July 18, 2018

Why Trump Lies About Everything? Even His Father Being Born in Germany-Lie!

Donald Trump and his father Fred, very much not in Germany

Barck Obama was not born in Kenya (Hawaii) and Donald Trump father was not born in Germany
(NYC). Some lie because they can't help themselves. I had a partner like that. I discovered within six months of our relationship and then it got worse, to the point I could not trust this person but the lies were thrown at everyone with a mixture of truth but the amazing part was there was no reason to lie on all instances.  Tell him to lie for you to the in-laws, etc. and then he had a problem with it. Unlike the person that lies because they can't help themselves such as my ex, Trump's many lies are based on one reason only, a well thought out reason: to make him look good under every circumstance. The birther lie was to make a Popular Senator becoming President a job he was licking his chops for but never thought as he once said stupid enough people to vote for him. A racist way to put doubts on other bigots. Did it worked/ Like magic on ignorant bigots. Even today some of those people will still say, President Obama was born in Africa and his Hawaii birth certificate is a fake. Dishonest people always believe what is convenient for them!

Like any wise leader, Donald Trump knows bad news should always be followed by a compliment. 

So perhaps that was why, in a recent interview in which he threatened to impose tariffs on European countries that did business with Iran and said the EU was “possibly as bad as China, just smaller”, the president added a touching personal detail.
It was one that spoke of his emotional attachment to the continent he was trashing. 
“I was there many, many years ago,” he said. “Meaning, my parents were born in the European Union. I love these countries; Germany, Scotland, they are still in there right?”
Last week, as Trump has careened across Europe, he repeated his touching tale. In an interview recorded in Scotland, he said: “Don’t forget both of my parents were born in EU sectors – my mother was Scotland, my father was Germany.”

It was heartwarming stuff. It wasn’t true, but it was heartwarming. Trump’s mother, Mary MacLeod, was indeed born in Scotland, on the island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. But his father, Fred Trump, was born in New York City, in the United States of America. Not Germany. 
Fred Trump took over the family real estate business as a teenager and made vast sums before passing the reins to his son. 
Fred Trump’s father, Friedrich Trumpwas born in Germany, in the sleepy village of Kallstadt. He left for America at 16 and worked as a barber in Manhattan before heading west. 
He lived in Washington state for a while and in the Yukon, in Canada, he sold horse meat and other “services” to gold miners. 

Friedrich returned to Germany but was kicked out for skipping military service. His son barely left New York. Until the 1980s, though, he pretended he was of Swedish ancestry, which he felt would be more palatable to many of his Jewish tenants.
His son repeated the Swedish claim in his bestselling book, The Art of the Deal, then flirted with a run for the White House in 2000. His political ambitions were really fueled years later, though, by his leadership of the “birther” movement, which insisted Barack Obama was born in Kenya and thus could not be president. 
That wasn’t true. Neither is it true that Trump’s own dad was born abroad.

AGAIN! This Time Portland: Hater Spewing Assaults to a Gay Couple{Police Do NOTHING}

Wendy and Trudy Dragoon were crossing a street in their Southeast neighborhood of Brentwood-Darlington yesterday evening around 7:30 when they heard an engine rev nearby. They turned to see a truck speeding towards them. The couple ran onto the sidewalk to watch the truck whip by, do a U-turn, and park in front of a nearby home. Three men exited the vehicle, including a skinny 20-something who had been yelling out the window at the women as the truck drove by. 
"He got out of the car and said something about 'Beating the shit out of fucking dykes,'" says Wendy. When Trudy crossed the street to where the truck was parked to confront the man, Wendy began filming using her cell phone. 
In a video that's since been uploaded to Facebook, the man is seen throwing up his fists at Trudy, who stands patiently in front of him. He doesn't swing. But he does go on to call her a "gay pride-ass bitch" and a number of other homophobic and sexist slurs. 
"You think you scare me? You're a fucking woman," says the man, as his friends start unloading some bags from the truck and bringing them into the house. "I'll spit in your face… I'll literally put you to fucking sleep."
The man’s friends, one of whom tells Trudy he owns the neighboring house, attempts to separate the man from Trudy by standing between them.
At the end of the 3-minute-long video, a police officer on patrol happens to drive by and asks the group what's going on.

"He's harassing me," says Trudy.
"She won't get off my property," says the first man.
Then the video cuts out. In a interview with the Mercury, Wendy Dragoon filled in the rest of the story. Wendy said that the Portland police officer told Trudy to "just ignore them."
"I was like, 'Absolutely not,'" Wendy recalls telling the officer. "I said, 'This is harassment. This has to be a hate crime.'" 
But according to Dragoon, the officer allegedly told the couple that unless the man was physically violent, it wasn't a hate crime. 
"He actually said, 'Being mean to you isn't against the law,'" Dragoon says.
That’s not necessarily the case. Under Oregon's hate crime law, a person can be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor if they:
Intentionally, because of the person’s perception of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, disability or national origin... subjects the other person to alarm by threatening:
(A) To inflict serious physical injury upon or to commit a felony affecting the other person, or a member of the person’s family
Based on the video, yesterday's incident seems to fit this description. 
According to Christopher Burley, spokesperson for the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), the unnamed officer said he "advised the groups to avoid one another and they separated." Because the incident "is an open investigation," Burley is unable to comment more specifically regarding the officer's response.
"I was not present at the time of the incident and a video does not necessarily convey everything that was occurring at the time of this incident," wrote Burley in an email to the Mercury. He said the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office may further investigate the video.
The evening incident continued into the early morning hours, according to the Dragoons. Wendy says that around midnight, she and Trudy were awakened by loud fireworks coming from the same property where the truck had parked. They walked outside to confirm, and discovered another neighbor already outside on the phone, reporting the late-night fireworks show to the police. The neighbor allegedly told the police dispatch that the suspects had been harassing Trudy and Wendy earlier. 
Three officers showed up, including the same one from earlier. Again, Dragoon says she tried to explain to the two new officers that they had been harassed by a man on the property earlier. This time, Dragoon says, one of the other officers asked, "But how do you know its a hate crime? How is he supposed to know you're gay?" 
"And that was it," Dragoon says. "They clearly weren't there to help us."
Dragoon believes the owners of the property are new to the neighborhood—she doesn't recall seeing them before yesterday. She says she often walks by the house with her two kids, since it's on the way to Dairy Queen. 
"I don't feel safe in my home anymore. It wouldn't take them long to find out where we live," she says.
This isn’t the only recent incident involving Portland police officers allegedly ignoring allegations of a hate crime.
In June, a woman reported that a man had yelled homophobic slurs at her and beat up her brother while they were leaving Portland's Pride Festival. According to her, one of the reporting officers claimed it wasn't a hate crime because her brother was straight. PPB officers, however, have argued that the state law that addresses these crimes doesn't allow them to fully pursue alleged hate crimes. 
While PPB's Burley can't comment on yesterday's event, he did acknowledge the underlying problem: "The Police Bureau is aware that speech, such as the speech present in this video, instills fear in members of our community."
For the latest protests, rallies, and activist events, check out the Mercury's Resistance Calendar.

NYTimes Comes Up With a Nice Homophobic Video To Show The LTR of Putin_Trump, Thanks Idiots!

The New York Times’s opinion section released a video that was, ostensibly, supposed to mock President Donald Trump’s concerning relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin as the two leaders meet in Finland. In reality, the video does little more than reduce being gay to a punchline.
The video makes no significant commentary on Trump and Putin’s relationship. Instead, it depicts Trump and Putin holding hands, French-kissing, and riding a unicorn with rainbows and butterflies surrounding them. The Times on Monday tweeted the video, claiming that “Donald Trump’s not-so-secret admiration for Vladimir Putin plays out in a teenager’s bedroom, where the fantasies of this forbidden romance come to life.”

In this episode of Trump Bites, Donald Trump’s not-so-secret admiration for Vladimir Putin plays out in a teenager’s bedroom, where the fantasies of this forbidden romance come to life. https://nyti.ms/2uqaTRC 
 This isn’t the first time Trump and Putin’s relationship has been portrayed this way. Frank Bruni, who is gay, penned a New York Times column last year titled “Donnie and Vlad: A Love Story” — comparing Trump and Putin to Romeo and Juliet and calling the two men’s relationship “gross.”  
John Dingell, a former Democratic Congress member and prolific Twitter user, tweeted about the “young love” between Putin and Trump after they previously met. And Michael Ian Black, a comedian and Democrat, said that “Trump must be terrible at blowjobs if it’s taking this long,” referring to a previous Trump-Putin meeting. 
There are also murals of Trump and Putin making out. And comedian Stephen Colbert ran into trouble last year when he said, in a monologue directed to Trump, “The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.” (Colbert sort of apologized after the outcry, saying that he “would change a few words.”) There are many similar jokes all across social media. The attempts at humor last year led Andrew Kahn at Slate to warn liberals to stop resorting to such homophobic jokes to attempt to mock Trump and Putin’s apparent camaraderie. Yet these jokes keep popping up, as demonstrated by the Times’s video.
The only way these jokes work is by demeaning gay people and reducing being gay to a punchline. The underlying implication here is that gay relationships are somehow extra funny — that Trump engaging in sexual acts with Putin is hilarious because it’s gay, and that Trump is lowering himself by submitting to sexual acts with another man.
In situations in which liberals are deliberately trying to find ways to insult Trump, it’s telling that they resort to suggesting Trump is engaging in sexual acts with another man. The suggestion is that the worst thing that could happen for these men is for them to engage in homosexual acts together, as if that devalues them as men, makes them submissive, or emasculates them.
A similar issue came up back in 2013 when actor Alec Baldwin called a photographer a “toxic little queen” and “cocksucking [inaudible].” Baldwin said at the time that he didn’t understand why his comments were homophobic.
CNN host Anderson Cooper gave a good explanation on Howard Stern’s radio show: Baldwin was in a situation in which he was trying to find the most insulting thing he could call a photographer he didn’t like, and he landed on characterizing the photographer as gay. “The worst thing you can possibly think of to say, which is what this situation was, to talk about a sexual act between two guys as being the worst thing you can possibly think of,” Cooper said.
Cooper clarified back then that he didn’t know if Baldwin is homophobic, because “I have no idea what’s in his head.”
Liberals will argue that they are trying to use Trump and Putin’s own bigotry against them. As men who oppose LGBTQ rights (although Putin is much worse than Trump in this regard — for violently enforcing anti-LGBTQ laws in his country), they may find accusations that they’re gay especially offensive.
That this seems okay speaks to the entrenchment of homophobia in America.
Bigotry is never supposed to be okay, not even to counter bigotry. Would it be okay to make racist comments in response to racist beliefs? Or sexist comments in response to sexist beliefs?
The reality is that a lot of liberals are still making homophobic remarks to mock Trump — and that simply doesn’t fit the inclusive, progressive vision of America that liberals are supposed to espouse.

Cop Leaned Over Urinal At Grand Central and Took a Look a Man's Genital and Busted Him

                                                                                                                             👀 👮
 Men's Room at Grand Central (built 1934)

A man who was busted by an MTA police officer while using a urinal in Grand Central Terminal in April 2017 has sued, claiming false arrest. (Susan Watts / New York Daily News)

A Harlem man claims an MTA cop “leaned over and looked at” his genitals at a urinal – before arresting him on bogus allegations of indecent exposure, new court papers allege. 

William Campbell was using the restroom at Grand Central Terminal about 10:40 p.m. on April 17, 2017, when a “man using the urinal next to petitioner leaned over and looked at petitioner's penis,” he claimed in Manhattan Supreme Court papers filed late Friday. Campbell “pushed the man away,” but the stranger jumped on him and said “What are you doing, you f------g f----t?” his state civil lawsuit alleges.
Campbell said “nothing,” and the man then called him a “dirty h—o,” court papers claim.

The man, who turned out to be a Metropolitan Transportation Authority cop, cuffed Campbell so tightly his “wrists bled.”

The cop then shouted to another officer “another pee-pee case” while leading Campbell out of the restroom, court papers charge.

Campbell was taken to Midtown South Precinct stationhouse and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, exposure of a person and public lewdness.

The criminal complaint “falsely stated that there were children in the restroom at the time petitioner was using the urinal, there were no children in the area; that petitioner unlawfully exposed his penis, he did not, he was using the urinal; and that petitioner was carrying in his backpack a knife with a 10-inch blade, he was not in possession of a knife,” Campbell’s suit says.

Because Campbell couldn’t immediately make the $1,000 bail ordered at his arraignment, he spent 72 hours in lockup. After repeated court appearances, and a trial, Campbell was cleared, he said.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office said this case is sealed, so official information on the outcome is not available.
Campbell, who claims he suffered an “unlawful arrest,” is seeking unspecified damages.

Asked for comment, MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan said, “We cannot comment on the specifics of this case or any pending litigation. MTA police officers are vital to maintaining a safe environment for Metro-North customers and all who visit Grand Central.”


July 17, 2018

Which One is Your President? The One Speaking or The One Nodding?

Putin: "The Russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere into internal American affairs including [the] election process."

President Trump today, at a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said he didn't see "any reason" why Russia would interfere in the 2016 election, in response to a question on whether he believed Putin or U.S. intelligence agencies.

Our thought bubble from Jonathan Swan in Helsinki: "I just have no words. As press in this room, we are all sitting in here speechless and stunned. Trump cast doubt over the U.S. intelligence community and endorsed Putin’s denial. Trump was given an opportunity to denounce the meddling and he didn’t; he just pivoted to lines about the missing server and Hillary’s emails. While Putin spoke forcefully, lying, Trump nodded along. There’s no way of sugar coating or spinning this." 

Why it matters: This comes just days after Trump's own administration indicted 12 Russians for hacking the DNC with the intent of interfering with the election. The U.S. intelligence community has repeatedly concluded that Russia actively sought to interfere in the election, and plans to again.

When asked if he wanted Trump to win the election, Putin said, "Yes I did. Because he talked about bringing the US-Russia relationship back to normal." 
Putin: "The Russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere into internal American affairs including [the] election process."
11:23 AM - Jul 16, 2018 More Key quotes from Trump: He said that the relationship between the U.S. and Russia “has never been worse than it is now. However, that changed as of about four hours ago.”

On that deteriorating relationship, Trump said: "I hold both countries responsible. I think the United States has been foolish... I think we've all been foolish. We're all to blame."
He called Putin a "good competitor," not an adversary.
"I beat Hillary Clinton easily... We won that race. And it's a shame that there can even be a little bit of a cloud over it."

"There was no collusion. I didn't know the president. There was nobody to collude with."
Trump called the Russia investigation "a disaster for our country."
When asked whether he believes the U.S. intelligence community or Putin over what happened in 2016, Trump said: "I don't see any reason why it would be [Russia], I really want to see the server." He added, "President Putin was extremely strong in his denial." 
And Putin:

“The Russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere into internal American affairs including [the] election process.”

"Could you name a single fact that would definitely prove the collusion? This is utter nonsense. Just like the President recently mentioned." However, Putin offered to interrogate the 12 Russians indicted by the Justice Department.

Combatting the idea that Trump and Putin trust one another, Putin said, “You can trust no one.”
When asked about reports that Russia has compromising material on Trump: "Now to the compromising material, I did hear this rumor. When Trump visited Moscow back then, I didn’t even know he was in Moscow.”

Ads From Franklyn Graham Pulled on UK DoubleDecker Buses After Backlash

 Blackpool Transport has decided to remove the adverts promoting the controversial Festival of Hope at the Winter Gardens after a public backlash 

Bus chiefs have scrapped adverts promoting a controversial preacher’s visit to Blackpool after a public backlash. Banner adverts have appeared on Blackpool Transport’s Palladium fleet promoting the Festival of Hope at the Winter Gardens, which will feature American evangelist Franklin Graham in September. 

Franklin Graham Blackpool Pride canceled its two-day festival booking at the Winter Gardens, held in June, in protest at Graham’s appearance while MPs Gordon Marsden and Paul Maynard urged then-Home Secretary Amber Rudd to investigate whether Graham should be denied a visa. In 2014, Graham suggested the devil is behind LGBT rights and activism, saying ‘when he [the President] fails to defend biblically defined marriage, and he openly and zealously advocates for gay rights... we know we are locked in a war against the Christian faith, not culture’. He added: “The architect behind this offensive is none other than Satan himself.” 

He has also been accused of making anti-Islamic comments. A spokesman for Blackpool Transport said: “Blackpool Transport has recently been made aware of an advert in place on the side of some of our double-decker buses.

 “In light of customer feedback and reactions on social media which has resulted in heightened tension, we have taken the decision to remove all adverts relating to the ‘Time for Hope’ Festival with immediate effect.

 We will reimburse any income back to the advertising company. “We work with multiple advertisers and third-parties and in no way do we endorse or support any advertisement which is placed on our vehicles. Jane Cole, Managing Director at Blackpool Transport, said “The removal of these adverts is as a result of us listening and acting on customer and public feedback which we aim to do at all times. “Blackpool Transport is a proud ongoing supporter of the Pride and LGBT+ communities and in no way did we intend to cause any distress or upset.” “All buses carrying the advert will remain off the road until they have been removed. The Festival of Hope event is due to take place on September 21-23. 

Gay Man Escapes Chechnya Only To Be Track Down By Family and Security Thugs But LGBTQ Network Saved The Day

 Зелимхан Ахмадов

[This post first appeared on LOGO]
Police caught up with the kidnappers following a tip by the Russia LGBT Network. 

A gay man who escaped the anti-LGBTQ purge in Chechnya was kidnapped on July 13, Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta reports, and it appears it was carried out by his father, with the help of Russia’s Federal Security Service. 
Zelimkhan Akhmadov, 20, was persecuted by family and law enforcement during his time in Chechnya, before escaping to Russia, where he was kidnapped. 
The Russian LGBT Network, which has been working to find asylum for victims of the detentions, beatings, and murder of gay, bisexual, and transgender Chechens, including Akhmadov, filed an application for abduction and police were able to stop the kidnapping. 
Officers brought the kidnappers, along with Akhmadov, to the police station, followed by a lawyer and employees of the Russian LGBT Network.
The man’s relatives had been trying to track him down since his escape, with the aid of Chechen authorities, as his father, Eli Akhmadov, said his son was missing, landing him on the federal wanted list. 
There are reports of Chechens being the victims of so-called “honor killings” by family members who have found out they were members of the LGBTQ community. Akhmadov was reportedly yelling for help as he was forced into a car. He also sent a two-word text message to an employee of the Russia LGBT Network, simply reading, “Help me.”
The Russia LGBT Network reports that relatives have tried to kidnap him several times in the past, including one occasion where his friend who was with him at the time was stabbed. 
The incident occurs shortly before President Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin, taking place today in Finland. The Human Rights Campaign has projected a message onto the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, demanding that Trump and Putin end the ongoing anti-LGBTQ crimes in the Russian republic of Chechnya.
Journalist based in Charlotte, North Carolina, whose work has appeared in The Charlotte Observer, Creative Loafing, and more.

FL Gay Republican Calls The Cops on Black Woman Over CVS Coupon

Edgewater CVS racial incident involved gay Republican candidate by Matt Simonette 

Pharmacy giant CVS has apologized to a Black Chicago woman after an Edgewater manager—a white, openly gay man who is also running for 48th Ward alderman—phoned the police after she reportedly attempted to use a coupon he didn't recognize late on July 13.Camilla Hudson posted a cellphone video to social media July 14 that showed a visibly trembling Morry Matson speaking on the phone with police after she attempted to purchase an item using a manufacturer's coupon he alleged that she'd forged. The video was deleted by Facebook at one point, but Hudson was able to repost it.

The CVS outlet in question is at 6150 N. Broadway.

Prior to announcing his aldermanic bid, Matson said that he was heading up an effort to revitalize the local branch of the Log Cabin Republicans. He has long been active in an effort to further extend the Lakefront Path; that effort was at one point derailed when a referendum petition Matson organized was discovered to have a number of fraudulent signatures.

Chicago Sun-Times reported on the apology by Woonsocket, Rhode Island-based CVS July 14. Spokesperson Mike DeAngelis told the paper that, "We sincerely apologize to Ms. Hudson for her experience in one of our stores. Our Region Director in Chicago contacted Ms. Hudson as soon as we were made aware of this incident. CVS has begun an investigation and we will take any corrective action that is warranted to prevent it from happening again."

Hudson noted on Facebook that Matson's trembling, visible on her video, only started when he phoned 911 a second time.

"Morry Matson was not shaking and not having tremors of any kind when he first started assisting me at the self-checkout register in the store," she said. "He also did not have any tremors when we moved over to a regular register for him to assist me with the sale. He had no tremors when he initially warned me of having called the police. The tremors began when he called the police for what he said was the second time—which is the 911 call I videotaped."
State Rep. Juliana Stratton, D-Chicago, who is also running to be the state's next lieutenant governor and is a childhood friend of Hudson's, weighed in on the matter on Twitter: "Yesterday the police were called by a @cvspharmacy employee who assumed she had the wrong coupon. We cannot take lightly the calling of police on black people carrying out normal, everyday activities. It's traumatizing and it's wrong."

State Rep. Kelly Cassidy, D-Chicago, added on Twitter: "Dear Mr. Matson: This isn't how we treat our neighbors in Edgewater. You're an embarrassment. … Let this racist fool know the people of the 48th Ward deserve better."

Chicago Sun-Times' article is at BIT.LY/2LMJTCX           

Just the fact that this Manager is gay and Republican convicted of felony years back, according to sources, should tell you the whole story. There are scumbag gays just like there are straights and watch out if they are politicians. There is One of those in my own borough, a little guy that is gay and even a democrat but in my opinion, he is there for the job not what the job can do for people. Suggestion:  Never vote for someone because they are gay is one of the lessons we can get from this man. Check what he/she says and see the negatives talk of the people in his own party.

Judge Criticizes Trump Admin For Not Responding Promptly to His Order For Children Unifications

Image result for border caged babies

The federal judge who ordered the swift reunification of thousands of migrant families sharply chastised the Trump administration late on Friday, after it said that complying with the judge’s order would increase the risk of harm to children.

The Health and Human Services Department outlined a new, more accelerated plan to return nearly 3,000 migrant children to their parents by a July 26 deadline. But it also said that doing so required faster vetting procedures and would probably place the children in abusive environments or with adults falsely claiming to be their parents.

In a court filing that included the new plan, Chris Meekins, the deputy assistant secretary of preparedness and response, said, “While I am fully committed to complying with this court’s order, I do not believe that the placing of children into such situations is consistent with the mission of H.H.S. or my core values.”

The judge, Dana M. Sabraw of Federal District Court in San Diego, was not moved.

“Unfortunately, H.H.S. appears to be operating in a vacuum, entirely divorced from the undisputed circumstances of this case,” he said. Its position, he added, was inconsistent with explicit statements from top government officials — including the president himself — that the reunifications proceed, and quickly. 

Judge Sabraw also said that the department had itself sped up its vetting procedures before the court order, and that safe reunifications “can be accomplished in the time and manner prescribed.”

“It is clear from Mr. Meekins’s declaration that H.H.S. either does not understand the court’s orders or is acting in defiance of them,” he said.
A spokeswoman for Health and Human Services, Evelyn Stauffer, said in a statement Saturday that the department was trying earnestly to comply with the court order. Its interpretation of the order, she added, was that it need not conduct the fuller vetting process it normally would to ensure the children’s safety.

“In the interests of transparency and cooperation,” Ms. Stauffer said, “the department felt it necessary in our filings on Friday to share with the court our view that meeting the deadline would mean truncating the process we might have otherwise followed.”

The government says in its new reunification plan that it will return up to 200 children per day to their families. Parents in detention will be sent to one of six to eight facilities and vetted using two basic checks, one for criminal history and another to confirm parentage. Then the child will be moved to that facility within 24 to 48 hours. 

It is still unclear whether the government will seek to keep some of the families in detention long-term or release them into the country using ankle monitors to track the parents. At least some have already been moved into family detention centers, where the government can legally hold them for up to 20 days, according to Bridget Cambria, a lawyer representing a Brazilian father and son who were reunited on Friday at one such facility, the Berks Detention Center in Pennsylvania.

Ms. Cambria said that Immigration and Customs Enforcement had flown the father from El Paso to Chicago, first to meet his son, and then flew them together to the detention center, which is near Reading, Pa. While the young boy seemed happy on Friday, an unknown future awaited the family, she said.

“Sitting with him today, he looked 1,000 times better than he did before,” Ms. Cambria said. “He wouldn’t let go of his dad, but he should be able to be in a community-based environment to deal with the trauma he has gone through and not be sitting in detention.”

She said she represented another Brazilian father and his son, 16, who was in Chicago; they, however, had a different outcome. They both were released to a sponsor in New England and prepared to apply for asylum.

The government’s plan was filed after a hearing in a lawsuit against the government over its family separation practice, and a chaotic week of down-to-the-wire reunions of a small subset of the separated children — those under 5 years old — with some false starts and delays.

The administration faces a much more daunting task ahead. Only 57 children under the age of 5 were reunited in the first phase, while 2,551 other children remain in custody, according to the latest government estimates.

Judge Sabraw on Friday laid out a set of intermediary deadlines, intended to prevent the last-minute execution of the first phase. He said that the government must confirm all parent-child relationships by July 19, a week before the final reunification deadline, and give at least 12 hours’ notice before a reunification of the location and identities of the parent and child. 

Advocates hoped that the new deadlines would allow them to mobilize in time to provide the reunited families with emergency shelter, clothing, and food. Many of the families will be released in states far away from their relatives or support networks. Some were released last week without any money or place to go, including the mother of a 6-month-old baby who, according to court documents, was left by immigration agents at a bus station until she obtained a bus ticket around midnight.

Still, the judge was pleased with the government’s progress overall.

“The parties are really working through the issues in a very measured and successful way given the enormity of the undertaking,” he said.

Family separations began quietly last fall and ramped up in May with the announcement of the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy. After a thunderous public outcry, they halted abruptly on June 20 with an executive order from President Trump, who reiterated his commitment to tough immigration enforcement but drew the line at family separation.

The government failed to meet its Tuesday deadline for reunifying children under 5 but had done so for all who were eligible by the end of the week.

To streamline the process, the government said it would use DNA testing sparingly to confirm parentage. It would rely on documentation and what Judge Sabraw called “common sense” in the vast majority of cases, to make the reunifications happen more quickly.

Questions remain about the futures of children whose parents have been deported without them, which Judge Sabraw called “one of the disturbing realities of this situation.” He set a deadline of seven days for returning those children to their parents once the government had secured the documents necessary for them to travel.
Liz Robbins contributed reporting.

A version of this article appears in print on July 15, 2018, on Page A22 on The New York Times

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