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August 20, 2017

Missing British Boy Now Among Barcelona Dead

 Julian Cadman, 7

It’s a tragic confirmation. Julian Cadman’s family had frantically searched for the British 7-year-old in the wake of Thursday’s ISIS-claimed van attack on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas landmark. Today Catalan police said he was among the Assault's 14 fatalities. One additional person was killed that in nearby Cambrils, and while police fatally shot five alleged jihadists there, preventing further casualties, they’re still searching for the Barcelona driver. A local police chief speculated that he could have crossed into nearby France, even if checkpoints are operating on the normally open border.


Barcelona Attack Events

 Barcelona attack suspects

At least 14 people were killed and 130 injured on Thursday when a driver deliberately slammed a van into crowds on Barcelona's most popular street in what police confirmed was a terror attack.

Citizens of 24 countries were among those killed and injured in Barcelona including one Belgian national confirmed to have died.

A seven-year-old British boy is among those missing following the Las Ramblas rampage, which Prime Minister Threresa May said left a "small number" of Britons injured. 

The attack, the latest in a wave of vehicle rammings across Europe in recent years, caused panic on the streets of Spain's largest city and drew condemnation from world leaders.

"It was clearly a terror attack, intended to kill as many people as possible," Josep Lluis Trapero, senior police official, said.

Hours later, police said they had shot dead "four suspected terrorists" and left another injured in Cambrils, a city south of Barcelona.

The regional government of Catalonia, where both Barcelona and Cambrils are located, also confirmed the incident in the early hours of Friday, which police had earlier qualified as a "possible terrorist attack." 

The Van

A white Fiat van, reportedly rented, rammed into pedestrians outside a kosher restaurant on a busy street in Barcelona shortly after 5pm on Thursday.

The vehicle van veered onto the promenade and barreled down the busy walkway in central Barcelona for 500 metres, swerving back and forth as it mowed pedestrians down and turned a picturesque tourist destination into a bloody killing zone. 

Victims were left sprawled in the street, spattered with blood or writhing in pain from broken limbs. Others fled in panic through Las Ramblas, screaming or carrying young children in their arms.

Lawyer and University of Glasgow rector Aamer Anwar was walking La Ramblas when he heard screaming.

He said a shopkeeper told him five or six people were badly injured and described the scene as "chaos".

Mr Anwar said: "I was walking down Las Ramblas for something to eat. Part of it was in the shade so I decided to keep walking down and literally within 10 seconds there was a crashing noise. 

Armed Police Arrive

"I turned around and people were screaming - I could see a woman screaming with her kids - people started running and jumping into shops. I ran for about 50 or 100 metres and stopped to see what was happening. "

British tourist Keith Welling, who arrived in Barcelona on Wednesday with his wife and 9-year-old daughter, said they saw the van drive past them down the avenue and took refuge in a restaurant when panic broke out and the crowd started running.

"People were shouting and we heard a bang and someone cried that it was a gunshot ... Me and my family ran into the restaurant along with around 40 other people.

"At first people were going crazy in there, lots of people crying, including a little girl around three years old."

What happened in Cambrils?

Residents of the Spanish seaside resort of Cambrils fled in terror in the early hours of Friday after five terrorists wearing suicide vests launched the second ramming attack in the country in a matter of hours. 

At least six people were hurt when the attackers drove into pedestrians before being shot dead by security forces, just hours after a similar attack in nearby Barcelona.

Of the six civilians caught up in the Cambrils attack, two were said to be in a serious condition.

One later died according to an official Twitter account.

The Audi A3 car rammed into people on the seaside promenade of the tourist city 74 miles south of Barcelona, where a van had earlier sped into a street packed full of tourists, killing 13 people and injuring around 100 others.

Police said the suspects in Cambrils carried bomb belts, which were detonated by a police bomb squad.

Media reports said a car crashed into a police vehicle and nearby civilians and police shot the attackers, one brandishing a knife. Police did not immediately say how the attack was being carried out.

A police officer and five civilians were injured and two were in serious condition. 

The explosive belts worn by attackers killed by police in Cambrils were fake, the Spanish region's head Carles Puigdemont told local radio station RAC1. He said bomb experts had confirmed the explosive belts were duds.

The suspects

Four people have so far been arrested over the attack, including Driss Oukabir, the elder brother of van driver suspect Moussa Oukabir.

The driver of the van that mowed into the packed street was still on the run, Spanish police said on Thursday night.

There was a third arrest made on Friday morning - but it was unclear whether this was the driver.

Josep Lluis Trapero of the regional police of Catalonia said two other people suspected of being involved in the terror attack had been arrested - a Spaniard and a Moroccan.

One of the suspects arrested over the attack is a man born in the Spanish territory of Melilla in northern Morocco, he said.

The other, Driss Oukabir, is Moroccan. 

Spanish reports initially said that Driss Oukabir was being questioned on suspicion of involvement in the attack.

But on Thursday night the mayor of Ripoll, the town where he lived, 70 miles north of Barcelona, said that a man identifying himself as Driss Oukabir went to his local police station and reported that his documentation had been stolen.

Jordi Munell, the mayor, said that the man had insisted that he had been in Ripoll at the time of the attack and went to the local police station as soon as he saw his images broadcast in the media.

Police suspect that Driss Oukabir’s younger brother, named by Spanish media as 18-year-old Moussa, could have been involved.

In a further twist, Trapero said police suspected a deadly explosion late on Wednesday at a house in Alcanar 124 miles south of Barcelona was linked to the van attack.

Trapero said the explosion left at least one person dead, and police suspected those in the house were "preparing an explosive device."

"It seems there was an accumulation of gas that generated the explosion," he said, without giving further details.

The Spanish suspect was arrested in Alcanar, while Oukabir was held in Ripoll in northern Catalonia.

Isil claim responsibility

"Soldiers" of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant carried out the deadly van attack, the jihadist organisation's propaganda outlet Amaq said.

"The executors of the Barcelona attack were soldiers of the Islamic State," Amaq said on its Telegram messenger account, without naming those it claimed were behind the attack.

Amaq said they had launched the attack in response to calls to target states taking part in the United States-led coalition battling the jihadist group in Iraq and Syria.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said the attack was "jihadist terrorism" which required a global response.

"Today the fight against terrorism is the principal priority for free and open societies like ours. It is a global threat and the response has to be global," Rajoy told a news conference in Barcelona.

Isil, which once controlled a self-declared "caliphate" across large parts of Iraq and Syria, has suffered major losses in recent months. Coalition-backed Iraqi forces recaptured its Iraqi stronghold Mosul in July.

World leaders condemn perpetrators and offer support to Spain

Prime Minister Theresa May said she is "sickened by the senseless loss of life in Barcelona".

"My thoughts are with the victims of today's terrible attack in Barcelona and the emergency services responding to this ongoing incident," she said. "The UK stands with Spain against terror.

British dual national child missing after Spain terror attacks, says May

Julian is Missing!"Julian is 7 years old and was out with Jom when they were separated, due to the recent terrorist activity. Please share, especially if you have family or friends in Barcelona. Thank you."
Julian Cadman
"Following the attacks in Manchester and London, Spain stood alongside the British people. Tonight, Britain stands with Spain against the evil of terrorism."

U.S. President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter: "The United States condemns the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help. Be tough & strong, we love you!"

He later added: "Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!"

In Germany, the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel said they were thinking of the victims of the "revolting attack" with "profound sadness", while French President Emmanuel Macron voiced "France's solidarity" with Spanish citizens following what he called "a tragic attack".

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for the world to unite in an "uncompromising battle against the forces of terror".

"We decisively condemn this cruel and cynical crime against civilians," Putin wrote in a telegram of condolences to Spanish King Felipe VI. 

The missing, dead and injured (pics omitted)

The family of a seven-year-old boy has posted on Facebook begging for his safe return after he was separated from his injured mother.

Julian Cadman, from Australia, was out in Barcelona on holiday with his mother, when the terrorist's van struck where they were walking, separating them. 
Jom Cadman, the mother of Julian, was found in hospital and is in a serious but stable condition.

His cousin, George Cadman, wrote on Facebook: "My cousin, Julian Alessandro Cadman is missing. Please like and share. We have found Jom (his Mum, my cousin-in-law) and she is in a serious but stable condition in hospital. 

Victims of the van rampage that left 14 people dead and around 100 others injured were of at least 24 different nationalities, Spain's civil protection agency said.

A three-year-old child is among those confirmed dead, Spanish media reported, while authorities said a Belgian woman also died.

Spanish media also reported that three Germans were among those killed.

In Australia, Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop confirmed that four Australians had been hurt in the attack, while one person was missing.

A spokesman had earlier said that among the victims in the popular seaside city were nationals from France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Argentina, Venezuela, Belgium, Australia, Hungary, Peru, Romania, Ireland, Greece, Cuba, Macedonia, China, Italy and Algeria - without detailing whether he was referring to those who died or were injured.

Witnesses spoke of a scene of carnage, with bodies strewn along the boulevard as others fleeing for their lives.

"When it happened I ran out and saw the damage," local shop worker Xavi Perez told AFP.

"There were bodies on the floor with people crowding round them. People were crying. There were lots of foreigners."

August 17, 2017

Many Dead and Injured In Van Plowing Into The Crowds Terror Attack, Barcelona

A white van slammed into crowds on a tree-lined pedestrian mall Thursday in Barcelona's popular tourist district Las Ramblas, killing at least one person and injuring 32 in what Spanish police call a terror attack.

Spanish media, including Cadena SER radio station and TV3, put the death toll as high as 13. 

Spanish public broadcaster RTVE says 1 suspect has been arrested. The Spanish newspaper El  Pais reported earlier that two suspects had fled the scene, with at least one holed up in a bar.

"We can confirm this was a terror attack. The counter-terror protocol has been activated," tweeted regional police.

The Las Ramblas district is lined with stalls and shops in the center of Barcelona. People walk down a wide, pedestrian path in the center of the street but cars can travel on either side. Witnesses tell Spanish state broadcaster RTVE that the van mounted the central pedestrian part of the boulevard and barreled into the crowd.

Albert Tort, 47, a nurse who lives in the area, tells the Spanish newspaper El  Pais the scene of the carnage was a "real disaster."

"I have counted at least 6 dead, I have tried to revive a young man but it has been impossible, " Tort said. 
Mossos d'Esquadra Police officers and emergency service workers move an injured person after a van crashes into pedestrians in Las Ramblas, downtown Barcelona, Spain, on Aug. 17, 2017. 

According to initial reports a van crashed into a crowd in Barcelona's famous Placa Catalunya square at Las Ramblas area injuring several. Local media report the van driver ran away, metro and train stations were closed. The number of people injured and the reasons behind the incident are not yet known.   Van crashes into pedestrians in Barcelona terror attack

The Mossos d'Esquadra, the police force of the Catalan autonomous region, said on Twitter that "the counter-terror mechanism has been activated."

In Washington, the White House says President Trump has been alerted to the unfolding situation. This year there have been several high-profile terror attacks involving vehicles across Europe. In Spain, there hasn't been a major terrorist attack since the 2004 Madrid train bombings by Al Qaeda inspired terrorists, according to El  Pais. 

The El Pais newspaper said the Clinical and Provincial Hospital of Barcelona is treating three injured by the incident. Police cordoned off the street and shut down businesses. A policemen and a medical staff member stand past police cars and an ambulance in a cordoned off area after a van plowed into the crowd, injuring several people on the Rambla in Barcelona on August 17, 2017. 

The government of Catalonia's Carles Puigdemont tweeted, "Maximum prudence and all the attention to the victims in the events of this afternoon in Barcelona."

July 31, 2017

Barcelona Festival is Destroyed by Flames

Flames engulf an outdoor stage at the Tomorrowland festival in Barcelona on Saturday night.

CNN-More than 22,000 fans were evacuated after a fire erupted on stage at the Tomorrowland music festival in Spain, authorities said. 
No injuries were reported as attendees fled the concert area near Barcelona late Saturday night, the city's fire officials said in a statement.
"At this time, the fire is totally extinct although very hot areas remain and the entire assembly structure is at risk of collapsing," the statement said.
The fire was caused by a technical malfunction, according to a post on the Tomorrowland website.  "Authorities will follow up and continue the investigation with the local Spanish organizer," the post said.
Festival attendee Abel Radakovich told CNN that a calm and orderly evacuation helped keep everyone safe.
"No one died because people evacuated walking," Radakovich said. "If someone ran, they told him not to because it could form an avalanche and crush people."
"Luckily we managed to stay calm," he said.
The music festival takes place in different locations simultaneously, with the main stage based in Belgium.
Tomorrowland hosted its first event in 2005 and has grown in popularity since. In 2013, tickets for the event sold out in one second.

By Paul LeBlanc, CNN

October 7, 2016

Barcelona’s Support for it’s Only Openly Gay Referee

 Jesus Tomillero, Spain's first openly gay referee


Spain's first openly gay referee will be invited to attend a Barcelona game in the coming weeks as the Catalan club look to lead the fight against anti-gay behavior in football.

Barca confirmed to ESPN FC that they have already been in touch with Jesus Tomillero, but they are yet to pencil in a date for him to visit Camp Nou. They anticipate it will be sooner rather than later, though.

As well as the presence of Tomillero, Barca also plan to organise other acts to take a stand against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) prejudice in sport, although the details of what exactly that will entail will be confirmed closer to the time.

Tomillero, 21, came out last year and was forced to quit refereeing in May after the abuse became too much. 

However, he decided to reverse that decision and returned to the game in September. The abuse continued, though, he said.

During a match in Andalusia's second division last month a supporter shouted an anti-gay insult at him after he had awarded a penalty. The game was stopped and the man removed, but he got back into the ground and shouted more insults at Tomillero.

The abuse then spread to social media and Tomillero reported it to the police and he has since said that he will "keep on doing what I like doing, whatever it costs, but I am really, really scared."

In the Premier League, Burnley striker Andre Gray is currently serving a four-match suspension for historic anti-gay tweets posted four years ago when he was playing for non-league Hinckley United. 

The tweets emerged after Gray had scored in his side's 2-0 win over Liverpool.

He stressed in a statement that he was a changed man from the one who posted such statements. Despite his apology, the Football Association still decided to ban him.

According to recent research from the UK's leading LGBT equality charity Stonewall, nearly 75 percent of British football fans have heard anti-gay abuse at matches during the past five years. A similar study is not available in Spain.

Barcelona now hope they can contribute to the crackdown of prejudices in football.

May 18, 2016

Sexual Roulettes with HIV Men in Barcelona

Image result for gay roulette barcelona

Sexual roulettes with an unknown HIV person are going on in Barcelona as a fun orgy in which one person could win the Prize. Jesus Vazquez, Boris Izaguirre and Fernando Grande-Marlaska, are Doctors that have been in a campaign fighting the spread of AIDS since 2007.

Hospital and clinic Doctors of infectious diseases and AIDS have warned that in Barcelona men are holding parties called sexual roulette (ruletas sexuales). Gay Men are invited to this gatherings with someone who is HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, to make a more stimulating sexual experience. Specialists, which include Dr. Josep Mallolas, deputy in that service, warn that “they have lost respect” for a disease that, well treated, is not deadly because it can be managed just like any chronic illness but its also incurable and life threatening.

These parties, reports Cadena Ser, consisting of gay men —habitually these groups meet in a place to have an orgy or engage in group sex, including the guest HIV individual but without disclosing to participants which one is the one. "Who gets him, gets him," they explain.

Sexual roulettes have different formats. Some are unique to HIV carriers, and others that can also access healthy people. “There is smorgasbord of everything: parties that are authentic sexual roulettes, or events they cannot go if you're not already infected with HIV," said Mallolas.

The disease is still fatal in countries where the population does not have publicly funded health care system, but clearly added Mallolas, here they don’t fear it. A Doctor specialist in HIV has related the story of a gay young man of 22 years.  The young man explains:  “My sexuality is very important to me and I do not want to give it up, at age 22, to live the rest of my life with a condom on?  Living every day with the fear of getting infected for the rest of my life, so the sooner I get infected, the sooner I can try to get an undetectable viral load, before suffering and always thinking ‘what if I get infected’.” Dr.Mallolas added, “When he said that, I froze.”

Antiretroviral therapy for HIV costs the Ministry of Health about 7,000 euros per year per person, plus other drugs that the patient needs to eliminate other occasional, frequent infections in HIV people.

The Health dept. says in Catalonia you have 30,000 people receiving anti-AIDS treatment.  The gay community is the only one experiencing a steady increase in the numbers of new infections, says Health.

Translated by adamfoxie blog International

Original Spanish Newspaper story:


 Ruletas sexuales en Barcelona con un enfermo de sida como invitado de incógnito en la orgía
Jesús Vázquez, Boris Izaguirre y Fernando Grande-Marlaska, en una campaña contra el contagio de sida entre hombres del 2007.
Médicos del servicio de enfermedades infecciosas y sida del Hospital Clínic han alertado de que en Barcelona se están celebrando encuentros denominados ruletas sexuales, a los que se invita a un infectado por el VIH, el virus que causa el sida, con el fin de hacer más estimulante la experiencia. Los especialistas, entre los que figura el doctor Josep Mallolas, adjunto en el citado servicio, advierten de que "se ha perdido el respeto" a una enfermedad que, bien tratada, no resulta mortal ya que se puede sobrellevar de forma crónica, pero que es incurable y potencialmente mortal.

Estos encuentros, informa la Cadena Ser, consisten en grupos --habitualmente hombres homosexuales- que se citan en un local con el objetivo de celebrar una orgía o mantener relaciones sexuales colectivas, incluyendo al invitado que sufre el sida pero sin revelar a los participantes cuál de ellos es el individuo enfermo. "A quien le toca, le toca", explican.

 Ruletas sexuales en Barcelona con un enfermo de sida como invitado de incógnito en la orgía 
Las ruletas sexuales tienen diversos formatos. Unas son exclusivas para portadores del VIH, y otras a las que pueden acceder también personas sanas. "Hay de todo: fiestas que son auténticas ruletas sexuales, o encuentros a los que no puedes acudir si no estás ya infectado por el VIH", ha explicado Mallolas.

La enfermedad sigue siendo mortal en los países donde la población no dispone de sistema sanitario financiado públicamente, pero es evidente, añadió Mallolas, que aquí no se la teme. El especialista ha relatado a la emisora el comentario que le hizo un homosexual de 22 años: "Me dijo, mi sexualidad es importantísima y no me quiero resignar, a los 22 años, a vivir el resto de mi vida con un preservativo puesto. ¿Que alternativa tengo?: Infectarme. Y cuanto antes me infecte y antes me trate y mantenga una carga viral indetectable, antes dejaré de sufrir por si me infecto", ha explicado Mallolas. "Cuando me lo dijo, me quedé helado", ha añadido el médico.

La terapia antirretroviral que debe seguir un infectado por el VIH cuesta a la Conselleria de Salut unos 7.000 euros al año, más los fármacos que el paciente necesita para eliminar otras infecciones ocasionales, frecuentes en estas personas.

En Catalunya reciben tratamiento antisida unas 30.000 personas. El colectivo homosexual es el único que experimenta un constante incremento en las cifras de nuevos infectados, indica Salut. 

November 14, 2013

Barcelona Sport Jocks Strip for HIV

To fight homophobia in sport and raise funds for a local HIV organization experiencing budget cuts, Barcelona’s Panthers don their speedos for the world to enjoy
 Barcelona's gay swim team has shot a swimsuit calendar for charity.
Photo by: Juan Pablo Santamaria.
A Spanish gay sport group got creative to fight homophobia in sport and raise money for a local HIV charity.
Barcelona’s gay swim team the Panthers decided to shoot a 2014 swimsuit calendar to help raise funds for BCN Checkpoint Centre, a local HIV testing, treatment and prevention center.
Group coordinator Mano Ventura told Gay Star Travel: ‘Checkpoint Centre does some great work with Barcelona’s gay community with regards to HIV treatment and prevention.
‘So many health services are experiencing budget cuts, we decided this year to help raise money for a local institution.’
The 60 swimmers are part of the larger Panthers group, which includes other LGBT sport groups including basketball, soccer and tennis.
‘The Panthers are dedicated to combatting homophobia in sport, so we’re not just gay and lesbian athletes, and we don’t only participate in gay-specific sporting events. We play with teams across the country and the world to show there’s no need fror hate among athletes.’
Photographer Juan Pablo Santamaria took over 2000 photos of the swimmers on the rooftop pool at Barcelona’s hetero-friendly Axel hotel.
The calendar costs €10 ($13) and is available for purchase online. Visit Gay Star Travel for stories, photos and tips on Barcelona and beyond.

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