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 Founded 2008-Anniversary Feb 14    ( https://adamfoxie.blogspot.com ) 
adamfoxie blog International and adamfoxie blog  (original Name 2008) Founder: Adam Gonzalez
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    🦊        Celebrating our TENTH Year. 
10 years of experiences together

adamfoxie.blogspot.com brings you the important LGBT news others ignore. Does not repost from gay sites [except out.sports.com only when importat athlete comes out].Will post popular items with a different angle or to contribute to our readers🦊

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We do no rumors, fake news nor triviality.  If it's here is serious.


What is adamfoxie*blog International?  
No matter how well informed we all are, it is very difficult to be aware of all the events that are happening in our country and the world that affects our community, at any one point.  This is where adamfoxie* comes in. We do the leg (finger) work for you. We bring you the stories that are happening on  a daily basis. Many times you will see stories here before they hit the general media. On some other times latter because they have been published but only available to email subscribers.

This site prides itself in being unique in the stories it publishes. Sometimes there is no sense in telling you something you already know, unless there was a different angle to that story. We look for the truthful news, not reported by general media or if reported there is an important distinction we would like to make on our own reporting or through the posting of well known main stream media orgs. 
At times you will see more than one source of where the story comes from and the different sites reporting on it. These sites will be mainstream media sites. 

Adamfoxie blog International or adamfoxie blog Fights Fake news:(secure browsing)

I have so much to say about fake news because I see so much of it and actually about eight years ago my increased unhappiness about seeing people reading and quoting what had a good headline and to me at least a very improbable truthful story. At the time there were many bloggers and the ones I knew were trying to reverse that trend. It was the new age of the blogger. I wanted to be part of that. Unfortunedly when that period was over then the Fake News money makers and people with a bone to grind replaced those bloggers. Those bloggers are no longer there particularly those that became bloggers as a way to make money (there is no money on this) or just wanted their view points heard. Truthfully unless you have sensational stories people that don’t know you wont care about what you think. This is the reason we have tied this blogging site to main stream media world wide. Sometimnes there are no sensational stories not being cover by the media but there is always something happening that impacts most of us. If we can’t find it, we wont make it up. It will be just a slow day in the news and more time to do other things.

Every time I decide Im going to retire I see things getting worse not better; Not that I think I make any big difference but at least to me it makes me feel good Im on the honest side and trying to fight something wrong in our society through information. Our stories are read regularly by about 15-20 nations.
Anybody can retype what the news is saying but one also needs to add where the story come from.  In other words it has to be from established media sites including established bloggers (very few stories from other bloggers).

Thank you for your support.  We can only stay here while you want us here(our readers). 
If you buy from the commercials in the site it will keep us publishing, any contribution will go for the expense of the blog.  Currently we have Amazon and about 1 or 2 others. We will not refuse a donation, just use the “Make a Donation” app on the main page or thru our email: adam@adamfoxie.com

Adamfoxie* Blog is a spam free site and we value your privacy. We keep no data base on new readers or loyal everyday seasoned ones. We promise to try to keep a sense of humor while seriously giving you important events. The site does try to be professional without being stuffy. 

We welcome your opinions and we have a section for you after every story. Go ahead use it just without the longer %?&% words. We wont edit your comment. It either goes or not. Sometimes it takes a little longer for the system to scan and approve it, so be patient. 99% will be published.

@ adamfoxie* all tittles are created by the blog, even if the content of the posting belongs to someone else(credit always given). You will always know who the content belongs to or thru what 'via' it came. Exception to this is when the blog is being asked to post everything as it appears in a publication or writers’ blog anonymously.   All articles have Label of Category, you have a Library on the Home page that allows you to check any item by Label also you have an ‘archive' by tittle and dates. You can go back years to every single posting from adamfoxie*  We have about half a million posts for you to access.

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