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11 years of experiences together. Our eyes were kept wide opened and shared what we thought you will be interested in knowing or should know.

adamfoxie.blogspot.com brings you the important LGBT news others ignore. It does not repost from gay sites [except out.sports.com only when an important athlete comes out]. Will post popular items with a different angle or to contribute to our readers

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What is adamfoxie*blog International?  
No matter how well informed we all are, it is very difficult to be aware of all the events that are happening in our country and the world that affects our community, at any one point.  This is where adamfoxie* comes in. We do the leg (finger) work for you. We bring you the stories that are happening on a daily basis. Many times you will see stories here before they hit the general media. On some other times latter because they have been published but only available to email subscribers.

This site prides itself on being unique in the stories it publishes. Sometimes there is no sense in telling you something you already know unless there was a different angle to that story. We look for the truthful news, not reported by general media or if reported there is an important distinction we would like to make on our own reporting or through the posting of well-known mainstream media organizations.
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Thursday January23, 2020: I would like to to use the bottom of this page which describes the blog and the work that is done and the rules we use to be fair. We are impartial many times but that is not the goal. The goal is to get the real news to you, that piece of current even or even history of the gay movement and the gays since we can get any notice of them on anything found in anthropology. Sometimes history is not fair but you should not try to fix it because it stops being history. To try to explain it is a different story.
Today I'm hoping that my move goes head and happens because one of the end products will be to give moe time to this blog for which I always had so much respect because it followed certain rules of fairness with other publications for which I am proud of. When you publish stuff from writers about current events one has to be careful we don't run afoul of the law. We have a media magazine in which the courts have ruled that if you publish at least three days a week every week you are a media. We go beyond that since we usually work 7 days a week to publish the stories we fall in love with or just hate but have to be published. 
We try on some stories to make sure a story does not die. We know how to it (I keep saying we, but now is just me but I look forward to the day it will be we again). Other stories are not being given any importance by the regular media worldwide and that story if it meeds out standards will be published. 
Because we have different social groups that will post anything we publish, some stories have a direct effect. Today I saw a story about Santorum. He was a republican senator who represented himself as a saint in the Evangelical religion. Some (and many came from the UK) and us starting quoting were this crazy were saying. He was either voted out or decided to put his tail and run. I don't' understand when networks are slow and have no one to bring as a commentator they bring him. My channel selector changes and I am sure most people's also. We never published anything about him he had not set about the queeny soldiers who will sleep together while the enemy took over a city was the sone of his arguments to keep DADT(Don't Ask Don't Tell). Well, guess what this is somebody that people are researching about him and stories about him up to last night were on top. 
There are stories that scare me a bit like MBS Saudi Prince. We got him in the US when he was sleeping with anyone he wanted. Alcohol and drugs were used. That story to today is the most popular story on this blog since it was posted. I remember one-day going back and making sure I had the reference of what magazine or newspaper said what. Wanting to make sure we were quoting, knowing these people are killers. I will write more about him especially now that we know he hacks Bessos the head of Amazon that Trumps' hate and has promised to get back at him. He hacked super billionaire hack his phone and it cost him his divorce and half his fortune, so Trump did get his way back for a favor Trump gave him back about not making anything when this Saudi Prince killed an American Correspondent.
These are the type of stories we will like to go deep and let you what you might not know. All that I said here affects the gay community because we are talking about men with no care who they killed and gay people usually are the first at the head cutting tower. With Trump, there is been no worse for our community, even Bush Jr. who hated because of his hypocrisy about gays because he knew us but would go with Stopping gay marriage and DADT to be taken out.
Good night for today, Adam  (come and keep me company with these stories).

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