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June 13, 2016

LA Police Stopped Man with Cache of Weapons Headed to Gay Pride

Authorities on Sunday were trying to determine the intentions of an Indiana man with a cache of weapons, ammunition and explosive-making materials in his car and apparent plans to attend the L.A. Pride festival in West Hollywood.
Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks initially said on Twitter that the 20-year-old man told one of her officers after he was arrested that he wanted “to harm Gay Pride event.” 
But Lt. Saul Rodriguez said later the tweet was a misstatement. He said the suspect told investigators that he was going to the Pride festival but said he did not make additional statements about his intentions.
"It was a misstatement," Rodriguez said. "Unfortunately, she was given incorrect information initially, which indicated that that statement was made; however, that statement never was made. He did indicate that he was planning on going to the Pride festival but beyond anything as far as motives or his intentions that statement was never made nor did any officer receive that statement."
Police identified the suspect as James Wesley Howell of Indiana. A Facebook page for someone with the same name in Indiana shows a young man posing next to a white Acura with the same license plate as the car searched in Santa Monica for the weapons and explosives.
At a news conference Sunday afternoon, police stressed they were still trying to figure out what Howell planned to do with the weapons.
Howell’s friend and fellow car club member Joseph Greeson, 18, said Howell didn’t harbor any ill will toward gays or lesbians.
Greeson said Howell’s family in Jeffersonville hadn’t seen him for days and that his parents had called Greeson’s parents looking for him.
He added that Howell was known to have a gun collection.
According to Indiana court records, Howell was charged in October 2015 with intimidation and felony pointing a firearm at another person. On April 19, Howell pleaded guilty to misdemeanor intimidation, and prosecutors dropped the charge of pointing a firearm. Court records show he was sentenced to a year in state prison and placed on probation. Under the deal, He agreed to forfeit all weapons during his term of probation.
Howell allegedly pointed a gun at his neighbors in the October incident, according to a News and Tribune article. In the article, witnesses also described Howell as having pointed his gun at his boyfriend in an earlier incident.
“James is going to get someone hurt,” one witness said, the article said. “He needs to stop pointing guns at people.”
Greeson said that Howell harbored no ill will toward gays or lesbians and added that Howell was bisexual.  

Federal and local law enforcement decided against canceling the annual parade, which went forward Sunday morning under tightened security. Investigators are now trying to piece together what happened but said they don’t believe there is any connection between the incident and the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., that killed at least 50 people overnight.
Early Sunday, Santa Monica police received a call about a suspected prowler who was knocking on a resident’s door and window about 5 a.m. in the 1700 block of 11th Street, Santa Monica police said. Patrol officers responded and encountered Howell, who was sitting in a car registered in Indiana, police said. Officers inspected the car and found three assault rifles, high-capacity ammunition and a 5-gallon bucket containing “chemicals capable of forming an improvised explosive device,” police said.  
A law enforcement source who spoke on condition of anonymity said the contents of the bucket included tannerite, an ingredient that could be used to create a pipe bomb. The maker of the material said that was not the case and that it can only be detonated by high-velocity impact such as a bullet strike. But tannerite is known as a material used in the construction of other types of explosive devices.
The source, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the ongoing investigation, said authorities also found camouflage clothing in the car.
Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials said the suspect told police he was going to the Pride parade to look for a friend. Authorities were looking for that individual.

Santa Monica police spokesman Saul Rodriguez said detectives are “not aware of what the suspect’s intentions were at this point.”
Santa Monica police continued to search the suspect’s white Acura on Sunday morning. All four of the car’s doors were open and a green blanket, red gasoline canister and several other smaller items were being piled on the sidewalk next to it. The car’s license plate included a symbol of the National Rifle Assn. on the left side and the bottom said, "Teaching Freedom."
Facebook page for Howell said he attended high school in Louisville, Ky., and lives in Jeffersonville, Ind., where he works for an air filtration company. A car enthusiast, Howell posted numerous photographs of the Acura along with a couple of videos taken from inside cars. Another 10-second video includes gunfire, with shots striking grass.
The site includes political posts, including one in which he compares Hillary Clinton to Adolf Hitler. In another, he repeats conspiracy theories that the government was behind notorious terrorist attacks, including Sept. 11, 2001. That post shares a video claiming that last year’s terror attack on the Paris offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was a hoax and attributable to the “New World Order.” 
“They found him with weapons that were very disconcerting," said one source, adding officials are "taking the appropriate safety precautions."
One source in West Hollywood said there was discussion of calling off the parade but that officials decided to go forward, with heavy security including undercover officers in the crowd.
The sources spoke to The Times on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment publicly. 
The parade comes hours after the attack at the Orlando club. In addition to those killed, at least 53 were injured in the deadliest shooting in modern American history after a gunman took hostages. The gunman, who was killed in a shootout with police, has been identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, a U.S. law enforcement official said.
West Hollywood City Councilwoman Lindsey Horvath said in a statement that Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials were stepping up security efforts around Sunday’s parade and other festivities. But she said officials do not believe there is any threat around Sunday’s activities.
The parade began about 10:45 a.m. Usually a joyful affair, this event was tempered  by the Orlando violence and the Santa Monica arrest. 
Emma Samuels, 16, stood at Crescent Heights and Santa Monica boulevards with a group of friends, wearing a rainbow tutu.
She had heard about what happened in Florida when her mother called her Sunday morning, as soon as she arrived at the parade. "She told me and said, 'I hope you're safe, sweetie, I love you and let me know that you're OK,'" she said. Her friend Nicki Genco-Kamin, 18, stood with her, a “No H8” temporary tattoo on his left cheek: "I feel like it's all the more reason to come out. That's trying to push us back. This is showing we're still here, we're still going to take a stand," he said.
The group said that a sense of worry was there, but stressed the importance of turning out.
"That's exactly why we're here, to be like, 'I'm proud of who I am. I don't care if you hate me, I'm going to love myself,'" Samuels said.
"Life is short anyways," Genco-Kamin said. “Spend it being authentic to yourself." Authorities look over the suspect's car in Santa Monica. (Joel Rubin / Los Angeles Times)

“Gun violence on the LGBTQ family during Pride Month makes me sick,” Horvath said. “The deadliest mass shooting in America happened to LGBTQ people on Latin night. While we mourn this heartbreaking loss, we must also rededicate ourselves to the fight for full equality for all people. No one is equal unless everyone is equal.”
A reporter for ProPublica tweeted out a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department bulletin detailing the arrest.
Joel Rubin, Hailey Branson-Potts, Zahira Torres and Frank Shyong

January 17, 2015

Gay Men Are Thrown to their Deaths by ISIS

New video has surfaced showing ISIS throwing men off of a building in front of a crowd. Their crime? Being gay. Other propaganda shows a woman being stoned to death for adultery and men being crucified on crossed for theft. 
The Obama administration  refuses to say we’re at war with radical Islam, despite extreme human rights abuses against the minorities they claim to stand up for. But is it Islam and the million it represents or a faction like we had (still have) the KKK? You could not say all white people in the South agreed with the KKK. Again, how can you say millions of people are all terrorists. The nations and governments that endorsed radicalism in Islam, those are where the pressure can be put. The sooner the USA gets off oil and others become dependent on our gas, oil and technology for energy the sooner we can ascent more pressure not to make these people democratic absolutely not but to have respect for other’s rights just like they like to have their own rights respected.
Having being an example on how we treat our own LGBT also goes a long way to showing our respect for all and we don’t based that on religion (which they do). We are still involved in a hurricane of a fight in the Courts, local governments and Congress to make equal protections laws which our past treatment calls for.
Putin in Russia makes fun of us all the time when we talk about how badly he treat s the LGBT community there. He says some states here have been worse to gays than his government is ever been. We most make sure that scoundrels like him do not have a point of argument that we are like him, because we have been as bad as him with the LGBT community. It’s true the american people at last have seen our plight but imagine if the President of the USA would have made the statement he made endorsing gay marriage if LGBT backing of the American populace would have been lower, like 30% instead of 50-65% depending on the poll. Some show 70% depending how the questions are phrased. It would not have happened. Which means is not the government that wants protections for us but the american people, because all in all and after all good and bad things were said about the american people the bottom line is that the american people are a fair people a good people as long they have the facts. That is what our community recognized and went in an all out education program to teach the nation, tolerance, individuality and respect for all, not counting religion. 
When civil rights and freedom of speech are being practiced we can’t count on religion because like they say many times religions are not democracies. They are run by their own rules. We saw that with the statement of the Pope not criticizing the Killers in Paris but the people protesting and the magazine Charlie  saying you can’t make fun of people’s faith’s.  He put that higher than killing innocent people just because they went out of their house that day. Religion cannot stand free speech because free speech have been known to tumble down governments as well as churches. The Pope as good as some might think he is he wears the royal pope robes. He knows what free speech will do to his church. That is just how Luther made the split of the church and formed the protestant sect, because he was allowed free speech a bit too long. 
The worse thing that we have against us is these people’s religion which allow them to get converts, particularly young converts. They are told a tale no one dare’s to opposed. That is what Charlie is for of bringing down politicians and religions to a lower level where the people are. Long live freedom of speech even if we have to tolerate the insane among us that would use that freedom of speech to turn it against us with lies. We have to be able to be firm on our believes to stand those crazies which never nothing makes them happy. If something good is done they want to investigate how it took too long ands so on.
Free speech also most have guides and limits and those are impose by the people. No you can’t say anything you want even if it hurts others. But not restrictions on the truth wether is in comedy or in a speech.
To conlcude I will like to ad a quote from one of my favorite fiction writers Anne Rice:
"Your Free Speech, and Mine," from Timothy Egan at the New York Times has my full support. Free speech and freedom of expression are essential in a democratic culture and nation. We must protect these rights even when people use them to say things that make us profoundly uncomfortable. If we cannot stand up for Charlie Hebdo, then our claim to support free speech is meaningless.

October 1, 2013

Two People Parachute from Sky Scrapper by The World Trade Center

I picked this up today on the net (DNA Site) about two people parachuting from a sky scrapper near the World Trade Center. They were wearing black suits with helmets and the whole enchilada.  This used to be cute pro 9/11 but not anymore simply because it shows a lack of security in this building and since no building stands alone, there most be more holes in the system. I’ve talked to movers that work moving office equipment in the area prior to this incident and the response is "it depends on the building and the shift.”
The danger is obvious. Someone from one building can parachute to the World Trade Center and do damage. Nothing compared to what we experienced here but enough to kill a few and hurt to make a point. I guess some people’s ego are bigger than the buildings they parachute from. At least, I hope that it shows the Police that they need to concentrate on live cams in the area so they detect something like this before it happens. This really annoys me because it could have been a dry run for the real thing.

Goldman Sachs building
Police are looking for two men dressed all in black who reportedly parachuted into Lower Manhattan near the Goldman Sach...
WIkimedia Commons
  (below By Janon Fisher )
The incident happened about 3:07 a.m. when the two people were caught by security cameras landing near the intersection of West and Vesey streets, Kelly said.
"They were seen walking with parachutes from the location," Kelly said during a press conference at police headquarters Monday afternoon. "No banners, no notes were left."
It was unclear if they landed in front of Goldman Sachs building at the intersection or in between the Goldman building and the Conrad Hotel, the commissioner added.
Police are looking into whether the two jumped from the roof of a building or from some type of aircraft.

May 5, 2013

Can You Spot a Terrorist?

Before the bombing at the Boston Marathon, a common image in the United States of a terrorist was of a crazed individual, most likely a psychopath -- certainly not someone who, like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, liked hanging out with friends and was described as "jovial" and "a normal American kid."
Now that the country has seen the terror a seemingly "normal" person can invoke, many experts are encouraging communities to help with the counter-terrorism effort: Parents, friends, teachers, coaches can be instrumental in preventing outrageous acts, they say.
If the public were as aware of what makes terrorists tick as they are about underage drinking and drugs, acts of terrorism could be prevented, experts said. Griffin outlines a common scenario of how people get caught up in violent plans:
“Terrorists become terrorists from being normal, mixed-up people,” says Roger Griffin, a professor at Oxford Brookes University in England and author of Terrorist's Creed. Fanatical Violence and the Human Need for Meaning. “Parents and faith leaders (could help if they) were more aware of the fact that they could have in their midst someone who seems quite well-integrated, but is actually hiding what they really feel is their 'sacred mission'."
A depressed person focuses his dissatisfaction on one particular cause, whether it be animal rights, abortion or religion. They start becoming isolated as they hone in on that cause, and eventually their worldview gets split in two: good and evil.
"They’re part of the good and they have a mission," Griffin says. "In their mind, they become a warrior in a secret war. They choose a symbolic target, and they’ve got this narrative going in their head and lets them believe that if they do this terrible thing, something magic will come of it."
As that narrative increasingly takes over their lives, they become adept at hiding things.

It’s an extreme and rare state of mind, he says, but common enough that it follows a pattern. If friends or family members are able to notice that pattern, it’s possible to break it.
"These people are giving out signals, but they’re going to be misread or ignored if we have this view of a terrorist as a wild-eyed Jihadist," Griffin says.
The signs can be subtle, Griffin admits, and you probably don’t want to phone the FBI every time someone’s behavior changes. But taking them to someone such as a therapist or respected teacher might help tease out what’s going on.
 Phillip Lyons, executive director for the Center for Policing Innovation and a professor at Sam Houston State University, agrees.
"A lot of times, with 20/20 hindsight, people knew there was something suspicious," he says. "So the recommendation we would give ordinary folks is, if something looks out of the ordinary, if something is raising red flags for you, report it. If it turns out to be nothing, no harm, no foul."
For example, a few people knew that one of the 9/11 terrorists was taking flying lessons to learn how to take off but not land, Lyons says. In hindsight, that detail could have been invaluable to authorities.
Many think that community policing is more important now than ever, he says, and he’s seen it work: Some mosques, he says, have notified the police when members seemed to be in the process of being radicalized. But they only do that if they trust the police, which, in turn, happens when the police understand all the people in their communities.
Although the signs that somebody is being radicalized are subtle, they may include anger, often against the government or American society, spending a lot of time online, spending time in groups of people who are similarly angry, and inexplicably losing interest in things they had been interested in before, Lyons said.
"If you’re looking for psychos all the time, you’ll miss them," Griffin says.

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