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May 4, 2020

Sheriff Neil Fired a Deputy Because she is Gay but She Ran For His Seat and Won


 Hamilton County will be getting a new sheriff.

Charmaine McGuffey defeated Jim Neil in the democratic primary, garnering nearly 70% of the votes unofficially.

McGuffey will face Republican Bruce Hoffbauer in the general election in November.  

Neil ruffled feathers in the democratic party in 2016 when he showed up in uniform at a Donald Trump rally. The relationship between Neil and party leadership has been rocky since.

Neil and McGuffey have known each other for decades as they went to the same high school and both attended the University of Cincinnati. Neil named McGuffey the first female major in the history of the sheriff's office and demoted her in 2017 after he said an internal investigation found she created a hostile work environment.

McGuffey is suing Neil and the county claiming Neil demoted her from her position as major of the Hamilton County Jail and Court Services because she is a woman and a lesbian.

 You can find all the election results here.

At The Time Charmaine sued (2017) but elections were coming (2020) and besides any lawsuit the amazing thing is she creamed that anti gay that man. Three days ago there were a lot of celebrations on Hamilton County. The amazing part is that Neil knew Charmaine since they went to school together. Maybe he was hurt that another girl could get her and he could not. The point Im making is he knew her as a person and her qualifications but made his decission on a low down bias against what she was not the person she is and her accomplishments. This is clearly the way things were not just in a county in Cincinatti but in every state. But the LGBQ community decided to make that an ugly sin and decided to elinate it, fight it and where there is someone getting fire or demoted for being LGBT there would be a court coming behind to interpret the law and fairnesss. This also teaches that this kind of humuiliating bias against LGBT it is stil alive just like Coronavirus is. But we fight it.

Charmaine McGuffey says she was unjustly terminated because of her "gender and sexual orientation." @local12 6 pm

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February 17, 2020

The Anti Gay Homophobe of The Bronx Will Get New LGBTQ PAC Campaign to Expose Him


Shant Shahrigian

  New York Daily News
 Opponents of a Bronx pol infamous for homophobic comments are taking the fight to his base, launching a campaign seeking to inform Christians and Spanish-speaking voters about his controversial record.
The Bronx United political action committee launched over the weekend with English- and Spanish-language videos casting Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr. as a bigot and fake Democrat as he runs for Congress.
“I know first-hand what it feels like,” Rev. Carmen Hernandez, a Bronx-based LGBT rights activist, says in the video, which features blurbs about Diaz’s homophobic stances. “Who gives you the right to hurt another human being?”
She accuses Diaz, a Pentecostal minister, of exploiting voters of faith.

“In the Bronx, there are churches on every corner. He’s using the Christian people to win the votes,” she says. “Where are the LGBT people that need to come out?
Thanks to supporting from conservative-leaning Bronxites, Diaz has continuously been in office since 2003. He did not immediately answer a request for comment.
Bronx United is trying to chip away at his base by pointing out his most outrageous comments, like saying, “The Council ... is controlled by the homosexual community.”
He’s called gay people “cursed” and likened them to “drug addicts” — all facts noted in the new PAC’s video.
Diaz also infamously said he’d never report a colleague for sexual harassment because that would make him a “rat.”
While he’s running in a Democratic primary, Diaz has welcomed Republicans including Sen. Ted Cruz and Rob Astorino when they were campaigning in the Bronx for higher offices.
The crowded race for the 15th congressional seat includes Councilman Ritchie Torres, who is openly gay, and democratic socialist Samelys Lopez. 
But the new PAC is not endorsing any individual. Its message in targeted social media and on-the-ground canvassing will be “#anyonebutdiaz.”

August 12, 2019

A New Jersey Mayor (Afonso Cirulli) Goes into a Long Bigoted Attack on LGBTQ

                          Image result for New Jersey Mayor Alfonso Cirulli

Insisting “there is no hate or bigotry intended,” Barnegat, New Jersey Mayor Alfonso Cirulli on Tuesday called the LGBTQ community “an affront to almighty God” during a public meeting of the Township Committee, as he blasted a new state law that requires schools to include in their curriculums the social, political, and economic contributions LGBTQ people have made to society, as the Asbury Park Press reports.
Mayor Cirulli, who says he is a retired educator, warned of what he labeled the “serious psycologic affects” [sic] to adolescents and young children the impending LGBT curriculum will have. He did not detail what those would be, but said they would have “serious consequences.” 
Cirulli says kids always get picked on, “for being overweight, ethnic, racial, or whatever their problems are,” as he wrongly claimed students are protected by federal law, and “all the schools do a fantastic job” of protecting at-risk students.
“We’ve crossed over the line into absurdity,” by passing a law that requires students to learn about LGBTQ people, he said, in an angered tone. And he said is fulfilling his duty to “protect” township residents by railing against the state law.
Mayor Cirulli told the committee that the new LGBTQ education law is so “serious” that lawmakers must ‘reverse” it, or residents must “vote them out.” 
Ironically, he told the council members, “no group has a right to force others to comply with their beliefs, deprive them of their First Amendment rights, and strip them of their parents of how to morally raise their children.”
The mayor, who spoke uninterrupted, expressed his outrage that parents are not allowed, he says, to opt out their children from being taught the curriculum.
“What does a person’s sexual preference have to do with anything, and who’s business is it anyway?” Cirulli, clearly having no idea what is is to be LGBTQ, demanded to know. “Hw would anyone know another person’s sexual preference unless that person professes it, and what is his or her motive for professing it?”
“Sexual preference is a mindset,” Cirulli continued, again, without interruption. “Don’t confuse this with racial or ethnic discrimination. There is no comparison.” 
Cirulli went on to complain about what he described as a long list of wedding-related businesses, religious leaders, students, religious leaders and others he claimed were “punished” for their “Christian convictions.”
After that outburst against same-sex marriage Mayor Cirulli went on to disparage transgender people, claiming that “a male can just say he is a female, and vice versa,” which is absolutely false.
He then went on to call the federal Equality Act, a bill that will not see debate on the Senate while the GOP is in control, “dangerous.”
“Politicians have no right to promote the LGBT agenda through laws that are intended to destroy religious freedom, especially our Jewish and Christian heritage,” he charged.
“The LGBTQ movement is out to crush anybody or any faith that doesn’t embrace their chosen lifestyle,” Mayor Cirulli said, falsely. 
“The Equality Act, which leads to the teaching of – and this is what LGBTQ stands for – radical lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, or queer ideology in school curriculum nationwide.”
“For people of faith, make no mistake that this political movement is an affront to almighty God,” Cirulli ranted, “with the intent of completely trying to completely eradicate God’s law and the foundation that this nation was built on.”
“The bible tells us that they will try, but not succeed, and will pay an eternal price for their rebellion,” the mayor added. 
His rant did not end there, but spoke for about 15 minutes in total attacking his own constituents, and every LGBTQ person in America, and their allies.
The full video, which goes on with no objection from anyone on the council or in the room, can be watched on the Barnegat Township website.

July 18, 2019

GOP Official Blames The Government’s Fixation with Homosexual Activities’ Cause For Moral Decline

"Americans’ fixation with “homosexual activities” has, in part, caused the country's moral decline"

As I show you the news on this posting I would like to address the title, so there is no mistake of what is involved here. 

The only moral decline that I have seen is from the Republican party headed by Trump. What kind of Decline?

*God and Country: No more on either one. They are going opposite the religious teachings they have always said they were guided by. They are going opposite of how the Bible is interpreted in this nation. As for the country, the President is willing to break the law of the country by telling our enemies that he will take negative information from them on his political opponents. He goes against the laws of what is illegal to do to people in the workplace. Everything that he called the US Representative last night in the "Lock her up" "Send her back" lynching party he assembled last night.

* Doing what the people do with the bible: Choose and pick.  Now is ok to do with the federal law set in place after the decades of experience and fights to try to make this union better. 

* Mixing the ideology that brought this country riots and way back a civil war with today politics as if they were trying to bring us back to the past.

* Breaking with the law and the Constitution in ignoring most of what it says. 6 years ago they used to carry a small copy in their pockets. Today, they don't want to hear about it following a President who knows no history, is incapable of holding two different ideas in his brain at the same time and doesn't read. 

* Sexual Abusers: The party of Lincoln is now the party of Epstein. Someone who is been accused and charged with the illegal use of young girls for sex and trade.

I found this man so interesting but no surprised because when they go for the women of color they extend to all people of color. That's spills over into civil rights laws in this country put in the place during the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson and Obama. They always go for what they consider the weakest which are women and women of color and much their way up from there. The above I will and hopefully, most people will consider a moral decline brought about when a tv personality and humanizer ran for President and lost the popular vote by over 3 million. Somehow he managed to win the election with the college vote. This was put in place so racists and crazies will not put one of their people in the white house. They just were thinking of how people where during those times and not the way will become, Staying home or voting for this crazy (Trump) because they hated the front runner against his man. 


Tim Fitzsimons

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, a Republican contender in the 2020 U.S. Senate race, has set off a new controversy after saying Americans’ fixation with “homosexual activities” has, in part, caused the country's moral decline.

Merrill, 55, is running to defeat Sen. Doug Jones, a Democrat who won the seat in 2017 after his Republican challenger Roy Moore was accused of soliciting sex from underage girls.

According to an April poll by Mason-Dixon, before Merrill entered the race, Moore was the top pick among Alabama voters.

“The foundational principles which we have grown up as a nation are no more,” Merrill said at a Fort Payne town hall over the weekend. “There are no more good TV shows on like ‘Gunsmoke,’ ‘Bonanza,’ ‘The Virginian,’ ‘Andy Griffith,’ ‘I Love Lucy.’ We don’t have those shows anymore. We’re too interested in homosexual activities.”  

“What you have today is you have more interest in homosexual activities, you have interest in wife-swapping, and who’s dating who, and how this family is messing with this other family, and those things substitute for entertainment value,” Merrill said.

When sharing an example of what he called Americans' preoccupation with “homosexuality activities,” Merrill cited media coverage of the U.S. Women’s National Team’s World Cup victory earlier this month.

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about,” he said. “What the national media chose to focus on is the fact that these young ladies’ sexual orientation was more significant than what they accomplished on the field of play,” which Merrill said, “was to separate themselves from any other team like them in the history of the World Cup.”

“The national narrative began to be one of divisiveness, and if you can’t support these young ladies because they’re gay and because they want to wear the LGBT flag on their uniform, as opposed to just appreciating the great talent that they have, and the unbelievable athletic accomplishments that they produce, that's a problem,” Merrill said.

A better kind of national conversation over athletics, Merrill added, took place almost 40 years ago when in 1980 the U.S. Olympic hockey team defeated the Soviet Union in a game called the “miracle on ice.”

“When they won the gold medal, it was a national celebration of an international accomplishment,” he explained. “Those issues were not introduced at that time.” 

Merrill said Megan Rapinoe, an out lesbian and co-captain of the World Cup-winning USWNT, is “in a position to represent our country — again you represent the entire country. Not just you and not just the team, but the entire country because you are the U.S. women’s soccer team.”

As for her status as an openly gay person, Merrill said, “A gay person can be gay, a straight person can be straight, that's a decision for each individual to make.”

Asked if there is a message he would deliver to gay Republicans in Alabama who might be offended by his remarks about “homosexual activities,” Merrill said he would never be supportive of an effort to take away gay Alabamans’ right to be openly gay.

According to polling firm PRRI, a majority of people in every state support “broad nondiscrimination protections” for LGBTQ people — including Alabama, where 59 percent support them. But the state still faces challenges when it comes to LGBTQ inclusion.

Carson Jones, the openly gay son of Alabama Sen. Doug Jones, penned an op-ed to Alabama voters in April in which he decried the state’s anti-LGBTQ policies and asserted that “Politicians in Alabama are hell bent on holding Alabama back.”

Merrill’s remarks about gays come on the heels of several other controversial comments made by Alabama officials, including a mayor who suggested killing gay people and a police officer who mocked a gay teen’s suicide.

Perhaps the Alabama public figure who has been the most outspoken about gays is Moore, who’s also running for Senate. Moore blamed gays, liberals, and socialists for the emergence of sexual misconduct allegations against him during his ill-fated first Senate run in 2017.

July 17, 2019

He is Gay and Will Fight it Out With The Worse Homophobe in NY For a Seat in Congress

Maybe the people of the Bronx will realize is time to come home to the reality of a Progressive, inclusive city who does not believe in politicians with Reverend on their name who preach discrimination and at times hatred of a whole class of people.

           Image result for ritchie torres
In a race for a House seat, Ritchie Torres, a gay Bronx councilman, will oppose Rubén Díaz Sr., who says he doesn’t believe in gay marriage.

In January, as Congress swore in a record 10 openly L.G.B.T.Q. members, Ritchie J. Torres, a 31-year-old Bronx councilman, recalled how the moment filled him with admiration, but also a sense that the accomplishment was still incomplete.

Mr. Torres, who is the first openly gay person to hold elected office in the borough, noted that not one of the 10 was black or Latino. He now hopes to be the first.

Mr. Torres on Monday will officially announce his candidacy for the Bronx seat soon to be vacated by Representative José E. Serrano, the longest-serving Hispanic congressman in the country, who is retiring because he has Parkinson’s disease.

The race to replace Mr. Serrano, who has served since 1990, is shaping up to be a referendum on whether the Bronx is ready to elect a younger progressive politician. 

But the Democratic primary may also be defined by another dynamic: Rubén Díaz Sr., Mr. Torres’s colleague on the City Council and a Pentecostal minister with a decades-long history of making homophobic remarks, is also seeking the seat.

“Someone like Rubén Díaz winning that seat would be a minus,” said Sean Meloy, senior political director at the Victory Fund, a political action committee that supports L.G.B.T.Q. candidates, and has endorsed Mr. Torres. “It would be like losing a seat for equality.”

Mr. Díaz, 76, has made it clear over the decades how he feels about homosexuality. In 1994, he said that the Gay Games coming to New York would help spread AIDS and teach young people that “homosexuality is O.K., that it is not immoral or sinful behavior.”

As a state senator, he vocally opposed gay marriage, once holding a rally against the legislation to authorize it as his gay granddaughter held a counterprotest across the street.

In February, Mr. Díaz, who was elected to the City Council in 2017, sparked calls for his resignation when he said the “homosexual community” controlled the City Council. 

Mr. Torres called for Mr. Díaz to apologize and to be removed from the chairmanship of the Committee on For-Hire Vehicles. Mr. Torres gave a speech from the floor of the Council chambers condemning Mr. Díaz, before the committee was dissolved, and talked of how he had thoughts of suicide-related to depression and the struggle with his identity as a young man.

Afterward, he and Carlos Menchaca, an openly gay councilman from Brooklyn, hugged.

“To have an elected official attack the quality and dignity of L.G.B.T. people sends a message to young people who are thinking of taking their own life as they struggle with their identity,” Mr. Torres said.

Mr. Díaz said his views on homosexuality are based on his religion, and that voters in the 15th Congressional District, one of the poorest in the country and predominantly Hispanic and black, accept that. Mr. Díaz calls himself a “conservative Democrat” and recently referred to himself as the “opposite” of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the popular democratic socialist.

“My family is full of gays,” he said. “I don't believe in gay marriage but that doesn’t mean I hate people.”

Those are the sort of comments that make this congressional race urgent, according to the Equality PAC, which supports L.G.B.T.Q. candidates running for federal office, and has also endorsed Mr. Torres.

“What makes this race so important is that it’s shaping up to be a contest between Ritchie Torres and Rubén Díaz, someone who has demonized the L.G.B.T.Q. community throughout his career and show a profound lack of respect,” Representative David Cicilline, a Democrat from Rhode Island and co-chairman of Equality PAC, said in an interview.

The outside attention is already paying dividends. Mr. Torres estimates that he has already raised more than $500,000. In a fund-raising email last week, Mr. Díaz said that he had raised $80,000.

Several other candidates have declared or are exploring a run for Mr. Serrano’s seat. 

Mr. Torres said the race is not just about keeping Mr. Díaz out of Congress. His goal is to be a “national champion for the urban poor,” a group whose ranks included him and his family while growing up.

Mr. Torres was raised in public housing in the Bronx where his single-parent mother worked minimum wage jobs to support him and his siblings. He thought he might be gay starting in junior high school but kept it to himself out of fear.

“I was concerned that if I came out of the closet, that at best, I would face ostracism, and at worst, face violence,” he said.

As a student at Herbert H. Lehman High School, Mr. Torres recalled first coming out to a teacher who he believed was gay because of his posts on social media; he then told a wider audience during a debate about gay marriage. He announced he was gay while arguing in favor of gay marriage.

“I consider the culmination of my coming out my first race for City Council,” Mr. Torres said. “I was out to friends and family, but not the rest of the world.”

That changed in 2014 when he became the youngest elected official in New York City, and was named to the City Council’s leadership team, and became chairman of the Committee on Public Housing. 

As chairman, he spotlighted the same decrepit living conditions — lead and mold — that he grew up in, holding his first hearing as chair of the committee in public housing. During the 2016 presidential election, Mr. Torres paved the way for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont to visit a public housing complex in Brooklyn.

“We’ve had a couple of years of Nycha being in a visible crisis but at the beginning of Ritchie’s term it was a much less visible crisis,” said Brad Lander, a councilman from Brooklyn who is endorsing Mr. Torres.

Gil Simmons, 54, the tenant president of Monterey Houses in the Bronx, said Mr. Torres has brought resources to help make life better at the complex.

“He has an understanding of what we go through on a daily basis because he went through it,” Mr. Simmons said.

After an unsuccessful run for speaker, Mr. Torres was named as chair of the newly created Committee on Oversight and Investigations, where he helped expose more problems at Nycha. He recently proposed a law to ban retailers from going cashless.

Mr. Torres’s announcement video shows him speaking with residents in public housing, including his mother who still lives there with his brother. The video shows the contrast between the Throggs Neck Houses, where he grew up, and the publicly financed golf course operated by President Trump across the street.

He said his time on the City Council — he is prohibited by the City Charter from running for a third consecutive term — has shown him how federal policies have a profound effect on people’s lives, citing the disinvestment from public housing.

“The rules are set in Washington D.C.,” Mr. Torres said. But the June 2020 Democratic primary “is truly a struggle for the soul of the Bronx.”

A version of this article appears in print on July 15, 2019, Section A, Page 19 of the New York edition with the headline: One Candidate Is Gay, While Another Makes Homophobic Remarks. 

February 13, 2019

Tennessee 💥NaTuRaL💥Marriage Defense Act Seeks to Strip Gay 💔Marriage Rights

Image result for anti gay Rep. Mark Pody, R-Lebanon
Rep. Mark Pody, R-Lebanon, speaks during a meeting of the House Civil Justice Subcommittee on behalf of his bill that would block the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling in Tennessee on Jan. 20, 2016, in Nashville, Tennessee.
Nearly four years after the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal throughout the U.S. in its landmark Obergefell v. Hodges decision, Republican lawmakers in Tennessee are attempting to turn back the clock with legislation aimed at barring gay marriage in the state.

The “Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act,” which was first proposed in 2016, seeks to “defend natural marriage between one man and one woman regardless of any court decision to the contrary.” The bill, which was reintroduced on Friday, would deem the high court’s Obergefell decision “unauthoritative, void, and of no effect.”

Introduced by Sen. Mark Pody, R-Lebanon, and Rep. Jerry Sexton, R-Bean Station, the bill also prohibits government officials from facilitating same-sex marriages, and it states that these officials cannot be arrested for disavowing court orders that recognize such unions.

Pody told NBC News the Supreme Court “overstepped its authority” with the Obergefell decision. He claimed marriage is “a state issue, not a federal issue,” and therefore, he added, the 2015 ruling is “unconstitutional” and should be rectified.” 

GOP lawmaker under fire after calling LGBTQ groups 'modern day' KKK
But while Pody said he strongly believes “marriage should be between a man and a woman,” others find the reintroduction of the state’s “Natural Marriage Defense Act” to be a major step backward for Tennessee.

"As a native Tennessean, it's disappointing to see lawmakers pushing more mean, pointless legislation that would do nothing except single out LGBTQ people in an effort to make us feel less than equal,” said Nick Marrow, press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, a national LGBTQ advocacy group. “Marriage equality is settled law, and if Tennessee wants to continue to be a welcoming destination for businesses, tourists and transplants alike, our representatives need to join us in the year 2019."

The proposed legislation failed in the state’s House of Representatives last session, but Chris Sanders, executive director of the Tennessee Equality Project, which lobbies state legislatures on LGBTQ issues, said it’s not clear at this point how it will fare this time around.

“We’ll have a better understanding of the likelihood of the bill passing after the first committee hearing, so that’ll be key,” Sanders told NBC News.

Sanders noted that there’s “still some resistance and prejudice” in the state when it comes to LGBTQ people, which is “why this bill keeps coming up.” He noted that Tennessee is one of four states that’s over 50 percent evangelical Christian. This religious group is among the least likely to support the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. 

LGBTQ parents face ‘state-sanctioned discrimination,’ American Bar Association says
One barrier that could prevent the bill’s passage, however, is its projected cost. In 2017, the General Assembly estimated that the Natural Marriage Defense Act could cause approximately $9 billion in federal funding to be withheld from the state.

Another obstacle is the state’s LGBTQ community and its allies, who have banded together once before to prevent the bill’s passage, and plan to do so again.

“Tennesseans who are in committed same-sex relationships simply want to be treated with the same dignity and respect as everyone else,” Hedy Weinberg, executive director of the ACLU in Tennessee, said. “A handful of state legislators cannot nullify the law of the land and drive our state backward simply because they wish to discriminate. The ACLU of Tennessee, along with many partners, will be working hard to defeat this narrow-minded, blatantly unconstitutional legislation.”

The reintroduced “natural marriage” law, however, “isn’t the only anti-LGBT bill on the docket right now,” noted Sanders. He said there are at least five other bills in the state legislature that may threaten the rights of LGBTQ people in Tennessee. One of these bills, which was introduced in both the state House and Senate (Pody is the sponsor of the Senate bill), seeks to allow private adoption agencies to decline to participate in any child placement services that would “violate the agency’s written religious or moral convictions.” This type of legislation, which can already be found in 10 states across the U.S., creates barriers for LGBTQ individuals and same-sex couples looking to adopt or foster.

January 25, 2019

Councilman J.Williams Has Pulled a ‘Chick-fil-a' Says Backs LGBT But Donates to Anti Gay Causes

Image result for chick fil anti gay

         Brooklyn City Councilmember Jumaane Williams, a candidate 
            in the February 26 public advocate special election.

Brooklyn Councilmember Jumaane Williams is touting his credentials within the LGBTQ community as he vies for the coveted citywide position of public advocate, but his rhetoric and his answers on questionnaires about his past political giving are in direct conflict with his donations to candidates with anti-gay pasts.

Williams, who earned the endorsement of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club on January 19 and is among those seeking the backing of another LGBTQ group, the Stonewall Democratic Club of NYC, claimed in that group’s candidate questionnaire that he has never “endorsed or financially supported any candidate for public office or current elected official with a track record of working against LGBTQ equality.”

Yet, campaign finance records show otherwise. Williams donated $1,375 apiece on March 11, 2017 to the re-election campaigns of City Councilmembers Chaim Deutsch of Brooklyn and Fernando Cabrera of the Bronx, both of whom have documented histories of homophobia.

Williams did not respond by deadline for this story’s original posting but his campaign did send out an email release about the Owles club endorsement. Subsequent to the story’s posting, Williams responded via email, “I regret and apologize for this oversight. Over the past 10 years I’ve contributed to many of my Council colleagues and these donations were not ones I remembered. I’m 100 percent committed to advancing the rights and protections of our LGBTQ community, and will make a commensurate donation to pro-LGBTQ organizati­ons.”

Deutsch’s anti-gay statements and voting record, described in detail in a Gay City News article earlier this month, includes attacking political opponents for having an “agenda with gays and lesbians” and voting against queer youth-related initiatives such as a resolution to provide support to protect LGBTQ and gender nonconforming students, as well as their inclusion in curriculum materials. He also voted against banning gay conversion therapy. 

Cabrera, who has rallied against marriage equality, traveled to Uganda in 2014 shortly after that nation passed what was originally dubbed a “Kill the Gays” bill, an act that banned, under penalty of life imprisonment, same-sex sexual relations and the promotion or recognition of LGBTQ people. He said in a video during his trip that “godly people are in government” in Uganda and praised the nation for standing against what he described were threats by the United States to pull funding if Uganda’s anti-gay actions continued.

“Even when the United States of America has put pressure, has told Uganda, ‘We are not going to fund you anymore unless you allow gay marriage,’ they have stood in their place. Why? Because the Christians have assumed the place of decision-making for the nation,” Cabrera said in the video.

Assemblymember Michael Blake of the Bronx was the only candidate seeking Stonewall’s endorsement to admit that he has donated to anti-gay candidates. Brooklyn Councilmember Rafael Espinal, former Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign surrogate Nomiki Konst, former City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Manhattan Democrats secretary Benjamin Yee, Assemblymembers Danny O’Donnell of Manhattan and Latrice Walker of Brooklyn, and attorney Dawn Smalls are other candidates who said in the questionnaire that they have not donated to homophobic candidates. Attorney Ifeoma Ike also filled out the questionnaire, but announced on Monday that she was pulling out of the race for failing to submit the necessary paperwork.

Stonewall, which is slated to hold an endorsement meeting on Wednesday evening, expressed concern over Williams’ answer on the questionnaire in the face of new revelations surrounding his history of donations to homophobic politicians.

“Stonewall Democrats has been clear over the years that it is unconscionable for those claiming to be our allies to support candidates who actively work against the equality for the LGBTQ community,” the group said in a written statement to Gay City News. “Our questionnaire specifically and straightforwardly asks this question of candidates seeking our endorsement because it is important. It is clear that Councilmember Williams’ answer does not line up with his donation history. LGBTQ New Yorkers deserve to know why.”

The Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club defended Williams after learning about the donations. President Allen Roskoff told Gay City News on Tuesday afternoon that the club is sticking with its endorsement of Williams and that it would be unfair to target him when other politicians, such as Ruben Diaz, Sr. — who is not running for public advocate — are much worse.

“He misspoke,” Roskoff said when referring to Williams’ answer on the questionnaire. “He’s not a liar, he’s a very honest man, and he’s very principled. We endorsed Jumaane, and we think we need more people like him.”

During a 2017 interview with Gay City News, Williams acknowledged his own complicated history on gay issues and demonstrated a stronger dedication to fighting for the community moving forward. He echoed those comments in a forum last week for public advocate candidates at Manhattan’s LGBT Community Center, where he recalled when he came around to support marriage equality.

Williams’ voting record and participation at LGBTQ rallies reflects improvement, and he has become much more vocal on issues in the community. He was the lead sponsor of the 2013 Community Safety Act, which brought discrimination protections for those who are dealing with police — including LGBTQ people — and he also cosponsored 2016 legislation that required businesses with single-stall bathrooms to mark those bathrooms with a sign indicating that the facility is gender-neutral.

Williams’ political evolution also coincided with several runs for political office: Before announcing his candidacy for public advocate, he most recently lost bids for lieutenant governor last year and City Council speaker in 2017.

January 17, 2019

Vice Pres.Wife Karen Pence Got Employment at A School that Prohibits Gay Students, Parents or Employees

                                                            Image result for karen pence anti gay

Second lady Karen Pence will teach art part time at a Christian school in the Washington suburbs that does not allow gay students, parents or employees to be part of its community.

Pence will teach elementary art two days a week at Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, Virginia, her office announced Tuesday. The second lady previously taught at the school for more than a decade when her husband, Vice President Mike Pence, was a member of Congress.

"Mrs. Pence has returned to the school where she previously taught for 12 years," Pence's spokeswoman Kara Brooks said in a statement. "It's absurd that her decision to teach art to children at a Christian school, and the school's religious beliefs, are under attack."

The second lady, who is an artist, has most recently illustrated "Marlon Bundo's Day in the Life of the Vice President," which was written by her daughter Charlotte. Marlon Bundo is the name of the Pence family's pet rabbit.

In Immanuel Christian School's "parent agreement," it states that the school can refuse admission to an applicant "if the atmosphere or conduct within a particular home, the activities of a parent or guardian, or the activities of the student are counter to, or are in opposition to, the biblical lifestyle the school teaches." 

The agreement goes on to state that it includes "participating in, supporting, or condoning sexual immorality, homosexual activity or bi-sexual activity, promoting such practices, or being unable to support the moral principles of the school."

"I acknowledge the importance of a family culture based on biblical principles and embrace biblical family values such as a healthy marriage between one man and one woman," the parental agreement continues. "My role as spiritual mentor to my children will be taken seriously."

The employee application also states that applicants must "understand that the term ‘marriage’ has only one meaning; the uniting of one man and one woman in a single, exclusive covenant union as delineated in Scripture."

The agreement also lists disqualifying qualifications, including "heterosexual activity outside of marriage (e.g., premarital sex, cohabitation, extramarital sex), homosexual or lesbian sexual activity, polygamy, transgender identity, any other violation of the unique roles of male and female, sexual harassment, use or viewing of pornographic material or websites, and sexual abuse or improprieties toward minors as defined by Scripture and federal or state law.” 

Pence's husband, Vice President Mike Pence, has in the past come under fire for his views on the gay community. The vice president has previously expressed support for the controversial practice of gay conversion therapy, voicing his support for federal funding to treat people "seeking to change their sexual behavior."

Karen Pence in a statement on Tuesday said she is "excited to be back in the classroom and doing what I love to do, which is to teach art to elementary students."

“I have missed teaching art, and it’s great to return to the school where I taught art for twelve years," the second lady said in a statement.

November 29, 2018

French Politician Jean-Marie Le Pen to Pay Thousands Euros For Disparaging Gays

                                       Image result for Jean-Marie Le Pen

AFP/Geoffroy Hasselt
French judges have ordered far-right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen to pay thousands of euros in damages for remarks about homosexuals, including a about a verbal attack on a police officer killed in a terror attack in 2017.
 Penfounded the far-right National Front, which was renamed National Rally (RN)under the presidency of his daughter Marine in 2018, was condemned on three counts of public insult and one count of incitement to hate or violence.
In a March 2016 blog video, Le Pen said there was a link between “the exaltation of homosexuality” and paedophilia.
In December 2016, asked by a journalist about homosexuals in the party he cofounded, he said “it’s like salt with soup: if there is not enough, it’s too bland, and if it’s too much, it’s undrinkable”.
Judges decided the qualification of incitement to hate applied in this remark.
For each remark Le Pen was condemned to pay 10 euros per day for 40 days with the possibility of imprisonment in case of non-payment.
He was also ordered to pay 2000 euros in damages and interests to anti-discrimination group Mousse and an additional 2000 euros in fees.
The politician was also judged for comments about Xavier Jugelé, a police officer killed during a terror attack on the Champs-Elysées Avenue in Paris.
“I think this particularity of his family has to be separated from this sort of ceremony,” remarked Le Pen on the fact that Jugelé’s male companion spoke at a state tribute to the fallen officer.
For those remarks, Le Pen was given a second fine of 10 euros per day for 40 days, 5,000 euros in damages and interest to Jugelé’s widow, and 2000 euros in fees.
Le Pen indicated through his lawyer that he would appeal the rulings

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