Louisiana televangelist Jesse Duplantis wants donations to purchase a $54 million private jet so he can spread the gospel around the world. USA TODAY 
He is rich because people have made him that way so he could go around the world and tell people they need to repent and give God some money so he can keep on going on his missionary task. 

"No, I do not, and don't you ever say that I did," he responded, pointing a finger at the journalist.
Duplantis himself has been scrutinized for telling his followers to fund a new jet, which he says was ordained by God himself.
After Copeland boasted about his wealth — including his wardrobe and his natural gas-filled properties — Guerrero asked for a response to critics who believe that preachers shouldn't live so lavishly.
"They're wrong," Copeland responded, invoking his mentor Oral Roberts' teachings of the prosperity gospel. "Do you think the Jewish people believed you should be broke?"
“Are you saying that Jewish people appreciate money more?” Guerrero asked.
“They believe in wealth,” Copeland said, to which she replied, “Some people would find that offensive.