February 19, 2018

Adam Rippon Answers Tump Jr's Tweet Trying to Fan Flames

 Adam Rippon

Donald Trump Jr. weighed into the feud between U.S. Olympic skater Adam Rippon and Vice President Mike Pence Tuesday night, keeping their apparent disagreements on LGBT rights in the headlines.

Rippon, who is gay, was part of the U.S. team that won bronze in the team figure skating Monday but has repeatedly been quizzed by reporters in Pyeongchang, South Korea, about comments he made that apparently criticized Pence.

Despite insisting in a press conference that he didn't want his "Olympic experience being about Mike Pence," the issue will not go away and a tweet Tuesday night from Donald Trump Jr., the president's son, fanned the flames again.

“Really? Then Perhaps you shouldn’t have spent the past few weeks talking about him. I haven’t heard him mention you once???” Trump Jr. tweeted, in response to a news report covering Rippon's press conference.

{Trump Jr is the one holding the elephant dick{

Rippon has always been vocal with his criticisms of the Vice President. During an interview with USA Today last month, he expressed his distaste at the decision to send Pence as the leader of the U.S. delegation to Pyeongchang.

“You mean Mike Pence, the same Mike Pence that funded gay conversion therapy? I’m not buying it,” Rippon said

He added: “If it were before my event, I would absolutely not go out of my way to meet somebody who I felt has gone out of their way to not only show that they aren’t a friend of a gay person but that they think that they’re sick. I wouldn’t go out of my way to meet somebody like that.”

Rippon was referring to Pence’s congressional campaign website in 2000, where he said resources should be “directed forward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”

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Troye Sivan Share The Experience of Being Gay and Out and The Power it Gives You

 Troye Siwan (Don't believe the saint emojis he added on this pic)

Troye Sivan is pop’s greatest hope for the future. His horny and hedonistic new single My My My! is already the year’s best, and its accompanying video – all heaving torsos, wet-look hair and more strutting than a Victoria’s Secret runway show – screams “superstar” in big neon letters. In person, 22-year-old Sivan, like that other modern-day superstar Lorde, is a softly spoken, hugely intelligent over-thinker. But the Troye Sivan of My My My! is the epitome of what 2018 needs: a star sashaying in a billowing shirt, frayed denim and tight white vest, singing a synthpop explosion of a song about sex from a male perspective that doesn’t make you want to bathe in bleach immediately after hearing it. While Justin Timberlake wonders what his lady friend is going to do “with all that meat” (pop it in the freezer?) on comeback single Filthy, and Jason Derulo literally equates women with animals in his video for Tip Toe, My My My! is a universal, celebratory rush saturated in playful lust.


While the single doesn’t use male pronouns, Sivan – who, unlike some of his peers, actually seems as obsessed with pop as his own fans are – was adamant it should still reflect who he was.
“I wanted to make the song sound gay, down to the production, by paying homage to a certain clap sound in an old Madonna song,” he explains on the phone from LA, to which he’s recently relocated from Perth, Australia. “Also, in the video there are shirtless guys, but they’re not touching each other – I didn’t want anybody to be like, ‘This video makes me uncomfortable because it’s gay.’” There’s a pause. “But at the same time it’s sooooo gay.” One of the shirtless guys not touching anyone is porn star and model Brody Blomqvist (AKA Justin Brody). Was Sivan involved in casting? “I was, but in my defence I just thought he had a really great … look.”

While the videos for his debut – the elegant electro-pop record, 2015’s Blue Neighbourhood – featured nascent love stories gone wrong, or footage from LGBTQ history, My My My! feels like a coming-of-age moment, not unlike Lorde’s personality-packed Green Light video from 2017. Director Grant Singer, responsible for both, agrees that Sivan represents the perfect pop star for today. “I don’t think there’s anyone quite like him,” he says. “He’s a special and rare talent.”
With straight male sexuality in pop rightfully under more scrutiny post-#MeToo, My My My!’s central conceit feels more prescient than ever.
“It’s a confidence and an attitude that I really wanted to explore,” says Sivan. “It’s that feeling where you go out with your friends and you can feel that sense of community when a bunch of people who have probably been through some rough times come together and are enjoying moving however they want to move, and being whoever they want to be. I wanted to explore that more so than actual sexuality.”
Even so, he’s also pushing the sexuality envelope. Historically, male gay pop stars have either been outed by the tabloids, tricked into outing themselves, or forced into packaging their sexuality into mopey ballads about longing in order to fit a narrative. For Sivan – who recently referred to himself as “world-renowned pop twink” – his preference when it came to who he fancied wasn’t going to be an issue. “From before I knew I was gay, I knew I wanted to be a singer, so I didn’t ever want to let [my sexuality] change that trajectory,” he states. “I’m just doing what all the other pop stars are doing: writing love songs, singing love songs and putting love interests in my music videos. I think there’s power in living openly and truthfully, while also being gay.”

Sivan performing on Saturday Night Live.
 Sivan performing on Saturday Night Live. Photograph: NBC/Getty Images

Growing up in Perth, Sivan was obsessed with YouTube from the age of 12, when a short clip he posted of him singing quickly received thousands of views. “It clicked for me really early,” he says, “the potential of reaching people you’d normally never be able to reach.” Initially, he’d upload pop covers, before eventually, as the YouTuber phenomenon took hold, upgrading to more personality-led videos called things such as How To Make Friends, Australian Boy Does Accents and the ambitious Life’s Unanswerable Questions. On 7 August 2013, aged 17, he posted the self-explanatory Coming Out, an eight-minute piece that has since racked up 7.7m views.  

Already out to his friends and family, for Sivan, this public announcement was also him paying it forward. “Watching coming-out videos on YouTube was such a massive part of my personal coming-out process that it felt like it was my time to give back to the community a little bit.”

Also saved to his YouTube favorites was a compilation of scenes from Channel 4’s late-90s drama Queer As Folk. “I was too scared to watch it on the TV so I would watch video compilations of the guys making out,” he laughs. “I remember very vividly the few times I ever saw LGBTQ representations on TV growing up. Those are all etched in my memory.” 

This lack of representation is why all the videos to the songs from Blue Neighbourhood featured scenes of male love interests, with the central Neighbourhood trilogy depicting the negative fall-out from being “exposed” as gay – something he had avoided. “I had the easiest coming-out experience in the world,” he says. “Everyone was super-supportive, so I definitely try my hardest to use the platform I’ve been given to shine a light on people that maybe haven’t had the same opportunities I’ve had.”

As our interview time comes to an end, talk turns to a Twitter storm Sivan has been engulfed in. “Oh my God, flowergate 2k18,” he laughs. For those who haven’t followed the saga, on a recent visit to New York, where he performed My My My! and the more melancholic, Sufjan Stevens-esque The Good Side on Saturday Night Live, Sivan was handed a bouquet of flowers by a female fan. Hugs were exchanged, chat was had and everyone went home happy. Later, Sivan was pictured dumping said bouquet in the bin. For a short time, it was all pop Twitter could talk about, with streams of tweets suggesting Sivan was “cancelled”. “I feel really horrible about it, I do,” he says, before explaining that he basically had to extend his New York trip, was moving hotels and chucked the flowers in a bin.
“The thing that sucks was that people thought I ditched them 10 minutes later, but I kept them for three days,” he says. He’s in good company, I tell him, referencing the 2011 video of Madonna receiving some hydrangeas from a fan only to roll her eyes, mouth that she hates them and drop them on the floor. “And, wait, she didn’t get cancelled?” he says, mock incredulously. Well, no, she’s Madonna. “Ah, I see. Well, hopefully that’s the biggest scandal I will get myself into.”
Fingers crossed it’s not – pop needs its rebels.

The Guardian

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Trump Not Invited to Royal Wedding but The Obama's Were, Tweet, Tweet

I know that this is a petty diary, but I couldn’t help myself. Donald Trump is going to hate this: 

 A royal source told Daily Star that the prince and his fianc矇 “want to do things their own way,” despite some aides advising them not to invite the Obamas because it would outrage current president Donald Trump, who has reportedly not been invited. But now the decision is up to the Obamas. Barack Obama and Prince Harry have a genuine friendship, writes Daily Star, one that goes beyond politics and work. Obama was recently interviewed by the prince on BBC Radio 4’s Today program. When the prince and Markle’s engagement was announced, Obama tweeted “We wish you a lifetime of you and happiness together.”
Donald Trump was reportedly not invited.

I love this for two very big reasons. First, two young and able people are standing up for themselves and taking control. Secondly, the invitation to the Obamas represents a huge slap in the face of Donald Trump and his horde of nihilists. 

The Obamas have not RSVP’d as of yet, but sources are saying that they are sure that the Obamas will attend.  The fact that Trump will probably blow his stack is reasoned enough for me to take a few hours out of my day to watch this overblown ceremony.  And besides, Obama has been a genuine friend to Prince Harry.  Harry should be able to invite his friend to his wedding, and without having to worry about the reaction of an orange-colored obnoxious stranger.  

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February 18, 2018


Timeline's 'Boy' offers transformative look at gender identityby Catey Sullivan 

When David Peter Reimer died in 2004, it marked the tragic end of one of the most cruelly misguided medical experiments in the history of gender science. Born a cis-gender male in 1965, Reimer endured a horrifically botched circumcision as an infant. The baby's penis was wholly destroyed.Reimer's parents turned to Dr. John Money, then viewed as one of the world's leading pioneers in gender identity and intersex children. Money told Reimer's parents to raise their child as a girl, to keep the truth of his birth a secret and to subject him to multiple surgeries and hormone treatments designed to feminize him. It didn't work.
David Reimer rebelled early on, as detailed in As Nature Made Him—The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl." At 15, he started presenting as male, and speaking out against "treatments" such as the ones he'd endured. At 38—after years of struggling with depression—Reimer killed himself.
Yet the story of David Reimer is not wholly grim. Thanks in part to Reimer's outspoken criticism of Money and willingness to tell his own story, many of the doctor's methods have been discredited. And Reimer's story led playwright Anna Ziegler to Boy, a gender-transcending love story running through March 18 at TimeLine Theatre.

Ziegler and TimeLine dramaturg Josephine Kearns stress that Boy does not tell the David Reimer story. But there are similarities. In the character of Adam—raised for years as a girl after a circumcision gone awry—Ziegler spins a narrative where Adam's own empowerment ultimately triumphs over his dysphoric certainty that he's an imposter in his own body.
"I'd been fascinated by the whole nature-versus-nurture question, and I knew I wanted to write about science," said Ziegler. "With I found Reimer's story I was so shocked and saddened. 'Boy' is very different in some respects, but at the core, I wanted to dig into the mistakes that people make even when they're coming from a place of love and desperately trying to do the right thing. "

With a cast and crew that includes half a dozen non-gender conforming artists, TimeLine's "Boy" marks the first time the play will be produced with a trans actor ( Theo Germaine ) in the role of Adam.
"It never occurred to me before TimeLine that the play could hold a trans actor in the lead, because the play isn't about a trans person," Ziegler said, "It's about a person who was born a boy and always was that boy despite being told otherwise. I'm thrilled with this casting. There is something so very powerful about seeing someone onstage who has dealt with the very things Adam has dealt with; it adds so many layers."

Kearns transitioned about three years ago, with TimeLine bearing witness to her metamorphosis; "Boy" is the 28th production Kearns has worked on with the company. She was a driving force behind casting a non-binary actor as Adam and making sure the entire creative process included as many non-gender conforming artists as possible.
"TimeLine has given all of us non-binary folks an enormous voice in this show," Kearns said, "There's at least six of us. And every time there's been a decision made, there's been multiple gender non-conforming people in the room to make sure that decision is right. All of the cis-folkx have been hyper aware of how much they need to listen."
"Casting a trans or a non-binary actor as Adam, I felt that was important from the start," Kearns added, "Even though Adam is really a cis-male, there are similarities between what he goes through and what trans people go through. Adam has the experience of growing up in an identity that doesn't fit him.

"That's a crucial part of this story—what it's like to be assigned a gender that isn't yours. To have that forced upon you, whether it means having to wear dresses or being subjected to surgery before you can speak up for yourself.
"One thing I discovered when I was transitioning is that it just isn't fully possible to articulate what it's like to somebody who hasn't gone through it. It's kind of the same way that it's not possible for me as a white person to ever really comprehend what it would be like to be black in this country," Kearns concluded, "I will never understand that, obviously. Having someone non-binary play Adam beings an authenticity to the role that you can't achieve with a cis actor."
That's true, said director Damon Kiley, but nobody should make the mistake of thinking Germaine ( whose pronouns are they, their and them ) was cast solely because they are gender non-conforming. "I want to be very clear," says Kiley, "We cast Theo because they're extraordinarily talented. They're not a trans actor. They are an amazing actor who is trans."
Kiley—who is a cis, hetero male—brought Boy to TimeLine after reading it in one sitting about four years ago. Ziegler acknowledges Kiley in the title pages as someone who championed the piece in its earliest stages.

"As a cis male, I have no qualms about directing this," Kiley said, "It's not the same as me directing an August Wilson play—which I would never do. I've said from the start that it's a love story. It's the story of a young man who falls in love. It's also the story of parents trying to do the right thing by the child they love."
Still, Kiley said there's when it comes to gender identity and expression, there's been a learning curve involved with directing Boy. The learning process isn't relegated solely to Kiley. TimeLine staffers have all been enrolled in Gender 101, a 90-minute workshop on gender issues.

The workshop was created in partnership with Lurie Children's Hospital, where Kearns is the program coordinator for the Gender Development Program. With Lurie's Gender Development Program Manager Jennifer Leininger, Kearns crafted Gender 101 as a crash course in gender-related issues.

"The program helped teach our box office staff how to talk about the show, how we teach the show to students and how we do talk backs after the show," said Kearns. Also designed to help TimeLine market Boy, Gender 101 deals with everything from language and pronoun use to "how to deal with tough situations" that might come up. Those touchy situations sometimes feature intrusive, abusive or just plain rude questions, Kearns said.
"Trans and non-binary people, we get asked a lot of awkward things," said Kearns, "You get asked about your genitals. Your sex life. People ask all kinds of inappropriate things—sometimes people you don't even know."
Another issue: The often negative way pop culture depicts with non-binary people. From Dressed to Kill to Zoolander to Nip/Tuck, trans tropes turn people into punchlines or dysfunctional misfits.

"Being trans doesn't mean your entire life is angst," said Kearns, "To have a character like Adam, who falls in love and is finally able to live his truth? I love seeing that on stage."
"One of the big things I hope people walk away talking about is what gender identity means," said Kearns, "And how our society's enforcement of it affects people. I hope they also leave talking about why we can get so obsessed with bodies being quote normal unquote, and the damaging lengths we go to make people fit into what is supposedly normal."
While the education curve surrounding non-binary issues is steep, the world at large seems to be making steps toward the ascent. Laverne Cox on the cover of Time, the runaway success of Jill Soloway's Transparent, RuPaul's Drag Race excising the word "she-male" from the script all point to an evolving world, albeit one evolving at a pace that some view as glacial.
"We've come a long way," said Kearns, "But we still have a long way to go."

Something extra 
TimeLine's lobby display for Boy includes an art installation of eight photos ( and accompanying audio ) that explore the experiences of intersex, trans and gender non-conforming Chicagoans. In the piece curated for the People Artists Collective by Jireh L. Drake, and K. Rodriguez, participants talk about how they navigate a world where an oppressive gender binary insists everybody identify as either male or female, depending on their assigned gender at birth. The installation also forces its viewers to confront their own participation in the oppression of intersex and trans or non-conforming people. People can download the audio reflections via TimeLine's mobile app here: http://services.instantencore.com/Util/Share/DownloadApp/5183616/TimeLine.
Boy runs through March 18 at TimeLine Theatre, 615 W. Wellington Ave. Tickets are $40-$54 each; visit TimelineTheatre.com .

Election Interference Russian Trolls Could Quote the Bible or Sharia Law

  Normal-looking" trolls. (Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin)

At the height of the 2016 American presidential campaign, Russian propagandists used Twitter accounts to spread conspiracy theories, misinformation, and political division. That and other shady online activity led Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating foreign interference in the election, to indict 13 Russian nationals.
Before the campaign though, these fake accounts eased into their digital personas by tweeting stereotypically “American” content: Nirvana lyrics, Bible verses, uplifting platitudes, comments about pizza.
This transition in tone from vapid to vociferously political is common across the universe of Russian troll tweets, according to our survey of 200,000 tweets released this week by NBC. The banal early tweets could be part of an effort to make the accounts seem like they belong to real people.
A good example is the Twitter user “evagreen69,” now known to be part of the network of Russian accounts. In July 2014, it tweeted, “I am in Love with LOVE!” A few months later, the user announced, “Oh, that I had wings like a dove!”—chapter 55, verse 6 of the Book of Psalms. The next month there was a quote from the Stoic philosopher Seneca: “The most onerous slavery is to be a slave to oneself.” In the same month it tweeted, “What I tend to do when it comes to you,” a line from a song by Shakira (feat. Rihanna).
None of the quotes were attributed.
Then, in 2015, evagreen69 started to get political. “It’s not a secret that Obama grew up in a Muslim family,” it claimed in February of that year. In March, “All of those protesters in Ferguson, your hand [sic] are covered with blood!” Later in the year, “#GOPDebate Together we can make America great again.” Much later, in August 2016: “Please sign and share my petition #WakeUpAmerica #NeverHillary #ImNotWithHer.” That one was retweeted over 800 times.
“Eva Green’s” initial penchant for song lyrics, scripture, and inspirational quotes is shared across the troll network.
In 2014, the user “heyits_toby” had a Benjamin Franklin quote, a line from a song by the Finnish rock band Rasmus, and an English translation of a Russian proverb. The account “patriotraphael,” delivered yet another Seneca quote, yet another Russian proverb, and this line from the rap-rock band Hollywood Undead: “I got the speakers pumpin’ straight bangin’ the thong song #RAPCORE.”
Let’s look at another example. Why not. Twitter user “judelambertusa” had these three quotes:
  1. “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” —Ludwig Wittgenstein
  2. “A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.” —Ruth Bell Graham
  3. “Know that I don’t make music for niggas who don’t get pussy so those are the ones I count on to diss me or overlook me.” —Drake (this one was attributed)
There is much more like this.
From the 200,000 tweets collected by NBC, the pattern looks like this: A new troll account is set up. It populates its feed with non-political tweets, presumably drawing from databases of quotes, song lyrics, platitudes, and, it seems, Russian proverbs. Then the account gets going with political messages. Those messages lean pro-Trump, but they can go the other way, too.
The goal here seems to be to make the accounts look like those of regular Americans. If they only tweeted controversial political messages, it would be more obvious that they were not genuine. That’s also probably why they have names like “patriotraphael” and “judelambertusa.” In his indictment, Mueller accused the Russian propagandists of impersonating Americans on social media.
The Russian trolls seem to have a sense of humor. There is some irony in turning a Benjamin Franklin quote into a weapon aimed at the United States. But Lil’ Wayne (yes, he’s in there) just seems sloppy. Perhaps they were taking the advice of Steven Tyler, via the troll user “micparrish”: “If it is worth doing, it is worth overdoing.”


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She Pleads Guilty of Killing Her 8 Yr Old Son 'Because He Was Gay'

The mother of Gabriel Fernandez, the 8-year-old Palmdale, California, boy who died in 2013 after being routinely beaten and starved, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder on Thursday and admitted her son's death involved the infliction of torture.

 Gabriel Fernandez, who was routinely beaten, starved, forced to sleep in a closet and tortured until his 2013 death by his mom and her boyfriend. NBC News

Under the terms of the plea deal, Pearl Fernandez, 34, is expected to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, according to NBC Los Angeles. Her sentencing date is June 7.
Pearl Fernandez's boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, 37, was convicted of first-degree murder in December. Jurors recommended the death penalty for his role in fatally torturing the young boy. Aguirre is scheduled to be sentenced on March 8.  
During Aguirre's trial, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami called him an "evil" man who "liked torture" and said Aguirre systematically abused Gabriel Fernandez because Aguirre thought the young boy was gay.
The case is reminiscent of the November murder of 14-year-old Giovanni Melton, whose dad, Wendell Melton, allegedly shot and killed him because he could not accept his son's sexuality.
The Nevada teen's former foster mother, Sonja Jones, told NBC's Las Vegas affiliate that Giovanni Melton was "abused physically and mentally and spiritually for many, many years" and said she believes Wendell Melton killed his son because of the boy's sexual orientation. "He hated the fact that his son was gay," Jones said. "I'm sure that inside of his mind, he would rather have a dead son than a gay son."
34-old Pearl Sinthia Fernandez is expected to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the killing of her son, Gabriel. NBC News


Shortly after Giovanni Melton's death, Jaime Grant, executive director of PFLAG National, an LGBTQ family, and ally organization, told NBC News his death is part of the broader societal issue.  "We have a crisis of masculinity in this country," Grant said. "Many 'normative' messages men learn as they are growing up about stuffing their feelings, policing other men's gender and sexuality, asserting 'dominance' from the boardroom to the bedroom, also show up in their lives as fathers." While the murders of Giovanni Melton and Gabriel Fernandez are extreme examples, Catherine Hyde, PFLAG's mid-Atlantic regional director, said parents who inflict violence on their LGBTQ children -- or their children who they perceive to be LGBTQ -- are often at "the intersection of fear and ignorance." 
Hyde said she hopes parents who are struggling to accept their children's sexuality seek out resources from PFLAG or from other LGBTQ-affirming organizations.
"There’s nothing in the world better than talking to someone who shares your experience," she said. "Give yourself the time to be angry and confused, but don't do it in front of your child. Find other parents who have the same experience."
by John Paul Brammer 
Originally Posted on NBC.com

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Chinese Teen Idols Are Now Doing The Propaganda Which Makes it Easier to Swallow

Gone are the days when tough guys like Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen dominated the Chinese box office; and in their place, an array of young, fresh-faced, flawless-looking teen idols known to many as xiao xian rou (“little fresh meat”). While Ip Man and Police Story will forever remain classics, the power of this new generation of male Chinese actors is not to be underestimated.
Photo: CFI
Lu Han, a former EXO boy band member, has had over 100 million comments on a single post on Weibo, the Chinese microblogging site, breaking the Guinness World Record for most comments on a Weibo post; he even crashed the internet when announcing who his girlfriend is on Weibo in October.
Along with Kris Wu, Yang Yang, and Li Yifeng, the four are considered China’s most influential xiao xian rou actors, with a combined fan base of over 132 million people, most of whom are young girls between the ages of 12 and 24.
Beginning 2015, these young, attractive male actors started appearing on the big screen. Without prior acting experience, Kris Wu starred in Xu Jinglei’s Somewhere Only We Know, and despite criticism of Wu’s acting, the film grossed US$37.81 million within the first week, exceeding the director’s expectations.
Li Yifeng in The Founding of An Army. Photo: CFI
Shortly after the success of Somewhere Only We Know, another coming-of-age film, Forever Young, featuring pop star Li Yifeng, was released. The film received widespread negative reviews and was rated 4.1 out of 10 on movie review site Douban. Regardless, the box office reached US$38.5 million in its three-day opening weekend, five times the national average of other domestic films released in the same period. The same year, Li Yifeng won Best Supporting Actor at the prestigious Hundred Flowers awards for his role in Mr. Six, a drama crime film, which sparked controversy as Li was chosen among more experienced and qualified actors for the award, possibly due to his popularity.
It was no surprise that propaganda films eventually turned to these “little fresh meat” to tap into the unbounded market potential of China’s post-millennials.
When the 2017 film The Founding of An Army was released, it quickly became obvious that almost half of the cast consisted of popular “little fresh meat” actors, including Lu Han, Li Yifeng, Ma Tianyu, and Zhang Yixing. As a film commissioned by the Chinese government to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army, the unusual casting choices were a clear attempt to change the way propaganda films are perceived – old-fashioned and non-mainstream – and engage younger moviegoers who have little interest in China’s revolutionary history.
Wu Jing directed and starred in Wolf Warriors 2. Photo: CFI
Directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Andrew Lau, the film has been widely criticised for its casting decisions since opening last July, but the government’s official endorsement and the popularity of the actors still helped it earn approximately US$60 million in ticket sales.
However, the relative success of The Founding of An Army was soon overshadowed by Wolf Warriors 2, another patriotic film released on the same day which eventually became the highest-grossing film in China, with ticket sales totaling at US$608.6 million. Directed by and starring Kung Fu actor Wu Jing, Wolf Warriors 2 tells the story of a Chinese soldier as he embarks on a special mission in Africa.
It is inevitable that the two films would be compared, and the popularity of The Founding of An Army’s cast members made the success Wolf Warriors 2uncertain before the release. Director Wu Jing later said in an interview that he does not base casting decisions on an actor’s popularity, or their commercial value; he wants to find the right actors. Interestingly, while Wolf Warriors 2 did not heavily cast xiao xian rou, it did feature Zhang Han, a good-looking young actor who has starred in many idol dramas. In response to critics blaming “little fresh meat” actors for their poor performances in films, Wu encouraged industry professionals to educate the younger actors and be role models for them, instead of overly criticising their lack of professionalism and acting experience.
The unexpected success of Wolf Warriors 2 challenges the idea that films with a patriotic theme are less appealing, and do not have the potential to be commercially successful without the help of a star-studded cast. It also begs questions concerning whether casting “little fresh meat” actors has become a short-cut to ensuring box office success, how sustainable the strategy is, and what long-term effects it will have on the Chinese film industry. While having attractive young actors play important political figures is refreshing, is it the best way to educate the youth on the country’s most important historical events?
Read the original article at China Film Insider

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