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February 21, 2019

Martina Navratilova Ties Have Been Cut to an LGBT Group Because a Transexual Issue in Competition

Martina Navratilova has come under fire for her comments
 I don't like to post about dissagreements within a family unless it could be translated into a teaching moment. We sometimes refer to "gays" as anyone on the LGBTQ group. Most people do it to shorten the phrase and make a connection that this group have things in common. But this group of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transexuals and Queers have very little in common in biological or at least sexual orientation terms. We could call a gay person which is usually reffer to also as a homosexual or a man that  whose sexual orientation is another man but we can't call him a lesbian which is a woman attracted to other women or sexual orientation to a women. Even a bisexual is not like a gay person. A true bisexual is a man or woman attracted to both sexes. That is very important to a gay man who wishes to have a monagamous relationship but might be reluctant to go into a relationship with a bisexual man because of the fear that one day this man might need a vagina to make his day a better day.  Now when we go to the transgender part of these letters things get even more diffiucult to lump together. This is what she is is saying. When a man goes through the process of biological changes in his body, the end result will be a man that looks like a woman and mentally a woman, whose always been a woman and thought as a woman. But what does not happen is that biologically even with the sex organs of a female, biologicaly this woman will have the physical strenght  as she did with a body of a man. So for a competition sake this gets dicey. I don't have any problems to bring this forward because it makes a difference in athletes life's and competion should be fair. Now what is happen is that an LGBT sporting group has cut its ties with tennis legend Martina Navratilova in a dispute over transgender sportswomen. But I don't think that is as important than being fair to this transexual athletes.                      Adam Gonzalez

The nine-time Wimbledon champion and LGBT campaigner was accused of being transphobic after saying that it was "cheating" to allow transgender women to compete in women's sport, and claimed they had a physical advantage.
In an article for The Sunday Times, Navratilova wrote: "A man can decide to be female, take hormones if required by whatever sporting organisation is concerned, win everything in sight and perhaps earn a small fortune, and then reverse his decision and go back to making babies if he so desires."
She added: "It's insane and it's cheating. I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers, but I would not be happy to compete against her. It would not be fair."
The column caused a backlash among other LGBT campaigners and sportspeople, including Rachel McKinnon, the first transgender woman to win a world track cycling title, who called the comments "disturbing, upsetting and deeply transphobic".
Navratilova’s friend and former coach is Renee Richards, who was born Richard Raskind and competed in the US Open as a man before having gender reassignment surgery and competing as a woman.
LGBT group Athlete Ally said Navratilova's comments were "transphobic, based on a false understanding of science and data, and perpetuate dangerous myths that lead to the ongoing targeting of trans people through discriminatory laws, hateful stereotypes and disproportionate violence".
The group added: "This is not the first time we have approached Martina on this topic. In late December, she made deeply troubling comments across her social media channels about the ability for trans athletes to compete in sport. We reached out directly offering to be a resource as she sought further education, and we never heard back."
A Stonewall spokesperson told The Telegraph: "Sport should be welcoming to everyone, including trans people. We need clubs and governing bodies, as the experts, to consider how their sports’ individual policies can work to be as inclusive as possible, and what advice and guidance they’re giving to ensure all people, including trans people, can take part in sport."
Richards suffered death threats and other players would walk off the court when she appeared, but others including Chris Evert and Virginia Wade did play against her. She now describes herself as a “reluctant pioneer”.
Navratilova ‘came out’ as a lesbian in 1981 and campaigns for LGBT rights. In 2017, she wrote an open letter criticising Margaret Court, the former world number one, for “demonising trans kids and trans adults” by claiming that gender dysphoria was the work of the devil.
Telegraph UK

April 23, 2018

FIFA World Cup in Russia, in Defiance of Putin Will Set Up LGBT Safe House For The Games

 Arrested LGBT's Protesters are shoved into a police van for walking with the rainbow flag in a Moscow Street


An LGBT Pride House will open during this summer’s FIFA World Cup in Russia, in defiance of Vladimir Putin’s controversial anti-gay legislation.

According to Russian news service Fontanka, gay and lesbian visitors to soccer’s biggest tournament will be able to “find shelter” at the site, which will be set up in St. Petersburg, host city for both the first semifinal and the third-place playoff game.

In the summer of 2013, Russian president Putin pushed through a “gay propaganda” law that caused an international outcry and was criticized for severely affecting the rights of LGBT Russian citizens. Government officials, Putin himself, and – ahead of the World Cup – members of the Russian Football Union, have repeatedly stated that the law is merely intended to protect minors. 

However, violent attacks on members of the LGBT community continue in Russia. FARE, Europe’s leading anti-discrimination soccer network, will warn World Cup visitors of the dangers of publicly showing affection in Russian cities.

“(Our) guide will advise gay people to be cautious in any place which is not seen tobe welcoming to the LGBT community,” Piara Power, executive director of FARE, told the Guardian. 
In St. Petersburg, seen as the most European of Russian cities, there remains strong opposition to the local LGBT rights movement. One pro-LGBT rally was cancelled when a higher number of protestors than participants turned up.

Fans of Zenit St. Petersburg gained notoriety in 2012, issuing a decree demanding that the club’s hierarchy refrain from signing any gay or black players.

A recent survey commissioned by a betting website found that 39 per cent of Russians believe it is “likely or highly likely” that LGBT foreigners would be targeted for attacks during the tournament. Around 13 per cent of Russians are “irritated” by the presence of LGBT foreigners, per the survey.

Details for the Pride House, which will be run by prominent LGBT leaders from Russia, with international support, are still to be worked out, but the location will be organized without official government backing.

The tournament begins on June 14, with the final to be held in Moscow on July 15.

November 9, 2017

Gay Basketball Player Decided to Come Out Straight by Putting LGBT's Down Looses Job

  Cyd Ziegler from  Outsports reported this story and Iam including it here. This is such a strange world when you deal when dishonest people that try to wing their personalities to what they think others will accept. If you have to declare you are straight followed by profanities and putting the LGBT community down you are a sorry human being and you don't rally know what you are because sexuality is part of us; some of us know who we and first we accept ourselves and then on the same coin we accept others. It is how well we accept us that allow us to accept the ones belonging to another team.

Basketball player and coach Camille LeNoir has filed a lawsuit against New Mexico State University, claiming the school rescinded an offer to coach because she used to be gaybut is now straight.
Sadly, her lawsuit intends to impugn the LGBT community and doesn’t begin to represent the real reasons no fair-minded coaching staff would welcome her with open arms.
LeNoir played basketball for USC before being drafted by the Washington Mystics (she never played for them). She lived for several years in same-sex relationships, but according to the anti-gay video that drove New Mexico State to their decision, she was “delivered” from homosexuality by god.
"When I ended that last relationship, I was still in love with the girl. Nothing was going wrong. And [god] crested upon my heart so much, I couldn't even sleep at night sometimes thinking about it. And it was just really difficult for me to deal with because I was never at peace. Never at peace. And I thank god for that because, like I said earlier, if it wasn't for that I would still be in it. And I would have been completely given over to that. So I've been delivered from it for two years, been going strong for the Lord. Got really serious about my walk after that. That wasn't the only sin I struggled with. I just thought if I got rid of homosexuality, if I got out of that lifestyle, I was good."
OK, fine. She was gay, and god saved her. Certainly there are issues here for someone trying to be a basketball coach, given that she admits herself that there are many lesbian and bisexual women in college basketball.
But she didn’t stop there.
“I knew [homosexuality] was wrong. I knew what Christ did for me. It was just straight-up disobedience on my behalf, not caring about what god thought. I wasn't thinking about my soul or eternity."
So now lesbians and bisexual women are disobedient to god. And there are lots of LGBT women in basketball. What head coach would want this attitude on his team? How would this destructive viewpoint, which she could intend to push on her players, help the Aggies win basketball games?
Oh, there’s more.
"Competition came from satan, not from god. God told us to love each other, to walk in humility. Everything that Jesus preached, from the sermon on the mount, contradicts everything the sports atmosphere promotes. Everything."
So now the very existence of the sport she wants to coach is a descendant of satan. 
For LGBT people, she added this clincher:
"If you're in a same-sex relationship, it's not worth losing your soul."
The school reacted in an obvious manner. From the Washington Post
In court filings, New Mexico State says that LeNoir’s feelings about homosexuality shared in the video “would have had an adverse impact” on her “ability to effectively coach and recruit players who identify as LGBT.”
LeNoir wanted to coach female basketball players, but she said most of them were in a sinful relationship and the very sport they were playing was derived from satan.
And she wonders why she was fired? She’s actually suing the school claiming it’s because she no longer dates women? 
In an interesting twist, LeNoir claimed that her being straight was perceived by New Mexico State head coach Mark Trakh as a detriment to recruiting women’s basketball players. Again, from the Washington Post:
She said Trakh told her “the fact that I’m no longer homosexual would affect recruiting.”
For what it’s worth, the interview in which LeNoir said all of these things was with a guy who has called Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor a Satanist.

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