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February 2, 2019

Porn Performer Fined for Having A Male Threesome and Filmed in the Tube to The Shock of Passengers

Nicholas Mullan (right) and George Mason who admitted outraging public decency at Waterloo underground station
    An adult performer who filmed himself and his former partner having a threesome on a Tube train in front of passengers have been fined £1,000. Porn actor George Mason, 35, and Nicholas Mullan, 24, romped with a third man, who has not been identified, on a Northern Line train between Leicester Square and Waterloo. The incident happened in July 2017 but was not reported until February last year, when it was posted on Twitter. Mason, of John Ruskin Street, Southwark, south-east London, and Mullan, of Castlehume Gardens, Belfast, admitted outraging public decency at an earlier hearing. They were sentenced at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Friday after magistrates were shown stills from the video footage. 
    Chairing the bench, Lucinda Lubbock said they had been "humiliated in the court of social media", and added: "This was a very unpleasant and serious offense on the public Underground system."The way it took place back in July, the seriousness of the offense is exacerbated by the fact that it went on social media."Fining Mason for his "more serious" role, she told him: "The uploading, the tagline and so on are very much part of your offense specifically."He was also handed an 18-month community order and told to pay £170 in costs. Mullan, who is on benefits, was not fined but told to pay £170 costs and carry out a 12-month community order.Ms. Lubbock added: "We feel that this is a lesson to both of you. As your defense lawyer said, you have been humiliated in the court of social media."
George Mason
George Mason CREDIT: YUI MOK/PA 
Recalling the events that led to the prosecution, Robert Simpson for The Crown said the police were called by a gay man who saw the footage online and thought it "crossed the line".
He said: "The two men in the dock engaged in various sexual acts on a Tube train...and this was in the presence of the traveling public.""The incident is recorded by them and the video of what happened was subsequently uploaded on to Twitter, where another gay man saw it, thought that had crossed the line of what was acceptable behavior and the incident was reported to the police."An investigation discovered the footage was posted to an account named "Hung Young Brit" linked to Mason. Mullan was traced after another clip linked to an escort website in Northern Ireland, where he shared his mobile number under the name Toby.
Mr. Simpson said the video was posted with the caption: "Full-on live sex in front of the general public on Tube train."A caption described it as "100% genuine footage", the court heard. Defending both men, Howard Cohen said the video was recorded 18 months earlier as the pair traveled back to Mason's flat after a day out. He said they had been in a relationship for "some time" but we're not together when the incident happened."During the course of the journey, the idea came about that they would have sexual relations on the train," Mr. Cohen said.
Mason "works in the adult film industry" and provided the footage to the Hung Young Brit website.He was then "required to upload a snippet of the material on a Twitter account" and used the "salacious" title to attract attention, Mr. Cohen said.Both have been subject to a "virulent and quite disgusting campaign of hate" on social media since details of the incident emerged, he added.
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