November 28, 2019

For Those That Celebrate A Thanksgiving Day, Adamfoxie Blog Wishes Food and Peace to Enjoy

Don't ever be Turkey let the bird whether dead or alive gets all the glory and pompous accolades. 

November of 2019 almost December and the end of our year.

A year of hope, disappointments, the shock that things in government have gotten this low and those that only care about having a government to start conflicts, But not to enact rules to protect our water, air, emissions to make cars better, just like they did when it demanded seat belts and airbags. I am one of the survivors in which my Beetle was smashed by an SUV but I survived and that is with already having damages on my back from an equestrian accident. But I and many like me still give thanks to whatever power protected me/us this year. I am not mentioning any of the religious god's people associate with protection. As long as you believe in something that is beneficial to you and me.
I hope next year you can tell how lucky you were about getting protected. 

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