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February 26, 2012

The Picture Sheriff Babeu { in underwear } Sent To His Ex Boyfriend

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is on the hot ropes after it was disclosed this week that he is gay and had an illegal immigrant as a lover (sextoy). It wouldn't be so bad however there are allegations of threats to his former companion and the sheriff has a staunch record nationally for opposing illegal immigration and reform of the archaic US immigration system. Paul Baeu is an Arizona Republican this itself speaks volumes - denial and hypocrisy. The insert photo is of the sheriff , perhaps one that he sends out to his unsuspecting victim's - which they are because they are only sextoys for a warped mindset like Paul's. It is evident in his texting to his former lover that he wanted to keep their affair secret - a threat in our opinion if you read the wording of the conversation. Paul has an penchant for ethnic sextoys and has an Adam4Adam profile which caters to those seeking ethnic companions. Sheriff Paul Babeu was forced out of the closet and rightfully so however we cringe at the prospect of any GLBT association coming to his defense or later exulting him as a victim when the Arizona GOP bigotry machine cranks-up the volume against him as they certainty will. Sheriff Paul Babeu is a liar and hypocrite end of story. Because he happens to homosexual ( one who was forced out) does not deem him worthy of any praise nor accolades in the imminent battle ahead for him, retaining his elected office as Pinal County's Sheriff. Stay Tuned.

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