December 30, 2011

The END? } Hope Not.. if it is it’s Been a Heck of a Ride

 The END?
(If it is “it’s been a great ride” hope not)

First, by the time you read this it would have been about 24 hours before we begin a new year.  I will take the opportunity tomorrow or later today I should say, To say what I truly wish for every person reading this blog which is nothing but good..

Im jumping the gun only to say that on a year that many gay publications have gone under, adamfoxie* blog International is not free of the same economics trends.

Now, is not the reading or the amount of clicks into the site or anyone story that is the problem. That dept. is way healthy!.. They have been steady up every month. Well if readership is up, what is the problem?

The problem is the changes with Google and the commercials that keep the blog alive.

The bottom line is that if the blog is stay healthy and up the only way besides readership( which we got) is for the commercials on the blog to be visited. Without that, the blog can’t stay up. Changing associations with google or any other company would not help at the moment.

 Why readership is not the only thing? A commercial blog needs to have commercials and they need to be clicked.

Ok, why no make it non-profit. No Commercials.  No problem, except it becomes harder because you depend on donations. I’ve had a donation button for a long time (on pages) and it’s only casually visited. And you even get a gift if you donate.  So waiting for donations is not the answer at the current time.

So the answer at the moment is for the site to continue to strive, but need help from the reader to click those commercials.

I am being open with you, instead of having my reader click one day and the reader can’t find the site, like it’s happen to at three publications I know of in 2011. I am letting you know what the future holds, but you have a big input into it.

Solution: When you come to the site, click on a commercial. I am not sure if I’m in violation with google in relation to asking for this. But I will rather have google close me down than going out without a fight. Leaving it up to you go and have the power over this problem..and if it closes it deserved to be close and I will sleep good at night. If it continues, you made it so.. and it will give me and the site a new commitment to being for you the best we can

My love to my reader for the opportunity I’ve been given,

Adam Gonzalez,
General Administrator
Adamfoxie*Blog Inernational

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Nelson G said...

For what it's worth, I've been blogging for about seven years and I've made less than one hundred dollars from Google Adsense and Google Affiliate Network.

So suffice to say, or write, it's never been about making money. At least for me it hasn't.

Personally, I'd hate to see you go. This is a good blog which can prove to be an even better blogger in 2012, if, you want it.

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