January 28, 2011

Is Trevor Donovan's '90210' Gay Character Preparing To Come Out?

Is Trevor Donovan's 90210 gay character of all-American jock Teddy preparing to come out of the closet?
Teddy has been conflicted with his sexual orientation since the nighttime teenage drama premiered the first episode of its third season. In an early scene, Teddy throws-up after a date with current flame Ian, played by Canadian pop singer Kyle Riabko.
Producers have enlisted newcomer Freddie Smith to fill the upcoming void left by Riabko, who is reportedly leaving the soap of his own accord.Smith's Marco – described by producers as “hot” and “super-athletic” – is not a fling for Teddy.
 But managing a love affair between bouts of puke isn't terribly sexy, leaving producers to quicken the pace of Teddy's coming to terms with his sexuality.On this week's episode, Teddy isn't seriously considering coming out, but it appears that his days of sneaking around might be coming to a close after he's discovered by Dixon making out with Ian.
“Can a guy kiss another guy and not be gay?” Dixon later asks Navid.The next day, Dixon asks Teddy, “Are you gay?” To which Teddy begs his friend to keep his secret. BY ON TOP MAGAZINE STAFF 

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