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July 8, 2013

92 yr Old Marries 22 Yr old He Thinks He is Too Young For Her

  I know that if a 21 year old wants you and he is fairly good looking with a great body and you are-35-55-65-75-85'95 you will be able to put up a little fight and and eventually say “you want me you got me” In this case the case is the opposite and by many decades:
old man wife copy 92 year old who married 22 year old wants someone younger

TO Gubban, Iraq, where 92-year-old Iraqi farmer Musali Mohammed al-Mujamaie has married 22-year-old Muna Mukhlif al-Juburi.
The groom had been alone for three years ever since his wife of 58 years died.
The ceremony took place on the same day his two of his grandchildren also tied the knot.
Mr al-Mujamaie tells us:
“I am so happy to get married with my grandsons. I feel like a 20-year-old!”
But 22 will have to do….

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