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October 29, 2014

You were born with the gift/curse you want to be toy-boy for Sugar Daddy? Go NYC?,SF, Hollywood? No,No, No

Not only is the stigma surrounding online dating going away, but apparently so is the stigma involving “ guar daddies” -- that is, older men who date younger men and women they've met online with full knowledge the gals wouldn't be interested if they didn't have money and weren't willing to spend it on them.

According to the not-exactly-unbiased, the world's largest sugar daddy dating website, the number of men on the site has nearly tripled in the last year, and surprise! One of the hotspots for sugar daddies is Minneapolis, where 6.33 men per 1,000 are on the site and looking for their very own "sugar babies."

See also:
Apple Valley, Minnetonka are Twin Cities hotbeds for cheating spouses 

That ranks Minneapolis 13th in North America, which somewhat surprisingly puts the City of Lakes higher on the list than New York or Los Angeles.

Here's the full top 30:

According to a release put together by the aforementioned website, a sugar daddy is a man who is "successful and generous, and willing to provide a certain lifestyle for a young, attractive person in return for friendship or companionship."

Here's a couple other interesting tidbits from the release:
The study shows the average Sugar Daddy in North America is roughly 44 years old and has a net worth of approximately $7,730,070. He spends approximately $4,183 monthly on his Sugar habit.

Since SeekingArrangement's inception in 2006, the number of married Sugar Daddies globally has dropped from 46 percent to 29 percent. This is an indicator that the Sugar lifestyle is becoming more widely accepted amongst single men. Atlanta only has 28 percent married Sugar Daddies. 
Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of, says, "Most people equate a Sugar Daddy with someone like Hugh Hefner, but this is not the case."

"Sugar Daddies are young, successful men who do not have time to traditionally date," he continues.

I’ll stick with Tinder and going Dutch for now, thank you very much.

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