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May 12, 2012

The Keys with Humphrey and McCall and Now Me Dead Too "I want to be dead too"

Interviewed with the general manager at Howard Jonson’s Resort on Key Largo. He seems to be middle eastern, not too much experience with this type of person. He saw my resume and I had a letter of recommendation from the same people ‘he' was glad to be getting away from and them he.  The letter said all great things, He wondered why they were relieved on the recommendation. Then He figured out, He  was an expensive employee. A dying young guy. They didn’t know how long this would last. Knowing how many questions would pop up on someone who is healthy looking in his prime of his life as people judge a man’s age.
He was told he was dying. He was told two years at the most, no cure. Take care of your affairs. He was feeling healthy. He bought a new bike and started going at it every day. Rain or not, did not matter. He had felt healthy except weaker and mentally too complicated of thoughts to make a Gray Hound Stop at Key Largo.
He was hired. Computer literate, when people we r not. Experienced in more than one language and lots of success in retail, as well as a downfall, but only one.
The keys was a great place to to go and die.  The thing about dying is that you have to make more money or at least more than if you are not. Key Largo and all it’s magic. No money and dying. The government and it’s many claws on people that are disable do not understand disable and riding a bike.
Two years have been up. Is he dead? He should be. More Please let me talk to you about key largo and the keys. Key west and it’s dying gay population, but the tourists are still coming. He loved you Key Largo, is He d dead?  What a fuckin' storm! The sea wants to come in and I want it to come. I think I think he died. Can’t be alive and feel pain? Can You?
What a smell of salt and sea and feeling that somehow you come from this waters. Born in Puerto Rico, grown in New York and lots of travel on the speedometer.
"Dying is good. A hamaca, a panama hat and cigar. Yes, Yes, papito take me now. si papa Dios take me to where ever the dead go. Im going to miss mami, but I have a feeling she would be right behind me. Hate to do that to her and they argued about it. She did not understand and told him, I will go first.
The winds make everything washed with air, water and salt. What a way to go. But what about the guy that fell in love with im in key west. You got his number because the guy living with you found it on your car. A note with, “ I love YOu” Call me……he felt needed to destroy the note. In fact he was never a carrier of infidelity. H eknew is sometimes is timing. Who ever gets you first. But can you drop them if you find the guy of your dreams, can you, can you,,,can  you please tell me?,,,but gitta be honest my friend.

True story I have in writing. Not sure how to put it out in public. It makes me feel good to expose some of it, otherwise why would this story be given to me to do as I want?

(Story being published by adamfoxie with all the rights to this true story)

(No corrections on grammar)

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