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January 5, 2018

X-Hasidic Mom Lost Her Kids When She Came Out but Now She's Recovered Custody

NEW YORK — Chavie Weisberger is braving a new world as a single mother in New York City after walking away from a failing marriage and her conservative religious roots.

“Growing up in the Hasidic community, that takes up every detail of your life,” Weisberger explained. “I was living under this threat of losing my children completely which ultimately happened.”

Like most teens in her Hasidic Jewish community, Weisberger recalls having little choice in who she could marry. At the age of 19, she met with her future husband, twice.

“My parents encouraged me and said as long as you respect him you’ll learn to like him,” she recalled.

After the wedding, three children quickly followed and so did the doubts. Weisberger sought professional help.

“I came home and told my mom the therapist said that I might be a lesbian and she said, ‘what’s that?’”

In 2009, she was granted a divorce.

“Eventually I discovered a Jewish LGBT community where there was support for people to live their truth.”

But her ex-husband moved to get full custody of the children claiming Weisberger violated the religious upbringing clause in their divorce.

He won custody in 2015, but the decision was reversed in 2017 and now Weisberger has primary custody of the children.

“Now we can go to the public library and we can go to the beach and we can read Harry Potter which it turns out my children are obsessed with," Weisberger said. "So it's an exciting new world.”

New York Very own Station

August 10, 2016

Guys that Beat Up Gay Blck Man Want to Change Sweet Plea Which Kept Them Free

I posted about this story back on 2013 [click hasidic-jews-arrested-on-beating-of gay black man ]
Its unbelievable that these cowards were never sent to jail but they signed a sweet-heart plea agreement to do 150 hrs of community service among an integrated neighborhood(not their own cubby neighborhood where they spent their off time or among their ‘religious’group). Guess what? They are screaming fowl now to the prosecutor and want to do their sentence(sentence??) where they choose which you guessed it! it will be among their own people.

The New York Post brought this to my attention with the following story(for pictures click on the above link):

Two Shomrim thugs who dodged jail after beating a gay black man into a pulp are now trying to shirk the conditions of their plea deal.

Pinchas Braver and Abraham Winkler — who admitted to jumping Taj Patterson as he walked down a Williamsburg block in Brooklyn in December 2013 — have now taken issue with the DA’s recommendation that they serve their 150 hours of community service in a “culturally diverse neighborhood.”

Taj Patterson was beaten by a group of Hasidic men in Williamsburg.
Instead, the men want to toil at Chai Lifeline, an organization for sick Jewish children.

While Braver, 22, and Winkler, 42, were in court Tuesday for sentencing, prosecutors opted to return to court Aug. 16 after a more thorough investigation into Chai, which describes itself as an organization dedicated to offering “a number of services for Jewish children with life-threatening illness.”

As part of the plea, the two men agreed to be sentenced on charges of unlawful imprisonment to three years’ probation and to pay $1,400 restitution for the vicious attack, which left Patterson permanently blind in one eye.

Though five defendants were originally charged in the beating, charges were dropped against two of them — Aharon Hollender and Joseph Fried — in 2014 and 2015. The remaining defendant, Mayer Heskovic, has opted to head to trial. He will return to court Aug. 23.

January 9, 2016

Putin and His Provocateurs Religious Jewish Advisors

 Putin at center and on right is provocateur Rabbi Berel Lazar
Putin has a very trusted advisor on Rabbi Berel Lazar. This Rabbi is someone who not only backs all of Putin’s actions but he is a trusted advisor. No need to be surprised if you go back and see Putin’s actions on gays (Russia was coming along well before Putin) and his renaissance on his own the Russian Orthodox Church and Jews in Russia. The Orthodox Church which was kept for no reason other than as an excuse and facade that said Russia allowed Religion under the communists which it didn’t. The churches’ were almost empty symbols of another era before Stalin. Now all that is change. There is been money allocated for the upkeep of those churches and for the Jewish Orthodox Temples too. Both the Russian Orthodox Church and the Jewish Orthodoxy are rabidly anti gay, anti US, even anti Israel being that they don’t believe there should have been a jewish state, not until the coming of their messiah. So now on actions by Putin are beginning to make some sense? I think so. The fact is that this ex KGB spy is religious.  Adam

It’s springtime at the Kremlin, Russia’s center of government. The who’s who of Moscow are gathered in a huge ballroom, shuffling around in their gold-plated chairs, waiting for President Vladimir Putin to take the podium, where he will announce the annexation of Crimea. The room is a sea of dark suits, blue ties and gray hair. Except for one man, who sports a big furry hat with a golden spike. Below it: small glasses, a foot-long beard and a smile.

He’s Berel Lazar, Russia’s Chief Rabbi and one of Putin’s most trusted confidants.

Turns out Putin has a surprising affinity for the Jewish cause, which Italian-born, American-raised Lazar has leveraged, in return for his fierce loyalty, to help his community flourish, bringing in synagogues, schools and Jewish cultural centers. His combination of fervent religiosity and political machinations makes him one of Russia’s most divisive public figures. “Today,” Lazar writes OZY over email, “thank G-d, there is a renaissance of Jewish life in Russia.”

If the phoenix is rising, it’s from a mountain of painful, troubled ashes: Historically, Jews have not been treated particularly well behind the Iron Curtain. In the 14th century, Russian Jews were accused of causing the Black Plague by poisoning wells. Some 500 years later, Czar Nicholas I tried to conscript 12-year-old Jewish children into his military. Pogroms, in which Jews were killed or expellled from their homes, were frequent. And in the Communist 20th century, Jewish schools and synagogues were shut down. Oh, and a disproportionate percentage of the victims of Stalin’s purges were Jewish. 
But back in 1989, as the Cold War thawed, Lazar arrived from New York to a country that looked very different. The nation was mostly bereft of its Jewish community, as many flocked to Israel. Yet Lazar, the son of two Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries sent to Italy to spread the word of the faith, felt a magnetic pull from Russia: As a child, he says, he was “raised on the stories of Jewish heroism and self-sacrifice behind the Iron Curtain.” After rabbinical school, he got an offer to teach the Torah … for an underground network of Jews in the Soviet Union. He “jumped at the opportunity.”

The tale of the modern Jewish diaspora spans continents and encompasses the migratory patterns of millions — Jews rushing to Israel from Ethiopia, the U.S. and even India; American Jews developing their own particular form of the faith, emphasizing bar and bat mitzvahs for teenagers and Hanukkah. Amid that story, though, the Russian Jews are mostly forgotten, says Shneer. Despite this, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee estimates there are around 600,000 Jews in Russia and as many as half a million in Ukraine.

That dispersal highlights an interesting divide between Lazar’s form of Judaism and modern Reform Judaism. Lazar, a Chabad Hasidic Orthodox Jew — thoroughly traditional, with 14 children — is not a public fan of Reform Judaism. Practitioners of the contemporary version of the religion in turn “don’t recognize” him as Chief Rabbi, says Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie, president emeritus of the Union for Reform Judaism. (Lazar tells us modern forms of the religion simply “haven’t caught on much” with his Russian flock, who see those practices as “foreign.”)

The once-underground rabbi met our shirtless friend when he was elected Chief Rabbi; years into the relationship, Lazar recalls a story Putin once told him. (The president’s office did not return requests for comment.) According to the rabbi, Putin was often left home alone while his impoverished parents rushed around trying to make ends meet. His neighbors, Lazar tells, were kind Hasidic Jews who ensured little Vladimir had a hot meal and a place to rest.

Not everyone believes that Lazar’s is a heroic tale of anti-anti-Semitism. For one, Putin’s name is not always synonymous with religious freedom, to say the least; he’s been plagued by accusations of continued oppression and of favoring the Russian Orthodox Church over all other denominations. The Pew Research Center ranks Russia as “very high” among nations with “social hostilities” regarding religion. Which might suggest that Putin has some more prosaic, even Machiavellian, reasons for courting Lazar. Take Putin’s speech during International Holocaust Memorial Day at Moscow’s Jewish museum — to which Lazar invited him — which he used to insinuate that Ukrainian nationalists were anti-Semitic by calling them “Banderites,” a reference to the Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera. In a clean feint, he cited said anti-Semitism as a thoroughly hearty justification for Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

This coziness of Lazar and Putin’s relationship angers many Jews. “It is a mistake for a rabbi to become a tool or a puppet of secular powers,” Yoffie says. “Rabbi Lazar owes allegiance to God, not to Mr. Putin.” To this, Lazar tells us he meets with Putin “as a matter of duty.” And that the Jewish faith mandates faith to God — but to community and nation as well.


October 17, 2015

Young Handsome Pedophile Abuses Two Young Brothers and Gets 2 yrs.

 Andrew Goodman, Pedophile. This should dispelled the notion that pedophiles are older, fat, ugly looking men. As you can see Andrew is  handsome, young and you know he could get anybody, male or female but instead he wants kids. Even the judge was convinced he was no danger and there was nothing to gain with the correspondent long sentenced that a sexual predator gets. If you are good looking it’s been proven you get faster promotions and more money; In this case you don’t get much jailed as a sexual predator either. (Adam Gonzalez)

A child molester wether he goes after little girls or boys is neither straight nor gay. He or she is a psychopath, a Pedophile. Someone that for unknown reason needs to have sex superiority over young ones. Once this psychopath stops thinking about committing a crime and actually puts it in motion he nor others know how is going to end up.

In the case of 29 yr old Andrew Goodman a New Yorker who is now 31,  He did what most pedophiles do. He got to know his victim. In this case there were two and they were brothers. He befriended both to the point of getting their trust which is what the pedophile goes after, trust.  He sells them him self as a friend and good buddy. He could not do it to an adult because that would be way more difficult and the there is the problem of what happens when you got the confidence of the adult, how are you going to get him to play your game? With the kid is easier they don’t have the same experience in dealing with this kind of sick individuals. But the attraction doesn’t just come because they are easier prey but because they are kids. Somewhere in that psychosis of theirs, the kids are what they think their mind and heart is searching for. A never ending lust to hurt kids that have done nothing to them. Even if they sat and thought about the permanent damaged they will do to the kids that is not going to stop them. But clear thinking is not their forte. All their thinking brain cells are busy on hatching the plan to get the prey and then what’s next?  The situation in which the victims are in danger or not, depends on how much the pedophile thinks he can get away with the crime. 

In the Case of Andrew he got those two brothers to set him at ease. He played games with them, took them to places, bought them things and then a visit to his place. He sexually abused both boys but  at afterwords the boys found enough courage in themselves and spilled the beans on pedophile Andy. and Andy got busted. But the best one is this:

Andrew Goodman claimed he was married to the boy under Jewish law after he was accused of sodomizing the boy then taking him to dinner and a Kid Rock concert.

The sad thing is and since we don’t have a good justice system in which the innocent is spared and the guilty is given the sentence matching the crime. Sexual crimes now-a- days have come to the top of the list up there with selling drugs in the way of sentencing. In this case however,  the judge had a lot of sympathy for this pedophile. Wether the judge was a pedophile himself I don’t know but this is  happened many times on affluent people. As a matter of fact that is the fuel that keeps the engine of kidnaping of girls and boys and takig them out of the country to be sold as prostitutes. Who buys these type of children? People with money.

So the judge after saying “He understood how the boys felt” Again, how can the judge know and particularly since she was just going to give Andrew a slap on the wrist. One of the boys wrote the Judge a letter asking for a life sentence. It would have been a fair sentence since this type of sentence a in a case like this should have gotten. There were two not one abused kid. Even at 20 to life for one you still have the second boy.

Well the Judge was convinced Andrew who was apologizing all over the place and doing what he most’ve read somewhere of how a defendant in a case like this in which he is found guilty and now he can throw himself to the mercy of the judge.  Things were going good for Andrew the Pedophile freaky way. The Judge gave him 2 yrs. One yr for each boy. But then the judge understood how much permanent damaged had been done to the boys as he said……Sometimes justice comes from the place we least expect. The 2 years aaas not all Andrew got.

The following is the account of the court reporter present on thee day of sentencing:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                            _*_                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 The arrest of Andrew was part of sweeping task voce on child sex trafficking and sexual abusingon the Jewish “RELIGIOUS” enclave of Boro park and otter Jewish areas in Brooklyn

A convicted child molester, who had skated with a slap on the wrist in state court, was nailed Friday with a 10-year sentence by a federal judge in Brooklyn.

Andrew Goodman, 31, was arrested by the feds in 2012 before he finished serving a measly 2-year sentence meted out by Supreme Court Justice Martin Murphy for sexually abusing two brothers, ages 12 and 13.

Goodman pleaded guilty in Brooklyn Federal Court in January to transporting one victim when he was 15 years old to Atlantic City, where he raped him and took in a Kid Rock concert.

The pony-tailed pervert apologized for his actions — and for filing a legal motion which argued that he was married to the victim under Jewish law and therefore had not committed a sex crime. He blamed a jailhouse lawyer for putting him up to the letter, and pleaded for forgiveness.

The victim, who sat in the courtroom but did not speak, had sent a letter under seal to Federal Judge Margot Brodie suggesting Goodman get life in prison.

"I read the victim's letter and I understand what he's going through, and I know it's my fault," Goodman said. "What he feels is more important to me than anything. I don’t want to cause any more pain.” 

The judge said she believes Goodman is remorseful, but reminded him of the victim's own words that he had "'ripped the life out of him'" and ruined his childhood.

Brodie urged the victim to overcome the trauma which would be his "sweet revenge" against the predator.

After Goodman completes the federal sentence, he will be on supervised release for 10 years, must register as a sex offender and is barred from contacting the victim.

Outside court, the victim said through his lawyer that he wanted to thank U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Assistant U.S. Attorney Tyler Smith for bringing the federal case.

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