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August 3, 2018

This Dad From The South of the US is Fighting for Gay Rights in Memory of His Daughter

August 1, 2016

Former Dolphins Linebacker Antonio Armstrong and Wife Shot by Teenage Son

4th of July the Armstrong family, Antonio(father 2R)Wive Dawn 2L  
(Facebook photo).

Pastor Antonio Armstrong (former Texas A&M and Miami Dolphins linebacker) and his wife, Dawn, were fatally shot inside their Houston home. Their 16-year-old son was charged with double homicide, but his motive remains unknown.

Dawn Armstrong, 42, died at the scene, and Antonio Armstrong, also 42, was pronounced dead at Memorial Hermann Hospital hours later with a gunshot wound to the head Friday, according to Fox8.
Houston police have not been able to determine a motive for the murder, but they found a note lying next to a gun, which read, "I've been watching you."
It was the son, one of the three children of the Armstrongs, who called 911. The teen, who has not been named, will be tried as a juvenile. The two other children were also in the house when the shooting took place, according to reports.
Antonio Armstrong was associate pastor at Spirit and Life Kingdom Center in southwest Houston, which is led by his mother, Pastor Kay Shorter. Antonio and Dawn were also involved in the church's marriage ministry, according to the church's website.
"We are committed to teaching the Word of God with simplicity and understanding," the website says. "Our vision is for people from all walks of life to understand and receive God's love, forgiveness, grace, mercy and power for them through Jesus Christ."
"They're the family that everyone wanted to be like... her and Antonio together, they are what they call a power couple," Dawn's cousin, Vaun Lee Armstrong said, according to "There was nothing left out. There was no neglect or anything. There was nothing that even could possibly have justified this situation."
"This was an outstanding family," Houston Police Department homicide investigator Jimmy Dodson told KPRC2. "The male of the family was an absolute hard-working breadwinner. He was an associate pastor in the area church. He's a great guy. The mother was apparently a great mother, according to family members. Like I said, it was kind of the all-American family."
Former A&M head coach R.C. Slocum remembered Antonio in a statement. "Antonio was a special young man. He was an All-American and an outstanding player, but he was an even better person. He was such a positive influence on his teammates. He always had a great big smile and was a joy to coach," Slocum said.
The couple also ran First Class Training, a gym in Bellaire. Antonio advocated health and fitness, and was a motivational speaker, posting videos on YouTube, according to ABC7.
His YouTube channel was titled "Strong Talk," whose introduction video said, "Through the healing process, you are strengthened. Life is about being happy and I hope that through these talks, you can take your own personal pains – your own personal disappointments – and find strength in it so you can be the best you that you can be."

Christian Post

This is another tragedy by a gun kept in the home and use in anger. It would be very easy for this youngster who is the alleged killer of his parents to get hold of a gun since there are photos of one of his friends and unidentified girl holding shot guns. I guess they were into target practice and 16 was not too young even though I have no knowledge that his target practice or not was with his parents permission or not.
This young man was very popular and into music and trying to get going in that field. By looking at His FB page the youngster was very popular with many friends. A close friend Matthew(the one with the gun)  had a very political page   and posted awful things about Hillary using worse language than the Donald. The note found by the body indicates to me a difference of opinions about something that either his son or his parents were doing.  What ever was going on he saw the pastor and his mom in collusion against him.
One has to question our moral values in this society that a son, any son would permanently dispatched his parents so quickly and purposely and one wonders what could be so great a son would not run away from or just wait a couple more years to be an adult and out of his parents legal arms.
Adam Gonzalez

April 5, 2013

Mom Sends Letter MakingYoung Activist Resign a Community Board Chair

 Gay rights activist Tyler Morisson
  Tyler Morrison 17, calls Boca Raton City Fathers “Bigots”
lasy fall(

A gay teenage activist who made news last year when he was appointed at 17 to the Boca Raton
made news last year when he was appointed at 17 to the Boca Raton Community Relations Board.
Suddenly this week after his mother made the city aware that the boy, Tyler Morrison,isn’t eligible to
Morrison, who turned 18 in February, is estranged from his mom, Andrea Riggin. But Riggin wrote the city to “warn” officials that Morrison is not a resident of Boca Raton and therefore
shoulnd’t be allowed to serve on the advisory board.
I don’t know all the nicks and crannies of this story but this mom is on the good mom’s
book right now. This is my opinion on this blog. Wonder if my readers feel the same way.

Rand Hoch
Gay rights crusader Rand Hoch (Special to Gossip Extra)
Riggin claims her son is living in West Palm Beach with 58-year-old gay rights crusader Rand Hoch, although Hoch would not confirm the living arrangements.
“Tyler became homeless and he reached out to thePalm Beach County Human Rights Council for help,” said Hoch, the founder the politically powerful anti-discrimination Council. “When a young man with a bright future asks for housing help for a few months until he graduates from high school and enters college on a scholarship, it’s anyone’s duty to help.”
Hoch declined to say where the boy lives and declined to make Morisson available for an interview.
Hoch simply said: “He lives in a safe environment.”
In his resignation letter, Morisson reported living in a West Palm Beach condo with “my own bedroom and bathroom.”
Morisson was appointed to the Boca Raton Community Relations Board in December after he appeared before the council and called city fathers “bigots” for not allowing anti-discrimination protection for gay city employees.
Appointees, however, are supposed to be living within city limits.
And according to his mother’s email to the city on Monday, Morisson hasn’t lived in Boca since October.
“I didn’t want this lie to be perpetuated for my son’s own good,” Riggin told Gossip Extra. “That’s why I blew the whistle on him.”
In her not about her son, Riggin also added that she believes Hoch befriended her son, an AW Dreyfoos School of The Arts music standout, to take advantage of his sudden notoriety and advance Hoch’s own political agenda.
Last week, she reported to West Palm Beach Police that her son has emotional problems and wanted an investigation into Morisson’s relationship with Hoch.
Because the boy is 18, it’s unlikely that an investigation will be conducted.
If there were one, said Hoch, it’d be a waste of taxpayers’ money.
“There is no criminal activity alleged,” Hoch said.
Just five months after meeting Morisson, Hoch made him a director on the Human Rights Council alongside proven political figures like Pahokee Mayor JP Sasser.
Said Hoch: “Tyler is a bright young man. I have never witnessed emotional issues with him. I watched him conduct an orchestra. He left the unsafe environment with his family.”

April 1, 2013

His Dad is Rep. Matt J. Salmon and He Wont Support His Gay Son

In an interview aired over the weekend, Rep. Matt J. Salmon (R-Ariz.) told a local news station that his son’s homosexuality has not led him to change his position on gay marriage.  

 ‘My son is by far one of the most important people in my life. I love him more than I can say,’ said Republican Rep. Matt Salmon, who continues to oppose gay marriage after learning his son is gay.

Arizona congressman Matt Salmon isn’t ready to change his opinion on gay marriage. 
“I don’t support the gay marriage,” the congressman said. But Salmon emphasized that he loved and respected his son and did not consider homosexuality a choice.
“My son is by far one of the most important people in my life. I love him more than I can say,” an emotional Salmon told 3TV. “It doesn’t mean that I don’t have respect, it doesn’t mean that I don’t sympathize with some of the issues. It just means I haven’t evolved to that stage.”
Matt Salmon and Kent Flake at home with their dogs, Javier and Jim.
Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) recently endorsed gay marriage, saying his son’s homosexuality inspired him to change his position.
Jamie Peachey
Matt Salmon and Kent Flake at home with their dogs, Javier and Jim.
A staunch social conservative, Salmon voted for the Defense of Marriage Act and for a ban on gay adoptions in Washington, D.C. His wife, Nancy Salmon, led the Arizona chapter of the group United Families International during an unsuccessful 2006 fight to ban gay marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships in the state constitution. (A narrower marriage amendment was passed two years later).
“We respect each others’ opinions and we just know that on certain issues we have to agree to disagree,” the congressman’s son, Matt R. Salmon, told The Post. “I love my father and realize that he can have the opinions that he has, and they might differ from mine, but that doesn’t change the way I feel about him.”
Discussions of gay issues are “not a huge part of our relationship,” the younger Salmon said. “I definitely share my feelings, but I don’t pressure him to change his opinion because I know that given our relationship there’s no real need to do that. We each know where we stand.”
Salmon also expressed disappointment in those who have reacted to the interview by leaving “hate speech” on his father’s Facebook page. “If he’s going to change his mind it’s going to come from a place of love,” Salmon said. “All they’re doing is fighting intolerance with intolerance.”
 Matt R. Salmon is a former leader of the Arizona Log Cabin Republicans, a pro-gay rights GOP group. He left that post to concentrate on medical school and is hoping to reengage with politics next year, when he has more time. In a 2010interview with the Phoenix New Times, the then-22-year-old revealed that he was dating Kent Flake, the second cousin of Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). In the article both young men, who have since broken up, discussed coming out to their conservative Mormon families.
“The first time I had a conversation with [my father] about it, it did not go well. He was very upset and said some things right off that I know he doesn’t really feel,” Salmon revealed. “He’s never called me any slurs or anything like that, but he made it clear he didn’t like it.”
The younger Salmon said his father came to support his activism even if he didn’t agree with it, a point he emphasized in a 2011 “It Gets Better” video describing his experience with his family, with bullies and with gay “conversion” therapy:
“I didn’t know if my family would ever come around. My parents were very politically opposed to gay and equal rights,” he says in the video. The key, he said, was not to shut them out regardless of their politics: “Since I’ve come out, things have changed with my family, but it wasn’t until I realized one key thing: if I wanted them to love me and fully accept me, I had to love and fully accept them too, despite their opinions which might not agree with mine.”
Acceptance, Salmon has explained on his personal blog, is why he supported his father’s 2012 congressional bid “even though he may try to limit my rights through his legislation.”
Rep. Salmon previously served in Congress from 1995 to 2001 and retired, having pledged to serve only three terms. Flake was elected to Salmon’s former seat and went on to break his own term limit pledge; he left the seat to run for Senate last fall and Salmon was elected to replace him. Flake said Sunday that it’s “inevitable” that there will someday be a GOP presidential candidate who supports same-sex marriage, and that he could back such a candidate, even as he opposes gay marriage.
Posted by Rachel Weiner

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