December 31, 2011

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All done in NYC…Hope your year is a wonderful one. For the first time, Im open to what ever happens happens, not caring too much about new years setting the years’ right or wrong. But good thoughts count for something! adamfoxie*

2011 Year in Review { Shown with Film and Music }

What Are You Doing New Years Eve? by Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Adamfoxie* } 2011 "A Short Story"

On this pre 2012 edition you will also see the review of the year 2011. It takes us with film and music to some of the watermarks that this is year is left on all of us. Some good, some not so good but before we get there I will like to quickly summarized about adamfoxie* blog and how its been like.

I will like to quote  a fellow blogger and one I’ve followed like he’s followed me since I started blogging in 2009. He sent me a comment and at the end of his point he said, Is 2011 “The END? } Hope Not.. if it is it’s Been a Heck of a Ride” 

I could not agree with my friend Nelson more.  Every year at this time I go through a review of wether all the time that running a blog 7 days a week requires, if is doable for me.  Not if it’s worth it, because I know it’s worth it. In my mind I have a plan, some people might use the word vision, but the connotation to religion is too close for me to use that word. Instead I’ll just say, that even though at times I don’t know what the heck I’m doing, most of the time I do. Being able and capable of setting the direction of where this enterprise ought to go. Every new years' I tell my self Im sticking with it.

Last July I made a fundamental decision about me and the blog. Already knowing that there were changes coming with Google and there was no way things could stay the way things were, I needed to change along with the blog. When I say change I don’t mean change of direction, but change of attitude and change of looks and capabilities of the blog. 

I quit my regular job and went full force into this. Some days working 12 hrs or more to achieve changes I needed to make. After the changes were made readership went crazy on me. I thought there were mistakes with the figures I was getting. I figure one day was going to go back to what I thought was a lot. Which would have been many times less.   Which now it seems like baby stuff. Once I settled down to believe the numbers I was getting there was something that was not working right. The thing not making sense was the commercial ‘clicks' I was getting vs. ‘readership'. This taking into account that it took 3 or more weeks for the new set of colorful more thoughtful commercials that Google was rolling out came to find my page their home. I even left it to google to put on what they wanted, knowing that they had more experience than I did. 

This part took my wind away. How can the blog triple and quadruple and the clicks on commercials stay the same? I asked.  I was not asking the blog to support me, I know I need to get back to work;  But before doing that I needed to leave a blog that was manageable with just 3-4 hours of work a day. Preferably less than 4 hours so I could keep doing it 7 days. I decided to ask reader-friends to take a second look at the commercials. 

They did because they are wonderful people and caring, trusting of the blog and me. I saw those numbers on the commercials move for the first time. This was just a band aid while I figure what the heck is wrong with these commercials. At least is giving me ideas ow how to approach the issue.  Nooo NOT by telling my friends every day to click!!!  But by making sense of the issue and know that those numbers do move.  Why they don’t move with readership is the conundrum, but is something Im willing to face 2012 and try again.

What gave me the push is friends, (many of whom I have never even met), that care if this thing went out or not. May be those are the numbers I was really looking for. Those numbers moved!  Thank you.  You know who you are.

adamfoxie* Blog Int 

AHolie RUSSELL Brand has filed for divorce from Katy Perry.

Posted by Adam

The ‘Arthur’ star — who married the ‘Firework’ singer in India in October 2010 — lodged papers in Los Angeles citing “irreconcilable differences” but has vowed that the pair will remain friends.
According to gossip website TMZ, Russell said, “Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”
Russell, 36, and Katy had fueled speculation all was not well with their union after spending Christmas 7,000 miles apart with Katy in Hawaii, while her husband was in Cornwall, South West England.
The couple reportedly had a “massive fight” over the festive season and Russell was spotted shopping in London yesterday with his diamond wedding ring noticeably absent.
The pair are believed to have originally planned to spend the holidays with the comedian’s mother Barbara in London before they became involved in a furious argument, and Katy decided to jet off to Hawaii with friends.
A source recently explained: “They had a massive fight. She was like, ‘F**k you. I’m going to do my own thing,’ and Russell said, ‘Fine, f**k you too!’
“Things are not good. The fighting is getting worse.”

How do you feel about ičardas Berankis } Because I lover Him

 By Greg Hernandez o this guy adorable or WHAT?
He’s 21-year-old tennis proRičardas Berankis from Lithuania.
This cutie is the final Morning Man of 2011 as Saturday’s will be comprised of the top five of the year – winners of the 2011 Greggy.
Anyway, back to Mr. Berankis.
He has really put tennis on the map in his country becoming the first Lithuanian ever ranked in the top 100 and is the highest ranked Lithuanian of all time.
While he is currently ranked 125th in the world, Ricardas has been ranked as high as number 73 and was the junior US Open champion in 2007.
He has spent a lot of his career playing Challenger events which are kind of like minor league baseball. But players earn ranking points at the events and can earn their way into the draw of major tournaments.
Beranakis qualified to play the 2010 French Open, Wimbledon and US Open and got his ranking up high enough to gain direct entry into the 2011 Australian Open.
FILE UNDER: Morning Men (2011)

Man Crush Downnnnnnnnn

Just like my 2011 Model Behavior face-off, this year’s Man Crush Showdown is also coming to a close. After three weeks of intense battle, we now know the Top 10 of 2011 as voted by you. I have to say, I’m a bit surprised by some of the entries. A few of my premier favorites didn’t even come close to making the finals. As the French say, “chacun à son goût” which pretty much means people have different tastes. Don’t get me wrong, any of these ten individuals will be a worthy recipient of the year-end Man Crush honor.
Just in case you didn’t know how these ten finalists earned their spots, here’s the dealio. The top two vote-getters from each of the three rounds automatically advanced to the finals. The remaining four wild card slots were given to the four highest vote-getters from all the rounds. Throughout the year, I picked one lucky Man Crush each week to give my cyber heart to. Now, it’s your turn to pick the best Man Crush to represent 2011. Vote for your favorites and vote often if you want them to win.


Logo’s “The Setup Squad” cutie, Jonathan D. Lovitz walked away with first place with 26% of the votes. “Thor” hottie, Chris Hemsworth was close behind with 22%. Will Hemsworth “top” Lovitz this time around *wink*.

Jonathan D. Lovitz

Original Feature: Apr 7, 2011
Occupation: Professional Wingman / Reality Star
Why I Chose Him: Logo sent me a screener of their new show “Setup Squad” and all I remembered was how adorable his dimples were.

Chris Hemsworth

Original Feature: Apr 29, 2011
Occupation: Actor & Comic Book God
Why I Chose Him: It’s Chris Hemsworth. No explanation needed.


For Round 2, that sexy beast Marco Dapper from the “Eating Out” movies killed the competition with 35%, while equally hot Justin Gaston scored 27% of the votes cast.

Marco Dapper

Original Feature: Jul 21, 2011
Occupation: Actor & Sloppy Seconds
Why I Chose Him: He is and will always be the hottest guy to appear in any of the “Eating Out” movies. I still have a slight boner thinking about his naked scenes in the second film.

Justin Gaston

Original Feature: May 12, 2011
Occupation: Actor, Model, Former Miley Cyrus Arm Candy
Why I Chose Him: I’ve been crushin’ on him for years. Him posing naked for PETA this year met all my expectations and then some.


Round 3 results sorta surprised me. I love “Revenge” and Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman) but didn’t think he would win with 35% of the votes. My last “Man Crush” of the year was dedicated to the Patriota Twins and they took advantage of their late entry and walked away with 27% of your votes.

Joshua Bowman

Original Feature: Sep 30, 2011
Occupation: Actor, “Revenge”
Why I Chose Him: They say revenge is sweet, but they also forgot to add hunky and sexy. “Revenge” quickly became my weekly guilty pleasure. I look forward to it every Wednesday and not just because there’s a chance to see Bowman shirtless either.

Patriota Twins

Original Feature: Dec 16, 2011
Occupation: Models
Why I Chose Him: Why end the year with just one hot Brazilian male model, when you can do it with two. I wonder if they’re identical everywhere ;)

The  Wild Cards

Personally, I thought the guys from Round 2 were the hottest but not according to your votes. The four wild card spots were taken by two guys from Round 1 and 3. Not that I’m complaining, because the following quartet of hotties are definitely droolworthy.

Brant Daugherty

Original Feature: Jan 13, 2011
Occupation: Actor (Pretty Little Liars)
Why I Chose Him: He made watching this teen show bearable.

Jon McLaughlin

Original Feature: Jan 27, 2011
Occupation: Singer
Why I Chose Him: During our Oscar party, there was a collective gasp when he appeared to sing the theme song from “Enchanted”. Plus he’s got adorably cute curly hair.

Nick Ayler 

A Transvestite FBI Father and A Homophobic President Dick that Likes Dick

Here we go again. First it was ‘FBI director J Edgar Hoover was a secret cross-dresser and a closet gay.’ Or, no, wait. That wasn’t first. First was ‘Anti-Communist Senator Joe McCarthy was a repressed homosexual.’ Now we have ‘Richard Nixon had a secret homosexual lover.’
This week the Mail reported on a biography out next month called Nixon’s Darkest Secrets. In it the author, Don Fulsom, makes the claim that the lying, disgraced Nixon – forced to resign from the White House after the Watergate Scandal - may have had a decades-long sexual relationship with a Mafia-connected Cuban-American called Bebe Rebozo.
Not that Fulsom has turned up any actual evidence that Nixon and long-time friend Rebozo were lovers. What Fulsom offers is stuff like this: observers noticed the intimacy between Nixon and Rebozo became most apparent when they were drunk. 
Enlarge Proof enough of an affair? My mother's signed picture of J Edgar Hoover that I discovered as a young child
Proof enough of an affair? My mother's signed picture of J Edgar Hoover that I discovered as a young child
An aide recalled them playing a game called King of the Pool while on holiday in Florida: ‘It was late at night, the two men had been drinking. Nixon mounted a rubber raft in the pool while Rebozo tried to turn it over. Then, laughing and shouting, they’d change places.’
And that is about the strongest the ‘evidence’ gets that Nixon was having sex with Bebe Rebozo.
But Bebe Rebozo? That, let me tell you, is a name I have known all my life. But I never heard of Bebe as Nixon’s sexual partner.
Before I get into Bebe I’d better explain how such a name as his – and plenty of other names that later turned up in political scandals and national headlines – came to fill my head from the time I was old enough to sit up and listen.
A picture of my mother Margaret taken in November 1945. It was only after finding the signed photo that I discovered she had worked in the FBI head quarters
A picture of my mother Margaret taken in November 1945. It was only after finding the signed photo that I discovered she had worked in the FBI head quarters
As a small child, I was soaked in California politics (Nixon and later Ronald Reagan both came out of California politics). My father was a newspaperman with a talent for politics: for political strategy, political campaigns, political speech-writing and later for putting together political alliances on the Senate side of Washington’s Capitol Hill.
At one point he wrote a weekly column that appeared in more than 100 newspapers across the South and up into New England. When he decided to write a book, it sold more than 200,000 copies the summer it was published.
All this meant that even before I was in kindergarten I was living in the kind of house where the Governor of California would drop by to talk politics with my father. I suspect the Governor, a widower, was also there to enjoy my mother’s homemade cake while the talking went on, and probably to enjoy her company, too.
Why not? She was a woman who was both capable and beautiful, and had come out of her private girl’s college with a determination to be independent of her strict father. She learned to type – perhaps in defiance of her father - and that along with her natural skills as an organiser meant that from the age of 20 she could, and did, get jobs from the Pacific northwest to the East coast. Possibly the blue eyes and the good legs didn’t hurt her job prospects. At one point she became a staff member at FBI headquarters in Washington. But I’ll get back to my mother and the FBI in a moment.


But let’s get back to President Nixon and the man with whom he ‘may have had’ a homosexual relationship. What I knew from an early age about Bebe Rebozo was that ‘Bebe Rebozo is Nixon’s bag man.’ Then I learned that the ‘bag’ in question held the money. And why did it hold the money? Because – and I might have used this line for practising my handwriting I knew it so well - ‘Dick Nixon is a crook.’
Anyway, since I knew about Bebe, I always assumed everyone knew about Bebe. Later, after the Watergate scandal broke and the connection between Nixon and this Cuban-American bagman came out, I couldn’t figure out why anyone was surprised.
But what was never suggested in any of the political talk I heard about the crooked Nixon was that he was homosexual.
Not that speculation on sexual activities wasn’t discussed among the politcos who came to our house. After my family moved near Washington and my father was five days a week on Capitol Hill, I learned long before John Kennedy’s assassination that as a senator he had been having sex with a number of women on the Hill. The omniscient Doorkeeper of the Senate and his staff knew just what was going on with the priapic Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts, and word got out to the politicos. (The rule I was taught at the time was that every politician on the Hill was either on women or on drink.)
But sexual scandal on Nixon and Bebe? Nope, never heard a whisper of that. Just, ‘Nixon is a crook, Bebe is his bagman.’
Family man: President Richard Nixon, left, gives a speech as he is listened to by First lady Pat Nixon, centre, and daughter Tricia Nixon, right
Family man: President Richard Nixon, left, gives a speech as he is listened to by First lady Pat Nixon, centre, and daughter Tricia Nixon, right
Yet here we go again. A political figure on the American right – or at least what the American left claim is the American right, I’d say Nixon was no conservative – is being subjected to post-mortem sexual smears. So if you ask, ‘What do Nixon, Hoover and Senator Joe McCarthy have in common?’ the answer is not that they were closet gay. Nobody knows if they – or anyone else – are or were ‘secretly’ homosexual.
So nobody knows if these three were gay, any more than we can know if the first three married Westminster politicians you can name are ‘secretly gay.’ All we can say is that in their lifetimes there was no evidence that Nixon, Hoover or McCarthy were homosexual. Anyway, if they were that was their own private business, not ours: or are the left-wingers making these charges against Nixon trying to say that homosexual activity is as scandalous as carpet-bombing Cambodia?
What Nixon, Hoover and McCarthy have in common is they were on the anti-communist American right. So the thing that all the charges about alleged secret deviant sexual behaviour have in common is that the charges were, are, made by members of the American left-wing, and based on no evidence at all. One other thing all the men have in common: none of the charges were made against them when they were alive and could defend their reputations.
Secret gay lovers? Richard Nixon, right, with Bebe Rebozo at Key Biscayne, Florida
Secret gay lovers? Richard Nixon, right, with Bebe Rebozo at Key Biscayne, Florida
Which is why I find that these charges against Nixon are particularly repulsive coming from Don Fulsom, a man who was a reporter in Nixon’s Washington. If he had some dirt on Nixon and Bebe Rebozo he should have come out with it then. In America, unlike here or in Britain, libel laws are so loose that it is near-impossible for a public figure to win a libel case against a newspaper – especially if that public figure were Nixon, whose reputation had been destroyed by 1974 when he was forced to resign as president. Any defence lawyer could have made a case that Nixon had no reputation left to lose.  Award for damages, one penny.
Instead, Fulsom has waited until eight years after Nixon’s death to come out with it. Unfortunately, both of Nixon’s daughters are still alive to hear the smears. Nice work, Fulsom, but do the decent thing and give your royalty cheques to charity. There are a hundred different things for which Nixon ought to be attacked. A baseless accusation that he was a ‘secret’ homosexual isn’t one of them.
Fulsom’s book comes just as a new film about J Edgar Hoover opens in the cinemas. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Hoover and is directed by Clint Eastwood. It hasn’t arrived in Brussels yet, so I have to rely on reports from reviews and from what I’ve seen in the trailers and read in the film’s publicity.
I hardly have to tell you that the point of the film is to present the crime-busting, Commie-spy hunting, FBI chief Hoover, as a repressed – or perhaps active – homosexual. It suggests he had a smouldering emotional tie to his unmarried second-in-command at the bureau, Clyde Tolson.
Hoover was head of the FBI from 1924 until his death in 1972. What the film is doing is leeching onto the infamous claims that Hoover was a secret gay who used to go to parties dressed as a woman. The evidence for these claims is non-existent, but the left keeps licking their lips and repeating them.
Yet where did the claims come from? We can trace them to a specific source on the left. The Greek writer Taki covers this in his column in the January edition of Chronicles, the American paleo-conservative magazine: ‘Twenty years or so after he died, the rumour was started about [Hoover’s] cross-dressing in gay orgies by a woman’ – Taki means Susan Rosentiel, and no you’ve never heard of her – ‘who was known even among her radical circle for her fabrications and Baron Munchausen-like tales. Trendy lefty media went wild. Here at last they had the bum nailed.’ 
Richard Nixon hugs his wife, Pat, as they leave Republican headquarters in Los Angeles to return to their hotel following his election victory
Richard Nixon hugs his wife, Pat, as they leave Republican headquarters in Los Angeles to return to their hotel following his election victory
Why did they want to nail a man who was busted organised crime and protected America from Nazi and Soviet spies? As Taki says, ‘He had many enemies. Hoover was openly homophobic, didn’t trust Jews, and was accused of being a racist during the civil-rights troubles of the late ‘50s and early ‘60s.’
I asked Dr Thomas Fleming, editor of Chronicles and one of my fellow bloggers here at the Mail, about Rosentiel. He told me she ‘had been married to a bisexual. In one of her divorce cases, apparently, she got the idea that Hoover had worked against her. She had a conviction for attempted perjury, which makes her not exactly a reliable witness.’
And boy did Rosenthiel know how to egg-up a smear: she claimed she had seen a man she was sure was Hoover several times at homosexual orgies at the Plaza Hotel in New York, dressed as woman, wearing a black wig and having sex with teenaged boys who were reading the Bible.
The claims are ludicrous. Quite apart from the fact that Hoover was for decades under 24-hour security surveillance by FBI agents, does anyone really imagine that Hoover, the master of dig-the-dirt, would be so reckless as to go to orgies at the Plaza Hotel dressed as a woman? The bureau would have been sizzling with gossip within hours. It never was.
What one review has pointed out is that the film does not show any of the known relationships Hoover had, in particular, there is no scene showing him with the beautiful dark-haired Hollywood actress Dorothy Lamour.
Apparently, before a speculative movie scene showing Hoover being kissed by Clyde Tolson – ‘I love you, Clyde, I love you’ -- a reference is made to Lamour. But no scenes depict this genuine heterosexual relationship between Hoover and the actress, indeed, no woman depicting Lamour even makes it into the film.
Why not? Because if the film presented the real J Edgar Hoover – the man who stood against President Roosevelt when he interned tens of thousands of Japanese-Americans during the war, the man who fought to keep Ethel Rosenberg, wife of the Soviet atomic bomb spy Julius Rosenberg, out of the electric chair – then the Hollywood left (actually, that’s redundant, there is nothing but left in Hollywood) would have had no interest in financing the film. But picturing J Edgar as gay, that’s box office.
And speaking of picturing: I mentioned at the start that my mother had once been on the staff at FBI headquarters. I only found out about that when – again, I was very young – I came across a picture at home of J Edgar Hoover, looking like what Dorothy Lamour’s publicity people might have called ‘mean, moody and magnificent.’ The picture was inscribed to my mother by Hoover.  I asked about it, and that’s when I found that during the war, when my mother was in her early 20s and before she had met my father, she had worked at the bureau.
She worked somewhere in admin, that’s all I could find out, not as an agent – see her picture to note that this was not a woman who could have worked undercover unnoticed. But it seemed she was noticed by J Edgar, certainly enough to have him sign a picture to her. She would say nothing else to me about her time at the bureau, or the picture. All I know is that at the time of her early death she still had the picture of J Edgar hidden away, because I found it again.
So, considering what is passing as ‘evidence’ for the relationships of right-wingers such as Hoover, here is what we have about Hoover and my mother  – and it is a lot more solid evidence than anyone has that Hoover and Tolson were homosexual lovers.
One, Hoover liked beautiful dark haired young women such as Dorothy Lamour. Their paths crossed. Two, my mother was a beautiful dark haired young woman. Their paths crossed.  Exhibit A: see picture inscribed by Hoover.
One more piece of evidence ‘that may not be conclusive,’ as writers such as Fulsom say about their claims about Nixon and directors such as Eastwood say about their claims about Hoover: I do know that around the time my mother was at the FBI she drove a new Packard roadster convertible, of which no more than 100 were made each year during the war.
What kind of connections do you need to have in wartime Washington to get your gorgeous 20-something feminine hands on that kind of car?
I see a book shaping up. I have enough evidence for a working title: ‘Am I J Edgar’s secret love child?’  You’ll find it on the bookshelf at Waterstone’s next to ‘Tail-Gunner Joe, and in more ways than one: was Senator McCarthy a shirt-lifter?’


If an 18 yr Old Body Hits you} Would You Sue?

A train pulling into station. Photo: Flickr user Chuckcars.
An 18-year-old man who was hit and killed by a train in 2008 will be the subject of a present-day lawsuit after an appellate judge ruled that a woman injured by his flying body parts may pursue a claim against his estate.
Ruling that the man was negligent, and that the result was “reasonably foreseeable,” the judge granted the woman’s request to allow the suit to proceed.
The initial suit had been blocked by a lower court in Cook County, which said the elderly Gayane Zokhrabov may not sue the now-deceased Hiroyuki Joho because Joho could not have anticipated the potential for third-party injury posed by his actions.

Steve Schmadeke, reporter for The Chicago Tribunenoted that the decision was reversed on Thursday by an appeals court.
The vehicle was reportedly traveling over 70 miles-per-hour when it hit Joho, who was allegedly running across the track to catch another train.
Zokhrabov suffered a broken leg, broken wrist and an injured shoulder after a portion of Joho’s body was flung more than 100 feet, smacking into her on a train platform.
“If you do something as stupid as this guy did, you have to be responsible for what comes from it,” her attorney reportedly said.
It was not immediately clear what sort of “estate” the young man’s family has.
Stephen C. Webster
Stephen C. Webster
Stephen C. Webster is the senior editor of Raw Story, and is based out of Austin, Texas. He previously worked as the associate editor of The Lone Star Iconoclast in Crawford, Texas, where he covered state politics and the peace movement’s resurgence at the start of the Iraq war. Webster has also contributed to publications such as True/Slant, Austin Monthly, The Dallas Business Journal, The Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Weekly, The News Connection and others. Follow him on Twitter at @StephenCWebster.

We might have Lost Russia for a While} It’s the Old Communist Thing

By Paul Canning

A third Russian region has passed an anti-gay lawbanning LGBT organising and public actions. Five activists have been arrested whilst protesting the law.

Kostroma, a region located 300 km north east of Moscow, has become the third Russian region to outlaw so called propaganda of homosexuality to minors.

Similar laws were formally implemented at the regional level, in 2006 in Ryazan and earlier this year in Arkhangelsk. Discussions also took place in the last weeks, in Moscow, and also in St. Petersburg where it already passed the first reading and has been a focus for international protests.

As in the other regions, the law is framed to link homosexuality and paedophilia and supposed to 'protect children'. Regional politicians claim that "such legislation is already operating successfully in some regions of the country" and would 'protect the morals of the family, and preserve the physical, mental and spiritual health of young people'.

Protester in Kostroma. Photo from Gay.By
Activists travelled from St Petersburg to protest the new law, carrying posters saying 'Stop the homophobic law!', 'gays and lesbians – not pedophiles! Deputies, switch on brains!', and 'Deputies, leave alone gays, be engaged in unemployment!' But they were immediately arrested.

Russia's Constitutional Court has already ruled that the Ryazan law does not breach constitutional protections on freedom of expression and assembly in its decision delivered in January 2010 against activists arrested and charged for propaganda of homosexuality in Ryazan.

Nikolai Baev, GayRussia’s acting Leader, said:
“We started challenging anti gay laws in Ryazan in 2009 and this month in Arkhangelsk right after it came into force. We will do it everywhere such laws come into force.”
Nikolai Alekseev, GayRussia’s Founder, said:

“We have no hope in the fairness of the legal system in Russia, such laws can only be invalidated with a decision of the European Court and this is why we brought a case before this Court, Russian courts are only an obligatory but hopeless step.”
In July 2012 the UN Human Rights Committee will consider the complaint of Irina Fedotova against Russia on the legality of the ban of homosexual propaganda in Ryazan where she was arrested in 2009.

A similar case of Nikolai Baev against Russia is awaiting consideration by the European Court of Human Rights. GayRussia is pushing for the court to expedite consideration of this case.

Elsewhere in Russia, Russian LGBT Network reports that at a 'fair elections' protest in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk a gay man who unfurled the rainbow flag was physically attacked. The group says that local police acted properly, protecting the man, but are demanding an investigation of the assault.

The unnamed activist who was attacked said:
"I think that if you sit very quietly and do nothing, then nothing will change."
At the mass 'Fair Elections' protests in Moscow and St Petersberg andelsewhere LGBT activists have been shunned by the opposition to Putin. This has not stopped the pro-Kremlin youth movement Young Guards from attacking participation of "freaks of all stripes" and singling out LGBT participation in the rallies.

In Sochi on the Black Sea coast, a court will consider the refusal of the local authorities to allow a 'Pride House' during the 2014 Winter Olympics. The proposal was refused on the basis that 'Pride House in Sochi' is not allowed until as its not a Russian language term.

Such reception centres for LGBT participation in the Olympics began at Vancouver and the forthcoming London Olympics will host a sizable project. Activists say that the International Olympic Committee has already indicated that it will support such a project in Sochi.

Robbie Williams: 'I'd Have Gay Sex" For Money


Robbie Williams


Married pop star Robbie Williams has revealed he'd consider having sex with another man for $3 million (£1.9 million).
Asked what it would take for him to go gay for a passionate clinch during a two-hour web chat, the former Take That star undercut his friends, who were also involved in the online get together with fans, and came up with a serious fee.
He said, "I'm coming in, £2 million."
His wife Ayda, who was also part of the web chat, challenged the singer over his price, prompting Williams to joke, "You never know what could come of this, babe you could be having a new car in the New Year... Let's keep our fingers crossed. I'm the cheapest."
The Angels singer then suggested he'd waive his sex fee for a tryst with Brad Pitt, joking, "It's a freebie for Brad Pitt. How much would I have to pay him?"

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