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December 16, 2017

Young Guy Lured Mature Gay Men with Sex for Deadly Attacks

Cody Parkinson was jailed for two years for his role in an assault.
Cody Parkinson was jailed for two years for his role in an assault. It takes a mind who has been damaged by probably an assault when he was a boy or hatred for his gay dad if he had one. These crimes are committed with a specific small target in mind. They are not meant to change anything in society except to bring some kind of relief to the damaged young mind.

TWO men who used a gay dating app to seek out, then violently assault men they believed were pedophiles were today jailed over the “protracted and vicious beatings”.
James Joseph Katchan, 20, used app Grindr to seek out his victims, all of whom were homosexual men, luring them to public places with the promise of sex.
But when they arrived they were ambushed, with one man so badly beaten he was left with bleeding in the brain.
Katchan pleaded guilty to five serious assaults, four of which happened over 10 days in January.
He was jailed for six years for what District Court Judge Vicki Stewart said were attacks designed to “terrorize” victims. 
His co-offender Cody Parkinson, 19, was jailed for two years after he admitted his role in the last assault in March.
In that attack, Parkinson agreed for his picture to be used by Katchan to lure a 57-year-old to a park.
As Parkinson waited, Katchan and two other men hid in bushes. As the man approached, they all confronted him, telling him they were a group who guarded the area against pedophiles. They punched, kicked and stomped on him as he cowered on the ground.
He suffered bleeding from the brain and other injuries.
In a separate attack on January 21, Katchan struck up a conversation with a 35-year-old, arranging to meet him at a park in Kenwick.
When the victim arrived, Katchan greeted him with the slur “hey you pedophile faggot” before punching him in the face.
Two days later, he lured a 33-year-old to a Canning Vale park and hit him over the head with a bat embedded with metal rings.
Katchan’s lawyer John Hawkins said his client’s offending was motivated by a desire to humiliate men who were expecting to have sex with “a boy they thought was 14 years old”. But Judge Stewart said there was “absolutely no justification” for Katchan’s crimes.
Lawyer Mara Barone, who acted for Parkinson, said her client’s crime was “not in any way, shape or form an offense of homosexuality”.
Two other men have been charged over the attacks.Parkinson and Katchan were made eligible for parole.

Shannon Hampton, PerthNow

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