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May 1, 2014

DR. Phil a “Douche”


This posting appeared here about 4 years ago. There is more to say about this individual but this posting was the salvo that had people begin to doubt everything this manwas saying. 
The post is being repeated minus the editorial content. It seems that this man  that was put on the airwaves by Oprah is having a comeback with people quoting some of the more sensible things he says ignoring he is not on expert on sexual orientation on resolving problems having to do with gender non identification. On the other hand the things that he’s is said and never backtracked are wrong and hateful.
Adam Gonzalez, Publisher adamfoxie

It seems Dr. Phil likes to capitalize on transgender misunderstanding and hatred on his show.

"You fool me once shame on you, you fool me twice shame on me"

We must commit to no longer stand idly by as Dr. Phil continues his knack and enjoyment for stigmatizing trans folks. He previously held a program on "Gender Confused Kids" even going so low as to bring in an "expert" from the queerphobic, anti-science & psychology Focus on the Family.

He has two upcoming shows that deal with transsexuality, and they are currently looking for guests.

One titled "Is It Wrong For a Little Boy To Wear Pink?"
"Do you think parents who allow their children to dress in opposite sex clothes are wrong? That boys should not be allowed to play with dolls? Girls shouldn't be into super heroes?

Or do you have a child who wanted to play with something of the opposite sex but you would not allow it? Do you feel that boundaries should be set so that young girls play with Barbies and should love the color pink while boys should like sports, action figures, and playing rough?"
Just the wording of this show is offensive and plays into gender stereotyping. Why isn't there a call for parents and real experts who are supportive of their trans children, or is this only to have a one sided view on people who want to express trans-bigotry.

The other show once again plays on the so called "abnormality" of trans people. The title is called "Gender Confused Child?"

"Does your child seem confused about his/her gender? Do you feel your daughter is a tomboy? Does she love sports, hanging with the boys or despise the color pink?

Or does your son dress up in your clothes, wear your shoes or even put on your make-up? Does he play with dolls instead of action figures?

Are you concerned about your child and worried this may end up being more than just a phase? Is it even causing tension in your marriage? OR, are you someone who used to cross-dress as a child but now you've outgrown it?"
This show is once again asserting that transgender behavior is confusion, sick, and somehow can be "cured". 

These shows are offensive, transphobic, and Dr. Phil is continuing to put out misinformation in the name of psychology.

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