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June 23, 2014

Drunkard Tx.Gov Perry says he made a mistake comparing Gays to Alcoholics


Texas Gov. Rick Perry said it was a mistake for him to use a story about alcoholism to explain his views on homosexuality.
Perry said Thursday at a forum hosted by The Christian Science Monitor that he "stepped right in it" after being asked during a trip to California last week if homosexuality is a disorder.
Perry said at the time that if he had the "genetic coding" to be an alcoholic, he still has the choice not to drink. "I look at the homosexual issue as the same way," he told the Commonwealth Club of California.
His response came after the Texas Republican Convention sanctioned platform language allowing Texans to seek voluntary counseling to "cure" being gay.
The platform stands in contrast to California and New Jersey, which have banned licensed professionals from providing such therapy to minors.
The governor, a potential Republican candidate for president, explained Thursday that he allowed himself to be "distracted" by the question.
He said he should have kept his focus on the importance of creating jobs.
"I got asked about issues, and instead of saying, 'You know what, we need to be a really respectful and tolerant country to everybody,' and get back to talking about, whether you're gay or straight, you need to be having a job," he said. "I readily admit I stepped right in it."
Perry's explanation is similar to one he gave in the aftermath of a November 2011 presidential debate when he forgot the third of three federal agencies he had pledged to dissolve.
"I'm glad I had my boots on tonight," he said at the time. "I stepped in it out there."

February 4, 2014

A Coward, Bully Rep Grimm of S,I. Will Pay Nothing Out of His Conduct becoming a Mean Drunk

 Rep. Michael Grimm Accosts NY1 Reporter
What would have been shocking is that bully tea party  
conservative Republican for S.I. would at least pay a fine.  TV reporter Scotto forgave the guy, that should have not even be published unless there is a disclaimer that Scotto had no choice but to forgive. He was going to be between his employer and this powerful bully. I think this  aszz should have been arrested and go through the iniquities that any citizen goes by when for no reason and without been threatened they menaced somebody with serious bodily harm while holding their arm. This would reassure the public in a moral  lesson that no one is Can get away with this type bullying not in front of the capital or grime’s watering hole. Having a politician fall in their own tongues like a sword and parted in half like the Dead sea. that would be very welcoming.— Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm will not be charged for threatening to throw NY1 reporter Michael Scotto off a balcony after the State of the Union on Tuesday, 
A congressional source toldFox News that law enforcement officials were discussing the possibility of criminal charges against Grimm, who threatened Scotto after an interview.
But Capitol Police told the Daily News Friday they have closed the probe.
When Scotto tried to ask Grimm about an investigation into his 2010 campaign fundraising, Grimm cut him off, then threatened to "break" the reporter "like a boy,"video posted by NY1 shows.
"Let me be clear to you, you ever do that to me again I'll throw you off this f-----g balcony," Grimm can be heard telling Scotto.
While Scotto argued he'd asked a valid question, Grimm threatened to break him in half.
"No, no, you're not man enough, you're not man enough. I'll break you in half. Like a boy," Grimm said.
NY1 reported that Scotto was contacted by the Capitol Police over the incident, but did not want to press charges.
The congressman could also face action from the House's Ethics Committee, Fox Newssaid.
While Grimm was initially less than apologetic towards the reporter, he later offered to take him to lunch.
"I was wrong. I shouldn’t have allowed my emotions to get the better of me and lose my cool. I have apologized to Michael Scotto, which he graciously accepted, and will be scheduling a lunch soon," a statement released by Grimm said.
"I humbly apologize for my actions toward Michael Scotto on Tuesday night, my emotions got the best of me," Grimm wrote.
"I know I'm only human and very passionate, but this never should have happened and it won't ever again. My constituents have placed their trust in me, my parents both raised me better than this and I owe it to all of you to live up to those principles."
Scotto said he accepted Grimm's apology, but commenters on the congressman's Facebook page weren't as quick to forgive.
"I don't know why that was your reaction to a straightforward question," Brenda Flower wrote on his page.
"Sorry, but I believe you are only apologizing because you got were trying to intimidate him."
However, some on his page agreed with Grimm and placed the blame on Scotto's question.
"The way I see it, Scotto was the bully. All Michael did was defend himself,” Li Sa Esposito-Mazzu wrote on his page.

By Nicholas Rizzi. DNA

Introduction Adam Gonzalez

October 10, 2013

Just Like An American Boarding Drunk,The Assistant to A Senior DOMA Official Gets Kicked Out of Aeroflot After Causing Melee in Cabin

© RIA Novosti. Aleksandr Utkin
 by RIA Novosti  
A senior official in the ruling United Russia party hit the headlines Wednesday after the nation’s top airline kicked his aide off a plane for causing an alcohol-fueled scene.
Aeroflot says State Duma deputy Andrei Isayev showed up for the St. Petersburg-Moscow flight Tuesday evening together with his intoxicated assistant, Alexander Poglazov, who proceeded to get into an argument with the crew.
A witness and the airline said Isayev yelled at attendants and threatened to have them dismissed when they ordered Poglazov to leave the flight.
Isayev “introduced himself as a State Duma deputy and demanded to have Poglazov moved to business class,” airline spokesman Andrei Sogrin told RIA Novosti.
The story might have ended there had Ilya Perekopsky, deputy general director of social networking site VKontakte, who was also on board the flight, not posted a message about the incident on Twitter. As a result, the fracas, which caused an hour-and-a-half delay to the flight, ended up in the Russian media.
The incident will prove yet another blow to United Russia’s already tarnished image.
Although it still holds a majority of seats in the lower house of parliament, the party’s popularity ratings have plummeted in recent years and opposition politicians argue that it has achieved electoral success largely through widespread fraud. The phrase “party of crooks and thieves” was coined by opposition leader Alexei Navalny in 2011 and has since gained widespread currency among government critics.
Isayev confirmed that an incident involving his assistant had taken place, but denied threatening the crew.
Nonetheless, late Wednesday he suspended his membership in the presidium of the party's ruling body and submitted his resignation as its deputy secretary, according to the party. He has not left either United Russia or the Duma, but apologized to all those inconvenienced by the incident.
Earlier in the day Isayev said his aide was removed from the plane and fined 100 rubles ($3) by the police for being intoxicated in public.
“There was no hooliganism on his part,” Isayev told RIA Novosti.
Sogrin of Aeroflot said Isayev decided to leave the plane of his own accord.
Isayev said Aeroflot was trying to cover up the delay with the incident as “the plane had been delayed” by the time they arrived.
He said his aide had submitted a letter of resignation, which has yet to be approved.
Sergei Neverov, secretary of United Russia’s general council, described the incident as "extremely unpleasant.”
"We are going to ask him to provide explanations," Neverov told RIA Novosti.

September 15, 2012

Joshua Shelton 21, Drunk, Killed 70,000Chickens in 15 min.


chicken deaths
Joshua D. Shelton killed 70,000 chickens following a night of binge drinking. (AFP/Getty/AFP/Getty Images)
 Joshua D. Shelton must be experiencing the hangover of a lifetime. 
According to sheriffs officials, the 21-year-old man of Delmar, Md., was wandering around a poultry farm after one cocktail too many when he turned off the power to three chicken houses, causing the deaths of nearly 70,000 chickens. 
Lt. Tim Robinson of the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office told, “This is a first for me in my almost 20-year career." 
According to the Washington Post, Shelton was wandering around the farm when he entered a shed and flipped a switch, possibly thinking it was a light switch. But Shelton and the chickens were not so lucky. Shelton instead hit the power switch which "most likely killed $20,000 worth of chickens within 15 minutes," according to police.
“Shelton advised the last thing he remembered was being on the property after a nearby concert but did not know how he ended up in the shed. The deputy surmised that in his intoxicated state, Shelton turned off the circuit breakers that controlled the electricity to the chicken houses,” Robinson told NBC. 
To make matters worse, the owner of the farm found Shelton passed out in the shed in a puddle of his own urine, with nothing on but a pair of boxers and a t-shirt, according to the Associated Press. 
Shelton was arrested and booked into jail on charges of second-degree burglary, trespass and malicious destruction of property. He is being held on $75,000 bond

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August 8, 2012

Country Singer Randy Travis Found on the Gutter Naked and Drunk- What Hootch did he take?

Randy Travis mug shot arrest

RANDY Travis has been charged with driving while intoxicated and threatening law officers after the country singer crashed his car and was found naked and combative at the scene, officials say.
A photo released by the Grayson County Sheriff's Office shows a battered-looking Travis in a T-shirt, with a black eye and dried blood on his face.
He later walked out of jail on $US21,500 ($A20,450) bond wearing scrubs, a University of Texas baseball cap and no shoes.
It was the second Texas arrest this year for Travis, who was cited in February for public intoxication.
A car registered to Travis, 53, drove off the road around midnight Tuesday, said Tom Vinger, spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety.
The vehicle had struck several barricades in a construction zone.
Vinger said Travis made threats against Texas Highway Patrol troopers and was not wearing clothes at the time of his arrest.
He refused sobriety tests, so a blood specimen was taken.
Grayson County Sheriff's Sergeant Rickey Wheeler said Travis faces charges of retaliation or obstruction in addition to driving under the influence.
"Travis had a strong odour of alcoholic beverage on his breath and several signs of intoxication," according to a statement from the sheriff's office.
Randy Travis arrest"While Travis was being transported, Travis made threats to shoot and kill the troopers working the case."
A Travis representative said there would be no immediate comment.
Travis in February was charged with public intoxication after being spotted in a vehicle parked in front of a church near Tioga, where the entertainer lives.
He also has been involved in messy court proceedings with his ex-wife.
Travis was divorced from Elizabeth Travis in 2010 after 19 years of marriage.
Earlier this year, Elizabeth Travis, who had been his manager for more than three decades, filed a lawsuit claiming that Randy Travis made it impossible for her to do her job and terminated her management contract without proper notice.
She said her ex-husband sent several men, including an armed guard, to clean out her offices.
Randy Travis countersued in May, accusing his ex-wife of divulging confidential information about him in order to damage his reputation and career.
The court documents don't say what information Elizabeth Travis is alleged to have betrayed.
CM mugshots gallery, april 27, 2010No mug picture will ever beat this just beautiful actor and drunkie.  Got to give’m credit lately..he is tryng by drinking light Bacardi.

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