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February 10, 2020

Apologies For Advertising SAGE Housing Not Realizing How They Throw Some to The Curb

This page two of the Original  {Iam Sorry I advertised SAGE}

This Explorative reporting is done by Adam Gonzalez to the readers my readers that know SAGE (Senior Action in a Gay Environment) or members of the LGBTQ community and those who don't know what is behind the curtain. That is not to take of the good they have done but mixing an LGBT program with a government program who is without money (so they say) to make repairs and keep the buildings well lit and liveable in 2020, not in 1950. Even the airspace, parks of those buildings, are being sold by NYCHA to developers to obtain capital.

To a client of SAGE or to my readers in the U.S. if you have a comment or have a similar case, I will put them together and I know who will get them.

SAGE and Co-Chairs of Board of Directors:

Mr. Douglas E. Harris and Ms. Elizabeth Schwartz

City Councilman, One That is 100% fighter for the gay community through the work in the government, Corey Johnson. 



ngersoll c/o St Edwards Place "Stonewall building", (that's how it was for me")

St Edwards Place

Nothing you see is real, artists rendition of a dream. On the left, you can see one of the NYCHA building from the 1950's
The other buildings are like a small city in which it has small roads for cars and the buildings that need to be replaced or heavily repaired.

One of the main work SAGE does for the community is to help Seniors LGBT find housing. We are talking about seniors that live alone. Those that no longer have a partner and there is no family to help, ending single in this city which so many that are forced to live in retirement some go back to the closet to make it easier the anti-gay feeling of many in that industry. Also, they can't afford a private person to help them out as they grow older.

The idea came if they could work with the government and instead of putting these seniors in other places which will cost the city much more and with not great results, why not on the new buildings being constructed in Nw York City, why not start with 4 or 5 buildings.

I applied for the one in Brooklyn last winter since I missed out in Staten Island and Manhattan, now what was left was Brooklyn in Ft. Greene (If you are a senior you must remember the history of that neighborhood surrounded by NYCHA old housing. The other is the Bronx (The Bronx is burning! No it stopped burning, I think it has some hot spots there still). I don't know about Queens.

For a year I did everything I was supposed too. In their literature, it said a garage for cars, now, in all honesty, it might have been the one in the Bronx? That alone will be good for a documentary but I would like to remain with what I think is broken here.

After 3 visits to SAGE (one in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn) and finally when the aloud me to see the unit. There was construction going on and I wonder when the garage will be ready. Last time I asked in my first interview in Manhattan about my car; "O you have a car? "Yes, I Can't do without yet with damages on my back from a fall from an Equestrian (horse) and other things" "Will have to figure that out later. I was very busy and they were getting all my papers to see if I qualify.  Months later around November, I got a phone call by the same person who seems very human and caring who said I qualify. All I had to do now before getting the apartment was to go to an NYCHA interview. NYCHA? Are those city Projects? "No this is SAGE running it and we will be there in the building but the land belongs to NYCHA so they have to certify you. I told her My lease expires in Feb2020 all this has to be lear way before and I have a one-bedroom and Will have to get rid of most of my stuff. Oh, sure they will call you soon.

I never got the call. I emailed Rosenda at MHANY, which was one of the first people who interviewed me. In two days after my email An appointment from NYCHA ...all right...but a warning, if I missed it like I did the first one they will get me off the list...A Lie and That is why I hate NYCHA, the way is managed and how they feel they can say whatever and nobody reprimands or teaches them to do better. I have an Apt that lets me know with a picture of the letter what is coming the next day. If they sent it may Tesla got it in his car up in space. I didn't.

Next time under the rain and hot weather(humid) I was there at 11am the time-slotted.  They warn you not to bring kids and it will take at least 2 hrs. I wonder what do they do with you to take at least 2 hrs. There were only 3 documents to show. Two hrs later they call my number to see if I had the right information with me. That took less than 5 minutes.  Now they will call you by your name just wait.

Someone with a loose vertebra waited there until 4:15PM, that was me and I had tears on my eyes. But tried to be social and get involved in the ladies next to me. Some of them with babies and kids and the one who left their kids in the school were going crazy with the kids calling they were next. There were about 55 of us that show next. I said again, this is NYCHA! No humanity THEY MaKE FEEL YOU ARE BEGGING AND THEY ARE THE ONES THAT CAN SaVe YOU OR NOT (Which is true but the government should not act that way).  It was not the first time for those waiting.

This appointment was on Monday. On Friday I got a call for someone who works for Marla. I did not write her name since I  was not going to see her. I was going to see her boss Mals because she will be out for lunch. Marla is in charge there.

On Monday I was there at 2pm. A long trip and high tolls. I was 1 hr and a half early so I can see what was going on there on the construction and the neighbors. The building is surrounded on three sides by just Project, after project, old, old projects from NYCHA. The building had a nice cute plague with the rainbow colors. This building is very open with glass in many areas and a small entrance.
I made a comment when I came to see the apt., quick view no cams and no measurements..?? But I need to know what I can move and time is running out for me...sorry.

I made the comment, "this building seems to be made to keep people inside so they won't go out. You stay here until you die," I said smiling.No one argue and I got a yes. there is no garage and no street parking to speak off but there was no parking when I was working as Buyer for OHrbach's on W34 St and 5th Av. I found it. and only the name of the company helped me because it was respected.
Finally at 2pm. I go in give my name and the person behind the desk a security guard, a poor girl about 4 ft and 300LBs. I just lost a sister on New Years, she sat on the couch and died. She was fit. Her heart gave out. I felt this person was on its way and hoped she was seeing a good Doctor but mentally doubted it. She told me my name is not on the list. I can not go to see Marla instead I can collect my car and proceed to jail as in monopoly. A game it was and I already imagine I was going to lose. I ask the girl to get Marla and tell her I'm here for our Appointment. Marla said she can't because you can't sign the lease until you go to NYCHA and had been certified for the apt."Are you telling me Marla won't see me?" Yes, you have to go to NYCHA...bye will talk to Marla's boss.

I got a phone call from Marla and as soon I said I am that person, she started talking with no periods or commas. I stopped her. She told me to let her talk. I said to her I need to tell how it went for me and then she can speak for as long as she wishes. She let me talk on my phone. I told her what happened which has nothing to do with what she began talking to when she wanted her turn.

She said "I wanted to apologize" She also said,  because you have two names things got complicated, I thought Yes!  First, middle and last, actually 3. I thought,  I'm stupid you told her to say whatever she wanted!.  and she is. Finally, I said I saw no garage. She said No garage and difficult to find parking. I can't move without that or assign parking. Actually, I was not going to move there with her in charge and the Indians outside surrounding the building. I grew up on the lower east side. I've lived very well and not so great. Going back to the conditions I had growing up I would see it as a failure on my part. Going back as a looser from where I came from which? Marla got excited on that one and said "No, I WILL TELL THEM RIGHT AWAY you don't want the unit because there is no garage. I understand." I felt tempted to tell her no I'm not taking the apartment because you made an appointment for me and then would not see me. But, not having where to put my four round rubber legs means I can't go unless is a place where is not needed.

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