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Trump Criminal Trial Soon to ComeBut His Mouth is His Worse Enemy

 As Trump’s Criminal Trial Approaches, He May Be His Own Worst Enemy In civil cases, Donald J. Trump has ordered attorneys around from the defense table and insisted on testifying. The stakes will get higher on March 25, when his first criminal case begins. Donald J. Trump in a courtroom hallway. Donald J. Trump has pushed his lawyers to act aggressively in court, whispering in their ears and nudging them.Credit...Mary Altaffer/Associated Press By Jonah E. Bromwich, William K. Rashbaum, Maggie Haberman, Kate Christobek and Ben Protess March 2, 2024 The New York Times   Donald J. Trump was minutes away from being grilled under oath by the New York attorney general and he was itching to talk. To fend off the state’s fraud investigation, the former president insisted on answering every question, believing he alone knew what to say. But his lawyer at the time, Ronald P. Fischetti, directed Mr. Trump to keep quiet. He instructed the former president to invoke his Fifth Amendment rig

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