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July 4, 2020

Happy, Healthy U.S. Independence Day

We will See You and Off Until Monday, meanwhile you are invited to check all 13 pages of adamfoxie main blogging Site

May 25, 2020

Memorial Day in The U.S. ~~ See you Tuesday~Wed

Thanks to Trump wanting to make his evangelical support (25%, last election) happy you don't see the rainbow with the american flag on government buildings. This building is an embassy on Pride 2015.

Only the U.S. celebrates this holiday this weekend, so I will amke a wish that old fahioned homophobia in all armed forces be squashed out.  There are so many cases of heroism from the LGBT community before Trump put his political claws to at least change the recruiting poicies on transgender.

Why so many evangelicals and some goverments are so transfixed on what is between a person's legs,  you need to go back centuries to see how this stuff started. I wish on Memorial day as we honor the fallen we could try to have less of people fall into this category.

Stay safe, don't play the russian COVID-19 roulette. You don't know how sucestible your inmune system is to this virus. Some people get better but is not because of any proven medication but because their inmune system was not hit too hard or it had the right soldiers to fight the virus.

Stay Well

December 26, 2019

After The Giving.......(Reposting)

                                                Image result for christmas missed
My apologies for letting this article I wrote to be published without the adequate revisions and checks. That has been done and is back to the blog. Thank you. Adam

After the giving, what's next?  Going to the moon is not enough, we need Mars and others and of course, there are scientific reasons why. But I'm just pointing out the way we are. Since we were born we took one step and the second third and fourth followed. We do not want to stay put in one place w are wired to be curious and walk to the living room or the moon.
Back in the days of not so much commercialism, on a nice peaceful holiday, parents try to get the kids something they needed like hand me down sewen pants. In Germany, somebody decided that with the snow some shiny objects will look heavenly. And so it did and soon the tree was cut down and put inside the house with actual gifts bout from the store.

I hope that whatever we have done for others on this holiday season which encapsulates the Christian, Jewish and African Holidays and faiths. I hope you feel proud you gave something to someone who didn't have it. Lately regifting is become a source of conversation but that only happens because we don't bother to get to know the people around us, to find out what those people we say we care about, who they are what they need or want.

This is a very strange season for me and many ways because I feel something is amiss. It's like the car is got a flat tired. It is running but there is something serious which eventually will make us stop.  I have always said that Christianity was the equivalent of immorality and selfishness. Not that Christ was but his followers became that. Not 2016 but this goes back to the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and what the blood games the Europeans were playing with religion and their god. Everything was allowed if it was done in the name of god...Remind you of today?

I used to believe that there were certain things this nation will not do having the knowledge it was wrong and no one could excuse it. Yet the so-called evangelicals that have brought a man without scruples and without a god. He said he does not believe, he has nothing to repent for and he won't say sorry to even God. When he is with the Evangelicals he tells them whatever they want to say. Then he's said he is Episcopelean and Evangelical. I don't think he knows what either domination represents.

If this season will make people examine what is been going on and repent (feel sorry and rectify what they have done wrong). That would not be bad.

I hope we become spiritual even without a god, the evangelicals have shown us that having a god makes some people worse!

But you can be spiritual because we were born out of that electric spark that makes our hearts start pumping blood and our electrical brain waves started to feel hunger.

Adam Gonzalez

O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved homes and the war's desolation.
Blest with victory and peace, may the Heav'n rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust’ 
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave

The Truth is Marching on?

December 24, 2019

Adamfoxie Blog International Wishes You and Yours The Following with Most Sincerity:

Thank you for being with us going in the 12th Year. This blog has grown not by size but by experience and as it got older it began to see the world with different kinds of eyes.  I was supposed to have retired two years ago but instead, I thought that while there was a serious readership particularly in areas of the world in which they don't have a free press like we do in the United States.  
But I am not minimizing the US readership. Even though on a daily basis, you have a Mexico(just happened a week ago) to Portugal, Turkey, Russia in which they surpass the US readership for 24 hrs. Still, the uS readership is the strongest and why not when the publication originates in new York City.

I feel proud and with a sense of responsibility to not just get off and leave things as they are. That is not me. Always before leaving any company, I made sure that my absence would not hurt too much. Still, There was a Littman Jewelers in North Miami, A million-dollar store went out after I did. But they brought in the family to take over a difficult store but with the potential to do really well. I left because I did not like the unfair treatment received on a one to one in front of the store the President of the Company and the guy that hired me, come on by on his way to play gulf in Miami and ripped me a new one on my day off.  He came without notice (and when my staff called I rushed out there). He was pissed probably not at me but took it on me because some pieces of semi-expensive display pieces were not set according to a memo that went out with a picture. (sometimes you got that picture but no the merchandise or you sold the merchandise). "sorry customer we can't sell you that diamond because the president of the company would rather have in the window".

I care enough whenever I would read the memo to give the instructions to get it done. Meanwhile, my main assistant liked all the papers nice and neet like a secretary she had been. The only thing is it did not help the boss (me) to not see those memos no matter how neatly they were filed in her cubicle office. Neat, but most of the time she forgot to show it to me. If I happened to get the mail there would be no problem but I did take two days off a week up from times that I took no days off.

My partner and I split up after nine years and I was burnt out really bad to the point I gave my resignation to my district manager which he did not accept, instead flew from Tampa to see me in North Miami. So I appreciated it. This was a guy taller than me with a reputation of being very tough and he was, but he did bring me out from the snow in Buffalo to Miami because I was bilingual and he knew I had a reputation of selling very expensive items, a good teacher and being tough with the staff while at the same time having a good rapport with them. My staff knew I would not do anything to make them work harder or different so  I would feel good with power. I had plenty of experience and the only time my ego went up when up was when my bosses gave me the numbers for my store and they happen to be good. I figure I give you that little background on me. Maybe I'm feeling melancholic since I expect major personal changes for 2020. Last time I made changes like that it was in 2002.

I wish every single one of you reading this to be practical and have the knowledge to take care of yourself and yours. I hope you have the understanding to deal with all those crazy situations we all experience from day to day others more serious than others. I know not all my readers are Christian so I will just wish you very happy, sane holidays. I hope you get the strength to keep ongoing. Whatever you do in life that helps a company or an individual you are needed and need to have the smarts of life.

By reading adamfoxie* and the news I feel affect us, but sometimes we are not out here for all, to know, read or see. 
Stay true to you and the decency inside your heart. This journey is short and it makes no sense to go on with the wrong ideas when soon our bodies will be gone.

I'm Adam Gonzalez, I produce and publish this blog. ( If you would like to communicate about something you deem serious.
HaPpY HoLiDaYs

The publication will come back on Thursday Dec.26

November 28, 2019

For Those That Celebrate A Thanksgiving Day, Adamfoxie Blog Wishes Food and Peace to Enjoy

Don't ever be Turkey let the bird whether dead or alive gets all the glory and pompous accolades. 

November of 2019 almost December and the end of our year.

A year of hope, disappointments, the shock that things in government have gotten this low and those that only care about having a government to start conflicts, But not to enact rules to protect our water, air, emissions to make cars better, just like they did when it demanded seat belts and airbags. I am one of the survivors in which my Beetle was smashed by an SUV but I survived and that is with already having damages on my back from an equestrian accident. But I and many like me still give thanks to whatever power protected me/us this year. I am not mentioning any of the religious god's people associate with protection. As long as you believe in something that is beneficial to you and me.
I hope next year you can tell how lucky you were about getting protected. 

November 22, 2018

Happy Thanks Giving Day

This is my favorite holiday because it tends to be peaceful, have nice and I have memories of spending it with family and I am grateful there is always plenty of food, unlike many who are not that lucky. To me is never been a religious holiday but one in which you can be thankful for anything or anybody for anything that you have receive or even faith and hope into something you wish you will get.

This blog will take a few days off but anything happening that is not being covered well it will be covered here if its important enough for some or many. I will try to stay active at tweeter and if you are registered with your email on this site you will get my tweets which is only a couple a day unless someone wishes to learn something or wants to know why I say what I do. I hope that every one of you is able to get peace through health, and love. 

November 23, 2017

Wishing you a Peaceful, Good Thanksgiving Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving🦊

February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day (What does it mean?)

People who are religious associate this day with a saint in the catholic religion but Valentine’s has become a universal expression of love to reserve one special day to be extra nice to a love one or make you feel guilty if you don’t have one. May you have love in your life in any form!

July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day


November 26, 2014

Thank You for that Turkey we Missed on 2014


On Thanksgiving as a National Holiday many of us stop to feel thankful not for what we have got but for what we have been able to avoid. For luck or effort no matter how bad we are now we know that it can get worse. If you are missing a limb, a car, a house, a home it could be worse because at least we are aware of our surroundings. You are missing one limb when you could be missing all of them. You are missing a home but you are somewhere able to read this message. For those that will never read this message, those we can only wish a time in which things are as well as they can be. 

I don’t want to wish the blanket happy thanksgiving because for many there will be no happy time this Thanksgiving Day and for others there will not be a day period.  So for us that are to understand that we are stopping to say, “  am thankful for being here not in a worse way that I could have gotten.”

We could say we are thankful for all the stuff we have accumulated but that leaves out a lot of people and a lot of the things we could have gotten that we would have wish we never have received.

So for the troubled we avoided, the speeding ticket we did not get for rushing to get a bird for dinner. For the lives we did not take as we took that turn a little too close and almost hit the white van full of kids on the way to Thanksgiving dinner, we are grateful.

In this nuclear age there are so many things that can go wrong and they usually do, we are Thankfull those things did not happened and the ones that happened did not keep us from saying “I am grateful” because to be grateful is one of the beauties of the human experience. Yes there is love, adventure, drama and other things  but to be grateful implies we are not selfish because to be selfish is one of the worse conditions a human being can experience.

My wishes are for as many of us as possible to have some quiet time to think that it could have been worse. You believe me it will inspire a sense of peace and giving. It wont be on the turkey or the family, even though those are worthwhile symbols but not as important as taking notice of who we are and where we are because come the day after Thanksgiving we don’t know where we are going to be. So lets be thankful and hopeful that we will be in a better place tomorrow that we are today.

Adam Gonzalez

July 4, 2014

Happy Independence day 2014

November 27, 2013

May You Never Loose Hope…

Happy Thanksgiving!!

May this day find you safe and trying to be happy.  May the people around you pick an aura of wellness and hope.  May you never loose hope nor the instinct to make a difference in you and others.
May you never loose your Smile and your laughter guide you through the dark tunnels and bring you save to the other side of the dark waters.
Adam at adamfoxie*blog Int.


May 25, 2013

Memorial Day and Gays, Others Sexually Assaulted in the Military

In this weekend as we celebrate and remember those fallen and serving in the military it’s also important that as we do that we also look at a problem that have been going on since the military is been a military. The Problem is sexual assault and this problem have spiked when opposite sex was introduced to an all male supposedly straight men military. It’s also increased once gays could legally serve. This Problem is openly ‘popped' now and so is the time to discuss it as we look from the outside in and memorial weekend is as good as anytime. We need to make a military we can trust to validate the service of those that have fallen.
 Now that gays can serve openly, meaning they can post a pic of their partner by their beds or inside their lockers or do anything the straight ones do in their behavior with their wife’s and girls friends. Phone calls, conversation etc. No longer need to be de-gayed. 
  Coming back to the reason the Pentagon has not gotten on top of this according to the Times is because they have put the wrong people in charge. Mediocre officers that would not be promoted otherwise on the field, they are given these particular assignments and their main concern in showing good numbers and putting a blanker over the problem so they can be promoted. They are interested in exposing the problem to the light and dismantling the career of anyone involved or hiding out this problem. 
The problem is sexual assaults. This can be categorized as touching another soldier where someone should not touch to right out rape. The Pentagon is well aware of this so we are not talking about something that happened last month as The Times  reported. 
{{The writer of this section is Adam Gonzalez, the Time piece follows}}   
Even before the Army confirmed a third military sexual-assault preventer had been implicated in sexual harassment in the past two weeks late Thursday – the charges ranged from sexual battery, to pandering, to stalking an ex-wife – the Army’s top general, and the commander-in chief, said they’ve had enough.
Late Thursday, the Army said Lieut. Colonel Darin Haas, chief of the Sexual Harassment and Assault Response Prevention/Equal Opportunity program manager at Fort Campbell, Ky., has been booted from that post following a dispute with his ex-wife. Local police arrested Haas Wednesday night and charged him with stalking her and sending threatening emails in violation of a court-issued protective order.
Sexual assault in the ranks “is going to make — and has made — the military less effective than it can be,” President Obama said at a meeting of the nation’s military leaders to focus on the issue. “It is dangerous to our national security.”
Only hours earlier, General Ray Odierno, the Army chief of staff, fired a volley at his troops on the subject. “The Army is failing in its efforts to combat sexual assault and sexual harassment,” Odierno said in a written message. “It is up to every one of us, civilian and Soldier, general officer to private, to solve this problem within our ranks.”
The Pentagon is scrambling to try to turn the situation around, but there is a growing sense in the building that the series of scandals is beyond the military’s control. Defense officials desperately want the string of bad news to stop, but – like IEDs in Afghanistan – the chance of the next one blowing up is equal parts action and wishful thinking.
Like the military’s ongoing challenge of suicide in the ranks, there is no single fix. There’s synergy at work here, defense officials suggest privately, and Obama agreed. “There is no silver bullet to solving this problem,” the President said Thursday. “This is going to require a sustained effort over a long period of time.”
Nothing excuses sexual abuse, of course, but several things may help to explain it, U.S. military officers and veterans suggest:
– After a decade of combat, and the latest round of austerity imposed by sequester-mandated budget cuts, the troops are frayed. Nerves are on edge, drinking is exacerbating the problem, and peacetime cushions are shot.
“I tasked those around me to help me understand what a decade-plus of conflict may have done to the force,” Army General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said Tuesday of the wars’ impact on sexual assault in the ranks. “Instinctively, I knew it had to have some effect.”
– Women are currently about 14% of the active-duty, and have been at that level for years. Their presence takes jobs – and promotions – away from some of their male colleagues. Like gravity, that exerts a subtle influence on those who feel they may have been passed over, or fear they maybe – or have a buddy who feels that way. Differences in rank can compound the problem, as senior males used to issuing orders flex that command authority and take advantage of their power in their illicit dealings with female subordinates.
– While women in uniform who have been abused remain leery of reporting it, that reticence is shrinking. That’s happening, in part, as women gain clout in Congress. They currently occupy 78 of the House’s 435 seats, and 20 of the 100 Senate seats.
While still a distinct minority, women on Capitol Hill have reached a breaking-through point where there are enough of them so that they no longer will be cowed into silence by their male colleagues – or the men in uniform who regularly troop before them to testify on military matters.
“It’s a very broad-based problem, and it’s not a new problem,” said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., a member of the armed services committee who has been pushing to prosecute alleged military sexual assaulters outside their chain of command. Women are afraid, Gillibrand said, to come forward and report when they have been assaulted. “If we can begin to create accountability and transparency in the system where victims see that justice is possible, you’ll have greater reporting,” she told CBS. “When you have greater reporting, it means you’ll have more investigations, more trials and more convictions. And so as they see justice being done, I think things will change.”
– The kings of the military are those who wage war. Every other branch – logistics, legal, medical, public affairs, human resources — is a supporting player.
Generally, those tapped by the military services to combat the scourge of sexual harassment are runners-up in the competition for battlefield command, or never were in the running. They are good, and performing valuable work, but they are not the military’s fast-burners. “For years, the services have been dumping non-performers into EO [Equal Opportunity] and sexual harassment billets,” Tom Ricks says over at Best Defense. “In other words, they weren’t taking this stuff that seriously.”
The troops know it, and respond accordingly.
Obama and Odierno said Thursday that the problem has become so pervasive and corrosive that consigning it to also-rans is no longer acceptable.
Obama said curbing sexual assault in the ranks will require “putting our best people on this challenge.” Odierno said “it is time we take on the fight against sexual assault and sexual harassment as our primary mission.”
If that happens, it will represent a profound change. It means the military’s “primary mission” will no longer be preparing to wage, and win, the nation’s wars.


March 31, 2013

To Celebrate Easter and Spring I give You Cluck The Luminers’ in "HO HEY"

It’s Good Friday, so what more perfect way to celebrate the Easter season

 than Blake Shelton and Nick Offerman joining Jimmy Fallon on Late Night in giant chicken costumes to cluck out The Lumineers’
 “      "Ho Hey.” 

February 15, 2013

OMG For Bitches Only on Valentines



Dessert is served. Eat it up greedy bitches!
Cakes Da Killa sources his ingredients carefully. He's put a dash of Lana Del Rey's rose crown on the cover photo but adamfoxie* took it off, and a cup and a half of Frank Ocean's 'Thinking About You' in his track 'Da Good Book’ but adamfoxie* took it off Wonder what this dude is going to replace me WIT!?

ya AF* wishes all the wishes a happy valentines’ Day!

December 12, 2012

Healthy Holiday Drinks You can Order at the Bar

 by  Photo: Flickr user Pinguino  

 healthy holiday drinks
We’ve all read those women’s magazine articles about how to order healthy drinks at the bar, which basically say: get a vodka tonic! We really can’t disagree (a vodka tonic is a relatively healthy drink, compared to other options) but it’s also pretty much a snooze when it comes to booze. To find somehealthy holiday drink ideas that aren’t totally boring, we went straight to the source and asked a few bartenders what they’d recommend. Here are their suggestions:
Say Yes To Fresh
Jacques Bezuidenhout, who is the Bartender Ambassador for Tequila 
Partida, gave me a couple basic rules of thumb for ordering drinks this holiday season:
Stay away from cheap liquors made with sugars and coloring. Stay away from store bought sweet & sours and mixers. As long as you use fresh ingredients, juice and use less sugars, your drinks will be low calorie. I like using agave nectar and honey.
Chef Marcus Guiliano, a chef who runs Aroma Thyme Bistro in the Hudson Valley, says that using fresh ingredients can also up your immunity, something that’s important during cold and flu season:
Any cocktail made with fresh squeezed juices will have a benefit versus cocktails made with pasteurized and sugared juices. For example fresh squeezed lime juice versus Rose’s Lime Juice.
It’s also a good rule of thumb to stay away from sugary drinks or brown liquors if you want to avoid a hangover (I wrote before about my terrible hangovers, but they’ve lessened quite a bit since I’ve limited myself to clear liquors). Vodka and gin generally have less calories than whiskey, bourbon, rum and other darker drinks, too.
Keep It Simple
Jesse Card, the master mixologist with Cruzan Rum, agrees that fresh ingredients are the key to healthy drinks: “If you take your favorite spirit and add it in with fresh squeezed juices and mixers, you can’t go wrong.”
And if you’re craving a drink that involves some holiday spice, he recommends keeping it simple:
“…as for the holidays/winter, another option can be as simple as asking for a hot toddy-style drink. Made with simple amounts of hot water, spices and a little something sweet into the mix, a toddy will warm you up and the water will actually help bring out more subtle flavors in your spirits. A win-win!

Sadly, it’s best to avoid the candy cane martinis and eggnog bombs if you don’t want to drink all your calories this holiday season. An eight-ounce eggnog with rum has an average of 370 calories, which can be a problem if you’d like to have more than one (also if you’d like to eat hors d’oeuvres, Christmas cookies and other seasonal treats).
Infused liquors (hello, peppermint and pumpkin!) would be a great choice for the holidays—that way, you can have your candy cane flavor but leave the hangover. Peppermint schnapps, that holdover from your high school days of raiding the liquor cabinet, is actually  a delicious addition to holiday boozing. It’s about 83 calories a serving and tastes great in hot chocolate.
 White wine is always a solid option (if, yes, a little bit boring). Champagne is more festive but it’s also relatively low-calorie (plus I always go directly into party mode when I drink it. Maybe not always a good thing, but always a fun thing!). Lighter beers and hard ciders are also not-so-bad options to order when you’re out celebrating. 

November 25, 2012

The Store that Stole Thanksgiving

People who work in America's big-box stores don't have much to be thankful for, so maybe it's for the best that many of them can no longer celebrate Thanksgiving.
At Walmart, Target, and numerous other large retailers, Black Friday has become Black Thursday—a day that's much darker because it puts corporate profits ahead of, well, pretty much everything else that our country is supposed to care about.
This sad trend began last year at (where else?) Walmart, which announced that it would begin offering Black Friday specials at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving night. Not to be outdone this year, Target announced a 9 p.m. Thanksgiving opening. But Walmart responded by pushing up the start of this year's Black Thursday to 8 p.m.
You don't have to be a marketing expert to see where our labor standards are going: retro. Like pre-1621 retro.
Thanksgiving is "one of the three days us retail workers get off a year: a day most of us spend with family we only get to see on that day," says Renee C, the author of a widely circulated petition to get Target to say no to "Thanksgiving Creep."
Target spokesperson Molly Snyder defended the company's decision to open on the holiday. "Target's opening time was carefully evaluated with our guests, team, and the business in mind," she told me in an email. "Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest of the year, and we appreciete our Target team's flexibility on this weekend and throughout the holiday season."
Of course, many big-box workers have no choice to but to be flexible. The compliant get rewarded with more hours; the rigid quickly get downgraded to part-timers, union leaders say. Take the example of Greg Fletcher, a member of the overnight crew at a Walmart in East LA. On the night before Thanksgiving he will work a 12-hour shift, from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. His wife, who also works at the store, must be there from 3 p.m. on Thanksgiving day until midnight. "For families like the Fletchers, there really won't be a Thanksgiving this year," said Dawn Le, a spokeswoman for Making Change at Walmart, a campaign working to unionize this and other Walmart stores. Yet Greg feels like he can't say no. Normally, Walmart only gives him about 30 hours of work a week.
The thankless jobs aren't just at Target and Walmart: Sears, Toys R Us, Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Kmart all will stay open on Thanksgiving too.
Broadly speaking, Thanksgiving Creep represents another example of "speedup"—or employers demanding more from their workers without offering them much of anything in return. In a sluggish economy, this is how they gin up profits.
"Just because there are millions of unemployed people does not mean that people who do have jobs should be denied a holiday off to spend with their families," said a poster on Redditwho drew attention to Thanksgiving Creep yesterday. "It may sound naive, but I think treating each other well is a much better ethos for our society than 'suck it up and be miserable.’”

November 24, 2012

Black Friday The 47% at it’s Worth! Priorities?

, black, friday, america, at, its, worst,, and, why, the, 47, need, to, reconsider, their, priorities,  

Black Friday, is, for lack of a better word, puke-worthy. On Black Friday, some 147 million Americans (which, given our nation's current population of 311 million, results in the fine figure of 47%) will return to their Lord of the Flies state of nature and put rules, morals, and common courtesies aside for the sake of conspicuous consumption.

And that is conspicuously disgusting.

Let's delve a bit further into this concept:

Say you want to acquire a pair of pants that you've been pining for throughout autumn. You think they will be sold for some 50% off their $60 retail price only at this one Walmart store, for this one day. You
decide that it is worth it to depart the coziness of your heated home at, say, 11:30pm on Thanksgiving, to drive to said Walmart store, and arrive there by 11:45pm, with tons of turkey combined with red wine, beer, and tryptophan in your belly. Despite repeated thoughts that this is not what you should be doing at this hour, you press forward for the sake of those heavily discounted trousers.

By the time you've found parking with your other commercial hedonists, and then plant yourself  at the end of the line at this big box store, you learn that others in the line have camped out since Wednesday at dinner time: You are merely shopper number 761. You, along with your screaming kid/wife/grandma, whom you brought along for the ride, now have some six plus hours to kill.

You brought some hot cocoa along, to prep for the cold, but that's now lukewarm, and it gets finished in an instant.  And that iPad you're carrying to catch up on some reading? That won't be happening tonight, because you're stuck in line behind a bunch of clowns who brought a boombox to blast Evanescence, Nickelback, and gangsta rap on repeat, sounds that you've only previously heard in tandem during nightmares.

Now, your kid/wife/grandma has to go to the bathroom. And rightfully so, after previously consuming some 4,000 calories during your Thanksgiving feast. But, alas, there is no bathroom in an empty
parking lot at two in the morning. So you are forced to beg for mercy from the women who wait in your rear, aka Miss Friday 762 and Miss Friday 763, so that they will spare your position while you venture to the local 24-hour mini mart to have your kid/wife/grandma use the facilities.

Upon your return, you are heckled for being a line jumper, as none of the tardy latecomers who arrived after 2am you that you really left the line so that your kid/wife/grandma could relieve herself.

At this moment, you realize that waiting in line for two hours at Six Flags to be rewarded with a two minute roller coaster ride would be a treat.

You think about how pathetic you are. You think about starving people in Africa. You think about newly homeless Hurricane Sandy victims. You think about how you, along with your shopping companions,are willing to spend some seven hours in line before the store opens at 6:30am.
Minutes seems like hours, hours seem like days. The wails of crying children are endless.

You contemplate the meaning of life and realize that it is not inside that Walmat store. You look around at the people around you think, "Hey, these people have horrible values." You realize that Walmart may
not have your size and color combo anyway. Your thoughts drift to Cyber Monday, because you know that the world's best bargain-hunters go to the world's largest store, the Internet, to shop.

A local NBC camera crew arrives, setting up shop by panning across the line, validating the absurdity before you. You acknowledge that this process is lame, boring, and most certainly not worth your time. So you decide to save face by not being one of the bozos who waits in out in the cold. You tell your kid/wife/grandma that everything will be okay, even if you have to wear the same pants for another couple of years, and perhaps the two of you can go to a special spot to watch the sunrise together. Your kid/wife/grandma sheepishly admits that she was thinking the same thing, and you leave this bizarro world of the 47% behind you.

You now know that you learned from this horrid Black Friday experience what is actually important in your life, and that the best things in life are most certainly free, because this silly materialistic culture
that surrounds you in this Walmart parking lot at 4am on Black Friday brings nothing but anxiety, grief, and madness.
Picture Credit: Sean D. Elliot/The Day/AP Photo

November 23, 2012

Gripping by Religious Conservatives on Obama’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

To his credit, Barack Obama puts a modestly enlightened spin on his Thanksgiving proclamations.
 This year’s proclamation recalls that “the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony…enjoyed the fruits of their labor with the Wampanoag tribe—a people who had shared vital knowledge of the land in the difficult months before” and notes “the contributions that generations of Native Americans have made to our country.” He even celebrates community organizers, whose “actions reflect our age-old belief that we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, and they affirm once more that we are a people who draw our deepest strength not from might or wealth, but from our bonds to each other.” 
For this, the newly re-elected president is dinged by conservative commentators who fret that Obama’s proclamations have not been sufficiently religious in tone. “God is lucky to get a mention or two,” gripes National Review editor Rich Lowry. “What God has lost in prominence in Obama’s statements has been gained by the American Indians, in a bow to multicultural pieties.” Oh those First Americans, always elbowing their way into our history!
Perhaps our conservative friends are worried that Obama’s modest “multicultural pieties” serve as a holiday manifestation of the demographic turning that handed the president an unexpectedly broad mandate on November 6. They needn’t worry. Obama is safely within the bounds of Thanksgiving promulgation. It has been the better part of seventy years since Franklin Delano Roosevelt finished one of his many Thanksgiving proclamations with a thoroughly multicultural call to “let every man of every creed go to his own version of the Scriptures for a renewed and strengthening contact with those eternal truths and majestic principles which have inspired such measure of true greatness as this nation has achieved.”

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