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November 8, 2018

US Supreme Justice Ruth Bader in Hospital After Fall and Breaking three Ribs

US Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg has fractured three ribs after a fall on Wednesday, the court says.
The fall happened in her office at the Supreme Court in Washington.
Ms Ginsburg, 85, went home but was in discomfort and went to George Washington University hospital on Thursday morning, a statement said.
Tests showed that she had fractured three ribs on her left side and she has been admitted for observation and treatment.
It means Ms Ginsburg will not be present for Thursday's investiture of new Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh, whose appointment led to protests following allegations of sexual misconduct.
President Donald Trump, who nominated Mr Kavanaugh and described the claims against him as a "hoax", is due to attend his investiture. 
Ms Ginsburg has sat on the Supreme Court since 1993 after being appointed by President Bill Clinton and is seen as the most senior justice on the court's liberal wing.
Prior to her appointment, Ms Ginsburg focused her work on women's rights and started the first law journal dedicated to the topic.
Some of her legal opinions, coupled with her refusal to step down during the Obama era, have seen her gain popularity in some quarters and earned her the nickname Notorious RBG.

June 24, 2018

A Canadian Dr. Shot By Israelis is Asking For Brand New Hospitals in Gaza

The doctor says $11m investment from Canada could bring stable electricity to about nine hospitals and 50 clinics in Gaza
Palestinian demonstrator hit in the face with tear gas canister fired by Israeli troops lies at a hospital in Gaza earlier this month (Reuters)
Jillian D'Amoursn  

 MONTREAL, Canada - A Canadian doctor who was shot by Israeli forces last month during protests in the Gaza Strip has taken his fight for health-care access for Palestinians to Ottawa, the Canadian capital.

Injured in Gaza Hospital

 Loubani is asking the Canadian government for $15m Canadian ($11m) to help expand a longstanding project that aims to bring 24-hour electricity to medical facilities in the besieged coastal enclave.
The renewable energy project, known as EmpowerGAZA, involves installing solar panels on the rooftops of hospitals and medical clinics.
So far, three hospitals in Gaza have been equipped with solar panels.  

The $11m investment would pay for the installation of solar panels on about nine other hospitals, as well as 50 medical clinics, explained Loubani, an emergency physician based in London, Ontario.
Loubani met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this week in Ottawa, as well as several parliament members from all the major political parties, all of whom welcomed the idea, he said.
“I was very happy to see the general Canadian mood - that the health concerns of Palestinians in Gaza have to be taken seriously – reflected in their representatives from all parties,” he told Middle East Eye in a telephone interview.
“I think all the parties agree that we have to do something about the desperate health conditions that currently exist in Gaza,” he said. 
The image, tweeted by the prime minister's office, shows Trudeau sitting directly across from Loubani, at a meeting earlier this week.
The prime minister’s office redirected MEE to the ministry of international development.
Louis Belanger, director of communications in that ministry, said the department was "not currently in a position to comment specifically on Dr. Loubani's proposed project".
"We salute the humanitarian work that Dr. Loubani has done in Africa and the Middle East, especially today as we mark World Refugee Day," Belanger told MEE in an email.
He said Canada "remains deeply concerned" about the humanitarian needs of Palestinians, and acknowledges that "the limited supply of electricity exacerbates the situation".
Helene Laverdiere, an MP for the New Democrats and the party’s foreign affairs critic, said on Twitter the NDP supports Loubani’s request.
She urged “the Canadian government to fund this initiative, which will save lives in #Gaza”.
Gaza’s health-care network has been on the brink of collapse for several years, with frequent electricity cuts limiting available services and a shortage of medical supplies resulting from a strict blockade on the territory imposed by Israel and supported by Egypt.
In that context, providing reliable electricity to medical facilities is critical.
So far, solar panels have been installed at Beit Hanoun Hospital and the Indonesia Hospital, both in Beit Hanoun and at al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir al-Balah, after an online fundraising campaign garnered more than $215,000 in 2015.
The steady flow of electricity has allowed patients at each facility to benefit from “the most essential, life-saving” care, Loubani said.
“In these three hospitals, Palestinian patients never have to worry about whether or not there’s going to be a cut in power in the intensive care unit, in the operating rooms or for the dialysis units,” he said.
If there’s electricity left over after these essential services are met, it goes to power the hospitals’ emergency rooms.
The project’s effects go beyond direct medical care, however. 
Knowing their local hospitals will be able to respond to their needs – and importantly, that they won’t be sent away amid a lack of power – also provides Palestinian patients in Gaza with a sense of relief.
“They know that whenever they come to this hospital, it’s always working. They know that they can always receive care and doctors [w]on’t send them away,” Loubani said.
Loubani acknowledged that the Israeli blockade makes it challenging to get the necessary equipment into Gaza to install the solar panel systems.
Still, the difficulties don’t “make [the project] any less worthwhile”, he said. 
There is no timeframe yet for Canada’s possible investment, but Loubani said he’s hopeful Ottawa will come through.
“There is currently an unfolding health disaster in Gaza and as a doctor that is my primary interest,” he said.
“This is so clearly a humanitarian project, that I can’t imagine anybody objecting.”

July 9, 2012

Usher’s Step Son Brain Dead

 Usher's stepson, Kyle Glover, was declared brain dead Monday morning after an accident. The 11-year-old boy was tubing on Lake Lanier in Georgia on Friday, when he and a friend were run over by a man on a personal watercraft, according to theAtlanta Journal-Constitution.
Glover and the other victim were airlifted to a hospital. Glover has not shown any signs of brain activity since his admission, according to his doctors.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources reported that alcohol was not involved, but officials still don't know how the crash occurred.

DNR agents have identified the operator of the personal watercraft but have not released his name, reports gossip website TMZ. Investigators intend to recreate the accident using computer models to determine what happened.

Based on their findings, they may or may not recommend that the district attorney press charges.

But even if there aren't criminal charges, Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster may still choose to bring a civil suit against the personal watercraft's operator. Glover's physical injuries are the most likely basis for a lawsuit, but based on his condition they might also sue for loss of consortium of a child.

A claim for loss of consortium is typically raised by the spouse of an injured victim. It seeks compensation for the lost ability to have a normal married relationship after an injury.

If raised by Usher, the claim could refer to the lost relationship between parent and child as a direct result of the accident.

Even if Glover eventually wakes up, chances are he'll be a very different child. The fact that his parents likely won't be able to continue a normal parent-child relationship because of the accident could be another basis for a potential claim of loss of consortium of a child.

Despite the ongoing divorce battle between Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster, they were both at the hospital to look after Glover following the crash, TMZ reports.

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