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July 23, 2018

Mamma Mia! and Pre.Macron Aide Faking Being Cop to Beat Up Protesters, Beyond Phycho!


US President Donald Trump rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal that Russian authorities be allowed to question American citizens, the White House said on Thursday, after the offer drew fierce criticism in the United States.
The Republican president then directed his national security adviser, John Bolton, to invite Putin to Washington in the autumn, the White House said, four days after Trump held a summit with the Russian leader in Helsinki.
“President Trump asked @Ambjohnbolton to invite President Putin to Washington in the fall and those discussions are already underway,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in a Twitter post. 
Following their summit on Monday, Putin described the proposal when he was asked about the possible extradition of 12 Russian intelligence officers indicted in the United States on charges of meddling in the 2016 presidential election.


No Joke! The man in police shield is President Macron’s advisor (Alexandre Benalla) who beats protestors on May 1.
6:48 AM - 19 Jul 2018 
French President Emmanuel Macron came under fire on Thursday after his office briefly suspended one of his aides for beating a May Day protester and posing as a police officer, but did not inform law enforcement authorities.
Critics of Macron said the incident reinforced perceptions of a lofty, out-of-touch president, following controversies over government spending on official crockery, a swimming pool built at a presidential retreat, and cutting remarks by the president about the costs of welfare.
A video from a May Day rally this year, released by Le Monde newspaper on Wednesday, showed a man wearing a police helmet and identification tag dragging a woman away and then beating a demonstrator. He was later recognized as a member of the French presidency staff.


Luxury British fashion house Burberry destroyed tens of millions of dollars worth of its fashion and cosmetic products over the past year to protect its brand.
The company burned unsold clothes, accessories, and perfume worth £28.6 million (S$51 million), according to its annual report, in a practice now common across the industry to guard against counterfeiting.
Retailers describe it as a measure to protect intellectual property and prevent products from being stolen or sold at discounted prices.

Liverpool signed Brazil's Alisson from AS Roma on Thursday for a world-record fee for a goalkeeper.
The Serie A side said Liverpool had agreed on a deal worth up to €72.5 million (S$115 million) for the 25-year-old, eclipsing the previous record of €53 million paid by Juventus for Gianluigi Buffon in 2001.
Alisson made 37 league appearances for Roma last season and helped the club reach the Champions League semi-finals, where they were knocked out by Liverpool.



From the upbeat Waterloo to the lesser known When I Kissed The Teacher, the Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again cast belt out an array of Abba songs in the highly anticipated film, which comes out this week.

But which tune is their favorite?
At the movie's world premiere, Reuters asked the cast and crew of the new film, the sequel to 2008's Mamma Mia!, to name their top Abba tracks by the legendary Swedish band.
Straits Times

March 12, 2015

Ocular Syphilis with $5M Contamination case and Dunking Donuts Will Stop Titanium Dioxide

 Ireland is rushing to pass legislation to re-criminalize Ecstasy, crystal meth, "shrooms," and ketamine, in the wake of a court ruling striking down the 1977 law that originally made them illegal.
From 3.5 million cases of Guinea worm infection in 1986 to just 126 last year: Here's how it was done. (Slate)
How did that Utah baby survive 14 hours trapped in a car half-submerged in an icy river?
CNN's (and our own) Sanjay Gupta tells the story of the network's former science reporter, Miles O'Brien, whose arm had to be amputated after an on-the-job accident.
 Dunkin' Donuts announced that it will discontinue use of titanium dioxide to brighten the appearance of powdered sugar in its doughnuts. The consumer watchdog group As You Sow has argued that TiO2 can cause DNA and chromosomal changes.
At Comedy Central's Night of Too Many StarsGilbert Gottfried connected with an autistic young man named Owen by reenacting scenes from the movie "Aladdin" together. Growing up, Owen's parents noticed that he was able to communicate through a puppet of the character Gottfried played in the film when all other forms of communication were too difficult.
  powered by the MedPage Today community.
by MedPage Today Staff 

June 25, 2014

Fox News Anchor Gregg Jarrett Battles it with Cops in Cell Inside Cell

 A police video shows Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett becoming belligerent and struggling with an officer at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.
The video shows him in a holding cell May 21 after he appeared intoxicated at an airport restaurant.
In the video, Jarrett becomes abusive with medics and a police officer intervenes, pushing him up against a wall then forcing him onto his knees with his face pressed against a bench. The officer orders Jarrett to quit resisting and cuffs his hands behind his back.
Jarrett is charged with interfering with a peace officer.
The police report says Jarrett had just been released from a treatment facility. A prescription drug was found in his pocket.
Jarrett’s attorney and a Fox News spokeswoman did not return messages seeking comment Wednesday morning.     AP

February 27, 2014

Nice Guy Correspondent Miles O’Brien Looses Limb

NO SALES,  UNDATED PHOTO FROM CNN  AP provides access to this publicly distributed HANDOUT photo to be used only to illustrate news reporting or commentary on the facts or events depicted in this image.


Miles O'Brien, 54, was left with a choice 'between a life and a limb' after TV equipment fell on his arm.

A freak injury ended up costing former CNN correspondent Miles O’Brien his left arm, he revealed Tuesday.
The veteran TV science journalist underwent emergency surgery Feb. 14 — but when his blood pressure suddenly plunged during the procedure, doctors amputated his left arm above the elbow.
 The injury occurred when O’Brien, 54, a correspondent for PBS’ “NewsHour,” was finishing up an extended shoot in Asia and a case full of heavy TV equipment fell on his arm — causing swelling, pain, numbness, and discoloration, he wrote on his blog.
“It all boiled down to a choice ... between a life and a limb,” he wrote. “I am alive and I’m grateful.”
I understand this kind of accident so much having had an old tv wight 250LBS fell on my food rupturing all the bones on top. My foot was flatten and blood exploded out of the sides of the foot. No operation needed just lost of stitches and over 3 months on a cast all you see now is the scars.

NY Daily News                                                                         

March 30, 2013

Accents } Is Southern Beautiful and NYC Impatient?

Accents: Beautiful Southern, Impatient New York

 Some say that certain accents are preferred over others based on how they sound to the ear; however, a preference for some accents often arises from positive associations that we have formed from our experiences.  We associate accents with favorite celebrities, friends and family, or characters on TV.
In a recent Omnibus Survey, the respondents were asked about which accents they associated with various attributes such as:  Fun, trouble, education, money, beauty, countryside, and impatience.

Respondents associated New York accents with impatience, money, and trouble – attributes that clearly resonated with local North Easterners who most keenly agreed with them.    Southern accents invoked strong associations with beauty and the countryside.   The New Jersey accent, after years of The Sopranos and Jersey Shore, is mostly associated with trouble.  A Boston accent, however, means education.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or the ear of the hearer.  While half of the over 55s associated the South with beauty, only 32% of 18-34 year olds agreed.  Men and women also had divergent views.  While both strongly associated Southern accents with beauty (43% of adults), women also associated New York accents with beauty (women 23%, men 12%), whereas men conjured up beautiful Mid-Westerners (men 25%, women 17%)
With foreign accents, British and Chinese accents were both most highly associated with education and money Caribbean accents were found to be associated with fun and Italian accents were primarily associated with beauty.  Finally to the American ear an Irish accent conjures up images of the green countryside and good fun. 
For further information about poll results, and for details about methodology and Omnibus services,  To Get More Information or Join the Panel for cash and prices

March 26, 2013

Irish Town to Pass Law to Allow 'Drinking and Driving'

The rural Irish town of Kilgarvan has passed a resolution to permit locals to drink and drive.
Local pub owner and politician Danny Healy-Rae initially proposed the bill to the local council, telling The New York Times the bill could preserve pub culture, lower suicide rates and reduce a sense of isolation among the elderly.
“I am talking about mainly elderly people who live in very remote places who come to town to get a bit of shopping, enjoy a couple of pints and a chat with friends and then drive home at less than 30 miles an hour,” Mr. Healy-Rae told The Times. “These are not the ones causing accidents. What is the alternative for them where no public or other transport is available? Staying at home lonely, staring at the four walls?”
The Healy-Rae family pub has gained international attention — some good, some bad — for being behind the measure.
Kerry County Council member Toireasa Ferris was absent during the vote and couldn’t believe it when she heard the bill had passed.
“Never in my wildest imaginations did I think it would ever be passed,” she told The New York Times. “This is not the way to address this problem. Some in an older generation who were used to having a few pints and driving home may still think it acceptable, and they may be lost to us. But we have to break the link between socializing and drinking for the generations following.”

February 27, 2013

Amateur Vid of Tourists’ Hot Air Balloon 1,000ft Explosion

CNN secured amateur footage of a hot air balloon which exploded on Tuesday and resulted in a number of deaths and injuries. The balloon, carrying foreign tourists on vacation in Egypt, exploded when a fuel tank caught fire. The resulting blaze quickly brought the balloon to the ground. The crash killed 19 Asian and European tourists. The disaster ranks as the deadliest balloon accident in 20 years.
Watch the footage below via CNN:

February 16, 2013

Oscar Winning Forest Whitaker Frisked At Manhattan Deli Accused of Shoplifting

Lee Brown / Splash News
The Milano Market where Whitaker was allegedly frisked and accused of shoplifting
Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker was frisked in a Manhattan deli after an employee accused him of shoplifting, it was reported today.
The movie star, in town filming “Black Nativity” with Jennifer Hudson, was about to leave the Milano Market on Third Avenue when one of the workers there claimed to have seen him snag an item from a store shelf, according to TMZ.
The worker stopped Whitaker and allegedly gave him a humiliating pat down in full view of everyone in the Upper East Side store.

Lenny Abbot,
Forest Whitaker on the set of his upcoming movie "Black Nativity"
No stolen items were found, and Whitaker left, but his spokeswoman said the incident violated the actor’s rights.
“This was an upsetting incident given the fact that Forest did nothing more than walk into the deli,” Jennifer Plante said. “Forest did not call the authorities at the request of the worker who was in fear of losing his employment.”
Instead, Whitaker, who won the best actor Oscar for his role in 2006’s “The Last King of Scotland,” asked the store to change the way it treats its customers.
Store employees have denied the incident took place.

February 4, 2013

In Celebrating the centennial a Secret } Grand Central Sta. Clocks Are Set to the Wrong Time

... and they're that way on purpose.
[optional image description]
Last week was the centennial of Grand Central Terminal, the nation's most iconic -- and certainly its most beautiful -- train station.
One of the most telling features of the station, having spent my fair share of time there, is what one might politely call the place's "flow" and what one might more accurately call the place's TOTAL CRAZINESS: Passengers zoom and zig and zag around each other, briefcases and backpacks and duffel bags and roller bags in tow, via criss-crossed pathways that if charted would probably resemble a Jackson Pollock painting. On the bright side, this explosion of out-of-my-way-I'm-about-to-miss-my-train effusiveness is a wonder of human ergonomics much like the city that surrounds it. On the other hand, it's a chaotic energy guided by social Darwinism and a collective assumption that racing the clock also means racing one's fellow passengers.
There is very little to be done about all this when space is limited, crowds are large, and humans always -- always -- put things off until the last minute. But Grand Central, for years now, has relied on a system meant to mitigate, if not prevent, all the crazy. It is this: The times displayed on Grand Central's departure boards are wrong -- by a full minute. This is permanent. It is also purposeful.
The idea is that passengers rushing to catch trains they're about to miss can actually be dangerous -- to themselves, and to each other. So conductors will pull out of the station exactly one minute after their trains' posted departure times. That minute of extra time won't be enough to disconcert passengers too much when they compare it to their own watches or smartphones ... but it is enough, the thinking goes, to buy late-running train-catchers just that liiiiiitle bit of extra time that will make them calm down a bit. Fast clocks make for slower passengers. "Instead of yelling for customers to hurry up," the Epoch Times notes, "the conductors instead tell everyone to slow down."
You might call this time-hacking; you might call it behavioral engineering; you might call it comical. Regardless, it seems to be working. Grand Central boasts the fewest slips, trips, and falls of any station in the country -- quite a feat given how many of its floors are made of marble. And given how many of the passengers treading those floors are, despite their grace period, cutting it thisthisclose to missing their trains.

Via @Digg.

November 17, 2012

Dog Whisperer Started Career in The Streets Trying to Commit Suicide

The Dog Whisperer” star, Cesar Millan, opens up in his new National Geographic special on how he took an overdose of pills to end his life in 2010. The man they call “The Dog Whisper” was left unconscious and in the hospital, after his suicide attempt, according to the New York Daily News on Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012.
Millan’s popular National Geographic Channel show made his nickname, “The Dog Whisperer,” a household name. Many don’t realize how Millan got his start; he was discovered by Jada Pinkett before she was the wife of Will Smith. The Mexican-born Millan crossed the border to the U.S. and spent two months on the streets until he got a job grooming and walking dogs.
Somehow he crossed paths with Jada and she hired him. She must have realized Millan’s gift with dogs because when she found out he wanted to be on TV, she got him English lessons. It wasn’t long after that when “The Dog Whisperer” was born.
Millan was riding high when his dog, one that fans were very aware of, died. His beloved pit bull, Daddy, died in February of 2010 which left him in deep despair. A month later his wife of 16 years let him know she planned to divorce him. Up until this point he was happily married with two sons with a career that started as a TV personality, but branched into books and movie roles.
The death of his dog and his wife filing for divorce put him in such deep despair that Millan saw no way through this pain and took an overdose of pills. He will go into more detail of how things turned around for him on his National Geographic special, but one thing he did share was that he did it without antidepressants. He turned to his work with his dogs to bring him back to life.
Since that day “The Dog Whisperer” turned his life in another direction. He found a new love, Jahira Dar, who he lives with and is about to ask for her hand in marriage. While “The Dog Whisperer” has ended, Milan has a new show beginning on National Geographic Channel on Jan. 5, called “Leader of the Pack.” He also has a new book coming out and documentaries.
You can catch Cesar Millan's special on National Geographic Wild on Nov. 25.

October 20, 2012

7 Ways in Which MIami is a Fake City

Indian dentist 2.jpg
Matthew Logelin via Wikimedia Commons
Would you trust this man with your mouth, Miami?
Only in Miami could our inboxes be flooded with press releases like this Wednesday's police announcement: "Clandestine Dentist Arrested." Oh, thank God, you say. Then you think, what kind of a city has fake dentists? I mean, how hard can it be to graduate from dental school?

But this is Miami, quite possibly the most fraudulent city in the country. Don't believe us? Check out these seven other examples of South Florida fakery.

7. Fake Businessmen
Whether they are cruising Washington Avenue in their rented Lambos or pumping their Ponzi scheme millions into yet another mansion, South Florida is full of bogus businessmen: Bernie Madoff, Scott Rothstein, Buddy Persaud, Allen Stanford, and, of course, Miami's own Nevin Shapiro.

6. Fake Cops
Sometimes, Miami's pretend time is funny, like when an 18-year-old pretends to be a Miami Beach Police officer but pulls over a real cop by accident. Other times, it's not so funny, like when armed men pretend to be police in order to rob people.

Colby Katz
Rajindra Narinesingh
5. Fake Doctors
What's scarier than 81-year-old fake dentist Humberto Perez pulling out your teeth? How about a fake doctor injecting your face with toxic chemicals? That's exactly what has happened, of course, to scores of South Floridians. By far the most famous victim is Rajindra Narinesingh, who allowed Oneal Ron Morris, AKA Duchess, to inject Fix-a-Flat and other industrial-strength liquids into Narinesingh's face and buttocks.

4. Fake Towing
Sometimes real cops call real a tow truck company to come and jack your car, but that doesn't mean that the show is legit. On the contrary, fake tow schemes are common in Miami. Two years ago, Surfside officerMaximo Moreno was accused of conspiring with his Tremont Towing brother Allan to extort hapless drivers. Bogus AAA trucks have also been known to roam highways and pretend to assist drivers, only to charge them ridiculous rates.

3. Fake Tattoo Artists
Face it brah: the dude that scrawled that sloppy Nickelback album cover on your lower back for $20 was not, in fact, a professional tattoo artist. In fact, there is a cottage industry of unlicensed inkers in the Miami area as outlined in a recent New Times feature. Beware, however: faux tattoo artists may be cheaper, but you might end up looking like this guy.

2. Fake Food
Occasionally, our fakery comes full circle. A fake millionaire in a rented Lambo will pull up to a fancy restaurant and order some absurdly expensive Kobe beef sliders. But the joke is on his artificially wealthy ass: it ain't real Kobe in those sliders but some bogus beef. That's what New Times uncovered a couple of years ago when we reported that pricy South Beach restaurant Prime One Twelve was falsely labeling its ersatz eats as Kobe beef.

1. Fake DJs
We're onto you, with your big earphones and record collection at the velvet rope like you're next in the DJ booth. Bullshit. You deserve to have your fraudulent ass pumped full of Fix-A-Flat for this offense.

 Miami New Times 

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