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October 17, 2016

NC Gov. Pat McCrory[R] Said Caitlin Jenner Should Use Men’s Shower

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (GOP); said during a debate Tuesday that fellow GOP’r transgender Caitlyn Jenner better plan on using the men’s bathroom if she visits the state.

McCrory, continuing his defense of the state’s sweeping anti-LGBT law, blamed “liberals” for “a major change in culture” that forced Republicans to respond with the legislation.

March 25, 2013

There Are More Commodes Than Cell Phones


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Every day, we read statistics, studies and reviews on topics regarding health and wellness. Seldom do they surprise or frighten me as much as this one about world sanitation, though: there are 1.5 billion people more in the world with access to cell phones than the number who have access to clean toilets.
According to the United Nations, right now, in 2013, there are 6 billion people who have cell phones and only 4.5 billion who are able to use clean, sanitary bathrooms. That leaves 2.5 billion people without access to basic sanitation which “perpetuates the vicious cycle of disease and entrenched poverty.”
A lack of proper sanitation can lead to contaminating the water supply, thus spreading diseases. In fact, 1,800 children die every day from diseases that could have been preventedby access to a clean toilet, with about a quarter of those kids being from India. In the huge city of Mumbai, its population of 100 million has a 70% rate of cell phone possession and 60% rate of in-home televisions. However, only half of families have toilets, often because sanitation costs more than a simple mobile phone.
As a result, the United Nations has called those in power to action to end this crisis. Said United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson:
“I am determined to energize action that will lead to results. I am calling on all actors – government, civil society, business and international organizations – to commit to measurable action and to mobilize the resources to rapidly increase access to basic sanitation.
“Let’s face it – this is a problem that people do not like to talk about. But it goes to the heart of ensuring good health, a clean environment and fundamental human dignity for billions of people – and achieving the Millennium Development Goals.”
It’s easy to take our bathrooms for granted, to complain when a public facility is less-than-pristine or when our significant other forgets to wipe the counters. I know that when I make lists about things I’m grateful for, I include food, shelter and loved ones, among other things, but rarely remember bathroom despite those being a huge factor in keeping me healthy. It’s incredibly important to recognize the enormity of this issue, and to keep in mind those who are affected by this discrepancy on a daily basis.
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October 28, 2012

London Gay Saunas Keeps Men Hot and Once in a While Dead

Public saunas and bathhouses are definitely nothing new. For thousands of years, saunas have existed in one form or another as the perfect way to relax and unwind.
As homosexuality has become more tolerated, the emergence of gay saunas has flourished providing a safe meeting place for gay men. Without wanting to beat around the bush, gay men go to gay saunas for gay sex! It's as simple as that.
And what is wrong with that? It seems that the straight community find it hard to grapple with the idea of gay men visiting a sauna for a quick fondle with other guys. However, the fact remains that gay saunas are actually one of the safest places to have sex. Sauna policies regarding bareback sex are very strict, with many enforcing the use of condoms. With containers dotted around the saunas overflowing with condoms and lube, it is only the most reckless that decide to have unprotected sex.
London's gay saunas are as plentiful as any other major city worldwide. Generally operating a ‘members only' entry policy, saunas in London boast facilities ranging from shower rooms, Jacuzzis and swimming pools to gym rooms, TV lounges and coffee shops. 24 hour opening hours mean that you're never left in the lurch.
When it comes to the type of gay guy you can expect to meet in a London sauna, age does not seem to play a defining factor. On any given night, guys range from retired older Londoners to younger looking twinks. Whatever it is that you're in search of, you're bound to find it in one of London's gay saunas.
The most popular sauna company in London is Chariots Health Club. Chariots are located in six different London areas: Shoreditch, Waterloo, Limehouse, Streatham, Farringdon, and Vauxhall. Each location offers gyms, video lounges, cruising rooms, and much, much more to help you meet other guys. What's more, the saunas are conveniently located near major tube stations making them very easy to reach.
For London Gay Man's listings of saunas that you can visit today.

Contaminated drugs may be circulating in UK capital after death and collapses on gay scene. Plus another man collapses in gay Soho sauna on same night
Men were taken to St Thomas' Hospital after taking suspected contanimated drugs.
Police are worried London’s gay clubbers may be offered contaminated drugs after one man died and three others had to be hospitalized in just one night.
More details of the incidents – and information about a separate case of a man who fell ill in a gay sauna in Soho, central London – have now emerged.
All four incidents were in the early hours of Sunday (5 August).
Paramedics were first called to Area club, which plays house music and is popular with gay men, just after 4am to help a 25-year-old man who had fallen ill and collapsed.
London Ambulance service told GSN: ‘We sent two ambulance crews, a responder in a car and an officer to the scene, with the first staff arriving within four minutes.
‘Extensive efforts were made to resuscitate the patient at the scene and on the way to St Thomas’ Hospital.’
He was declared dead at 5am. A post mortem will be held soon and an inquest into the death will follow.

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