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July 4, 2016

The Minute Man, Molestation and The Weapon of Fear

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Commentary on Fear and elections

Sometimes is a good thing to go back to the past. For instance if someone is asking to be hired for law enforcement in a major city or the Federal government this person will be vetted. That means going back to his/her total life history and see if anything bad sticks out that cannot be ethically explained.

On most cases like in current politicians running like Donald Trump for president you don’t have to go back too far to find something either inexplainable or just rotten, like being a sexist, bigot, involved in schemes to cheat the government, a non profit or someone somewhere and things of that sort. Im not going to waste time and space directing anyone to those quotes and misdeeds because you should already know. If you don’t, then you are lacking information to help you in the direction on your vote next november. All you have to do is Google his name to the references I just made and you will spend time researching the man. Actually you only have to go back the last time he had the microphone on his hands on a major speaking engagement and he will either contradict himself or just reinforced what ever ethically or technically (deport millions, etc) wrong he’d said before. By the way in deporting millions, you would need a new law and the law most past constitutional mustard (Supreme Court).  Even if it could be done from two houses of Congress agreeing on a law to then be challenged in the Supreme court, four years could pass easily. Then why does Trump says it? Fear value (the Mexicans are coming and many are here raping and bringing drugs). The building of the wall has a better chance than deporting millions. Yes you can slow the flow because already there are more leaving than coming…..but at what price in money and as a people?

Donald Trump is not the subject today on this posting but another man, particularly one person who have been (a few years back) one of the talking heads reminding the listeners about all the good qualities of being a good christian a good law enforcement guy and someone who fights to keep guns on basically anyone that can afford to buy one. This particular guy was all of those things just as Obama was fighting to get elected President 7 years ago. I see this man and I see Trump the exception is Trump’s got money and always had. This guy Im about to introduce to you got his power by being among politicians with power but always a low level player but with a similar way of talking to Trump.

This man came up with this idea that this country was not secured and that there were rapists, child molesters, drug traffickers and thieves coming in through our border with Mexico( you see what I mean?) He said the problem was an open border and the officers at the border needed help.
 He wanted americans with guns to join a group he’d formed called the Minute-men which represents our fight of independence and it’s fighters which had to be ready to fight in a minute’s notice. He wanted this group to patrol the border with him in horses, trucks or what ever, to stop those dangerous Mexican’s from coming in and molesting our wife’s and children. 

Molesting american’s women and their kids would be as low as this culture will allow. Nothing is worse. Even convicts in jail whenever a rapist but particularly a child molester checks in chances are he will be beaten and many times making him check out to the other world;  Because even cons can’t stand  people that can’t control themselves and commit that crime. I always found that part amazing since rape is now and have always been a major problem in jail with younger guys getting rape by others bigger and more violent that they are. 

The point I am slowly building here is that child molestation is as bad as it gets in this society.  It turns out that the people we trust the most are the ones that commit that deed, sometimes.

 Priests and family members are two in that category according to the figures the most likely to commit that crime.. Also are people that have law and order for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They want purity on others because they can’t have it themselves.  

The person I have been introducing all this time and deserves a long introduction and a long prison sentence as well.
Christopher Allen Simcox. His picture is shown above and may be you remember his face on TV  out in the dessert looking for the network cams to say how much his minute men were protecting the country.

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This is what Slate Posted about him.

The founder of the Minuteman border patrol group was convicted by an Arizona jury on Wednesday June 1, 2016, of molesting a 5-year-old girl and showing her pornography. Christopher Allen Simcox represented himself in the case and is now awaiting sentencing next month. The 55-year-old faces a prison term of 10 to 24 years for each of his two felony molestation convictions. Simcox was acquitted on another, more serious sexual conduct charge with another young girl that would have carried a mandatory life sentence.
“Prosecutors said Simcox preyed on the 5-year-old girl, who was the friend of one of his daughters, during scheduled parental visits with his children. He also showed the victim explicit films, prosecutors said,” according to Reuters. “A former kindergarten teacher from California, Simcox helped start the border watch group to highlight what he said was the government's failure to secure the porous southwest border with Mexico.”

There you are and soon I will be telling you the sentence which should be coming in any day now.
Of course, this is a disgusting coda to the already-depraved saga of the Minutemen, who collapsed in a heap in 2010 after the horrifying 2009 murders of 9-year-old Brisenia Flores and her father in their Arizona home by a onetime movement leader named Shawna Forde and her white-supremacist cohort. (Crooks and Liers page)
The reason I am writing about this defunct group is because so many were taken in by it including the media. We have a presidential candidate using the same words and the same bogey man to scare americans into doing their bidding. It’s not hard once you get the fear going. You know we all have difficulty dealing with fear and at the same time make decisions in a methodical smart way. Fear trumps all. 
This weapon is being use by terrorists groups and then you have others using the terrorist to make us do things we ordinarily would not do. This is true and the polls today back me up. Back when Hillary Clinton was running against Obama she was tagged by the media as the irresponsible one, the one that would start a war and send groups where they don’t belong. On Friday Trump was saying how weak she is “She is so weak!” he said. So in one election she is too gun ho and on this one she is being sold as too weak she wont do much about the Terrorists. As I and you most know, wether you like her or not,  she is a lot of things but not having guts is not one of them.
The way you paint fear is by saying the sky is falling, the sky is fallen but you need a rescue but then you give the answer, the solution: Im the only one that can stop it. 
The person that can perform that miracle (which is not a miracle because the sky does fall and neither does the earth) most be asked how they are going to do this and thus the first common sense questions to ask should be the following:
The first question out of four should be how are you going to do  it ? Second have you ever done anything close to it? Do you have the experience?  Finally, Why should we give you the job to do and not others? 
Do you agree? Even if you are just hiring a plumber, What is wrong with asking for those four questions but then find the answers to them on what has been said. That is what people find the hardest but is not really. We have the internet. The only way you can get lost is by going to dark sites that no one knows about. The past history is easy to find and so is what people have said, the problem is people don’t hold people accountable for what they say. Not four years ago but at least since they have been running. There are more questions to ask but those four should be the start.
Another problem is people don’t listen to what they don’t like. How many times was I unfriended when I said something true but appeared negative about sanders? Many!!
Ian’t that silly? Let’s listen to people that speak the truth particularly not those with a dog in the fight. If the sky cannot fall why bother with whomever says that it is? 
If 11 million people cannot be be deported why pay attention to anyone claiming that they will do it? May be we would like the 11 millions deported and that is up to your conscience but it can’t be done why go with the lie and the lier?It won’t end well if we go with the one lying to us about what they are going to do. I don’t even care what they have been if they can do the job I need done.
CommentaryAdam Gonzalez

June 27, 2016

The GOP Have a Candidate in Trump Who Can’t Figure Out Why He is Running

 This man is running for president, from Scotland
There's incompetence, and then there's whatever's going on over at Trump Tower. The presumptive Republican nominee has spent the last week lambasting President Obama for playing too nice with the terrorists. And a week ago Sunday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch gave him a huge opening when she announced that the FBI would, absurdly, redact references to Islamist militant groups from the transcripts of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen’s conversations with law enforcement (FBI has changed its minds since then).

And what does Trump do in response? Does he hold a press conference? Does he dispatch his numerous surrogates to talk about the decision to redact? Does he focus all his energy on making that the biggest story in the country, and attempt to get Hillary Clinton to either denounce or defend the redactions?

As a result, the redactions, which buttress Trump's point that the White House simply doesn't see terrorism as a big a threat as it should, received far less attention than they would have. In fact, by Monday afternoon, the FBI had reversed its decision on redactions - a move that, ordinarily, Trump would have taken credit for.

Let's put aside whether Lewandowski should have been fired a long time ago. Monday morning is not when you announce that you've sacked your campaign manager. Friday afternoon is when news dumps typically occur because everyone, reporters included, are by and large looking to start their weekends - as a result, news released then tends to receive far less attention. 

This weekend he ignored protocols that call for a politician not to speak ill of your country or its government when in foreign soil(he probably hasn’t even heard of that one). He tried to compared the Brexit to his own campaign. He has a point in that in the UK the older more uneducated voters decided to go for the unknown like he is asking for the US to do here and so far the same type of voter, older (25-55) with a HS diploma or less is buying this message. Also if the markets keep falling and people keep asking to have another vote (they have over a million signatures over the weekend asking for another referendum), its not going to do him any good that he stepped on that on that unknown puddle of unknown matter.

The news in the US is going to be the same news as in the UK and that is the markets fell on friday after the vote and about the recession that is expected to hit England now that the pound is going to be worth only ounces. Trump will be the subject not in a savvy political way but in a mundane “there he goes again.” There is also on unknown today because the leaving of the Uk of the EU has so many implications among so many nations.

 Dragging a popular President through the mud and talking about Clinton in a sexist way have become part of his stomp but only partly because his stomp is really Trump!  These seems to be  grand strategic miscalculations which makes people wonder if Trump even wants to win. We already heard of people that know him he never intended to be President because he didn’t think he could win. The people egging him to run never thought he would do any better than second in the Primaries. But what happened did happened and he took the opportunity to be ‘Trumped’.

So let's take that as the first theory of the case: that Trump doesn't want to win, an idea that's been bandied about plenty this cycle. That, on some level, the presidency is a job he understands might not be a great fit for, or that he just did this to boost his brand and got caught off-guard by the groundswell of support his candidacy provoked. Is this unlikely? But Trump does have these moments where you think it’s possible. Remember when he said he was surprised that the Muslim ban proposal didn't sink him?

More convincing is that Trump simply needs to be the center of attention at all times. There's some pro-Trump spin out there to this effect - look at him go, we're all talking about Trump because he's smart like that! - but, yikes, if that was really the motive, then we're talking about something pathological here. How self-defeating can a candidate be?

What's behind departure of Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski?
This addiction to press attention, both good and bad, is perhaps Trump's single biggest weakness. Talking about the redactions would have been smart strategically for Trump, sure, but it would have been hard to make it all about him, which seems to be Trump's guiding principle as a candidate. It's what is quickly turning this election into, as Mickey Kaus and Dan Balz have noted, a referendum about Donald Trump.

After two terms of a Democratic president, and faced with a disliked opponent, you'd think the Republican nominee would want to make the election about the other team. Not Trump. It's got to be about him, at all times, for good or ill. Perhaps we should have anticipated Trump not taking advantage of so many issue he could be talking about. After all, this is the candidate, after all, who, rather than slashing at his opponent over a blistering State Department report on her email server, instead spent all week attacking a federal judge over his ethnicity.

Trump exhaustion is already setting in. A year in, the rallies, the insults, the stream-of-conscious rants -- it's not new anymore. It's routine, and tired. At the very least you'd think Trump would act like a candidate who was somewhat serious about winning. Instead, right now, the GOP appears to have a candidate who can't figure out why he's running anymore because he's stopped having fun. All that’s left is his childlike need for attention, which we will all continue to give him until Election Day is finally, blessedly upon us.

Commentary using past Will Rahm comments at CBS News as source and this weekends news events. Edited and incorporated to todays news and editorial comments by adamfoxie blog

February 25, 2014

When the Fat Republican Lady Sings

Today is one of those unique days there is a lot of happenings and easy pickings to choose in the news; But If you want to keep your blog as a Bistro or boutique of happenings you need control over yourself that you don’t start commenting and posting a lot of the news that will just bring clicks to your site loosing your uniqueness in the process.

One needs to keep its promises to oneself.  My promise in regards to this is to post what is interesting, amusing to the point to bring a smile to others but most important to bring one or two stories that is not being covered or partly covered or well covered but with a different angle even if it’s an angle that I will personally will find not repulsing but rather not edible.

There is a story I find most interesting today and that is this ugly woman, Republican and publicly anti gay. She finds herself among a lot of pressure from her peers to veto a bill passed by her states’ legislature to ban gay marriages. Her deadline is friday and it’s just now showing to outsiders such as I that she will veto this anti constitutional anti gay legislation which was put on the books under coverer of religion which goes with the most outrages that have taken hold in this sometimes so sad world destroying human beings and weight in on empty ideas that have nothing to do with real people’s lives’.

Such a story is gold even if the inevitable does not happen. After all we don’t know the song the woman is going to sing until the fat lady sings. This one is no lady and not fat but it seems she is also very slim inside of common sense, intelligence and understanding of human beings outside her rhetoric and inhumane dogma. She does have an instinct for survival like most crooked politicians do, especially the disgusting ones, like her.

However I don’t blame her for speaking what she spoked before being elected and now saying it again. I blame weak democrats and hypocrite republicans that elected her. Elected her to do what? To keep children from being children and adults to be what the state and the church says they ought to be? Politicians appointed by a majority of ignorant or morally corrupt voters to be priests and Evangelists of the state like if the state didn’t have those already? Morality is for those that don’t have it.Moral human beings know what is right. 

I do believe in limited redemption and I am sure that her voters and herself will be changing her tune like the fat man from Jersey had to when caught with his big hands on the cookie barrel.  

I am afraid that someone fat might not read this because my references of morally corrupt politicians and being fat but that is only because of the saying “when the fat lady sings” It it would have said and I would found amusing “ when the skinny lady sings” I would still use as someone skinny as in empty and lacking of morals. So these descriptive word “fat” sings is just that,  words to describe something that has nothing to do with weight, or singers….except the case of the fat politician in Jersey because he he can't sing but he is fat.
Adam Gonzalez, Publisher

ps: Madre

May 31, 2012

Tony Perking Parts Bread with Jennifer Chrisler. the Bread was Moldy

Anti-Gay Leader Takes Up Lesbian’s Dinner Invitation

Adam Gonzalez for adamfoxie*
Tony Perkins, head of  the designated anti-LGBT hate group the Family Research Council, has taken up a lesbian equality leader’s invitation to dine with her family.
Tony Perkins, who heads the Family Research Council in Washington, received the invitation after telling CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Thursday that he’d never been to the home of a married same-sex couple.
“My wife and I will be glad to respond when we receive the invitation to find a time that works,” Perkins said in a statement to CNN on Monday, referring to the invitation.
The invitation to Perkins came from Jennifer Chrisler, the executive director of a gay rights group called Family Equality Council. Chrisler and her wife have twin 10-year-old boys, with another child on the way.
Perkins’ group has been a leading force in anti-marriage equality actions in Washington and around the United States. His group has also vociferously protested the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” claiming that the repeal would sexualize the military and lead to religious soldiers being persecuted for their beliefs.
I watched with interest your appearance on CNN Thursday and I was struck by your steadfast opposition to full equality for the 1 million lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents who are raising 2 million children in our country today. It is especially concerning given your lack of meaningful and personal interaction with those families.
I, like you, am a parent. Like you, my spouse and I have shared many years together committed to our family, our community, and to making the world a better place. I imagine we share many of the same joys and struggles in doing the important work of raising our children and contributing meaningfully to our community. We attend church regularly and our children attend Sunday school weekly. We love our children intensely and feel a deep desire to protect and nurture them as they continue along their journey to adulthood. We are also anxiously awaiting the arrival of our third child, due in August, and have worked since his conception to ensure his health and welfare. This is the face of the one million families you have taken no time to get to know.
I think if you could spend meaningful time with any of us, you would find we share many of the same values that you have worked to teach your own children. So it is with that in mind that I come to you with this sincere offer. I would like to extend an open invitation for you and your family to visit my home and have dinner with my spouse and children with the full hope that you will witness the love that exists in our families. While I recognize it may not change your mind, I hope that it might soften your heart.
As Christians, I think we can both agree that ours is not to judge and that we must live by the golden rule. I open my table to you and invite you to get to know me and my family.
LGBT commentators have become increasingly frustrated with the mainstream media’s insistence on treating Tony Perkins as a counter to pro-LGBT rights stances as though his narrow, religious inspired views, which have been called biased by the Southern Poverty Law Centre, are equivalent to evidence-based equality arguments.


May 22, 2012

He is An Activist Bill Dobbs? Comments on Tyler-Ravi Case} No He is Just a Selfish Hack

Meet a Man called Bill Dobbs. As far as Im concern I don’t care about this individual.  Yes he says he is gay and his mouth is been seen sucking up on different movements and demonstrations that has nothing to do with gay rights.  Some might say, well this guy is just an outspoken community member. I heard about him during OWS demonstrations. Have seen the dude and reminds me of what in my opinion he is.  A headline grabbing old queen.  What is that? Well a queen has nothing to do with sexual orientation, like boys no longer refers to black men in the black community. As old goes, well he is old and we all age so we will leave that alone since is self explanatory. 
The reason I got this man on my blog is because of the Tyler-Ravi case. I don’t see the need to go back and rehash everything that’s happened because all of it is out there for everyone to see. What is not out there is  why  people that have been either trusted or tolerated by the gay community come out on a case that a judge has not applied sentenced yet and comes out in favor of the guy that cause a gay member of the community to kill himself.  Out or not Tyler Clementi was a part of us just like everyone, regardless of their social status if they are LGTB they are part of us. 
What would posses this guy to come out with his little gun blasting about the protection that a homophobe like Ravi deserves. A guy prosecuted and convicted by a jury. Now everyone is entitled to their opinions and people not crazy about gay people are not going to be crying foul here.  So who does cries foul? People that are aware of the criminal system in NY and how sentencing works.  Some people with common sense will also question why a guy that through his bios actions and after a humongous guilty verdict by jurors that had to declare Ravi guilty about 128 times according to the sentencing judge. People of fairness without sexual orientation will say there is something wrong here. I hope you have common sense but can’t fight you if you don’t.  What I can do is say that this, an old hack queen of Bill Dobbs should have thought about the extra hurt he was causing the Tyler Clementi love ones, including friends and people like me. 
I hope this old hack is proud to side with the Ravi family after all they are hurting…why? Is that important or not. After all is all in ones opinion.  My opinion is this old hack has no heart because his ego to be in the news has obscured all decency.  He will never be an spokesman of me or this community because we don’t like selfish hacks. 
Nothing against queens or old. Anybody can be a queen gay or straight and old. Selfish trying to speak for a community in matters of right. wrong and decency, this guy is not. If it wasn’t that every community has it’s numbers of azzes, I would say get me out of here Scotty just beam me up where there no asshole gays walk the streets, but there is not place on earth like that.  So we need to live with a dirt like this>>>fine….you live with him. I just call him what he is and don’t walk his circles, lucky for him.
Adam for adamfoxie*
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April 10, 2012

Frothy Mix of Lube and Fecal Santorum, Quits..for Now

  The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex has quit the race for the nomination of the GOP for President. 

What a surprise! This guy was never there to get the nomination, he was there to get his miracle in 2016. No,  I doubt he could become [president], but anything is possible.But for him to have come kind of close to becoming the nominee to run for Presidency… That actually gives him a soap box bigger than a A collective of bibliophiles standing on top of his ego.

The answer to out lack of civil rights is for enough fair minded whites and blacks see the unfairness of it all. Then to have the new generation and then one following become opnely, judges, politicians and PRESIDENTS OF THE united States. 

It’s not like we have had none of all. 

April 1, 2012

Gay Supporter/Fired Commentator Olbermann Will Be At Letterman This Tuesday

Keith Olbermann
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

CBS announced via Twitter that the ousted political commentator will tell his side of the story on an episode of “The Late Show” next week.

Following the war of words that erupted on Twitter after Keith Olbermann was terminated from Current TV and replaced with Eliot Spitzer, CBS used the social networking medium to announce what might be the next chapter in this very public battle: Olbermann is scheduled to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman. Olbermann’s manager confirmed that he will appear on the talk show Tuesday, April 3.
Olbermann took to Twitter at approximately 2:30 PM PT to announce that he was fired, explaining both the circumstances of his departure and his subsequent plans for legal action against Current TV. Some 30 minutes prior, Current TV tweeted the link to an an open letter written by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt which stated that “the values of respect, openness, collegiality, and loyalty to our viewers… are no longer reflected in our relationship with Keith Olbermann and we have ended it.”
Since then, Current has not responded publicly to Olbermann’s allegations. Olbermann, meanwhile, has offered several jabs at his former home via his Twitter feed, retweeting followers who made observations like “weird how they see fit to replace a pro journalist w/a guy who got busted w/a Hooker,” and then adding, “Had to restore their ethics they said :).”
Given the legal ramifications of Olbermann’s announced lawsuit, it will be interesting to see what he is able to say, much less what he wants to, Tuesday evening on David Letterman’s show. But the pundit’s willingness to court controversy certainly indicates that his statements may only intensify they battle between himself and Current, no matter how diplomatically the network attempts to move forward with Spitzer as his replacement.

March 29, 2012

Chick-Fil-A and The All Mighty Dollar


It wasn’t my first job, but during my senior year of high school I worked at a local Chick-Fil-A. Johnson City was a small (ish) town and it was a big deal when a Chick-Fil-A opened a franchise across town. It was almost a novelty. And I swear, they put something addictive in the chicken sandwiches they serve, something that could convince me that even though my commute to school took twenty minutes, and I was already running five minutes late, that I still had time to veer off course to purchase a chicken biscuit before class.
Everyone I worked with at the franchise was great and the management was very understanding regarding all of our after school commitments. A lot of the staff was in the high school marching band with me and never once did they complain about us having every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and the occasional Saturday off. And so I stayed until I began college.
Now, in spite of my initial adoration for the food and the company that once treated me so well, I can’t stand the sight of their clever cows in commercials and the thought of a chicken biscuit makes my stomach churn. I could never support a business that so blatantly works to deny me and other LGBT citizens equal rights. And it pains me to learn of other family members and friends that continue to frequent the establishment, friends and family members who are incredibly supportive of  me and the LGBT movement.
According to Equality Matters, Chick-Fil-A donated close to $2 Million dollars to organizations in 2009 that don’t support LGBT rights. But the business states it’s not anti-anyone. They want everyone to spend their money in their franchises, gay and straight alike. Personally, I choose to spend my $5 on a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s over an original chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A.
Food trucks have become the latest fad in Washington DC, for people trapped in locations that don’t offer lunch time variety around their places of business. In April 2012, Chick-Fil-A will join the rank and file of other food trucks. Part of me really wants to ask, what is Chick-Fil-A thinking, bringing their business to one of the most gay friendly, politically active places in the nation?
College and university students have successfully fought Chick-Fil-A from opening franchises on their campus. Students are outraged by the business leaders using their financial muscle, donating to organizations that bully and spread lies about LGBT people. Organizations that fight to prevent same-sex couples from enjoying equal protection under the law. I’d go a step further and say these lies fuel the hate and fear that can in turn cause people to act violently toward members of the gay community.
Everyone knows someone who is gay, even if you don’t think you do. And everyone is affected by a senseless acts of violence. While it was incredibly moving to participate in a silent march with members of my community last week in response to the recent anti-gay violence in the District, such atrocities shouldn’t happen to any person or community. No, I don’t know their attacker’s specific motivations, but I do believe that at the root of hate is fear and ignorance. And the organizations that Chick-Fil-A donates their money to does feed this fear and ignorance.
Consumers have the power to decide which companies fail and which succeed. We have the power to decide what type of future we want based on how we spend and donate our money. Susan G. Komen learned this lesson the hard way when they pulled funding from Planned Parenthood. In the months since their announcement and the reinstatement of the funds to Planned Parenthood, multiple executives at Susan G. Komen have stepped down and the organization remains in the spotlight.
Here in Washington, I believe we can do the same thing. We can show Chick-Fil-A that we won’t tolerate their business practice of supporting anti-gay organizations. Let’s join hands, link arms, and boycott the original chicken sandwich. It might seem overwhelming or maybe even pointless, after all, how far does $5 go? But you, and me, and your neighbor, and their neighbor, and the stranger on the street, etc. We all add up. The loss in their profit margin will be felt and in turn will translate into fewer dollars to spread their negative, anti-gay agenda.
LGBT people face enough adversity in the world, with the laws that marginalize us and discriminate against us. It’s difficult enough to come out, be visible, and not become a target. On April 9, and the days that follow, let’s show Chick-Fil-A that we won’t turn a blind eye. 

March 20, 2012

"GOP: Hands off women's (and gays') rights"

 I don’t post comments or other posts that are bible based. This is one exception because it is worded differently and it has a nice twist to it. 
Date published: 3/20/2012
I see on the news almost daily another assault on women's reproductive options. I have to ask, is this the only thing that concerns the GOP?
They shove their religion down our throats and talk about abortion. It's fine to be against abortion, but abortion is legal in the U.S.
And unless you have been in a situation that warrants one, how do you know what to feel, think, worry about? If you don't want one, don't have one.
Next, Planned Parenthood? They do a whole lot of good for women of few means. Simply put, they give birth control free of charge to women who need it now. They treat sexually transmitted diseases, perform mammograms, and help with women's health issues.
Lots of poor women don't have the means to pay for the services, but we attack without a thought to these ladies. Not everyone is degreed and earning $50,000 a year.
I am not Catholic and have nothing against the religion, but Rick Santorum is wrong to bring his religion forefront and center. Maybe instead of worrying about my reproductive life or that of my daughter or granddaughter, he should worry about how many little kids some priests have molested this week.
Fix the ills first, and leave women alone.
Last, get off the topic of gay males and what they do or don't do. God made each and every one of us, and that includes gay men. One sin is no worse than the others.
"As it is written, There is none righteous, no not one."--Romans 3:10.
"For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God."--Romans 3:23.
Anne McCord

February 22, 2012

It’s No Longer About Politics } It’s a Christian Crusade

 Open Bible
Rick Santorum in Bemidji, Minnesota.
Rick Santorum, in signature sweater-vest, delivers some homespun wisdom in Minnesota. Photograph: Justin Dernier/Corbis
This election in November is going to be a decision about how the executive branch direct us to live our lives. It’s going to be a throw back to the past. Because so far the GOP has made it about religious values and how men or and  the government makes decisions for the women in this country. It’s going to be about wether we have a pastor in the white house trying to change and undue everything that we have done in the past 250 years more more so the changes that we have made since 1961. That is if Santorum wins the primaries- He is ahead and his contender (Mitt) people dislike very much. If Israel attacks Iran and gas goes to $8-$10 a gallon and we go back into recession…this man could win. Bush is a perfect example about a man that could not win, but won.

On the other side if Mr. Obama wins,  it does not matter who the person is  that the GOP has put forward to duke it out with Mr.Obama.
Then We would have put the GOP at least 12 years behind and all this nonsense about getting rid of parts of the government  and throw the gays under any bus, along with women and anyone who depends on the guarantee's on the constitution to make a living and have a good life or at least a chance at it.
Below is an article by Michael Wolff at  which makes a similar argument and I think his thesis and mine go together very well. Hope you read it and see if we are too off base or we are still plying in the ball filed, bases are loaded on the last inning and anything can happen.
The most practical – or, at least, the more practical – Republican candidate is, after all the high jinks, supposed to win, which has been the singular case for Mitt Romney. But it is now suddenly quite possible that the least-practical, most far-fetched figure, will pull it off.
This is a level of implausibility not just in the context of this campaign, but in history. There has never been a major party candidate as far from the norm as Rick Santorum – unless, that is, he's about to redefine the norm. Not even Barry Goldwater, the rightwing hawk whose 1964 loss remains the Republican party's biggest ever, was this far from the mainstream.
If Santorum wins next week in Michigan and Arizona, now distinct possibilities, that would come close to assuring this fabulous outcome. It's a kind of development that the earnest and process-oriented political media – believing that politics, by its nature, reflects the norm – seem so far unable to characterize effectively. Even the hysterical and shambolic nature of the Republican field over two cycles has not seemed to prepare anyone for how to account for Rick Santorum's possible nomination. Everybody is still quite deadpan. Nobody's yet officially gobsmacked.
There's almost a kind of private joke aspect to what's happening here: the liberal press seems to have cagily and humorously exercised its bias by not piling on Rick Santorum, hence helping him and hurting theRepublicans. Or the joke all along has been Romney: a candidate so perversely unlovable that every clown has been able, however briefly, to be his contrast gainer.
This is what we know: the anti-Romney ideal is much stronger than Romney himself. The combined anti-Romney numbers have won handily in every primary so far (even in New Hampshire, Romney's only big win, Gingrich, Paul, and Santorum beat him). And because politics is timing it is the last anti-Romney standing who could slay him—and that's Rick Santorum.
But perhaps there is an even greater, historic logic at work.
The Republican party, at least since its Ronald Reagan-era reconstitution, has cultivated its blood grievance against liberal values and lifestyle (in spite of Reagan's own personal lack of heart for this fight). Of the Republican party's two main themes – the other being anti-tax and anti-state control – the social fight has been the more animated and, arguably, the more heartfelt.
The true antagonism in the country is not about the administration of government, but about how we live, between new and evolving, and old and fixed standards of conduct. It's the most fundamental western debate: secular or not, reason or ritual.
It is hard to imagine a candidate who might more completely personify the God-driven, anti-scientific, father-centered, my-way-or-the-highway, throwback life than Rick Santorum. Even the most conservative politicians tend to live a pretty modern-world, yuppified life. Not Santorum. Part of his appeal, particularly against the ever-shifting and mollifying Romney, is that his shtick is real. Mind-blowing, but real. Not only does he have far more children than any modern, striving, trying-to-do-better American has, but he home-schools them. Home-schooling is one of those things I think most Americans understand: a true and arduous commitment, albeit one for weirdoes. You get it all with Santorum: the Christian nation; the traditional family; the sexual aversions (including one against contraception); the homemade theology.
It even seems likely that he wouldn't run from his primary-playing wedge campaign during the general election: what we're seeing now is what we'd probably get, no matter how cockamamie and dumbfounding.
In other words, this would be a campaign starkly pitting the two competing strands of American culture against each other. It's a remarkable opportunity: finally, a referendum on all things that have so upset the conservatives and have been so embraced by everybody else – abortion; gay marriage; sexual license; the new family (or non-family) life. How could it not be? These are Rick Santorum's issues, his reason for being here. This is the debate, however futile, he seems to believe God made him for.
But what if? Elections are like jury trials. The outcome is necessarily unpredictable. What if Europe goes over the abyss and with it the nascent US recovery? What if Israel goes after Iran and gas goes to eight bucks a gallon at the pump? What if the unforeseen happens, and President Obama fumbles his response?
Then … President Santorum? And a preposterous chapter in American history?
But then again, the compelling, if also train-wreck, aspect about Santorum is that it really does seem like he'd rather be right than be president. His wealthy Super Pac supporters seem similarly hell-bent (and rich enough not to need to worry about actually winning an election). No matter what happens and how much the Democrats might find themselves up against it, Santorum seems determined to make this an up-or-down vote for the way he is living and wants others to live, as opposed to the way most Americans have actually chosen to live.
That vote, by sheers numbers of people living by modern conventions, seems preordained.
The prospect of a defeat of this magnitude is obviously as horrifying to Republican leaders and stalwarts – all who seem to be lining up in a panicky defense of Romney – as Santorum's actual election would be to liberals. Although I'm not sure it should be. What happens to the Republicans after Romney tries to fashion a middling and, to conservatives, quisling general election position and is defeated (and who is expecting otherwise)? In four years, another round of eccentricity and exaggeration?
An up-or-down vote on far-out rightwing lifestyle prescriptions – is the country for or against, and what by what proportion?—is as good for the Republicans as for liberals. It marginalizes the margin.
Everybody has avoided this issue. The passion of the committed has been too great to face. They are a minority whose limited future has oddly fortified them.
So, finally, in a likely landslide of teachable-moment proportions, we can vote for how we want to live. That'll be a vote everybody will want to cast.

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