September 26, 2016

Why Would You Need an Armed Guard to Be a Farmer in NYS?

 For the first time in 80 years, a farm in New York State is legally growing cannabis. But no one could get high from these plants.
The farm, JD Farms, roughly 230 miles north of New York City, is actually growing industrial hemp, which can be used to make everything from flour to building materials to clothes to plastic.
“Industrial hemp and marijuana are actually the same species, but they have bred and evolved to be quite different from each other,” said Jennifer Gilbert Jenkins, a professor of agriculture at Morrisville State College, which has paired with JD Farms on a hemp research pilot program.
Still, industrial hemp remains on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s list of illegal Schedule I drugs, though its content of THC — the chemical that gets marijuana users high — is below 0.3 percent. Because of that status, JD Farms had to adhere to stringent federal regulations just to get the seeds to grow the crop. “We had to jump through hoops to get a D.E.A. permit to import our seeds from Canada,” Mark Justh, an owner of the farm, said.
Mr. Justh, 51, and Daniel Dolgin, 40, a co-owner, were not always pioneering farmers.
Mr. Justh had already bought a few defunct dairy farms here before his employer, JPMorgan Chase & Company, sent him across the world in 2010.

Facebook Live: Visit to a New York Hemp Farm 

“I was running a business in Asia for JPMorgan and traveling a lot all over Asia,” he said. “When my two sons were becoming teenagers, I really wanted to travel less and spend a lot more time with my family. As I bought the farms and as we were building them up, I wanted to return full time.”
In 2015, he did. His three sons are now 18, 14 and 13.
“My sons are in school. They work on the farm over the summers. And my wife is a writer,” he said. “They split their time between Park Slope and the farm, and they are up here all summer.”
Mr. Dolgin, who is single, previously worked in counterterrorism and national security in Washington. “I left D.C. around 2010,” he said. “I did some consulting in the private sector, and I wanted to do something different.”
A friend of Mr. Dolgin’s introduced the men. “Mark was looking to get involved in the hemp world,” Mr. Dolgin said, “and I thought I could be of service in terms of navigating regulations and getting stuff done in D.C.”
“I started coming to the farm more and more and starting to fall in love with what he was doing there,” he added.
Mr. Justh said he became interested in hemp while looking for a tall canopy plant with broad leaves and a short growth period that could keep weeds from taking root in his crops. The farm, which covers 1,300 acres, also produces organic hay, pastured pigs and pastured cattle.
Mark Justh, left, and Daniel Dolgin are co-owners of JD Farms. Mr. Justh previously worked for JPMorgan Chase & Company, and Mr. Dolgin had worked in counterterrorism and national security in Washington CreditKarsten Moran for The New York Times 
“I started off looking at hemp as weed cover,” Mr. Justh said, “and believe it or not, Dan and I partnered together and started recognizing the larger industrial benefits of hemp.”
“We are phenomenally excited to see the benefits of what this crop can do,” he added.
The door to hemp farming — and its economic possibilities — was opened in 2014 when federal legislation allowed for the transportation, processing, sale and distribution of hemp grown in research programs.
“This is not marijuana,” Donna A. Lupardo, a New York assemblywoman for the Southern Tier who sponsored the legislation to allow hemp to be grown in the state, said as she looked over the field during a visit to the farms. “This is not something that can be used recreationally.”
Ms. Lupardo, a Democrat, said she believes hemp “has a really high potential to put farmland back to use in New York State and to also be a very lucrative, potentially lucrative manufacturing crop for our state.”
“In my community alone, there are a million potential acres to be farmed for a number of new crops like industrial hemp,” she said later in a phone interview. “It’s a field of dreams, it really is. It’s just a fabulous opportunity and just a wonderful plant.”
To comply with federal guidelines, JD Farms had to have an armed security guard oversee the seed planting. So it hired an officer from the New York State University Police at Morrisville State College. The officer would have told the D.E.A. if anything had gone wrong, Enrico L. D’Alessandro, the chief of police at Morrisville, said.
Mr. Dolgin and Mr. Justh said they hoped it would become easier for other farmers to grow industrial hemp. “We believe farmers should be able to grow this crop without a license and be able to obtain seeds across state lines and internationally,” Mr. Justh said. CreditNathaniel Brooks for The New York Times 
“That officer had to stand by there to make sure all the seeds went into the ground,” Mr. D’Alessandro said.
In an interview at the farm, Mr. Dolgin called the requirement “ridiculous for a crop that has no psychotropic value, but we had to do what we had to do.”
Mr. Dolgin and Mr. Justh said they hoped their first crop would pave the way to a quicker process for those who follow.
“Until the laws become more uniform and less gray, for the industry to develop, it’s going to be challenging,” Mr. Justh said. “We believe farmers should be able to grow this crop without a license and be able to obtain seeds across state lines and internationally. Until that happens, industry will struggle to develop.”
As for their 30 acres of hemp, Mr. Dolgin and Mr. Justh said they were looking for customers.
“We don’t have contracts signed yet, but we have a lot of interested buyers,” Mr. Dolgin said. “We are working with a major protein-bar company in Pennsylvania that is interested in using hemp protein to start a few new lines of product into their distribution channel.”
Mr. Dolgin added that a large biomaterial manufacturing company in Albany was interested in buying their stalks. “They currently import ground-up hemp stalks from Europe, so having a New York supply is much more ideal,” he said.
New York Times

Game of Thrones } A Gay Man in Westeros

Renly and Brienne
Gethin Anthony wasn’t given the easiest of roles to play on Game of Thrones: a gay man in Westeros. The world of the show is far from the most accepting place in fiction. Women, homosexuals, bastards, and other groups are all put at a disadvantage, and King Renly Baratheon had to step carefully.
We’ve complained before about the portrayal of homosexuality on Game of Thrones, although usually in terms of how Loras Tyrell was reduced to a caricature of the man we knew in the books. But when it comes to Renly, there was something of a beauty to the way the “love that dares not speak its name” in Westeros was allowed to flourish on screen. In a recent interview, Anthony said that this was a deliberate choice.
Speaking to Attitude, Anthony reflects on his time with the show and says that he wanted to make sure there were positive portrayals of relationships in the brutish world of Westeros, where marriages are more like alliances, and many love affairs are unhealthy.
Credit: HBO/Helen Sloan
Westeros is a very scary world, with all the politics and violence going on, so it was nice to play an affectionate gay couple within that world. We were very passionate about it being a positive thing. I still hold on to that and I’m still very proud of it.
It was certainly a change from the books, where no one ever says outright that Loras or Renly are lovers. In fact, there are precious few references to anyone outside their immediate families even realizing they are gay. (At one point, Cersei even accuses Margaery and Loras of incest, oblivious that Margaery might not be his type.)
But the show’s choice to make them far more out afforded it a chance to to deepen their relationship. And Anthony sees it as a net positive for on screen LBGT relationships.
I got some lovely letters. One that sticks out was from a gentleman who was about to propose, or has perhaps just proposed, to his partner. He said some really nice things about seeing a gay relationship on television. Whenever people connect to things you’re involved with or a story you’re telling, it’s a lovely thing

Credit: HBO/Helen Sloan

September 25, 2016

“South Korea has elite troops on standby ready to assassinate Kim Jong Un"

US B1-B bombers fly over Next to the border on South Korea’s air space

“South Korea has elite troops on standby ready to assassinate Kim Jong Un

*The statements below have been extracted from the threats of N.Korea’s Kim Jong and responses from the South and the US commencing with Saturday night’s statement from the South which seems they have been preparing to bring this one man show to a permanent midnight.  For reasons similar to other despots that don’t think much about themselves and want to prove something to the world even if it take the destruction of some of it, he has brought the level of tensions to the highest short of a nuclear attack, kim is been relentless on that. Now the South left no room for misunderstandings: We are ready standing by (today not in a year from now) to take care of this guy and his closest henchman. The South understands this language this man will understand. They bring the danger not to innocent soldiers, civilians and city he probably cares nothing about, the danger comes to his own body which he seems to take care very well. His body and his power.
There is an ex CIA agent who said once on CBSN I would bring to war in Syria to Assad’s person. Will destroy his limo’s helios and what ever makes him feel secure. Then watch what he does and how tough he is going to be in the field. It’s early on this game of Chicken in the Korea Peninsula but may be the President of the US could learn something from our ally in South Korea.

 South Korea has elite troops on standby ready to assassinate Kim Jong Un if the country feels threatened by North Korean nuclear weapons, the country's defense minister revealed this week.

Asked in parliament Wednesday if there was a special forces unit already assembled that could eliminate North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, Han Min-koo said: "Yes, we do have such a plan. "
"South Korea has a general idea and plan to use precision missile capabilities to target the enemy's facilities in major areas as well as eliminating the enemy's leadership," he added.
Kim Jong Un inspects Farm No. 1116 in an undisclosed location in a photo released September 13, 2016.

It has long been suspected that such a plan was in place but the minister's candid answer surprised some.
"A president would want to have the option," says Daniel Pinkston of Troy University. "... Not presenting that to the president, not training for it and having that capability would be a mistake."
March 2016: Following the imposition of strict U.N. sanctions, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said the country’s “nuclear warheads need to be ready for use at any time," the North Korean state news agency KCNA reported.

January 2016: North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a thermonuclear weapon, justifying its right to have an H-bomb on the grounds of "self defense."
August 2015: As forces from the U.S. and South Korea took part in joint military drills. North Korea’s state media referred to the exercises, which started on August 17, as "madcap" and issued a stern warning to America: "If the U.S. ignites a war in the end, far from drawing a lesson taught by its bitter defeat in the history, the DPRK will bring an irrevocable disaster and disgrace to it."

 On August 23, as North Korean negotiators were meeting with their South Korean counterparts over current tensions, a KCTV presenter appeared on air repeating North Korea ambitions to destroy the warmongering South Korean puppet military. 
August 2015: On August 23, as North Korean negotiators were meeting with their South Korean counterparts over current tensions, a KCTV presenter appeared on air repeating North Korea's ambitions to "destroy the warmongering South Korean puppet military."
December 2014: The FBI said it suspected North Korea was behind a hack of Sony Entertainment, which led executives to initially cancel the theatrical release of "The Interview." The film was a comedy about an American television personality who the CIA asks to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea threatened "merciless" action against the U.S. if the film was released, accusing the U.S. of retaliating for the hack by shutting down North Korea's Internet access. North Korea's National Defense Commission also called U.S. President Barack Obama “reckless" and a "monkey."

 North Korea threatens to hit the White House and Pentagon with nuclear weapons. 
July 2014: North Korea threatens to hit the White House and Pentagon with nuclear weapons. American "imperialists threaten our sovereignty and survival," North Korean officials reportedly said after the country accused the U.S. of increasing hostilities on the border with South Korea. "Our troops will fire our nuclear-armed rockets at the White House and the Pentagon -- the sources of all evil," North Korean Gen. Hwang Pyong-So said, according to The Telegraph.

“U.S. imperialist aggressor troops in the U.S. mainland and on Hawaii and Guam and other operational zone in the Pacific" Whether Pyongyang has the will to back up such doomsday talk is a perplexing question, <a href="">but there is evidence that its know- -- in terms of uranium enrichment, nuclear testing and missile technology -- is progressing.
March 2013: Angered by tougher U.N. sanctions and joint military exercises by the United States and South Korea, the Supreme Command of North Korea's military vowed to put "on highest alert" the country's "rocket units" that are assigned to strike "U.S. imperialist aggressor troops in the U.S. mainland and on Hawaii and Guam and other operational zone in the Pacific." Whether Pyongyang has the will to back up such doomsday talk is a perplexing question, but there is evidence that its know-how -- in terms of uranium enrichment, nuclear testing and missile technology -- is progressing.
 June 2012: Once again, North Korea vowed to be "merciless" in its promised attack on the United States, this time threatening a "sacred war" as it aimed artillery at South Korean media groups. North Korea was mad that South Korean journalists had criticized Pyongyang children's festivals meant to foster allegiance to the Kim family.
North Korea has a history of using creative language to express loathing for its enemies. Here are some of the regime's more colorful threats against the West.

March 2016: North Korea warned it would make a "preemptive and offensive nuclear strike" in response to joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises. Pyongyang issued a long statement promising that "time will prove how the crime-woven history of the U.S. imperialists who have grown corpulent through aggression and war will come to an end and how the Park Geun Hye group's disgraceful remaining days will meet a miserable doom as it is keen on the confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north."
South Korea has intensified its rhetoric against the leadership of North Korea since Pyongyang claimed a successful test of a nuclear warhead on September 9.

This week it tested a new type of high powered rocket engine of the type that could be used for an intercontinental ballistic missile.

‘Worst case scenario'

The defense ministry has said it is planning for the worst case scenario and assumed North Korea was ready to conduct a sixth nuclear test.
Earlier this month, Leem Ho Young, Chief Director of Strategic Planning at the Joint Chiefs of Staff, described a new system called the Korea Massive Punishment & Retaliation (KMPR) just hours after North Korea claimed it had tested a nuclear warhead.
It would involve surgical missile attacks, exclusive special warfare units and an ability to strike North Korea’s leadership if South Korea feels threatened by nuclear attack.

Follow Up} Hassidic Man Convicted of Gang Assault on Gay Man in B’klyn

 Follow up 

 Taj Patterson, Victim

 Mayer Herskovic, the Williamsburg man who participated in the brutal gang beating of a gay man in 2013 was found guilty by a judge and could face up to 15 years in prison, Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson announced yesterday afternoon. 

 Mayer Herskovic, proudly walks like if he won the case when in did he was found guilty

 Herskovic was convicted of second-degree gang assault, first-degree unlawful imprisonment and menacing for his role in the gang beating of Taj Patterson, then 22, an assault that involved at least some members of the Williamsburg Safety Patrol, an ultra-Orthdox neighborhood patrol group. Paterson, who is black, came away from the attack with a broken eye socket and a torn retina, and ultimately was left permanently blind in one eye.
During the trial, Patterson testified that he was cornered by a group of almost 20 men in South Williamsburg, some of whom had Shomrim logos on their clothing, who accused him of vandalizing cars in the area. After surrounding him, Patterson told a judge presiding over the case that some members of the mob began to beat him while others surrounded the incident so passing traffic couldn't see it. Peterson also said that the crowd beating him called him "a fucking faggot"  
An NYPD detective explained to the judge how police faced stonewalling beyond anything they had ever encountered while gathering evidence for the trial. For instance, the police have to send a Jewish undercover officer posing as a victim of a robbery to get access to surveillance footage from a nearby business. Police also found one of Herskovic's shoes, with Patterson's DNA on it, on a nearby roof, where a member of the mob threw it away in an attempt to hide it.
The prosecution also played a tape of a witness' 911 call from the night of the December 2013 beating, in which she described a gang of "like 20 Jewish men" beating Patterson up. The witness, who was in a car that Peterson tried to get into in order to escape the beating, was told by the crowd to not let Peterson in her car.
 Herskovic was the only one of the five men arrested for the beating who eventually went to trial. Two men were released after witnesses changed their stories about seeing them participate in the attack, and two other men took plea bargains and received no jail time
Police had initially closed their investigation of the beating after filing it as a misdemeanor assault one day after Patterson filed his report. Only after his mother, Zahra Patterson, alerted the media to the extent of the beating, was the case reopened and more thoroughly investigated.
"Today’s verdict is a testament to our determination to fully prosecute this case based on the evidence, which clearly connected this defendant to the crime. I hope that this outcome will bring a measure of comfort to Mr. Patterson and his family,” District Attorney Ken Thompson said in a press release announcing the verdict.

Previous on this case since 2014:

September 24, 2016

Charlotte Police Shoot Keith Scott Police Video

No words you be the judge

Gunman at Large Fatally Shoots 5 Inside Mall Near Seattle

Apprehended on early morning

Law enforcement officers work at the crime scene outside of Cascade Mall in Burlington, Wash., where five people were fatally shot on Friday, Sept. 23, 2016.

 The first 911 call came in just before 7 p.m. on a busy Friday night at the Cascade Mall: A man with a rifle was shooting at people in the Macy's Department Store.
By the time police arrived moments later, the carnage at the Macy's makeup counter was complete. Four people were dead and the shooter was gone, last seen walking toward Interstate 5. A fifth victim, a man, died in the early morning hours Saturday as police finished sweeping the 434,000-square-foot building.
"There are people waking up this morning and their world has changed forever. The city of Burlington has probably changed forever, but I don't think our way life needs to change," Burlington Mayor Steve Sexton said Saturday at a news conference. "This was a senseless act. It was the world knocking on our doorstep and it came into our little community."
As the small city absorbed the news, critical questions remained, including the identity of the shooter, his motive and his whereabouts. A massive manhunt continued and police broadcast a plea for tips. The FBI said terrorism was not suspected.
The gunman was described by witnesses to police as a young Hispanic man dressed in black. Surveillance video captured him entering the mall unarmed and then recorded him about 10 minutes later entering the Macy's with a "hunting type" rifle in his hand, Mount Vernon Police Lt. Chris Cammock said.
Authorities did not say how the suspect may have obtained the weapon - whether he retrieved it from outside or picked it up in the mall — but they believe he acted alone. The weapon was recovered at the scene.
The identities of the victims — four women who ranged in age from a teenager to a senior citizen — were withheld pending autopsies and notification of family. The identity of the man who was fatally shot was also withheld.
"Probably one of the most difficult moments for us last night was knowing that there were family members wondering about their loved ones in there," Cammock said.
As police scrambled to find the shooter, this small city about 60 miles (97 kilometers) north of Seattle settled into a new and nerve-wracking reality.
The community of 8,600 people is too far from Seattle to be a commuter town, but its population swells to 55,000 during the day because of a popular outlet mall, retail stores and other businesses. Burlington is the only major retail center within 30 miles (48 kilometers) in a region where agriculture is king, said Linda Jones, the president of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce.
Surrounding Skagit County has deep agricultural roots and is home to families that have worked the land for generations. Farmers produce about $300 million worth of more than 90 different crops a year — a heritage that's celebrated each October with tours of family farms that attract thousands, according to Washington State University's agricultural extension.
Residents, rattled by the fact that the shooter was still on the loose, relied on those bonds Saturday to comfort each other at a community gathering in a city park.
"It's too scary. It's too close to home," said Maria Elena Vasquez, who attended the gathering with her husband and two young children.
"I'm a little nervous even taking her to her soccer game today with this person still on the loose. But I want to keep it normal for her," she said of her 7-year-old daughter.
Those who survived were still trying to process what happened as their community became the latest entry on a list of places known by the rest of world for mass shootings.
As the shots rang out, shoppers hid in dressing rooms and bathrooms and made hushed, terrified phone calls to relatives. One woman started running with her 4-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter only to slip and fall — and then watch as the shooter strode past her terrified children, KIRO-TV reported on its Twitter feed.
"We have never been so scared in our lives," the woman texted the station.
Joanne Burkholder, 19, of nearby Mount Vernon, was watching the movie "The Magnificent Seven" in the mall's theater when security guards came in and told them to evacuate immediately. Dozens of panicked moviegoers gathered in the hallway, and Burkholder heard screaming as the officers escorted them to safety in a parking lot.
As she drove home later, she had to pull over because she was shaking so hard, she told The Associated Press.
"I'm just very thankful for my life this morning. I've never been so terrified in my life," she said Saturday, trying to hold back tears as she attended the community vigil.
"You'd think it would happen in Everett or Seattle, but a small town of Burlington, I'd never dream something like this would happen."
This video image provided by Skagit County Department of Emergency Management shows a suspect wanted by the authorities regarding a shooting at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Wash.
 This is the image of the suspect wanted by Police
The parking lot was closed Saturday and emergency management officials told people they would be able to retrieve vehicles later in the day, though the mall was shuttered.
The Cascade Mall is an enclosed shopping mall that opened in 1990. It features J.C. Penney, TJ Maxx, and Macy's stores, among other stores, restaurants and a movie theater.
On Sept. 17, a man stabbed 10 people at a Minnesota mall before being shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. Authorities say Dahir Ahmed Adan, 20, stabbed the people at the Crossroads Center in St. Cloud.

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Britain Recognizes 6 Gay Historic Places and It’s Just the Beginning

Oscar Wilde’s former home, the estate of "the first modern lesbian" and a memorial to a trans spy have been given special status by Historic England.

Historic England, a body that designates places worthy of legal protection, announced the decision, the latest in an effort to showcase “queer history.” Last September, Historic England gave the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, a well-known gay pub, a Grade II listing, meaning that it cannot be demolished, extended or altered without special permission.

Similar efforts to recognize gay history are underway in the United States. In June, President Obama designated the Stonewall Inn, the location of a 1969 police raid and subsequent protest that galvanized the gay rights movement, and surrounding sites a national monument.

Duncan Wilson, the chief executive of Historic England, said in a telephone interview that the decision was “part of a deliberate policy of looking at what we protect and commemorate by a listing, to see that it is more representative of society as a whole.”

Through a research project called Pride of Place, people have been invited to submit places of importance to gay history, many of them forgotten or obscure. More than 1,600 submissions have come in. The project will in part serve to commemorate the 50th anniversary next year of the partial decriminalization of homosexuality in England and Wales.
Six "historic LGBT venues" landmarks are being recognised for reflecting England's "queer history". 
Chief executive Duncan Wilson said the influence of men and women "who helped build our nation has been ignored" because they came from minority groups.
The sites include the former home of Benjamin Britten and his partner. 

'Understanding our diverse nation'

The initiative comes in the run-up to the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967.

Oscar Wilde's Kensington houseImage copyrightDEREK KENDALL
Image captionOscar Wilde's house in Kensington is one of the landmarks highlighted by Historic England

Playwright Oscar Wilde's west London home already had listed status, but has been relisted to emphasise its importance as an LGBT landmark. 
The Irishman lived in Kensington and Chelsea before being imprisoned for two years' hard labour in Reading Gaol for gross indecency. 

Amelia Edwards and Amelia Edwards tombstoneImage copyrightBEV ROGERS
Image captionThe gravestone of 19th Century Egyptologist and writer Amelia Edwards is in St Mary's Churchyard in Bristol, next to her partner Ellen Braysher
Chevalier d'Eon and Burdett-Coutts memorialImage copyrightNATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY/LOZ PYCOCK
Image captionBurdett-Coutts Memorial, which commemorates trans figure Chevalier d'Eon, has had its status upgraded

Burdett-Coutts Memorial at St Pancras Gardens in north London, which commemorates people including the 18th Century trans French diplomat and spy Chevalier d'Eon, has been upgraded to Grade II*. 
Chevalier d'Eon identified as a man for 49 years, but after infiltrating the Empress of Russia's court by dressing as a woman the spy lived the rest of his life as female. 
Mr Wilson added: "Our project is one step on the road to better understanding just what a diverse nation we are, and have been for many centuries. At a time when historic LGBT venues are under particular threat, this is an important step."
Last year the body listed the Royal Vauxhall Tavern - a well-known LGBT venue - which prevented the club's development by its landlord.

St Ann's Court SurreyImage copyrightTHE MODERN HOUSE
Image captionSt Ann's Court in Chertsey, Surrey, is hailed as an example of "queer architecture"

One of the previously-listed homes to be given special status is St Ann's Court in Chertsey, Surrey. 
Owned by architect Christopher Tunnard and broker GL Schlesinger while homosexuality was still illegal, the master bedroom of the house could be separated if visitors came round. 

Shibden Hall in HalifaxImage copyrightHISTORIC ENGLAND
Image captionShibden Hall in Halifax, the home of diarist Anne Lister, was previously a listed building

The estate of "the first modern lesbian", Anne Lister, has been relisted to record her importance as a lesbian pioneer.
At Shibden Hall, she wrote a coded diary, using the Greek alphabet and mathematical symbols, which would describe her lesbian affairs.

Red House in AldeburghImage copyrightPHILIP VILE
Image captionRed House in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, is where Benjamin Britten composed a large portion of his works, including the opera Peter Grimes

The home of post-war composer Benjamin Britten has also been relisted, to highlight his relationship with professional and personal partner Peter Pears. 
The celebrated conductor and writer of War Requiem spent most of his life in Red House, Aldeburgh, where he founded the annual classical festival in 1948. 
Historic England has also been compiling people's personal monuments to the LGBT community in an online research project called Pride of Place
More than 1,600 contributions have been made to the project, spanning the length and breadth of the country. 
Lead researcher Prof Alison Oram said: “Queer heritage is everywhere, and we hope that Pride of Place will lead to more historic places being publicly valued and protected for their important queer histories."


Manning Attempted Suicide:The Solution is Solitary Confinement

In this the US Army and The Russian, Iran, Egyptians Armies are the same: Try to kill your self because of your conditions and situation and they will make it worse. They are saying, make sure next time you succeed even though you would have if not for us. You see we want you alive and suffering and if you try to make it less suffering we will find a way to make it worse than what it was.

What they have done to this very young private, between the US Army and Wikileaks Assange is inhumane and simply wrong particularly coming from an institution that knows better. As for Assange we already know he is a sociopath but he has even offered to surrender if the US let this mentally defective man out. May be Assange doesn’t mean it but if be he does, we will never find out. Assange 1000 times more valuable than Manning would be a trophy for the US but this will not become a fact.

Coming back to the abuse this young private has gone through in our army jail is inexcusable. If anyone had any doubts about how he is been treated this last decision to put someone in permanent solitary, someone who is mentally not able to cope goes beyond any crime he has done. It would have been better to give him the death penalty than to make someone suffer a daily living in this condition.

Chelsea Manning should be in treatment by capable psychiatrists. Solitary is the last thing he needs. A shame! That is the reason when this government accuses others of inhuman treatment of political prisoners as well as criminal prisoners they point to cases like this in which the US is a hypocrite,    no better than the worse with the exception he is not being water boarded or beaten as far as we know and we don’t know because people are not aloud to visit him. Alright don’t let him out but get him the psychiatric help he needs. If he was in a civilian jail his lawyers would have already brought the case to an appeals court but being in a military jail you have no such luxury.

The Washington Post reports the following:

Prison officials have decided U.S. Army Private Chelsea Manning should spend at least 7 days in solitary confinement after she attempted to take her own life earlier this year in the midst of serving a 35-year sentence for sharing classified materials with the website WikiLeaks, her attorney said Friday.
Members of an administrative disciplinary board in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas handed the soldier a 14-day stint in solitary with seven days suspended after finding Manning guilty of two counts during a hearing Thursday held in response to her recent suicide attempt, according to a statement circulated by her lawyer, Chase Strangio of the American Civil Liberties Union.
“I am feeling hurt. I am feeling lonely. I am embarrassed by the decision. I don’t know how to explain it,” the soldier said in the statement.
Manning, 28, was found unresponsive inside her prison cell on the morning of July 5 and taken to a nearby hospital before being returned to the disciplinary barracks at Fort Leavenworth. She later learned that she was being investigated over the incident and faced indefinite solitary confinement as a result of her actions.
The three-member disciplinary board found the soldier guilty Thursday on charges of “conduct which threatens” and “prohibited property.” She was acquitted of a third charge related to the prison’s decision to deploy a specialized team to her cell upon learning of her suicide attempt.



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