March 20, 2019

A Mob of 10 Men Attacks a Gay Man in Arizona

Phoenix assault
 A gay man in Phoenix says he was attacked by several people on Friday night in a case that police are now investigating, a local Arizona CBS affiliate reports. 
Cesar Marin, the survivor of the attack, says that he felt someone hit him from behind and on his side.
“I didn’t know that I was surrounded by people,” he told 3TV/CBS5. The attack occurred in downtown Phoenix. Marin was driving home when a woman jaywalked in front of his car, prompting him to push his brakes.
Marin said in a public Facebook post that the woman walked to the side of his vehicle, flicked a cigarette at his face then called him a faggot.

Marin said that he did a U-turn and pulled over and got out of his car to search for the lit cigarette to prevent a fire. That’s when he was attacked.
“Before I knew it, I was surrounded in a hail of punches. One guy kicked me in the face when I fell down,” Marin says. He added that the attackers broke his nose and he now has several bruises.
Marin says a bystander intervened and he was taken to the hospital.
According to Marin, there are decals on his car that have rainbows on them, meaning the woman may have been able to tell just from his car that he was gay.
Despite the use of the slur, Phoenix police have not confirmed that they’re treating the case as a hate crime, according to 3TV/CBS5.
Marin’s story comes less than a month after a Salt Lake City man caught his homophobic assault on camera. 

Say You Are 29? Scientists Say You are Not an Adult Yet!

 Old men acting as little boys playing cowboys and indians except the indians here are real people they hurt

[[Before I get any non adult messages , let me just say that this is an average as far as Iam concern. I know kids at 24 a lot more adult thana 70 year old precident of the United States with the codes to destroy the world. Who Am I? I'm Adam and I became an adult when I decided to take responsibility of who I was  and come out as gay to my mother and family. I was 24.]]
Have you ever been told to "grow up" in your 20s or need an excuse as to why you still find cat videos on the internet really funny?
Well now you might have an official reason as to why you're not acting like a mature adult.
People don't become fully "adult" until they're in their 30s, according to brain scientists.
Currently the UK law says you become a mature adult when you reach the age of 18.
Scientists who study the brain and nervous system say the age at which you become an adult is different for everyone.
Research suggests people aged 18 are still going through changes in the brain which can affect behaviour and make them more likely to develop mental health disorders.
3d illustration of human brain on technology background.Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionScientists say the brain develops at different times in each person
Professor Peter Jones, from Cambridge University, said: "What we're really saying is that to have a definition of when you move from childhood to adulthood looks increasingly absurd.
"It's a much more nuanced transition that takes place over three decades."
He added: "I guess systems like the education system, the health system and the legal system make it convenient for themselves by having definitions."
When you reach 18, you can vote, buy alcohol, get a mortgage and are also treated as an adult if you get in trouble with the police.
Despite this, Professor Jones says he believes experienced criminal judges recognise the difference between a 19-year-old defendant and a "hardened criminal" in their late 30s.
"I think the system is adapting to what's hiding in plain sight, that people don't like (the idea of) a caterpillar turning into a butterfly," he said.
"There isn't a childhood and then an adulthood. People are on a pathway, they're on a trajectory."
Prof Jones is one of a number of experts who are taking part in a neuroscience meeting hosted by the Academy of Medical Sciences in Oxford.
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Sam Smith Comes Out As Nonbinary

Related image
Sam Smith, hot in every way

By Gwen Aviles

Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Sam Smith has come out as gender nonbinary.
“I’m not male or female. I think I float somewhere in between,” Smith said Friday on actor Jameela Jamil’s new Instagram show, “I Weigh Interviews.”
Smith said when he saw the words "nonbinary" and "genderqueer" and heard people speak about these identities, which are used to describe those who identify as neither exclusively male nor female, he thought, "Fuck, that's me."
While many nonbinary and gender-nonconforming individuals prefer to use the gender-neutral pronouns “they” and “them,” several news reports claim Smith still prefers male pronouns, like “he” and “him."

While this is the first time Smith has explicitly identified as nonbinary, the performer has previously talked about his gender identity lacking a label. In an October 2017 interview with The Sunday Times, Smith said, "I don't know what the title would be, but I feel just as much woman as I am a man."  During his "I Weigh Interviews" appearance, Smith also discussed his ongoing body-image struggles. Though he said he's achieved greater self-acceptance over the years, he said he has “always had a war between my body and my mind.” He revealed that he had liposuction when he was 12 after a doctor discovered he was developing breasts because his body was storing high levels of estrogen in his chest.
Lee Airton, an assistant professor of gender and sexuality studies at Queen’s University and author of the book “Gender: Your Guide,” told NBC News that it’s “wonderful that folks in the public life can come out as they are.” However, Airton stressed that nonbinary people have always existed.
“There are nonbinary people in all walks of life, in every position you can think of,” Airton said. “People might feel being nonbinary is a new thing, but it’s a re-emergence.” 
Smith is not the only celebrity to identify as nonbinary. "Billions" star Asia Kate Dillon, "Transparent" creator Jill Soloway and "RuPaul's Drag Race" contestant Valentina also identify as nonbinary.
A growing number of states across the U.S. now legally recognize nonbinary gender identities on official documentation. At least eight states and Washington, D.C., offer a gender-neutral option on driver’s licenses and state-issued ID cards, while at least five permit gender-neutral birth certificates.

March 19, 2019

“Turkey Still in The Dark-times” ☛☛Turkish Policeman Suspended For Just Being Gay

 Cops in many educated contries (like shown above in a European Capital) cops march with the rainbow and the people are grateful for their services. Are you discriminated for being muslim? Then you know what discrimination feels like and there is no reason to reject decent human beings for their sexuality, religion, skin color...particularly if its something that god has given them. Did god make a mistake??



A Turkish police officer in the eastern city of Van has been suspended from duty because he is gay, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) reported on Sunday.

It all started in late 2017, when 34-year-old Metin, who has served in the police for over 10 years, was imprisoned for eight days last year for sexual violence as a result of statements made by his partner while under interrogation.

Metin and his partner were drinking tea in the police canteen when his partner was taken away for questioning. The partner panicked and said that he was a police officer, which led to imprisonment for impersonating an officer and further questioning, according to DW.

"According to the interrogation transcript, he then told the officers that Metin had forced him to have sex with him, and that he wished to press charges. Metin was subsequently arrested for having perpetrated an act of ‘sexual violence’ against his partner," the website said.

Due to a lack of evidence, Metin was not indicted. He was put on leave, then re-assigned to the northern city of Zonguldak.

But in 2018, a disciplinary committee ruled to suspend him from duty, justifying that "a civil servant can be suspended if he or she is in an unnatural relationship with another person", defining a same-sex relationship as unnatural.

Turkey's LGBT community has long been subjected to state harassment and widespread discrimination. Turkish officials have described homosexuality as “a disease” and rejected proposals for legal protections for LBGT citizens. Homophobic comments from prominent government officials are rather frequent.

Turkey: Being gay could cost you your job | DW | 17.03.2019

A Turkish police officer who identifies as homosexual (gay) has been suspended from duty in the city of Van. He was in the force for over 10 years. DW details his ordeal.


There Are Dogs ,Gay Whores and Leeches, Lindsay Graham is ALL of Those Except Gay Whores Keep To Their Words

He (Graham)is not talking about Trump here. Impeachment are for Dems only over lying over s e x

Just a few Tweets to go with the previous story:
South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who was once a major Republican opponent of President Trump, has been supportive of more policies and moves in recent months. Graham's apparent switch has some Democrats and members of the media now putting out theories that Graham may have been blackmailed by Trump or the Russians.
Gee, whatever can you mean? Never mind, we know exactly what Stephanie Ruhle means. Does NBC? 
 The insinuation is referring to a long-time whispered rumor that Graham is secretly a homosexual and has been guarding it for many years.
MSNBC Anchor Stephanie Ruhle started things off earlier this week by making the vague speculation.
They got to him, he is compromised!
Things got a lot more heated when a member of Congress, Representative Ilhand Omar went after Graham on Twitter Wednesday night over the speculation. 

Conservative pundits say these speculations are essentially tone-deaf and hypocritical, with recent widespread media coverage of public personalities' past comments on homosexuality. They noted the lack of media coverage of the, "homophobic dog whistle" aimed at Senator Graham.
Other media personalities and Hollywood celebrities who have previously demanded repercussions towards those individuals joined the fray, making the same comments.

Hello. A few questions.

(1) Who is “they”?
(2) How did “they” “get to him”?
(3) How is he “compromised”?
(4) Is this a reference to the prominent & pernicious homophobic rumor that is circulating the internet? Because I might expect that from a troll, but you’re a Congresswoman.

Don't worry guys. @jaketapper will be sure to spend as much time on Omar as King. He's a straight-shooter, you see.
Image result for lindsey graham a whore

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