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December 11, 2017

UK}} Rev.Franklyn Graham Not Wanted{{The 2nd Coming, Jerusalem and The Political Rapture of Evangelicals

* So no one will lose respect for this blog since we don't post hearsay, we don't believe in any of these events from a religious point of view but the evangelicals do and we wanted to show our readers how dangerous a man or woman with a weapon that they don't know how or when to use is.  By that, we mean the vote given to Trump. We believe he is very likely to get us into war. We have the knowledge of the Evangelicals and can see by the way they are behaving how dangerous they are for our Constitution and our way of life in the United States. Everyone has the right to his/her opinions. We hope you read the story of Jerusalem and what it means to the Evangelicals. Why? Trump will be doing other things that he is promised to them and you might be able to see why they want Trump to accomplish certain things. It involves Jerusalem, our State Dept, and reversal of laws that have been PASSED since Lyndon B. Johnson.

 Thanks to Trump we know the rapture already happened and with *Jerusalem
back to Israel's hands we enter the millennium and possibly WW3

*[Jerusalem still divided until they kick the Christian and Muslim's out]

If anything positive is to come out with the Election of Trump and his marriage with Evangelicals and even supporting a pedophile Senate candidate is that we will see these religious upstanding people as what they are. They put their politics before their children, families and even their god  (remember when they used to call gays pedophiles? life is funny!). 

 I think with Trump, Roy Moore, Franklyn Graham is that they are going to have to show their dirty nails and how disgusting they really are making their religion and plans for their future more important than even their families ( ie: kids kicked out of the house at 14 because they come out gay and won't go back to the closet).  

What has Trump got that evangelicals love so much?  Evangelicals see Trump (particularly now after the statement on Jerusalem) as the realization of prophecies that see Israel being united with Jerusalem. That is the signal for other things to happen that evangelicals wait all their lives for until they die without seeing this happen. A sister to my shock said she voted for Trump so we can have the destruction of this awful world and have Christ come back as promised(paraphrasing).

I will give you a bird flight view of what these people are and what they are really up to.
Their brainwashing is deep and goes against our nation and values just like the state of Israel goes against the Zionist orthodox Jews who will financially support the State but not live there because they wait for the Messiah to come.
Jerusalem has to be united solely on the jews hands. Why these people destroy our values? They oppose everything positive in the way of civil rights that we have gained through votes and the courts.  They feel betrayed by the system in which it allowed a black man, not even a deeply religious one to become President and be elected two times. They have been stewing in indignation and planning to come back and reverse everything he accomplished. You know Trump is been doing that for a year and the courts have been busy revisiting LGBT rights once settled but they are looking for cases to come back to the Supreme court banking there will be another anti-gay Trump appointments there.

 Put on your seat belt- is going to be a bumpy reading. How do I know what I know?

I know about the current issues of religion and the deeper beliefs of evangelicals involving the Prophesies which explain why a man like Trump can be the vehicle for things to happen. 
My background: I've studied all the major religions and I come from the Evangelical world so I know how the world turns for them. I grew up as an evangelical and entered the seminary of my own accord, working there to pay for my studies which otherwise my mom could not afford. Around 13  until I was 18 or so. 

Three Years of divinity studies and 2 years post graduate. Most evangelicals don't read the whole bible but passages which sound good but many times they don't understand but they depend on their pastor and Sunday school, books, preaching on TV to teach them the meaning of what they read. Most Evangelicals that just go to church do not know the sequence of events I will quickly describe here. The people that believe and are aware of this dogma are the elders of the church, some deacons, pastors if they are seminary educated. The average Christian whether Protestant, Catholic or Evangelical just know that they will see again their son that died in the war and when their time comes they will be with Jesus Christ. They have an answer for something that most people fear and can do nothing about it, 'death.' The fear of death makes them stick with the church even if they stop physically going they will support it by giving at least 10% of the money that touches their hands. They will tend to vote the way they are told if they are also told how it helps Jesus Christ's cause to make followers and save them.
I am personally anti-religion because I know that is a way to divide people and have power over the nation, any nation. I never try to take any one's faith but will stand up with facts when someone starts talking nonsense to me, otherwise, I don't want to touch the subject. People need to believe in something to help them cope. I understand all that. I like to see my self as a spiritual person because I believe we are much more than just beings that nature created without any purpose but to build things.

Even on the most stinging preaching from Franklyn's father Billy Graham never came against any other religion or people. He was anti-gay just like even non-religious people were. I remember he even said once that if he could not be Christian he would be a Muslim because of the way they follow their scriptures and they come directly from Abraham. I used to follow his preaching on the TV when I was a kid from where ever he was. at the time.

He built his case around Jesus and the wonderful things that could happen to people that accepted him. The deal is you live forever, help financially in problems in any need Jesus will be there for you. Not a bad deal! Among other things he sold, He used to be a door to door Encyclopedia salesman at one time and you know that job is only for pro's if you are going to make a living out of it, meaning he was a good salesman and for selling Jesus Christ there was no better.

Franklyn, his son has is not a salesman. Maybe he is like Trump a deal maker. Franklyn took over over his dad's ministry and his connections around the world which are needed when they go to visit other countries. This ministry is a billion-dollar enterprise around the world. They don't go to feed the hungry in the US or the world Africa when they visit but to feed them spiritually they would say.

The ministry has taken a financial hit with the father no longer there and maybe Franklyn felt he needed to crack the whip to be able to bring things to what they were.  Franklyn is Islamophobic, homophobic and as a close religious adviser to Trump who has no religion per say a threat to our way of life as a nation. Trump cares about power and he makes the deals to get more power with the Saudi's or the Russians or the Evangelicals which are a new type of followers for him but without them, he believes he would have not won the election. Many of the stances Trump has taken or promised to take when he was running for president comes from people like Graham. Others from Pastors who describe themselves as Pentecostal. 

What is the difference between a Pentecostal and an Evangelical? 

The hardcore believers come from the Pentecostal church but they have spread out with different names. They are all the same (evangelicals) if they believe in a virgin birth, holy spirit (speaking in other tongues), Jesus as the son of god. They believe Jesus died for our sins but was raised from death to heaven after the third day. He will come back for his church (rapture)and then after a thousand years (500 of peace and prosperity until the beast and the antiChrist bring war against Israel. That would last the remaining 500 years) Some like Jehovah witnesses believe that Jesus came already and we are in the millennium (second Part). The only thing is the JW have limited numbers of those who will be saved. I guess their heaven can only hold so many.
 At the end of the millennium god will come and fight with the devil and will be raised all those that died and the whole humanity will be judged. This is the final judgment day everyone talks about. 

Trump and the end of the World

If Trump is going to listen to these religious leaders is because they promised they would have a   strong backing for him. They promised he would get the evangelical vote but those promises for the gays or like Trump said" L G B T Q" would have to be undone in his cabinet and more importantly in the local and supreme courts by only appointing candidates like his own vice president who is and has always been rabidly anti-gay.

Having people who claim they talk to god and god talks to them and directs them through the events of any ordinary day. Those people can easily be convinced by a leader they respect that this is God's will and plan. When all the people in the group believe the same thing and most of it is just faith because it cannot be proven and even taken seriously by people outside the faith the person with the right words can convince those believers that he or she will make the plans of God happen. Someone sent by God and if it sounds a little crazy then "god works in mysterious ways." 

Jerusalem needs to be for the Jews so the Messiah can come and unite his people(for Evangelicals he comes for the second time, Jews (Zionists) first time coming (this is what they live for today). 
[Tthis will sound silly for some but not for those who interpret the bible in a certain way. They try to live their lives preparing for either a rapture or a judgment in which they can be with God. This is what makes Martyr's have no fear of death for the Prophet and Evangelicals, Protestants, Catholics that death only means happiness because they will be with God  after proven to be worthy.]

Evangelicals believe he (Jesus)will come with his raptured church again and the Jews (Zionists) believe he will establish his kingdom. The world will unite against Israel with the antichrist then the Messiah will fight and destroy the enemies of Israel and at the end reign as the king of Israel. 
The judgment of the world comes at that time and those marked by the beast with 666 will not be accepted to be with God.

Adam Gonzalez, Publisher of Adamfoxie
3 yr. Seminary Graduate with 2 yrs. Post Graduate Degree.
Was named as a Seminary Teacher at 18 or less to teach a class and appointed to Pastor of a Church by my Pastor who was a Bishop under the Hispanic Pentecostal Assemblies of God of Lower Manhattan. The church was located on the alphabet soup in the lower east side when the alphabet soup had taken the title of Hell's Kitchen for crime and drugs.

A little background 

I Resigned shortly after being name Pastor (I was pushed into doing it and my heart was not into that because I had issues with the doctrine and I had a few encounters with men(sexual) of my age in accidental?? encounters in the West Village. I knew it was better to resign than to continue as a hypocrite. 
I had lost my self-respect by just preaching in that church. Never became a seminarian to be a pastor or even to assist in running of any church. I loved the learning and the way I was treated by being so young (the youngest) and learning with men and women which some of them already were running their churches or to be appointed but needed the diploma for those reasons. I just wanted to hang my diploma and show my brothers and anybody else I was brighter and smarter than they were. I wanted to Keep working in the Seminary even if it was just one day a week. I liked teaching but how could I continue to preach what I no longer believed? When I gave the pastor the keys back or maybe sent them back I never went back to my own church or any church. 
I never wanted to see that pastor again. I never wanted to hear about God, Jesus heaven, hell and even my knowledge of what I had learned and researched I wanted to forget. There was something else in my life that I needed to figure out and it seems there was nobody in the world that could help me out with that. I tried putting my biblical knowledge way back and forgetting about it.

As for the Evangelicals, they missed the rapture and they don't know it. If they read their bibles more and understood one sin is not better than the other. For those spending millions because they want to control the fate of this nation, they should go to their own library and pick up the dusty bible where Jesus said that it would be easier for a camel to fit thru the eye of a needle than a rich man to pass to heaven. Every sin has equal weight. Maybe they are confused about what a sin is. If Israel is in control of Jerusalem and unified then these evangelicals missed the rapture because the rapture was supposed to happen before that. So busy trying to make a prophecy happen that they stayed behind. Now they would have to deal with the beast, antichrist, and devil himself. ha hah ha
 Depressing stuff!                                        🦊

The opposition is mounting to a planned visit to the UK by a leading American conservative evangelical Christian who has made Islamophobic and anti-gay statements, with critics saying it will promote prejudice and damage interfaith relations.

Several MPs, including a government minister, have urged the home secretary to consider refusing UK entry to Franklin Graham, with some suggesting his comments contravene British laws on hate speech. A petition against Graham being granted a visa has gathered more than 4,600 signatures.

Nina Parker, the pastor of Liberty church in Blackpool and the organizer of the petition, said: “As a Christian and as a leader of a church that particularly welcomes LGBT people, I’m horrified that other local churches are inviting someone with this record of hate speech.”  

She said Graham’s visit had triggered an “enormous amount of protest from Christians in the north-west” of England, and his presence would be “extremely destructive in the area”.

Graham, 65, the son of the evangelical preacher Billy Graham, is to be the main speaker at the Lancashire festival of hope at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens in September 2018.

The evangelist, who backed Donald Trump in last year’s US presidential election, has described Islam as “an evil and very wicked religion” and has equated the actions of extremist groups such as Isis with the faith.

He claimed that Barack Obama was “born a Muslim” and had allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate the US government at the highest levels during his presidency. He also said the Obama administration was pushing “a gay and lesbian agenda”, and he has spoken out against LGBT rights, saying Satan is behind same-sex marriage. 

Paul Maynard, a minister at the Department of Transport and a Blackpool MP, has written to Amber Rudd urging caution over Graham’s visit to the UK.

Gordon Marsden, another Blackpool MP who has called on the home secretary to consider refusing Graham entry, said the evangelist may have broken UK legislation on hate speech.

“I think frankly the evidence is piling up that his visit to the UK … would not be a good thing and not probably in my view a very Christian thing.” Graham’s statements were “incompatible with what Jesus said in the Bible”, he told BBC Radio Lancashire.

Afzal Khan, the Labour MP for Manchester Gorton, said he was concerned about the prospect of Graham sowing division in the UK. “His views are not welcome, and I will make representation to the home secretary if it looks like he is intent on coming,” he told the Guardian.

Last year, Graham said Trump’s election victory was the result of divine intervention. “I could sense going across the country that God was going to do something this year. And I believe that at this election, God showed up,” he told the Washington Post.

According to his biography on the website of Samaritan’s Purse, an international charity which pays him an annual salary of $620,000 for his role as chief executive, Graham has “led crusades around the world”. He was “raised in a log home in the Appalachian mountains … [and] now lives in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina”, it adds.

The Blackpool festival – organized by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association (BGEA), of which Franklin Graham is president and CEO – is being supported by a number of Anglican clergy and churches in the Blackpool area. Those contacted by the Guardian either did not respond to a request for comment or declined to comment. 

Two opponents of Graham’s visit, the Blackpool vicars Andrew Sage and Tracy Charnock, have written an open letter to the bishop of Blackburn, Julian Henderson, calling on him to distance himself from the US evangelist. They say they are nervous about the damage the proposed visit will do to interfaith relations.

“We cannot stay silent in the face of such dangerous and outspoken prejudice,” they write, suggesting that the bishop’s silence on the matter “can only be seen as support”.

Sage told the Guardian that when he discovered Graham’s comments about Muslims and LGBT people “I became rather angry, which is unlike me. I have good relations with Muslims and gay people in my parish, and everyone is welcome at the church where I’m the parish priest. This [invitation to Graham] is not in my name, and I’d like the bishop to distance himself from it.”

Henderson told the Guardian he had no comment to make to the press but would be writing to Sage “in the near future”.

In a statement, the Blackpool councilor Maria Kirkland said the council had been “made aware of a number of alleged comments and opinions on topics including gender, sexuality, race and immigration” by Graham.

“The council’s position on these matters is robust and clear. We want to tackle discrimination, promote equality and increase respect and understanding between people regardless of their race, religion or sexual orientation or any such matter that can be subject to prejudice in our society.”

She added: “If matters are brought to our attention that could constitute incitement to hatred, we will forward these to the relevant public authorities and should this be proved we will not hesitate to terminate this booking.” 

June 4, 2017

How Some Rabbis Trying To Make Conservative Jews More Gay Friendly

The Jewish coming-of-age ceremony known as a bar mitzvah is always challenging. It happens at the awkward age of the early teen years, and requires the child to chant, before family, friends and congregation, from the archaic Hebrew of the Torah.
For Amichai Lau-Lavie, the Israeli-born scion of an Eastern European rabbinical dynasty, it was even more difficult. The section he read, called Kedoshim, contained the biblical prohibition against sex between two men: 
“A man who lies with a male as one would with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon themselves.”
It was a painful moment for Lau-Lavie, now 48, who had already realized he was gay.
Decades later, in part because traditional Judaism condemns homosexuality, Lau-Lavie left Orthodoxy to become a rabbi in the American Conservative movement of Judaism, which ordains LGBTQ rabbis and blesses same-sex marriages. 
But now, more than a decade later, Lau-Lavie and other Conservative rabbis are pushing for more change. Their activism represents one instance of how queer leadership is pushing the movement to modify its approach on a range of issues, including the study of Torah, the place of intermarried families and how synagogues are run.
The problem is that even while Conservative life is inclusive of LGBTQ people, it still places limits on their most intimate lives. It instructs gay men to avoid anal sex precisely because of the verse Lau-Lavie chanted at his Bar Mitzvah, and urged bisexual people to pursue relationships with those of the opposite sex. It also cited heterosexuality as the ideal sexual orientation.
Lau-Lavie and other Conservative rabbis believe those rules should be abandoned. Forty-nine-year-old Rabbi Adina Lewittes, who identifies as a lesbian, is leading the charge. 
She recognizes that queer people can be full participants in Jewish life, that they can marry and become rabbis. And few members of the movement are likely to know about these rules, much less follow them. But enshrining in Jewish law negative attitudes against homosexuality and bisexuality amounts to a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that leaves some queer Jews feeling excluded, she argues.
“Spiritual and halachic acceptance isn’t something to snatch underhandedly,” Lewittes wrote in a Forward op-ed, using the Hebrew word for “Jewish law.” “It’s something to be articulated with clarity and pride.”

March 2, 2017

LGBT Jewish New Yorkers Support Their Muslims Brothers

Members of Beit Simchat Torah support vigil, left, greeted a woman outside the Islamic Center on Washington Square South. Photos by Tequila Minsk

 During the presidential inauguration, while some politicians and clergy rallied and performed civil disobedience at Trump Tower in Midtown, Beit Simchat Torah’s Jewish-Muslim outreach initiative, House of Peace, gathered to greet worshippers at the N.Y.U. Islamic Center, at 268 Thompson St., just south of Washington Square Park.
Harold Levine, co-chairperson of House of Peace explained, “This is a response to the alarming rise of anti-Muslim sentiment seemingly provoked by statements during the campaigns.”
On Friday afternoons, Muslims gather for Junnah, a big prayer service — the most heavily attended during the week — that includes the weekly sermon. This is why Beith Simchat Torah, an L.G.B.T. congregation located on W. 30th St., chose Fridays for these vigils of positivity.
The Islamic Center serves hundreds of Muslims — N.Y.U. students, faculty and employees, as well as visiting Muslims or those living in the neighborhood.
The House of Peace action — welcoming worshippers as they arrive and staying to greet them they as they leave — has taken place several times starting the Friday after the election.
“Going forward, we will continue this weekly,” Levin said. “The reaction has been overwhelming. We get hugs, handshakes and thank yous. The worshippers photograph us and want to be photographed with us.”
Personal stories are shared between the congregants of the two religious institutions and it’s been a chance for members of the Jewish congregants to learn more about the Muslim community in New York City.
“Most importantly, it’s made everyone who participated feel they’re doing something positive in a difficult time,” the Beit Simchat Torah Web site notes. Levine elaborated that educational activities for members about Islam are in the works, as well as developing other ideas for outreach.
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum writes on the shul’s Web site: “We need to deepen our engagement with, and knowledge of, our Muslim neighbors here in NYC. We know that one of the first targets of institutional and individualized hate already in NYC and elsewhere is the Muslim community. We must study Islam and become better educated so we can engage in sophisticated discussions.”
Last month, the congregation also joined in a larger prayer service at Foley Square to protest Donald Trump’s travel ban. As nearly 80 Muslims prayed, other religious groups and friends encircled them in solidarity.


September 7, 2016

911 Calls of a Gay Black Man Being Beaten by Hassidic Jews /Heard in Court

Follow Up

 Taj Patterson looks bad but he is lucky to be alive and to New Yorkers who got involved

We have been following the incident of a gay black man being merciless beaten by a group
of coward *Hassidic’s men in a Brooklyn Street. The New York Daily News have been there from the beginning and thanks to their coverage we can keep track of the trial of the defendants that did not go into a plea agreement.

*Hassidic is a sect of more conservative jews who observe a more conservative view of the Old Testament. They dress differently, tend to live in the same neighborhoods, their own security, ambulance and they only work for each other. They tend to be quiet and mind their business 
when out and about in the city but in the neighborhood where they live they tend to behave as if the sidewalks and street belongs to them. I know because I happened to have lived by one of their neighborhoods in Boro Park, NY. and have worked among some of them.

A Brooklyn judge presiding over the gang assault trial of a Hasidic Jewish man listened to what 
may be the most compelling testimony of the case presented by prosecutors — two 911 calls.
Assistant District Attorney Timothy Gough
 introduced two emergency calls placed during the early morning of Dec. 1, 2013, when Taj Patterson was brutally beaten 
allegedly by a group of Jewish men including Mayer Herskovic — 
in Williamsburg.
“There’s a bunch of Jewish guys beating up a black kid... 
There’s like 20 Jewish men and one, one black kid,” 
said the unknown female caller.
“I didn’t see any weapons — it just didn't look good — 
he was begging for a ride, but I didn’t want to put him in my car... 
It doesn’t look safe,” she continued.
Earlier in the non-jury trial, Patterson testified to Brooklyn Supreme 
Court Justice Danny Chun that he was walking towards his 
Fort Greene home on 
Flushing Ave. when he heard the scream of a “negative slur” and 
saw someone running after him.
As the group of alleged assailants grew to almost two dozen men, Patterson desperately 
attempted to retreat into two vehicles that were driving by, 
but neither stopped.
 Video surveillance showed Patterson banging on the cars and running 
away from at least three people — one wearing a jacket used by Shomrim, 
a group of Jewish civilian patrols.
One of the drivers called 911. “It looked like one of the guys was using a 
phone to hit him, but I didn't see any weapons... Yeah, they (sic) looked fine, 
he was begging for a ride. They were telling us not to let him in the car 
so we didn't want to get involved,” she told the operator.
The caller also described a traffic jam near the intersection of Flushing Ave. 
and Warsaw Pl. and urged the operator to send an ambulance to help Patterson,
 who was “drooling.”
A male’s voice can be heard on the second 911 call saying, “Open the car.”

During the vicious assault, Patterson’s sneaker was ripped off his foot and thrown to 
the roof of 475 Flushing Ave. by the same person in the gang that shoved their thumb 
into his eye, according to trial testimony.
 Four co-defendants — Pinchas Braver, Aaron Hollender, Joseph Fried 
and Abraham Winkler — either had their cases dismissed or pleaded 
guilty to lesser charges on the indictment.
If Herskovic is convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison.

Security camera footage shows the chase leading up to when Patterson was attacked.

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