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February 28, 2017

Breitbart Got 5 Nation Shattering Exclusives Which The Media Didn’t

On Wednesday Feb 8, West Virginia's Democratic Senator Joe Manchin welcomed the Breitbart News editorial team to his Capitol Hill office for an hourlong off-the-record "get to know you" session. It was part of a behind-the-scenes process — kicked off post-election and led by Manchin's communications director Jonathan Kott — to establish warmer relations with the right-wing news outlet. 
Why this matters: No other Democratic Senator has done a session like this with Breitbart; and most Democrats wouldn't touch the website with a 30-foot pole. But getting on with the controversial populist nationalist site — which has its former chairman Steve Bannon as the President's top adviser — could prove helpful to Manchin, who faces a tough re-election in 2018. 
Breitbart's recent coverage of Manchin:
  • Feb 13, 2017: Breitbart got the exclusive that Manchin "Joins Effort to Revoke Social Security  
  •  Rule Suspending Beneficiaries' Gun Rights Without Due Process". Behind the scenes: Kott decided that instead of issuing a press release he'd give this announcement to Breitbart exclusively. He says it paid off. The story rocketed around gun-owning circles in West Virginia and was picked up by hunter, sportsman and gun publications.
  • Feb 2, 2017: Breitbart got the exclusive that Manchin was "Pleased Trump Told Iran 'We Are Not Going to Play Their Games'".
  • Jan 24, 2017: Breitbart got the exclusive that Manchin would be "the first Democrat to publicly back [Trump's] selection for Secretary of State in ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson"
  • Jan 16, 2017: Breitbart headline: "Dem Sen Manchin: Boycotting Inauguration and Saying Trump's Not Legitimate Gives Russia What It Wants"
  • Jan 12, 2017: Breitbart highlighted Manchin's announcement that he'd vote for Attorney General Jeff Sessions (a move greatly appreciated by Trumpland and among top Breitbart brass)
  • Jan 6, 2017: West Virginia's Democrat Senator Joe Manchin: Nominee Scott Pruitt 'Has the Right Experience' to Lead EPA
These headlines are a far cry from March 2015, when Breitbart published a major hit piece against Manchin. The opening paragraph:
"West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin has navigated the changing politics of his home state by crafting an image of an independent-minded, moderate Democrat. Despite his occasional bipartisan bluster, however, he is as reliable a vote for progressives and President Obama as any other Senate Democrat. His public advocacy for the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General puts a lie to his well-crafted maverick myth."
Other things you should know about Manchin's conservative media outreach (which, unlike the Breitbart post-election outreach, has been going on for years):
  • Unlike most Democrats, he's spent significant time cultivating a number of influential conservative media outlets and personalities.
  • Since the election he's gotten to know Sean Hannity. They have spoken several times over the phone.
  • He recently met with the Daily Caller and did a video interview with Ginni Thomas (the conservative activist and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.) The piece's headline: "Manchin Hammers Obama's Failed Policies, Praises Trump For Getting Things Done".
  • He's got a longstanding relationship with Fox Business, and especially host Neil Cavuto.
  • He's close to the Fox & Friends crew, particularly Brian Kilmeade.
  • He’s gotten to know and like the Washington Examiner’s Salena Zito, who traveled to West Virginia in November to write a profile on Manchin.
By Stef W. Kight

December 3, 2016

HGTV On The Air Homophobes with a Pastor and Church of Also Homophobes

The HGTV "Fixer Upper" couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, made headlines this week, after Buzzfeed published an article about the couple's church. The article accused Pastor Jimmy Seibert's church and possibly the HGTV personalities that attend it of being anti-gay. USA TODAY 
                                                                                            After the furor over HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines' membership in a church whose pastor who says that anyone who defines marriage as something other than one man and woman is wrong, the home-improvement network issued a statement in which it stands firm on its commitment to inclusive programming.
“We don’t discriminate against members of the LGBT community in any of our shows,” the network said.  “HGTV is proud to have a crystal clear, consistent record of including people from all walks of life in its series.”
On Wednesday, Buzzfeed published a story headlined, "Chip And Joanna Gaines’ Church Is Firmly Against Same-Sex Marriage." It expanded on an October piece from on the couple's hit show, Fixer Upper, in which Christian author Kate Henderson pondered what would happen if a gay couple applied to be on the program.
"My hope would be, if they are given that situation, they will just love on [the gay couple], but I would imagine that very conservative Christians in their audience might have a problem with that," she said. (USA TODAY searched the episode descriptions for the first three seasons and the Nov. 29 Season 4 premiere of Fixer Upper and found none that featured LGBT clients.)
The Gaineses, who reside in Waco, Texas, attend Antioch Community Church and are claimed as "dear friends" by their pastor, Jimmy Seibert, who, after the 2015 Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage, told his congregation that homosexuality is a sin.
"Why is it so important that we're clear on marriage — one man, one woman in a covenant — why is that such a big deal? Because it mirrors Christ and the church ... Paul said, 'When you defame marriage, you defame Jesus. You defame the picture of the glory of God on the Earth. Why is our marriage so important? Because when we do it well, it shows a picture of Jesus and his bride to the whole world. This is a clear biblical admonition. So if someone were to say marriage is defined in a different way, let me just say it this way, they are wrong." 
Seibert has also spoken in defense of the controversial practice of conversion therapy.
Although they have written about their faith in their memoir The Magnolia Story, neither of the Gaines nor their representatives have made it exactly clear what their own beliefs are on homosexuality or gay marriage.

The Gaines controversy comes two years after HGTV abandoned Flip It Forward, a series it was developing with brothers David and Jason Benham, following a Right Wing Watch report that David had protested at LGBT events and same-sex weddings, mosques and abortion clinics.
The brothers are the sons of Flip Benham, the leader of Operation Save America, the militant anti-abortion group formerly known as Operation Rescue. In 2011, a North Carolina jury found the elder Benham guilty of stalking an abortion doctor in the Charlotte area.
The largely hypothetical Buzzfeed story on the Gainses was criticized by several other outlets — Fox News's Dana Perino called it "activist journalism," and writing in the Washington PostBrandon Ambrosino, a married gay man, labeled it a "dangerous hit piece" whose "entire case is made by speculation and suggestion."
Ambrosino says the Buzzfeed piece essentially boils down to this: "Two popular celebrities might oppose same-sex marriage because the pastor of the church they go to opposes same-sex marriage, but I haven’t heard one way or the other." He adds, "I can’t imagine pitching that story to an editor and getting a green light, by the way.
Ambrosino cited another concern in the story: "It validates everything that President-elect Donald Trump’s supporters have been saying about the media: that some journalists — specifically younger ones at popular digital publications — will tell stories in certain deceitful, manipulative ways to take down conservatives."
“Stories such as this,” he warns, "will serve only to reinforce the growing chasm between the media and Trump, which means we are in for four agonizing, tedious years of 'gotcha” non-stories like this one."

USA Today

July 9, 2015

Do We need more Hollywood on Stonewall or Do We need something else?


It was inevitable, though this was rather quick: Hollywood wants to give the story of gay marriage the big screen treatment via the case that led to the Supreme Court's landmark ruling last month.
The New York Times is reporting that Fox has made a deal for the life rights of both Jim Obergefell and his attorney Al Gerhardstein.  The former is the man who successfully petitioned the court to force his home state of Ohio to recognize his marriage between him and his partner of 21 years, John Arthur (they were married in Maryland only months before John’s death in 2013). It is suggested he would be a central figure in the film.
Fox also picked up rights to Obergefell's tentatively titled upcoming book "21 Years To Midnight," which he will be writing with journalist Debbie Cenziper (who has won a Pulitzer). 
No word on a director or writer, but the folks behind "Twilight," "The Fault in Our Stars" and "The Maze Runner" -- Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen -- are set to produce. Which obviously leaves is a little concerned. I mean, really, the whole thing does. 
Going all "Twilight" on this story and watering it down for the masses would obviously be an awful idea.  And frankly, this isn't even the LGBT rights story we feel desperately needs cinematic treatment right now anyway.  There are far more important -- and dramatic, for that matter -- examples from the 50 or so years of activism/homophobia/ that came before.  Like The Wolfenden Report or the forming of the Gay Liberation Front or the insanity of this case in Georgia in 1986. And don't think that just because we have "Angels in America," "The Normal Heart" and, ugh, "Philadelphia" that we are done with AIDS narratives. Hollywood gave us like 20,000 movies about the Vietnam War. 58,307 Americans died in that war. Over 650,000 Americans have died of AIDS. You don't think the AIDS is comparable to the Vietnam War? Go watch "How To Survive a Plague."
This is not to say whatever Fox does with all these bought rights couldn't turn out okay. Hopefully they go the right route and hire a team that can deliver something similar to what Gus Van Sant and Dustin Lance Black did with "Milk," a rare example of an exceptional mainstream take on the gay rights movement (made by actual LGBT folks to boot). Or at the very least give us something along the lines of last year's respectably sentimental UK import "Pride." 
But what happens when minority stories go mainstream and money can be made from audiences beyond themselves has proved consistently problematic in terms of representation.  Between this and the upcoming Roland Emmerich-directed "Stonewall," the Hollywoodification of a certain segment of LGBT folks' stories could be about to have a moment we can't control. Fingers crossed Hollywood gets it right, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

February 24, 2015

Egyptian TV Show Host who aired Segment Accusing 26 men of Homosexuality Will Stand Trial for Defamation

Sometimes what goes around will come around and so is the case of this fame seeking sensationalist anti gay show host. Egypt lost a lot of face before a civilized world by picking more than 2 dozen men that were at a wedding on a dock boat and charging them with sedition(No law against homosexuality, so they use what  ever they think it fit, sedition it’s a favorite in the arab world) 
Mona Iraqi aired the arrests of 26 men at a Cairo Bathhouse, accusing them of homosexuality
Mona Iraqi, the television show host that aired a segment accusing 26 men of homosexuality in a Cairo bathhouse, will stand trial on charges of defamation and the spreading of false news, announced the prosecution.
Iraqi and Tarek Nour, owner of the channel of Al-Qahera Wal-Nas which broadcasts Iraqi’s television show, will both face preliminary hearings on April 5.
The television show had aired the arrests of the 26 men, with Iraqi claiming responsibility for informing security forces of “debauchery” at the Cairo bathhouse.
However, a Cairo Misdemeanour’s Court acquitted all defendants, finding no evidence of any debauchery or violations of public decency.
Following the acquittal, family members had vowed to sue Iraqi for her false accusations, which received stringent criticism from human rights activists.
Egypt does not clearly ban homosexuality. However, Article 9 of the 1961 Anti-Prostitution Law punishes those guilty of “inciting debauchery and immorality” by imprisonment for a period ranging from three to five years.
In recent years, Egypt has cracked down on homosexual activity, including arrests and charges for ‘Egypt’s First Gay Wedding Video’ that appeared to show men getting married on a boat in the Nile.

December 11, 2014

Egyptian reporter Broadcasted About Gays which led to the Gay Arrests

The media in the US used to do what this broadcaster did in Egypt. I remember as a young man seeing reports about gays making out in trucks, parks in NY and having gay clubs in which no one knew what went on. As a consequence the cops would face pressure to go after gay bars and clubs. It wasn’t until Koch came on as mayor in which the pressure to go after gays subsided and sex gay baths  adnd bars just grew like mushrooms all over the city. Once AIDS brooked out the media and gay mayor Koch went after anything that was suspected to be gay. If it was gay there had to be sex. Very few gay bars survived and if there was a gay bath open had to be at Koch’s west village apartment because there was no talk of one being open anywhere.
I say this because I was going to come down hard on this probably homophobic reporter in Egypt but instead I remember how hard it was for gay establishments in New York and other cities to survived, thanks to the media, as a matter of fact the only way for most to survived was to be owned or get protection from the Mafia which instead paid off some cops and city officials. Publisher

The Egyptian TV presenter who claims to have reported “group sex” at a Cairo bathhouse to police prompting a raid on Sunday aired her report late Monday evening.
The program, by Mona Iraqi of the channel Al-Qahira wal Nas, presents her 26-minute report as an investigation into the spread of AIDS in Egypt, but seems designed to fan a moral panic about homosexuality that has been building since President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi seized power last spring, leading to the arrest of more than 100 individuals on charges of homosexuality. Government officials told BuzzFeed News in September that a crackdown on LGBT rights was part of the political strategy of the Sisi regime, which is vulnerable to attack from the Muslim Brotherhood for not adequately defending Islamic values.
“Our episode to day is to inform you about what hidden behind AIDS in Egypt,” Iraqi says. She noted that the report was made to coincide with World AIDS Day, on Dec.r 1, but the broadcast was delayed “for security reasons.” “Our society is full of disasters … and if we kept hiding from that without facing those disasters, frankly, we will all be destroyed.”
Iraqi said her investigation began as an attempt to understand what was driving AIDS in the country. “The first five cases discovered in AIDS patients all over the world was between men who practiced gay sex,” she said. “Our investigation uncovered a hidden secret. We found a spot for gays to have sex … in a public bath.” 
The report focused on a hammam — one of the many public bath houses that Egyptians rely on to shower and socialize — where Iraqi said men go for “sex trading.” Egyptian police raided the hammam on Sunday, and reports have said anywhere between 26 to more than 30 men were arrested. Iraqi said she could not personally enter the hammam since it is restricted to men only, but she conducts an interview with a male reporter working with her who says he witnessed a “full sex party” inside. 
The show does not include any direct evidence of sex inside the hammam. The scant footage from inside the hammam in the report appears to have been shot in the entryway and changing room where men are at least partially clothed. When the male reporter attempts to ask an employee from the bathhouse for help finding someone to have sex with, the employee responds, “That’s between you and him. I am not part of any such deals.” 
The men arrested on Sunday have not yet been formally charged, but others accused of “debauchery” have been sentenced to lengthy jail sentences. Eight men filmed participating in what authorities contend was a same-sex wedding that caused a sensation in a YouTube video were sentenced to three years in prison by an Egyptian court last month.

June 28, 2014

Journalist comes out as Anti Gay



For the first time ever, Fort Leonard Wood, a military base in Missouri's Ozarks region, is hosting an LGBTQ Pride event -- something that would have been unthinkable (and illegal) in the days of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
But you won't hear about it from the Pulaski County Daily, the small-town paper that covers the base.
Why? Three reasons:
Because owner and reporter Darrell Maurina doesn't approve of homosexuality. Because Maurina refuses to anger his mostly conservative readership with a story they don't want to read anyway.
But also — and this is downright scary -- because after years of closely covering the base, he strongly believes the military will punish any soldiers who come out in the media as gay. 
"I will tell you straight up, in the real world, anybody who is perceived for whatever reason as not with the picture, not a team player, not just with sexuality but with many things, any time somebody is viewed as being out of step with the mission -- you run the risk of a sergeant or a commander who may not look on you as favorably as he should," Maurina tells Daily RFT.
"There are so many things you can do to harm people's careers without officially stating the reason. No matter what the regulation says, sometimes if they're looking for a reason not to like you, they can find a reason even if the official reason is not allowed.... A commander in the army has so much more power than a boss has in the business world.

Maurina's allegation that military brass punish gay soldiers in a post-Don't Ask, Don't Tell world is worrying, especially because the commander in chief of the U.S. Army has done so much to advance gay rights that the media has taken to calling him America's first gay president. But it's particularly terrifying from Fort Leonard Wood, which kicked more gay soldiers out of the military in 2006 than any other base, according to the Associated Press.
Maurina insists that even in 2014, coming out as gay can damage a soldier's career -- especially in the county formerly represented by Ike Skelton, the U.S. Representative who helped craft Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
"I don't see a reason to take a small event that probably most people would never have paid much attention to and turn it into an event that will get far more attention than it would have gotten before I show up," Maurina continues. "How does that help people who want to see more lesbians in the military? What it does do is, it hurts people and prevents them from being able to publicly advocate their viewpoints."
Why did Maurina even make his feelings about gay people public? And why is he so against homosexuality?  
Maurina never needed to make these feelings public, but a stray question on his Facebook wall launched him into an honest tirade, starting with this geographical notion he posted on his wall: “Promoting 'Gay Pride' in Pulaski County: This isn't San Francisco."
Maurina says he has "religiously based objections to homosexual practice," though he admits that gay soldiers -- like Command Sgt. Maj. Teresa Duncan, who is speaking at the base's pride event -- should have the right to their identity according to the law.
"They won, end of issue," he says. "They have the right to their views. They have the right to advocate their views. They won several years ago, and therefore I have no problem whatsoever with this sergeant major advocating what our law says she has the right to advocate."

Maurina knew opening up about his feelings on LGBTQ rights would be contentious and inflammatory. So why did he?
Maurina tells Daily RFT that he has two types of readers: ultra-conservative, not gay-friendly military officials, department of defense civilians, spouses and townsfolk who would revolt if he wrote about an LGBTQ event; and liberal, gay or straight-ally readers who understand a reporter can disagree with the subjects he or she covers.
Maurina says he knows what would have happened had he covered the event. "It would have been mean. It would have been nasty. And I would have gotten hammered. I'd rather have it this way, where I'm dealing with people who will listen to me."
Maurina's insultingly infantilizing view of his readership aside, it appears he "got hammered" anyway by people fighting back against his stance on covering the pride event.His Facebook post explaining his reasoning has more than 1,000 comments -- including from Pulaski County residents who say they have no problem with gay pride.
"You can pick and choose all you want, but it lessens your credibility as a journalist," comments Phil Herndon, whose Facebook profile says he's from Dixon. "But go ahead. Sit behind your computer. Judge on her choice, not her voice, and continue to represent just one side. It's the journalism America has grown used to anyway. You should be eager to report unbiased news so the public can make its own decision, or did you forget what reporters do?"
In the end, Maurina says he's still not sure if he'll cover Fort Leonard Wood's LGBTQ pride event. As he's said all along, he'll cover it if other journalists do.
After all, the event's speaker, a command sergeant major and soldier for 23 years, deserves the respect she's earned, Maurnia says.
"I may not agree with the command sergeant major's lifestyle choice, but I respect her choice to join the U.S. Army, and she deserves to be commended for doing that and for following the rules under Don't Ask, Don't Tell that let her get to her current rank."
The Fort Leonard Wood Pride Month Celebration Luncheon will start at 11:30 a.m. Monday, June 30, at the Fort Leonard Wood USO Club. Tickets are $10. For more info, call 573-569-0601.
  Lindsay Toler on Twitter at @StLouisLindsay. E-mail the author

February 16, 2014

NY Area Radio Hosts Apologize For Fake Same Sex Couple They Chastised


Two New York area radio hosts have apologized for talking on-air about a note they fabricated from a fictitious parent chastising a supposed same-sex couple over their child's birthday invite, and the broadcasters admitted they kept on with the lie even after it took on a "life of its own."

Steve Harper and Leeana Karlson of Long Island pop music station WKJY, also known as K-98.3, posted the apology on Friday on the station's website.
"This story was, in fact, totally fictitious, and created by the two of us," Harper and Karlson wrote in the post. “This was done without the knowledge of K-98.3 management or ownership." 

The two on-air personalities, who host a morning show at the station, talked about the note on their program on Wednesday.

The fake note was posted to the station's Facebook page, according to The Advocate, a gay-themed magazine.

In the note, a fictitious mother wrote two gay parents on a seventh birthday invite for a girl named "Sophia" that her son "Tommy" would not attend their daughter's party, according to the magazine. "I do not believe in what you do and will not subject my innocent son to your 'lifestyle,'" the note said.

The post with the note on the station's Facebook page has since been removed. The story, when it surfaced earlier this week, led Internet users to express outrage at the content of the message.

Harper and Karlson wrote in their apology that they made the note with the goal of spurring a "healthy discourse on a highly passionate topic."

"We are very sorry that we perpetuated this falsehood, even after it was clear that it had taken on a 'life of its own,'" they wrote.

A representative for WKJY could not be reached for comment.

According to television station News 12 Long Island, the radio station WKJY's management said in a statement that it has responsibility to listeners to be accurate and is looking at "all courses of action."

Source” Reuters

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