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April 18, 2020

Michelle Obama Wants to Come Back To Politics But on Her Terms

On a recent Saturday night, tens of thousands of people joined a nine-hour virtual dance party on Instagram Live that was hosted by DJ D-Nice. Some familiar big names have been dropping into what he calls "Club Quarantine," like John Legend, Joe Biden and Mark Zuckerberg.
But it was the appearance of former first lady Michelle Obama that seemed to have a big impact.
"Oh my gosh. Michelle Obama's in here," D-Nice exclaimed as Obama's appearance brought the music to a brief stop. "Yo, I swear, I don't even know who to play right now. My mind's completely blown."
That moment, which reverberated across social media as millions of Americans are sheltering at home, was a reminder of the power and popularity of Michelle Obama, who is stepping back into politics as she promotes her own voting initiative.
Last week, Obama announced her support for greater access to voting by mail, early in-person voting and online voter registration, calling these options "critical steps for this moment."
"Americans should never have to choose between making their voices heard and keeping themselves and their families safe," she said in a statement released by When We All Vote, the group she launched in 2018.
Though the group is nonpartisan, the effort is Obama's most high-profile political activity since leaving the White House in early 2017. And her announcement comes with the issue elevated after the controversy over Wisconsin holding a vote this month under a statewide order for residents to stay home. President Trump is also expressing outspoken opposition to mail-in voting.
On Monday, Obama will kick off a virtual "couch party" for When We All Vote, encouraging participants to register to vote and learn how to cast their ballots in upcoming elections. During the group's first couch party, hosted by D-Nice, the group says it reached more than 400,000 eligible voters.
"I think that at this moment she's going to focus on When We All Vote," said Susan Sher, who has known Obama for decades and served as her chief of staff at the beginning of President Barack Obama's administration. "Particularly in light of the COVID-19 virus — and everyone saw those pictures of people in Wisconsin who were risking their own safety and health in order to vote — I think it's even more important, and she appreciates how important it is to the actual election." 
While Obama's current work is focused on voter turnout, she remains one of the most sought-after surrogates on the campaign trail, with sky-high approval ratings that cut across party lines.
"Michelle Obama is one of the most popular women in the country," said Christine Matthews, who is a Republican pollster. "Every first lady or former first lady has a partisan aspect to their popularity. But Michelle Obama is actually fairly popular among Republican women."
Michelle Obama reacts as Kaitlyn Saunders, 8, tells Obama that she is a competitive figure skater. Kaitlyn and her mother, Katrice Saunders, were buying signed copies of Obama's memoir, Becoming, last year at Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington.
Jacquelyn Martin/AP
When and whether she will be a regular surrogate in 2020 on behalf of former Vice President Joe Biden remains unknown. Her husband, former President Barack Obama, endorsed Biden this week. While those close to her say that Michelle Obama "of course" supports Biden's campaign, she has not yet come off the sidelines, though an eventual endorsement is anticipated.
Sher said that she assumes Obama isn't "thinking about it like a politician" but that "it's clear she supports him and will support him."
"Whatever she does, she will be above the fray," said Sher. "That isn't to say that she isn't supporting Vice President Biden. She obviously is, but she will do it — and I know her — she will do it in a way that is positive."
Obama has spoken openly about her attempts to persuade her husband not to seek the presidency and was once reluctant to engage in partisan politics. But even in those early days, she forged a connection with voters.
Stephanie Cutter, a Democratic strategist who advised Michelle Obama, recalled the nickname that Barack Obama's aides had for her during his 2008 campaign: the closer.
"She was the real motivator for people to come out and caucus in Iowa for Barack Obama, and that's a key role that she plays in elections," Cutter said. "She knows how to inspire and motivate and relate with the people she's speaking with." 
John Brabender, a veteran Republican strategist, said that "suburban women in battleground states like Pennsylvania and Michigan" could be one of the defined audiences, along with black voters, that Obama could target in this election.
"We do know that the president's campaign is making a very aggressive effort to get a historic African American vote," Brabender said. "And there have been some positive signs for the president that he's overperforming among African Americans versus previous [GOP] presidential candidates. And so I think that's an audience that certainly the Democrats are going to want Michelle Obama to spend some time talking to."
During President Obama's time in office, Michelle Obama kept a limited political schedule, appearing at political events only when she believed her presence could have a big impact.
"Everything she did, she challenged us as her staff to say, 'Why is this a good use of my time?' " said Tina Tchen, the president of Time's Up Now, who previously served as Michelle Obama's chief of staff. "And it was always a challenge to make sure it was something she was personally, authentically passionate about. If it wasn't, she wouldn't say it. If it's not something she believed in, that's not something she would go out and say. And I think the American people responded to that — they know that about her."
Obama was a breakout star of the 2016 campaign and one of the most popular surrogates lending her credibility and reputation for authenticity to candidate Hillary Clinton's cause, though Obama has never had much affection for the campaign trail. Her explicitly political appearances have been limited in scope, to the dismay of some Democrats.
Michelle Obama Tells NPR She 'Never Ever' Would Have Chosen Politics For Herself

But she has been in the public eye, on her own terms. She packed arenas with throngs of fans as she promoted her memoir, Becoming, which was released in 2018, and has made a number of high-profile speeches and appearances.
"The kind of surrogacy that Michelle Obama brings is unprecedented. People don't see her as a political figure — they see her as a beloved former first lady who they completely relate with," said Cutter.
Obama is also a larger-than-life presence on social media, with more than 37 million followers on Instagram, which could make her a potentially desirable — and effective — surrogate as campaigning and advocacy work have largely moved online.
"She has been a huge presence, and I laugh about that because I can remember being in the White House where we weren't sure Twitter was something the first lady of the United States ought to be on, back in the beginning of the platform, " said Tchen, who is now on the board of When We All Vote.
Aimee Allison, the founder of She the People, an organization dedicated to mobilizing women of color, said that Obama's "encouragement of high voter turnout" is more valuable than any one endorsement.
"She's so, so important and such a respected, trusted voice for Democrats across the whole spectrum," Allison said, adding that voter mobilization could be critical for Democrats looking to close the gap in key battleground states.

September 30, 2017

Melanie Trump's Donation of Books Was Returned "Thank you but Not for Our School"

A Rich woman like her husband and the woman in charge of school education Betsy Devos, have with no idea of who needs what in this country. A hand Me down is a hand me down,  maybe she thought.  People, all people love free stuff. No, she was wrong.

Some people have scruples and know what they have and what they need.  They don't mean to take what they already have but others need. The thing is she was not always rich nor American nor spoke english. I guess she put all that stuff behind her. As for Betsy DeVos, she has no experience in teaching or books except the one she's read. For the first time in this country we have a Billionaire President who lives in his own made up world who has surrounded himself with a staff of also rich people like him who gave out those positions like if they were thank you cards for the money they contributed to his campaign for president.

A school librarian has kicked the First Lady out.

Just like Sam from Green Eggs and Ham before her, Boston school librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro took one look at the Dr. Seuss books Melania Trump donated to her school, and decided she "would not like them here or there."

The First Lady's office declared on Sept. 6 that Trump would donate Dr. Seuss books to schools across America that had been recognized for education excellence to celebrate National Read a Book day. Cambridgeport Elementary School was on the list, but the book slinger in charge there took issue with the gesture for two reasons — she didn't need free books, and they weren't right.
As Liz Phipps Soeiro put it in a a blog post, there were schools that needed books and hers wasn't one of them:

"School libraries around the country are being shuttered," Soeiro wrote. "Are those kids any less deserving of books simply because of circumstances beyond their control? Why not go out of your way to gift books to underfunded and underprivileged communities that continue to be marginalized and maligned by policies put in place by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos?"

There was more. Soeiro also wrote she found Dr. Seuss "a bit of a cliche," writing the late author's illustrations are "steeped in racist propaganda, caricatures, and harmful stereotypes."

She then drove home her point recommending stories she said illustrate the Trump Administration's impact on children like Mama’s Nightingale: A Story of Immigration and Separation, and Separate Is Never Equal: Sylvia Mendez & Her Family’s Fight for Desegregation instead of The Cat in the Hat and Oh the Places You Will Go.

She even issued a plea for the First Lady and the President. "You and your husband have a direct impact on these children’s lives. Please make time to learn about and value them," Soeiro wrote.
In response, The First Lady's office said that the librarian's decision was "unfortunate":

"Mrs. Trump intends to use her platform as First Lady to help as many children as she can. She has demonstrated this in both actions and words since her husband took office, and sending books to schools across the country is but one example," her spokeswoman wrote in an e-mail to Fortune.

 "Turning the gesture of sending young school children books into something divisive is unfortunate, but the First Lady remains committed to her efforts on behalf of children everywhere."


UPDATE: Melania had this Librarian Dismissed:

By now, you’ve likely heard about the Cambridge school librarian and her open letter to Melania Trump. The First Lady had committed the act of sending the school 10 free Dr. Seuss books, in honor of National Read a Book Day. The librarian published a blog post rejecting the gift — it should go to needier schools, she wrote — and trashing Dr. Seuss for good measure, on the grounds of being “a tired and worn ambassador for children’s literature” who is also “a bit of a cliché,” and … wait for it … “steeped in racist propaganda.”

It’s such luscious Cantabridgian self-parody that picking it apart feels almost too easy. As most preschoolers are taught, the proper response, when presented with a gift you don’t want, is “thank you,” with no further commentary. And dismissing Dr. Seuss’s entire body of work as racist? “The Sneetches,” published in 1961, is the foundational text for teaching the perils of prejudice. (If you don’t believe me, ask Barack Obama.)

The Cambridge schools have already taken care of scolding the librarian. Now, we’re left to consider the sadder part of this story: why it’s so easy, these days, for smart people to lose all sense of perspective. Because this librarian is hardly alone. In an age of outrage, tribal warfare, and proudly-proclaimed resistance, we’ve lost something big: The ability to call them as we see them.

August 29, 2017

What in this Picture Tells U This Trip Was a Fake?

"What was your first clue that this Texas trip was to be nothing more than a fake, useless photo op? Was it Melania's six-inch spike heels?" said one person.

March 9, 2017

Dan Savage Believes Melania Trump is Ugly Inside, A Birther

"If you marry and stay with a rich despot are you a good person? I don’t think so. I can understand children of the despot but a partner, wife or husband is there of their own free will and if they don’t smell it and see the rotting fresh is because they are made of the same stuff.”adamfoxie blog

Author and sex columnist Dan Savage says many liberals are giving first lady Melania Trump a pass because she’s pretty — and that she doesn’t deserve one.
“God knows there’s enough hate in the world and I don’t want to add to the sum total, but forgive me, I have got to get this off my chest: I f—ing hate Melania Trump,” Savage said at the start of his latest “Savage Love” podcast.
“I’m not alone in loathing Donald Trump’s third wife — she’s married to a misogynist after all. Odds are good her husband hates her too,” Savage continued. “But there are some folks on the left who not only don’t hate her, they view her as some sort of sympathetic figure. The pretty princess in the tower locked up by the orange ogre with the bad combover, a princess desperately blinking out distress signals during swearing-in ceremonies and inaugural balls.”
“It’s definitely not true in this case. Mrs. Trump, Melania Trump, is as ugly on the inside as she is pretty on the outside. She is a birther. Pretty Melania went on TV to push the same racist conspiracy theories about Barack Obama that her husband did. She’s an immigrant who doesn’t give a s— about the plight of other immigrants. She’s famously a plagiarist. And she’s brought ruinous lawsuits against journalists and bloggers accusing them of among other things, potentially interfering with her ability to profit off her role as first lady.”
 Melania Trump’s legal team has successfully targeted reporters who have made baseless suggestions that she worked as an escort years ago. Last month, a New York Times reporter apologized for calling her “a hooker.”
People of all political stripes have argued in in the past that presidents’ families should be off-limits in the criticisms of their policies. But Savage said President Obama’s right-wing critics didn’t apply that rule to Michelle Obama.
“I don’t know if you can impeach a first lady or how that would work, but I do know that we would have found out pretty f—ing fast if Michelle Obama had said the same during her husband’s presidency,” Savage said.
 Savage, a longtime activist and left-wing provocateur who formerly hosted an MTV advice show, has previously launched campaigns that ranged from the cruelly mischievous to the widely praised.
He and his husband, Terry Miller, introduced the It Gets Better project in 2010, in which people including President Obama recorded hopeful messages urging bullied gay teenagers not to commit suicide. Savage is also responsible for ruining former Sen. Rick Santorum’s Google results.
It’s looking like Melania Trump won’t get an invitation to film an It Gets Better video anytime soon.

February 9, 2017

Kellyanne Conway Plugs Ivanka’s Business Regardless of Ethics

 Kellyanne Conway says she buys her outfits from I.Trump

I know what you are thinking but still one should know when one is driving without brakes on Ethics.

The Trump administration faced continued criticism over possible ethics violations Thursday after a White House official promoted Ivanka Trump's clothing line in a television interview. 
"Go buy Ivanka's stuff," Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, told Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy. 
Ivanka Trump has a "wonderful line," Conway added. "I own some of it. I fully, I'm gonna just going to give a free commercial here. Go buy it today everybody. You can find it online." 
 Critics accused Conway of breaking federal ethics rules. 
They included Public Citizen, a watchdog group that said it was going to file a formal complaint with the Office of Government Ethics. 
The group's president, Robert Weissman, said Conway's remarks could not be misinterpreted as anything but a violation. 
"Since she said it was an advertisement, that both eliminates any question about whether outsiders are unfairly reading into what's being said, and two, it makes clear that wasn't an inadvertent remark," Weissman said. 
Weissman said Conway's remark was "yet more evidence" that Trump's earlier assertion that he'd separate his family's business interests from White House activities "was untrue." 
Chris Lu, a former Obama White House aide and deputy labor secretary, tweeted a section of federal ethics regulations that he said Conway had broken. 
The regulations say: "An employee shall not use his public office for his own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives."  Conway was responding to the outcry over Trump's criticism of Nordstrom for dropping his daughter's line. In a tweet on Wednesday, the president accused the retailer of treating his daughter "unfairly."  A spokesperson for Ivanka Trump has told NBC News that the brand had been selling well and that the move was in response to pressure from advocacy groups. Nordstrom has denied that. 
Nordstrom stock ticked up a bit on Wednesday and Thursday. 
Norm Eisen, former special counsel on ethics for Obama, told MSNBC that Trump's tweet was an abuse of power. 
"He's putting the bully in the bully pulpit to attack this company on dubious factual assertions in order to promote his daughter," Eisen said. 
Eisen pointed out that it remains unclear if the president has any financial stake in his daughter's business, and that there are a number of questions about his links to other parts of his family's empire. 
"Literally everything he does has this miasma of conflict around it," Eisen said. 
 Eisen also said Trump's tweet gave Nordstrom grounds to sue. 
"This is unfair business practices," he said. "There's a serious legal question. There are statutes across the country, including a very tough one in California." 
But lawyer Maxwell Blecher, who specializes in unfair competition and antitrust cases, said Nordstrom did not have basis to sue under the California law
"It's an expression of opinion," Blecher said. "It is not defamatory and it is not an unfair business act." 

Image: Ivanka Trump listens at the beginning of a policy and strategy forum with executives in the State Dining Room of the White House, Feb. 3, 2017.

Ivanka Trump listens at the beginning of a policy and strategy forum
 with executives in the State Dining Room of the White House, Feb. 3, 2017. 
Brendan Smialowski / AFP - Getty Images

Then came Conway's Thursday morning plug on Fox. 
Eisen returned to MSNBC to echo Lu's accusation of an ethical breach. 
"It is not allowed for a government employee to use your public office for private gain," he said. "And by doing this ad, I have never seen anything like it. It's a violation of the rule. Pure and simple.”


February 7, 2017

Melania Trump Explains Why She Would Want to be First lady$$$$

 published on Salon what we suspected about the first couple and the reason a man and a woman intense in making a profit on everything they do wether is a photo shoot to drying out a casino of cash. Why would they be interested in living in the White House? As nice and historic as the white house is, it does not compare to the luxury on Trump Plaza and history is never been something that appealed to The Donald. The answer is cash but in light to Melania’s lawsuit in which she explains to the court on her own words(and her lawyers) that she lost the opportunity to make more money as first lady once people thought she was an escort before. We can deduct anything we want from a actions but when the subject tells why, then there should be no remaining doubts.


First Lady Melania Trump seems to have unintentionally tipped her hand on how she plans on using her tenure as First Lady — namely, to cash in.

The lawsuit filed in the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan against Mail Media, owner of the British tabloid the Daily Mail, made references to the “multimillion dollar business relationships” that Melania Trump lost due to an article which incorrectly claimed she had worked for an escort service. The lawsuit’s argument? That as First Lady she would be “one of the most photographed women in the world” and thus possessed a “unique, once in a lifetime opportunity” to “launch a broad-based commercial brand.”
According to Richard W. Painter, who served as White House ethics counsel under President George W. Bush, Trump’s lawsuit revealed a troubling attitude toward her public role.

“There has never been a first lady of the United States who insinuated that she intended to make a lot of money because of the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity of being first lady,” Painter told The Washington Post. Although Melania Trump’s legal team is not wrong in pointing out that the Daily Mail’s article was baseless, Mail Media claims that it wasn’t defamatory because it “discussed allegations that had been disseminated about the then-potential first lady, and the impact even false rumors could have on the presidential race.”

President Trump has been beset by allegations of conflicts of interest since before even taking office. These include his refusal to divest himself from his real estate empire, his potential violation of the emoluments clause by accepting money from foreign governments at businesses like the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC, and increasing the initiation fee at his Mar-a-Lago resort after becoming president.

Matthew Rozsa
Matthew Rozsa is a breaking news writer for Salon. He holds an MA in History from Rutgers University-Newark and his work has appeared in Mic, Quartz and MSNBC.

January 24, 2017

Melania is Only Allowed Her Son The Spot Light Goes to Trump

Sometimes you see a posting and you say gosh I feel just like that, wish it could have been me the person that wrote it. I feel like that many times and in fairness to the writer I post it here just the way it was written and give credit to the author and the media that published it. 

This particular posting made me feel just like that except I’m not into writing stories that are too sentimental. Contrary to the success Melania Trump has had in marrying a tycoon, I don’t  feel sorry for her nor do I have contempt either. In my book, that is the bed she made for herself and let her lie on it or underneath it as long as she wishes and it has nothing to do with me nor do I think it ever will (explanation on next paragraph).

 I have plenty of opinions about her husband who I consider a dishonest, bullying, narcissist and I actually feel sorry for the man because he has been given many opportunities to change people’s lives for the better but he has taken those opportunities as another chance to make more for himself so he can be number one. No narcissist would like to be number two on anything. I also feel sorry because at his age he should have learnt already this is a short journey(life) and besides, we know we are either going to get sick, or sick and dying or just don’t get to see the next sunrise. Maybe once he should ask himself why He’s been given so much and how come he has given so little. 

Now as a President he could do so much good but he wont. He can’t change what he has been all his life, a Trump supporter and none else.  His wife I see as a bystander on the union instead of being what other first ladies have been because she is married to a guy that wont let her get any of the spot light. A narcissist is not good sharing and he certainly doesn’t. He can give but he can’t share. 
The only thing she allow to do is be with her son. That is her only initiative, job, etc. 

The posting by Stassa Edwards on Jezebel  puts out a message that should be read.

Here it is:
A few hours after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, a photograph circulated of Melania Trump sitting next to husband at a luncheon, eyes down and face unsmiling. The photograph went viral, often accompanied on social media with the expression, “I feel sorry for Melania Trump.”
It was just one of many pieces of evidence that Melania Trump deserves sympathy; that she is unhappy, that her husband treats her poorly or, more hopefully, that she hates her husband. In addition to the photograph, other evidence was offered: a video of the couple dancing at the inaugural ball and a side-by-side comparison of former President Obama accompanying Michelle during the 2009 White House transition. Obama is thoughtful, he waits for Michelle before he walks up the steps of their new home to greet then-President George W. Bush. In contrast, Donald Trump greets the Obamas without his wife and she hurries to make her way up the stairs alone, accompanied into the house by the Obamas who are more considerate—more respectful—than her own husband. The images, particularly the comparison to President Obama, reinforce a narrative that is easy enough to believe (likely because it’s true): that Obama is a better man than Trump and thus treats women accordingly. The Obamas, in turn, express their sympathy for Melania, a poor woman married to a tyrant, by showing their graciousness, a hallmark of the Obama White House, actions that speak volumes about their humanity and morality. Here, Melania is a victim of her husband’s brutishness; she is passive and silent, has no political opinions but instead is a sort of tabula rasa for America’s women, on which her treatment is proof of President Trump’s innate misogyny. President Trump’s casual misuse of his wife is a domestic tragedy with national implications. But that narrative only works if, in fact, you believe that Melania is a blank slate or, at least, a woman simply acted on rather than a woman actively collaborating with her husband’s ideologies. 
If the past is any indication, Melania is no passive victim. Recently a 2011 interview with Melania on the Joy Behar Show went viral on Twitter. In the interview, Melania defends her husband’s adamant commitment to the birther conspiracy born of the Tea Party—his belief that President Obama is not an American citizen, that he was born in Kenya and that his Hawaii-issued birth certificate was, in fact, a forgery. “Do you want to see President Obama’s birth certificate or not?” Melania asks Behar. “I’ve seen it,” Behar responds. “It’s not a birth certificate,” Melania says as she shakes her head. Here, Melania recites her husband’s conspiratorial and fictitious claims, ones Donald Trump repeated for five years until, in September 2016, he “conceded” that they were untrue. Melania has never indicated whether or not she agrees with that concession. 
But Melania has always been willing to defend her husband and to employ tactics that typify the Trump approach to the world. After journalist Julia Ioffe published a profile of Melania in GQ, Melania denounced the piece, calling it “yet another example of the dishonest media and their disingenuous reporting.” When Ioffe received a barrage of anti-Semitic messages and threats, Melania said, that Ioffe “provoked them.” Later, Melania almost trollishly announced that, as First Lady, she would launch a campaign to prevent bullying on the internet, denouncing social media’s “mean and rough” culture.
Social media aside, she’s proven that she’s a willing scribe of the Trump hagiography. In October, Melania sat down with CNN to defend her husband after a leaked tape caught her husband bragging about sexually assaulting women. She called his language “boy talk” and blamed the tape’s release on the conspiratorial “left-wing media.” When asked about the sizable number of women who have accused her husband of sexual assault, she demonstrated that she was no listless vessel, but in full possession of autonomy: “I know he respects women but he is defending himself because they are all lies,” she told CNN.
Like Ivanka Trump, whose brand and subsequent media narratives have worked to distance her from her father’s repugnant ideologies from racist birtherism to sexual assault, Melania is no innocent. She’s willing to vocally defend her husband—not only to stand next to him for the sake of political spectacle or personal gain, but to do the obligatory media tours and, like her step-daughter, insist that he respects women.
Melania Trump is hardly a stand-in for American women, she is neither a victim nor is she lacking agency. Rather she’s an active participant working to construct Donald Trump’s narrative, readily available to put a gauzy domestic veil on his racism and misogyny. Melania Trump doesn’t deserve your sympathy.
Stassa Edwards

December 13, 2016

Bigot Who Called First Lady “Ape”Ok to Come Back to Work in Non Profit

The head of a West Virginia nonprofit whose racist social media post about first lady Michelle Obama drew demands that she be fired is expected to return to work next week. 
Pamela Taylor, the director of the nonprofit Clay County Development Corp., was suspended after her Facebook post last month was screenshotted and went viral: "It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House," she wrote. "I'm tired of seeing a Ape in heels." 
 FROM NOV. 15: Officials Feel Heat For Obama 'Ape in Heels' Remark 1:50
The controversial message also ensnared Clay County's mayor, Beverly Whaling, when she replied, "Just made my day Pam" — a comment that led her to resign. 
But Taylor is set to return on Dec. 23, according to a letter from the agency's acting director sent to the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services and obtained by the Charleston Gazette-Mail
The Clay County Development Corp. is the county's second-largest employer and provides services to seniors and low-income residents. While it receives funding from state and federal agencies, that money could be in jeopardy if the state determines there is any type of discrimination at the facility. 
Neither the agency nor Taylor could immediately be reached for comment Tuesday, and Taylor has not publicly commented about the post. 
 Hate Speech Is On the Rise Following U.S. Presidential Election 2:03
NBC affiliate WSAZ said workers were unaware that Taylor would be returning. 
In a previous statement to NBC News, West Virginia NAACP President Owens Brown condemned the post and said he was worried about a growing rise in hate speech following the election of Donald Trump as president. 
“This type of attitude cannot be tolerated in this racially charged atmosphere," Brown said.

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