"Before God and his people, I express my sorrow for the sins and grave crimes of clerical sexual abuse committed against you. And I humbly ask forgiveness," Francis said at the time. "I beg your forgiveness, too, for the sins of omission on the part of church leaders who did not respond adequately to reports of abuse made by family members, as well as by abuse victims themselves."
In April, he said the Church would impose sanctions on priests who committed sexual abuse, calling the acts "evil." The pope added that these priests had committed "moral damage."
Last year, Francis set up a Church committee to help victims of sexual abuse committed by priests, and also strengthened Vatican laws against child abuse.
Percentages vary, but some studies estimate that less than 5% of people in the general population are pedophiles.
Early on Sunday, Francis led tens of thousands of people at St. Peter's Square in a silent prayer for an end to hostilities in the Middle East.

May 14, 2014

Renowned International Teacher for the Renowned, a Renowned Pedophile


He was one of the most beloved teachers in the world of international schools that serve the children of diplomats, well-off Americans and local elites. He was often the first to arrive in the morning, and last to leave. He led student trips to exotic places and gave out cookies and milk at bedtime.


That was the public persona of William Vahey until a maid stole a memory drive from him in November. On it was evidence that Vahey had molested scores of adolescent boys, possibly more.
The discovery of a man the FBI regards as one of the most prolific pedophiles in memory has set off a crisis in the community of international schools, where parents are being told their children may have been victims, and administrators are scurrying to close loopholes exposed by Vahey's abuses.
Apparently, not even Vahey's victims knew they had been molested. The double-cream Oreos that he handed out were laced with sleeping pills — enough to leave the boys unconscious as he touched them and posed them for nude photographs.
Vahey attempted suicide in Nicaragua after his maid stole the drive. He survived but killed himself on a second try, stabbing himself to death at age 64 and leaving hundreds of former students wondering if they had been abused.
There were decades of missed opportunities to expose Vahey. An early California sex-abuse conviction didn't prevent him taking a series of jobs exposing him to children. Colleagues and supervisors failed to question why he was so often with boys overnight. And at least twice, boys fell mysteriously ill while under his care, and there was no investigation of Vahey's role.
In 1969, Vahey was arrested on child sexual abuse charges after police said he pinched the penises of eight boys, ages 7 to 9, at an Orange County, California, high school where he taught swimming. Vahey, then 20, told authorities he had started touching boys without their consent at age 14.
He pleaded guilty to a single charge of lewd and lascivious behavior. He received a 90-day jail sentence and five years' probation. After two, he was allowed to leave the country unsupervised in January 1972.
Vahey was required to register as a sex offender and update his address whenever he moved, but he never updated his information after the first time he registered and authorities didn't pursue the matter. When the state registry was put online in 2004, his name wasn't included because authorities discovered he was no longer living in California.
Vahey began his international teaching career with a year at the American School in Tehran in the run-up to Iran's oil boom, the first in a series of stays around the Middle East and Europe. He taught history, social studies and related subjects in Lebanon, Spain, Iran again, Greece and then Saudi Arabia, almost always to middle school students.
By the time he arrived in Saudi Arabia, Vahey was married and had two sons with Jean Vahey, a woman who became a widely respected administrator in international education. He taught eighth- and ninth-grade social studies, coached boys' basketball and led school trips to Bahrain, Turkey and Africa.
By 1992, Vahey and his wife moved to the prestigious Jakarta International School in Indonesia.
After 10 years the Vaheys moved to Escuela Campo Alegre in Venezuela, where Jean became superintendent and the man known to all as Bill took a teaching job at the sprawling hillside campus overlooking the capital, Caracas.
All new hires were required to provide a police record from either their home of record or their last country of assignment, if they had been there for more than five years. Vahey presented one from Indonesia with no history of problems.
Again in Venezuela, the popular teacher and family man took students on trips
Authorities may have missed a warning sign when two students under Vahey's care were rushed to a hospital after falling unconscious in their hotel room during a trip for a basketball game, parents and staff said. Officials were unable to determine why and chalked it up to a possible failing air conditioner.
Seven years later, the Vaheys went to work at the Westminster campus of London's Southbank International School, with about 350 pupils from 70 countries.
Bill Vahey founded a "travel club" and led a 13-day trip to Nepal in 2012.
Southbank's chair of governors, Chris Woodhead, told Britain's Press Association there had been one complaint against Vahey. A boy on a trip felt sick, Woodhead said, and Vahey took the child into his room, apparently "to look after him."
"The boy's parents agreed that there was nothing untoward and the matter shouldn't be pursued," Woodhead said.
When Vahey went on to the American Nicaraguan School with glowing references, his wife stayed in London.
In early March, the maid handed the USB drive to school director Gloria Doll. On it, she found photos of unconscious boys, many blonde or red-headed and between the ages of 12 and 14, often being touched by Vahey.
Doll confronted Vahey, who told her, according to an FBI affidavit, that he had given the boys sleeping pills, adding: "I was molested as a boy, that is why I do this. I have been doing this my whole life."
Vahey said he had swallowed more than 100 sleeping pills in November after discovering the USB drive had been taken.
Doll demanded Vahey's resignation, according to the affidavit.
Vahey flew to Atlanta the next day. It was only after he boarded the flight that Doll notified authorities at the U.S. Embassy in Managua, U.S. officials said. U.S. officials immediately notified Nicaraguan police, but he had left the country.
Vahey traveled to Luverne, Minnesota, where his brother, sister-in-law and mother live, the latter in a nursing home. He checked into a hotel and stabbed himself in the chest with a knife, leaving a note apologizing to his family.
"He's one of the most prolific pedophiles that we've seen here due to the sheer numbers," FBI Special Agent Sharon Dunlap said.
At least 60 of the 90 or so children in the images were from the Southbank school, according to police, where a significant number of parents said they did not want to know if their children were abused. Woodhead, the governor, has blamed the U.S. system.
"How did he qualify as a teacher in the United States, how is it this information was never available to any of the schools across the world who employed him over the next 40 years?" he asked in an interview with the Press Association.
Meanwhile, schools where Vahey taught are reviewing their background check policies and security procedures. A coalition of six organizations of international schools has formed a task force to review recruitment and child abuse. Teacher recruiting firms are conducting a similar joint review.
In the meantime, one of the men molested by Vahey in the Westminster, California, swimming pool as a 9-year-old boy says terrible memories have revived.
"It certainly bothers me that a person like that would be left unsupervised and obviously not tracked over the last 45 years now," the man said, his voice growing unsteady. "I find it troubling. I guess the question is: How can the system allow that to happen?"
Weissenstein reported this story from Mexico City and Abdollah reported from Los Angeles. AP writers Luis Manuel Galeano in Managua, Nicaragua; Adam Schreck in Dubai; Niniek Karmini and Margie Mason in Jakarta; Joshua Goodman in Caracas, Venezuela; Jill Lawless and Sylvia Hui in London; and Carson Walker in Luverne, Minnesota, contributed to this report.
Michael Weissenstein on Twitter:
Tami Abdollah on Twitter:
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March 17, 2014

Chief Coroner is exposed as Pedophile apologist who wanted age of consent to be 14 in UK

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