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October 20, 2018

We Reached ~~~~~~~~~~~5 Million Readers~~~~~~~Thank You~~~~~

Adamfoxie reached last night 5 million readers. Thank you for reading this blog and keeping me company for over a decade. I announced my retirement last April because after 10 years one would like a little more time tv??? I don't know for  I had someone in mind to take over and he had no problem being a volunteer but I would tell him how he could make money eventually but that should not be the reason ad it would be latter and not guarantee and it would take work. He even had my same name. But it was an illusion, unfortunately, he got sick and there went my retirement for now, unless I was going to leave things up in the air but that never is been me.
I decided to continue as long as the International readers kept finding the story helpful and the USA readership kept up at least double of anyone else. If you fail to see adamfoxie is because the readership dropped and I left.  Hopefully, my nephew would get better. As it happens readership is up. When things have been unstable in the USA and the world our readership doubles.
The important thing is that 5 million readers are quite a milestone but that is for you to say. All I really got to say is Thank you


🦊Adam Gonzalez, founder, Publisher

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