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July 31, 2018

AeroMexico Plane Crashes at Airport on Take Off

 Eighty-five people have been injured after an Aeromexico flight crashed while en route to Mexico City, according to government officials.
Flight #2431 was taking off at the General Guadalupe Victoria International Airport in the northwest Mexican state of Durango Tuesday afternoon when it crashed, according to Durango state Governor José Rosas Aispuro Torres.

PHOTO: A handout photo made available by the Civil Protection State Coordination (CPCE) shows emergency personnel at the site where an Aeromexico plane crashed, in Durango, Mexico, July 31, 2018.Handout/EPA via Shutterstock
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The plane was taking off when it tried to abort the takeoff due to bad weather, but it was too late, Aispuro Torres told reporters. The plane went down after the runway ended, Aispuro Torres said.
Weather reports showed scattered storms in the area at the time of the accident.

PHOTO: An accident has been reported at the Guadalupe Victoria Airport in Durango, Mexico. There are no official figures on injured or deceased.
<p itemprop=Durango Civil Protection

"It is confirmed that there were no deaths following the accident of flight Aeromexico 2431," Aispuro Torres wrote on Twitter. "At this moment on behalf of the cabinet, led by Coordinator Rosario Castro, to attend to the injured and cooperate with airport authorities with what has occurred."
Aeromexico wrote on Twitter Wednesday just after 5 p.m. ET that it was aware of an "accident" in the northwest Mexican state of Durango. 
There were 97 passengers and four crew members aboard the Embraer 190 plane, Mexico's Secretary of Communications and Transportation Gerardo Ruiz Esparza wrote on Twitter.
Aispuro Torres asked the state's security and emergency departments to respond to the scene of the accident, he wrote on Twitter. Any figures for the number of injured passengers are not yet available, Aispuro Torres wrote. 
Survivors are being transported to area hospitals, a spokesperson for Durango's State Coordination of Civil Protection told reporters. Some survivors were able to walk away from the crash to a nearby road, the spokesperson said.

PHOTO: An accident has been reported at the Guadalupe Victoria Airport in Durango, Mexico. There are no official figures on injured or deceased.
<p itemprop=Durango Civil Protection

Photos posted by Durango Civil Protection show smoke rising from the apparent crash site, which was surrounded by first responders and emergency vehicles. Although a fire broke out after the plane crashed, none of the injured appear to have suffered from burns, Alejandro Cardoza, a spokesperson for the Durango Civil Protection, said on Mexican television. The fire appears to be under control, Aispuro Torres told reporters.

PHOTO: An accident has been reported at the Guadalupe Victoria Airport in Durango, Mexico. There are no official figures on injured or deceased.Durango Civil Protection

Further details were not immediately available.
The E190 is often used for regional commercial flights around the world and is commonly used by U.S. carriers American Airlines and Jetblue.
ABC News' Jeffrey Cook, Joshua Hoyos, Whitley Lloyd and Kirit Radia contributed to this report.

March 20, 2018

New Theory with Pictures About Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and Also Downed Flight 117

 There are Youtube videos and other pictures to fill a book about the dissapearence of this plane with ideas of how it happened or where it might be. But Iam only publishing what can be corraborated. If its a theory it will say so not passed as truth.  This is a theory but it happens to have so much information coming from responsible sources that I,(Adam) decided to have it published. We covered this story extensibly in 2014 because this is never happened before in modern times in which a new Boeing jetliner would just dissapear after being followed by radar, satellite and radio communication to about when the fuel would have been consumed. Those things just don't happen.
The plane explodes or falls from the sky, it doesnt just keep flying , makes turns,
about faces, totally changing the coarse. The worse part is the pain the families and friends are going thru just not knowing what happened to their love ones.
So if there is new information we feel we a need to keep this story alive
because we believe all secrets come with an expiration date.

[New Zealand Herald, By: Kate Schneider]

It's the mystery that still has the world holding its breath - just what happened to missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370?
Now, an Australian mechanical engineer claims to have tracked it down near Mauritius, and says the public is being kept in the dark by authorities.
Peter McMahon, who has reportedly worked in crash investigations for more than 25 years, has been hunting for MH370 ever since it disappeared in 2014.
McMahon, 64, says he has finally found what he believes is the jet using NASA and Google Earth images and has pinpointed its location to 16 kilometres south of Round Island, north of Mauritius.

It's an area that's not yet been searched by investigators.
In one of the images, the outline of part of an aircraft is visible just below the surface of the water, the UK's Daily Star reports.
In another, what appears to be a piece of the front cabin can be seen south of Rodrigues Island, also close by.
He claims to have sent his evidence over to the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau (ATSB), which has confirmed it could in fact be the missing plane.
However he alleges that US officials refused to search the area and are hiding information.
"Four Americans were sent to Australia to oversee the findings of MH370," he said. "They have made sure that all information received has been hidden from
 the public, even our government - but why?
"...(they) do not want it found as it's full of bullet holes, finding it will only
open another inquiry."
Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 vanished from radar en route from Kuala Lumpur to ­Beijing on March 8, 2014. No distress signal or message was sent and all 239 passengers and crew on the Boeing 777 are presumed dead.
The aircraft is believed to have made a radical change of course less than an hour
 after it took off and crashed in the ocean off Western Australia six hours later. has contacted the ATSB.

The outline of part of an aircraft is visible just below the surface of the water. Photo / Supplied
The outline of part of an aircraft is visible just below the surface of the water. Photo / Supplied 

What appears to be a piece of the front cabin can be seen south of Rodrigues Island, also close by. Photo / Supplied
What appears to be a piece of the front cabin can be seen south of Rodrigues Island, also close by. Photo / Supplied
In other News about a downed jet liner we have news about the pilot who Russsia blmed for firing a missile at a unarmed commercial passenger airline Flight No 117:

 Capt Vladyslav Voloshyn, 2016 photoImage caption
Capt Vladyslav Voloshyn, 2016 photo
Image captionCapt Voloshyn pictured at Mykolaiv airbase in 2016

 Capt Voloshyn pictured at Mykolaiv airbase in 2016 [BBC]
A Ukrainian military pilot blamed by Russia over the 2014 downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 has killed himself, Ukrainian media report, quoting police.Capt Vladyslav Voloshyn had called the Russian allegation a lie. Dutch investigators concluded that a Russian Buk missile had destroyed the Boeing 777 jet, killing 298 people.
Reports say Voloshyn shot himself at home in Mykolaiv, near the Black Sea.Ukraine described him as a war hero.
He had flown 33 combat missions in a low-flying Su-25 ground attack jet against Russian-backed separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine, and had been granted a medal for bravery.
Recently the 29-year-old had been in charge of the Mykolaiv airport, after resigning from the air force. The southern city near Odessa is called Nikolayev by Russian speakers.
A statement from Mykolaiv police on Facebook (in Ukrainian) described Voloshyn's death as "suicide", but it is being investigated under the "premeditated murder" section of Ukraine's penal code.
A military service pistol was found at the scene and is now being examinedby experts.Why is the MH17 disaster controversial?
MH17 debrisImage copyrightREUTERS 
MH17 debris 
Image captionDebris from MH17 at the crash site on 17 July 2014
REUTERS Debris from MH17 at the crash site on 17 July 2014
The airliner, with 298 passengers and crew, was shot down on 17 July 2014 over war-torn eastern Ukraine. More than two-thirds of the passengers were Dutch, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.
After pro-Russian rebels launched their insurgency in April 2014 several Ukrainian jets were shot down by them, yet many international airlines continued flying over the conflict zone. MH17's high-altitude flight path was thought to be safe, despite warnings about the rebels' missile capability.
Russian officials not only alleged that Voloshyn's plane had shot down MH17. According to another Russian theory, it was a Ukrainian military Buk missile - no longer in service in Russia - that downed the airliner.
Independent experts - besides the Dutch-led team - rejected the Russian claims, saying the evidence pointed to a Buk fired by pro-Russian rebels or a Russian military unit. The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) wants to put the suspects on trial in the Netherlands, but that is fraught with legal difficulties.
Ukrainian and US intelligence sources said the Buk system had been sent into rebel territory by Russia, then moved out again. Family members quoted by Ukrainian media said he had been feeling depressed. They were in the flat when he shot himself on Sunday and his wife heard the shot.An ambulance was called but he died in hospital.
A Ukrainian journalist who knew Voloshyn well, Yuriy Butusov, praised him on Facebook (in Russian) as an exemplary pilot who had fought bravely against the Russian-backed rebels in the Donbass region.
Butusov expressed bewilderment over Voloshyn's death."Dear Vlad, how can this be?! Why?!" he wrote.
"He didn't let himself break down, he wasn't depressed at all - he always acted as an exemplary officer."
According to Butusov, Voloshyn had bombed Russian paratroops during the battle of Ilovaisk in August 2014, one of the bloodiest in the Donbass conflict. More than 300 Ukrainian soldiers died in the fighting there.
Voloshyn was shot down but ejected from his Su-25, and reached Ukrainian lines despite severe injuries, Butusov said.
"I didn't hear him speak of any enemies or unresolved problems," he wrote, adding that Voloshyn was happily married and adored his wife, his little boy and two-year-old girl.
It is adamfoxie's 10th🦊Anniversay. 10 years witnessing the world and bringing you a pieace whcih is ussually not getting its due coverage.

November 22, 2017

Navy Plane Crashes Into Pacific

Eight people have been found alive and are in "good condition" after a U.S. Navy plane with 11 aboard crashed into the sea off Japan on Wednesday, the military said. 
The search and rescue for three other personnel continue, the Navy said
"Our entire focus is on finding all of our sailors," Rear Adm. Marc H. Dalton said in a statement, adding that the Navy "will be relentless in our efforts." 
The aircraft is believed to have crashed around 500 nautical miles southeast of Okinawa Island at about 2:45 p.m. local time (12:45 a.m. ET) while on the way to the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier. 
Eight of the 11 Navy personnel were rescued some 45 minutes later before being transferred to the ship for medical evaluation. The aircraft carrier, which is in the Philippine Sea, is part of the Japan-based 7th Fleet.

Search and rescue efforts were being conducted by the U.S. Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) ships and aircraft. The names of the crew and passengers were being withheld pending next of kin notification. 
The aircraft was taking part in an ongoing U.S.-Japan naval exercise off the coast of Okinawa in which some 14,000 U.S. personnel were participating. 
The annual exercise is "designed to increase the defensive readiness and interoperability of Japanese and American forces through training in air and sea operations," a statement on the event said earlier this month.  
The plane was conducting a routine transport flight carrying passengers and cargo from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni to USS Ronald Reagan at the time of the crash, according to the Navy. 
The aircraft's role included the transport of high-priority cargo, mail, duty passengers and distinguished visitors between USS Ronald Reagan and shore bases throughout the Western Pacific and Southeast Asia, the statement added. 
The Navy said the incident would be investigated. 
The crash comes at a time when the Navy's 7th fleet and the U.S. Pacific Command have come under increased scrutiny after two deadly collisions in Asian waters this year left 17 sailors dead.
Image: A C-2A Greyhound
A C-2A Greyhound like this one went down in the sea off Japan. Stocktrek Images / Getty Images file
Seven U.S. sailors died when the USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship off the coast of Japan in June. Two months later in August another navy destroyer, USS John S. McCain, collided with an oil tanker near Singapore, leaving 10 sailors dead. 
In the wake of the accidents, eight top Navy officials were removed from their posts, including the 7th Fleet commander. After the second collision, the Navy ordered the entire fleet to take a one-day “operational pause” to ensure that the ships were meeting safety standards. 
The Navy said a family assistance center have been set up. Families living on base in Japan can contact 315-243-1728, while families living in the U.S. can call +81-468-16-1728. 
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November 29, 2016

Brazil Soccer Team’s Plane Crashes in Columbia

 Brazil to Columbia, 76 dead

A chartered plane with Brazilian first division soccer team Chapecoense crashed near Medellín while on its way to the finals of a regional tournament, killing 76 people, Colombian officials said. Five people survived. Poor weather conditions were reported at the time of the crash and rescue operations were suspended overnight due to heavy rain.

The chartered jet operated by LaMia was carrying Chapecoense, a soccer team which plays in Brazil's top division.

It crashed at around 10 p.m. ET on Monday while on its way from Santa Cruz in Bolivia to Medellin's international airport, which is located at an elevation of 7,000 feet.

October 12, 2016

Plane Crash Was Intentional Might Have been Heading Towards Pentagon Contractor

A small plane that crashed in Connecticut was brought down by an "intentional act," federal authorities said Wednesday after conducting an initial investigation.

The student pilot flying the Piper PA-34 Seneca struck a utility pole and wires Tuesday afternoon, knocking out power to an East Hartford neighborhood and causing a fire to engulf the aircraft, witnesses told the Hartford Courant.

The National Transportation Safety Board said it was transferring its investigation to the FBI.

The unnamed student pilot died at the scene, officials said, while the flight instructor — later identified as American Flight Academy owner Arian Prevalla — was rushed to the hospital for burns.

Image: Smoke pours from the smoldering remains of a small plane 
Smoke pours from the smoldering remains of a small plane that crashed on Main Street in East Hartford, Connecticut on Tuesday. Jim Michaud / Journal Inquirer via AP
A Bridgeport Hospital spokesman told NBC News that Prevalla remained in critical condition Wednesday.

The plane crashed near the offices of defense contractor and jet engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, and was part of a nearby flight school, police told NBC Connecticut.

There was no immediate evidence the incident was linked to terrorism, a senior federal law enforcement official told NBC News.

Authorities were able to interview the flight instructor, who said the student pilot was at the helm at the time of the incident, the federal official said. There was an argument or struggle at the controls, which led to the crash, the official added.

Authorities searched the student pilot's Hartford-area home, but did not find anything to indicate terrorism, according to the official. The FBI plans to seek a search warrant for any of the student pilot's electronic devices.

In a statement to NBC Connecticut, Hartford's Deputy Chief Brian Foley confirmed there was an ongoing investigation at a nearby apartment complex near where the plane went down.

"We want to ensure our residents they are not in danger," Foley said.

East Hartford police Lt. Josh Litwin would not confirm the identities of the two people on board or their relationship, telling reporters Wednesday the investigation was "extremely active" and "still in its infancy."

"Nothing has been ruled out, including an accident," he said, adding that the FBI had been contacted.

He added that the twin-engine aircraft actually had two sets of controls, but would not confirm who was flying. The instructor was expected to survive, Litwin said.

Pratt & Whitney workers, who left their jobs Tuesday to see the smoldering wreckage, returned to their morning shifts Wednesday and said they were still shaken.

"I saw the plane going low," Gregory Bell recounted to the Courant. "It was too low."

By the time he got down to the street, Bell said, he heard the crash.

Pratt & Whitney added that its employees or contractors were not involved in the incident.

“We stand ready to assist local officials as needed," the company said in a statement. 


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