brad pittAnother day, another layer of the Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston onion peeled. Today's crunchy tidbit that very well might make you cry? Brad is apparently offering his ex-wife $1 million -- which will go to the charity of her choice -- if she and boyfriend Justin Theroux will just pose for a photo with him and Angelina, for God's sake. You know, so the world knows that everything's hunky-dory between them.
Supposedly Brad is torn up about the whole incident -- er, make that his image is torn up -- and he just wants to make things status quo right again. He issued an apology -- er, he didn't issue an apology at all; he issued a "statement" -- claiming that what he said (his very own words, verbatim) were misconstrued. Still, not a peep on the matter from Jen. 
So, clearly she wants no part of this very real, very In Touch weekly-reported million-dollar photo op business proposed by Brad. In fact, this story is so real, so thoroughly researched, that an insider source is quoted as saying, "Jen doesn’t want any part of it." That's an insider source, people.
Sarcasm aside, it does seem like ever since those fateful sentences left Brad Pitt's mouth, he's been regretting it -- and Jen's been ignoring it. (Of course, I am basing this statement off of various rag mags and gossip sites.) I keep seeing stories pop up of Brad trying to "fix" things. And the only time I ever heard Jen utter anything about the issue was when, a few nights ago, a reporter asked her what she thought about Pitt's comments, and she replied, "Oh, Lord, it’s not even worth discussing on a night like this."
So, Jen seems to be over it. Now Brad just needs to get over it. And, of course, I do, too.