January 27, 2011

US military to end gay ban this year

US military to end gay ban this year: Gates
WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday the US military would be able to scrap a ban on gays serving openly in the military by the end of the year, promising swift action.
Congress voted to repeal the ban last month but rights activists had feared the Pentagon might move slowly to implement the change.
Asked about President Barack Obama's vow on Tuesday to open the doors to gays in the armed forces this year, Gates said: "Yeah, I think we can -- we can do that."
The law requires the Pentagon to make any necessary changes and then the ban would only end 60 days after Obama, Gates and top military officer Admiral Mike Mike Mullen formally inform lawmakers that the military is ready to move ahead.
Speaking to reporters aboard his plane en route to Ottawa, Gates said carrying out the change would involve several phases, including drafting new training material and then introducing the training across the force.
"We don't know how long it'll take to train the entire force, but I'm confident we can get it done this year, and we're shooting to get it done sooner rather than later," said Gates, according to a transcript of his remarks.
In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, Obama said that "starting this year, no American will be forbidden from serving the country they love because of who they love."
Some gay rights groups previously have accused Gates and the Pentagon of taking an overly cautious approach to the issue and have pressed for a clear timeline for when enforcement of the ban would end.
Lawmakers voted to end the prohibition after the Pentagon issued a study that found a solid majority of troops were not bothered by the prospect of lifting the ban and that the military could implement the change without a major disruption or upheaval.

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