January 31, 2011

The journey unfolds….On Levi Johnston

greg_weinercen-1I sat at home in Switzerland having returned from nearly three years away living in Poland. I was exhausted and my focus remained on gaining publicity for the Polish GLBT project that I worked on without success or notoriety. I need to devise a publictly scenario which I could use to highlight the Polish plight.
One spring evening after a telephone conversation with a friend who was sharing with me the latest exploits and gossip stateside after the conversation I reflected on one piece of information he had given.
“Unzipped” magazine had offered Levi Johnston $35,000 if he would make a photo session with them. According to the news reports and comments of Levi’s manager Mr. Rex Butler his client would consider the proposal and if the money was correct ….
I begin to surmise that if Levi and his manager were considering the gay porn magazine editors offer – What if a mainstream magazine offered him an opportunity?
I did not know Levi prior to this event but Greg Weiner the chief photographer of Playgirl I knew from a meeting twelve years prior. At which time I invited Greg from New York City to Arizona to compose a Men of Arizona pictorial. I also arranged locations for photo sessions including the utilization of my home swimming pool and the exclusive Radius-Axis nightclub in Scottsdale, Arizona. Alternatively I was full time employed as a CNN journalist and produced press of the event. I also encouraged peers working at other Phoenix TV station to include in their news diffusion a human interest story about Playgirl and Greg – all of the additional five TV networks did. I made contact with all my gay and gay friendly closeted news peers to exploit the Playgirl in Arizona meme.
Naturally when I conceived the ideal of Levi Johnston doing a professional nude photo spread I contacted Greg Weiner in New York and proposed that I broker the deal. We discussed it prospects on the telephone and in emails. I also shared with Greg my desire for publicity through association of the photo coup for my Polish human and gay rights endeavor. Greg and I exchange many emails and talked on the telephone. The next day I contact Levi’s people and shared this with Rex Butler who was Levi’s manager and attorney. I recall one week passed and I introduced the two parties. In the end I and was left out of the concept publicity credit and payment phases.
I’d given Greg Weiner my friendship and trust however he had not earned it. Read complete synopsis here.
Seeking redress I reached out to various media organizations to share this story of Levi’s rise to pop-culture celebrity unfortunately as of this installment none have made inquiries with an interest.
This negative business experience is one of several in my artistic endeavors — none have ever made me want to surrender. That is not my nature. With perseverance and endurance I share this story entwined with ten years of making of video from photo sessions around the world.
Each endeavor or production in visual arts I donate proceeds to worthy efforts towards human and GLBT rights.
I have learned that within the course of life’s journey that good fortunate does not discriminate between the deserving and not so deserving.

2ndUPDATE,3rdPost:Under Pressure, Chick-fil-A Chain Won’t Support Anti-Gay Marriage Groups

After days of trying to ignore the uproar, Chick-fil-A executives finally mounted a defense of sorts. What may have tipped the corporate hand was the announcement that Indiana University’s South Bend campus banned Chick-fil-A from the campus. Indiana News Center reported that Campus Ally Network, a pro-gay group, got the ban going.

It’s one thing for gay activists not to eat chicken sandwiches. But when college students start boycotting, that’s a potential death knell for a fast-food chain. Major coverage in the New York Times undoubtedly also forced its hand.

So Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy took to Facebook to release a statement in which he did little to counter the accusations. He merely restated the Pennsylvania sponsorship. He badly stated the privately held company’s "long history of trying to encourage and strengthen marriages and families, both within our Chick-fil-A system and with our customers."

He made his position clear here: "My family and I believe in the Biblical definition of marriage." But the Cathy surprisingly went to state "We will not champion any political agendas on marriage and family. This decision has been made, and we understand the importance of it.’

This would essentially seem to be a capitulation to the protesters. At least, that’s the way it was taken by the predictably outraged posters on FreeRepublic, many of whom said they would boycott the chain. (Of course, these are the same people who have previously boycotted Disney, Pepsi, Home Depot, Ford Motor and a slew of other companies that you didn’t know the right had boycotted because no one noticed).

A blogger called Western Youth also decried the "capitulation to the left," although Cathy’s statement did reiterate that the company would continue to work for Christian values.

The only difference, as he expressed to the Atlanta Constitution-Journal, is "We’ve opted not to get involved in the political debate. It’s never been our agenda." Or if it was, it’s not now.
EDGE Editor-in-Chief Steve Weinstein has been a regular correspondent for the International Herald Tribune, the Advocate, the Village Voice and Out. He has been covering the AIDS crisis since the early ’80s, when he began his career. He is the author of "The Q Guide to Fire Island" (Alyson, 2007).

Support the People's Revolution in Egypt ساند ثورة الشعب في مصر


Targeting: Ambassador Sameh Shoukry (السفير سامح شكري), President Hosni Mubarak (الرئيس حسني مبارك), General Habib Ibrahim El Adly (حبيب ابراهيم العادلي‎), see more...
On January 25, we the people of Egypt took to the streets to demand our rights! We are not unified by one party, class or religion: we are not Muslim and we are not Christian, we are not rich and we are not poor - we are the multifaceted people of Egypt - Muslims and Christian's and Egyptians of all classes.
We demand our civil, political and human rights.
We demand the immediate resignation of the president and parliament.
We demand a new constitution.
We demand free and fair elections.
We demand the complete and total release of all political prisoners and detainees.
We demand the return of open access to all communication networks.
We demand that the police stop shooting at us, stop their brutality and stop their attacks on journalists.
We are the January 25 movement, and we are not going to stop until our demands are met! We call on Egyptians and internationals to lend a hand and help us win by signing this petition, which will be sent to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, officials in the interior and foreign ministries, and Egyptian embassies all over the world.
Winning this campaign depends on our ability to call on thousands of supporters like you. After signing this petition, please follow us on Facebook - just click 'Like' at the top of the page.
في 25 يناير، شعب مصرأخذ للشوارع للمطالبة بحقوقه!
نحن لا نمثل طرف واحد، أو طبقة أو دين : نحن لسنا المسلمين فقط أوالمسيحيين فقط، ونحن لسنا الأغنياء. نحن الشعب بأكمله وبأطرافه المتعددة -- المسلمين والمسيحيين والمصريين من جميع الطبقات.
نحن نطالب بحقوقنا المدنية والسياسية والإنسانية.
ونحن نطالب بتغيير في النظام كامل برمته -- بما في ذلك إسقاط الرئيس والبرلمان.
ونحن نطالب بوضع دستور جديد.
ونحن نطالب بانتخابات حرة ونزيهة.
إننا نطالب بالإفراج الكامل والشامل عن جميع السجناء والمعتقلين السياسيين
و نطالب بارجاع فتح الاتصال لجميع شبكات الاتصالات والإنترنت
ونطالب الشرطة وقف اعتداءاتها على الصحفيين.
ونحن نطالب بأن الشرطة توقف إطلاق النارعلى المواطنين واستخدام العنف ضد المتظاهرين
نحن حركة 25 يناير، ونحن لن تتوقف حتى تتحقق مطالبنا!
ندعو المصريين ومؤيدينا عالميا لدعمنا بتوقيع هذه العريضة، والتي سوف يتم إرسالها إلى الرئيس المصري حسني مبارك ومسؤولين في وزارتي الداخلية والخارجية ، والسفارات المصرية في جميع أنحاء العالم.
الإنتصار في هذه الحملة يعتمد على قدرتنا على دعوة الآلاف من المؤيديين مثلك. بعد التوقيع على هذه العريضة، يرجى المتابعةعلى فيس بوك --  انقر على كلمة ليك في الجزء العلوي من الصفحة

    'Gay people were probably abused as children', says Ground Zero mosque's new imam

    I guess this guy most"ve been abused thus caused him to become a moslem or whatever homophobic he might be. Someone ought to tell him, is not the same for sexual orientation. Unlike becoming a Moslem, Christian, Republican or Democrat, sexual orientation you are born as that.  adamfoxie*blog

    The new imam at the Ground Zero mosque has has sparked fury after declaring that gay people were probably abused as children.
    Abdallah Adhami is also quoted as saying that people who leave Islam for other religions should be jailed.
    His controversial views were published in a lecture posted on his non-profit website, Sakeenah, and have already drawn criticism from human rights groups who have slammed him as 'ignorant'.
    Controversial: Abdallah Adhami is quoted as saying gay people were probably abused as children
    Controversial: Abdallah Adhami is quoted as saying gay people were probably abused as children
    According to the New York Post Adhami, 44, said being gay was a 'painful trial' which comes as a result of past trauma.
    He said: 'An enormously overwhelming percentage of people struggle with homosexual feeling because of some form of violent emotional or sexual abuse at some point in their life. A small, tiny percentage of people are born with a natural inclination that they cannot explain. You find this in the animal kingdom at some level as well.'
    Adhami was named Imam and senior adviser of the proposed mosque by Park51, the organisation behind it. 
    Fred Sainz, a spokesman for gay rights group the Human Rights Campaign, said the comments were ignorant and hateful, and questioned his 'greater judgement'.
    Plans for the mosque on the site of the former Twin Towers caused controversy from the outset.


    Cycling Hero Graeme Obree Comes Out Gay

    Tormented champ ... Graeme Obree
    Tormented champ ... Graeme Obree


    TORMENTED cycling hero Graeme Obree has told how he was once so distraught at realising he was gay he wished he was DEAD.

    World record racer Obree, 45, today finally reveals his secret torment to the public after years of agonising over his sexuality. He is not agonizing anymore since coming out

    By GERRY DUFFY  The ScotishSun.co.uk

    PETA Uses Fake Lesbianism To Try And Sell Message of Vegetarianism

    It would be impossible for me to be a vegetarian or a vegan. To begin with, I happen to have celiacs. Secondly, I am also sensitive to both peanuts and lactose. I also do not process soy as easily as some others. Basically, I would die of nutrient starvation before too long. I am not alone in this. There are a lot of people who are just not physically capable of processing certain foods easily or even at all, but that does not stop PETA from constantly pushing their message of vegetarianism.
    This year’s version doesn’t seem to disappoint. While last year’s “Veggie Love” was declined by NBC despite a $3 million offer, this year’s ad is a compilation of “outakes” from the audition for the 2010 ad. There’s plenty of risque vegetable love to come.
    . . .
    WARNING: The video below may not be appropriate to view in all settings, and features somewhat undressed women playing with vegetables.
    The video features a lot of staples such as two women “seductively” chewing on a single carrot, and a guy holding an eggplant like it’s a giant penis. Yeah, there’s a lot of faux lesbianism and gayness in this video.
    Honestly, all it could make me think was- what a waste of food!

    Wyoming politicians hope to unmarry gays

    USAWyoming's House of Representatives passed a bill on 24 January to prohibit recognition of other states' same-sex marriages and civil unions.

    The vote was 32-27. The measure is expected to pass the Senate as well.

    Supporters said the law is needed because while Wyoming law clearly states that only a man and a woman can marry each other, current law also recognizes other states' legal marriages.

    The Senate, meanwhile, voted 20-10 on 27 January to place a measure on the November 2012 ballot to amend the state constitution to prohibit recognition of other states' same-sex marriages.

    That measure would not necessarily block recognition of out-of-state civil unions.

    Rex Wockner pinkpaper.com

    Gay Leaders Are Praising The Top Marine For Setting a Positive Tone

    Gay rights leaders are praising the nation's top Marine for setting a positive, proactive tone as the military prepares to end enforcement of "don't ask, don't tell," despite his previous warnings that openly gay troops could lead to deadly distractions.
    General James F. Amos

    Gen. James F. Amos, the commandant of the Marine Corps, has said that allowing gays to serve openly in the military could result in more casualties because openly gay troops on the battlefield could pose "a distraction."
    But in a new video, Amos and Sgt. Maj. Carlton W. Kent, the Marine's top enlisted man, remind the rank and file that a change in policy is coming and they expect them to follow the new orders.
    "The Marine Corps is a diverse force, and all have earned the privilege to wear the Eagle globe and anchor," Kent says in the video. "As Marines, we are confident you will continue to treat each other with dignity and respect. The commandant and I have trust in the great leadership of our Corps, from junior Marines to the most senior. As always, engaged leadership will be the key to implementation."
    Later, Amos says: "I want to be clear to all Marines: We will step out smartly to faithfully implement this new law. It's important that we value the diversity of background, culture and skills that all Marines bring to the service of our nation. As we implement repeal, I want leaders at all levels to reemphasize the importance of maintaining dignity and respect for one another throughout our force. We are Marines, we care for one another and respect the rights of all who wear this uniform. We will continue to demonstrate to the American people that discipline and fidelity, which have been the hallmarks of the United States Marine Corps for more than 235 years, will continue well into the future."
    A Defense Department survey released in November found that 58 percent of those in Marine combat arms units thought that repeal would negatively impact unit cohesion. About 48 percent of Army combat units felt the same way.
    But overall, 70 percent of service members said they believe repeal would have little or no effect on their units.
    The video shows that Amos "is keeping his promise to lead the implementation of openly gay and lesbian service personally," saidAaron Belkin, executive director of the Palm Center, a California think tank that specializes in gender, sexuality and the military. "The General's statement is unambiguous that he 'value[s] the diversity' of all Marines, whether they are straight or gay."
    Fred Sainz, vice president of the Human Rights Campaign, said "It's heartening that in our Democracy, military leaders may disagree but they do not hesitate to implement the laws passed by our elected leaders."
    Despite his warnings, Amos said last year that he wouldn't resist if Congress passed legislation ending enforcement of "don't ask, don't tell," and vowed that the Marines would "get in step and do it smartly."
    Detailed plans on how each of the services plans to train troops about the end of the gay ban are due by Friday to Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates. Senior military leaders said late last week that training will begin in February with the goal of ending the ban by the end of the year.
    By Ed O'Keefe  .washingtonpost.com

    January 30, 2011

    Whales Come Back To NYC Harbor..What a Site! Welcome

    Humpback Whale, along with several other species, have been reappearing off the coast of New York City.
    Fleetham/Visuals Unlimited, Inc.
    Humpback Whale, along with several other species, have been reappearing off the coast of New York City.
    Tom Paladino, captain of two ferry boats from the Rockaways, says pods of aquatic mammals off the city's coast have "increased tenfold."Whales, dolphins and seals have made a triumphant return to the waters just outsideNew York Harbor - and the comeback has even sparked whale and seal-watching tours.
    "We used to see 10 whales a year - now we see 100," he said. "We saw dolphins almost on a daily basis between June and September."
    There are so many more seals in New York Harbor that earlier this month he started weekend tours on his ferry, American Princess.
    On one trip last weekend, he counted 14 lolling on a small island off Staten Island.
    Cornell University Prof. Chris Clark estimates that as many as 30 to 50 fin whales now live full-time in the waters just past the Verrazano Bridge.
    Acoustical monitors installed by Cornell in and near the harbor discovered six species of whales touring the New York-New Jersey bite - "a real menagerie of giants," he said.

    Blue whales are also among those showing up off NYC shores (Fleetham/Visuals Unlimited, Inc.)
    Experts say anti-hunting laws and cleaner waters may have brought back whales and their cousins after being largely absent for a century.
    The numbers are "far, far more than expected, even for me," Clark said. "I've been surprised elsewhere in the world, but off New York - yikes!"
    Much of the data was collected by a federally funded study by Cornell and the state Department of Environmental Conservation.
    When acoustical traps were laid in New York waters in 2008, researchers were surprised to hear not only the 20-minute serenades of humpbacks, but a cacophony of other fish making a racket, Clark said.
    "Black drum fish lit up the night with their choruses. Males were out there singing their hearts out: 'Hey Baby! Hey Baby! Hey Baby!' There's a cornucopia of life 10 miles off the Verrazano Bridge. It's mind-boggling!" he said.
    Officials said the study was supposed to last three years but was abandoned when a DEC official overseeing the project quit to get her doctorate. Budget cuts made it impossible to hire a replacement.
    Clark said the whale study needs to be revived because no one knows the extent of whale activity around New York Harbor - or how best to protect them.
    Environmentalists are especially worried about endangered species like the Right Whale, spotted locally along with Humpback, Fin, Sei, Minke and Blue whales.
    The Right Whale is the slowest-moving local species, traveling at no more than 10 knots, and is the most prone to being killed by ships.
    Clark is hoping to raise $1 million to revive the whale study and install a sophisticated monitoring system like one in Boston that notified boats to slow down.
    "We don't know what's off our coastline," said Maureen Murphy of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment. "I know more from 19th century books than I do from anything printed in the last century."

    Celebrity Rehab Stints and the Vices That Got Them There

    Images: INFphoto.com

    Stephanie Pratt (above):
    If you think Spencer Pratt was a handful, wait until you see his sister Stephanie Pratt. In true hypocrite fashion, Pratt called out co-star and sister-in-law Heidi Montag on The Hills for her penchant for alcohol, but was then slapped with her own DUI charges last November. The Hills cast member agreed to a 30-day rehab stint after pleading not guilty to the charges. We guess trouble runs in the family?
    Steven Tyler:88889_1267060596_486x.jpg

    The legendary frontman of Aerosmith, checked into rehab late last December in order to treat his addiction to painkillers. The reckless rockstar had suffered from over ten years of stage injuries, and grew increasingly dependent on the prescription meds until the realization of his addiction, which resulted in his stint in rehab.
    Tiger Woods:

    According to sources, ousted playboy Tiger Woods has entered a rehab facility in Pine Grove, Mississippi. The reason? Sexual compulsion and excessive usage of the painkillers (Vicodin) and sleep medication (Ambien). As if you didn’t already know.
    Mischa Barton
    Last summer, the former OC actress checked into rehab for what was rumored to be drug addiction and suicidal tendencies. However, she reportedly left early in order to play a moody pill-popping supermodel on The Beautiful Life. Retrogressive much?
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers is looking a little worse for wear these days. The actor is back in rehab for the third time in less than four years. The Tudors star is reportedly in a treatment facility in England to deal with alcohol and cocaine addictions. We sincerely hope that Meyers cleans up his act -- it would be a shame to see such good looks wither away.
    Melanie Griffith
    With a long history of drug usage, Melanie Griffith is back in rehab yet again. Her husband, dreamboat Antonio Banderas, reportedly gave her an ultimatum: “Get clean, or get a divorce.” What Antonio wants, Antonio gets.
    Lara Stone
    Curvy supermodel Lara Stone is a fashion darling around the globe. Perhaps the one thing that sets her apart from the rest of the models (except her borderline D-cups) is her blunt honesty. Last November, Stone told British Vogue, "I am a complete alcoholic. It used to be so easy to say to someone, 'Get me a bottle of vodka,' and they'd run and get it. Going to rehab was the best decision I ever made. The last six months have been the best of my life." Bravo, Lara for breaking up with the bottle. Isn't life so much better now that you can see straight?
    Kelly Osbourne
    The rock 'n' roll princess has been more than vocal about her dark past and her insistence on getting through it. Late last month, Osbourne voluntarily checked into a medical facility in order to “address some personal issues.” We applaud Kelly’s determination to get clean and wish her the best of luck.
    Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

    By now, you would have had to be stuck in solitary confinement to not hear about the Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller rehab fiasco. The infamous bad boy reportedly checked himself into rehab for alcoholism, while his wife is in for crack and alcohol addiction. Yikes! We hope someone's watching out for the kids.
    Burt Reynolds
    Veteran actor Burt Reynolds checked into rehab recently for the popular addiction du jour: prescription pain medication. "After a recent back surgery, Mr. Reynolds felt like he was going through hell and after a while, realized he was a prisoner of prescription pain pills. He checked himself into rehab in order to regain control of his life,” says a source. We guess wisdom does come with age after all.
    Dennis Rodman
    Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has finally checked into rehab after years of battling demons. After being convinced by friends and family (as well as former coach Phil Jackson, who joined in on the intervention), Rodman made plans to check into a clinic in order to treat his problem with alcoholism.
    Mackenzie Phillips
    After a stint in rehab last year, Mackenzie Phillips is slated to be featured on the next season of Celebrity Rehab on VH1. It's been a rough year for the actress -- back in September, Phillips caused quite a stir after she came forward about her incestuous affair with rocker father, John Phillips. Be prepared to see a lot of the usual: drama and long talks with Dr. Drew.

    Article from StyleCaster 12 Celebrity Rehab Stints and the Vices That Got Them There 

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