December 31, 2012

Infinite Male Bodies as Art in 2012

These images have been picked by Adam Gonzalez for adamfoxie*Blog 2012 

as the most spiritual, seductive, inspirational. Adam calls it a male body that makes you think in other

than sex, even though seduction is very much included. These are not sexual figures even though many 

will see them as such. Instead they hit your heart first, then mind and lastly anything else. There is so

much more! But his set will get us into the new year. You have no idea of the well wishes that are felt by

Adam and his blog for those in over 12-14 countries that will read this. Thank you is not enough, 

dedication is better and when that is no longer possible, we would let someone else take over. Much 

love to those that we haven’t seen but we see their footsteps and we feel their warmth even when we 

can’t get it from our dear close ones. If wishes work, you reading this, will make you to be ok 


This sculpture is found on a quick 35 minute hydrofoil ride from the mainland port city of Piraeus will bring you to the shores of Aegina, in the heart of the Saronic Gulf. You’ll disembark at the bustling harbor where ferries, hydrofoils and small fishing boats are constantly passing in and out through the marina. For easy, guided tours, visitors can take a horse and carriage ride from the waterfront, but navigating the island by foot or motor scooter is just as easy and will allow you to explore the numerous alleyway restaurants and shops tucked into the hillside.

Best Body Art.  and  adamfoxie*s Best Body 2012

If you are a male you will most likely know the difference between a man’s back to a woman’s back.
 Both Beautiful but if you like a man’s body there is no comparison . It’s very different, even on a young male model as this.



Art: Prisoner Of Love 2008 by Artist James Michael McCracken

Prisoner Of Love 
James Michael McCracken

Last Blog of 2012 soon

In a few minutes at 7pm this blog will give you the last blog of the year 2012. Hope you enjoy it. You are encourage to make your comments…we do appreciate them…even if it’s criticism, those are the best. If anything pops up you should know about it in the USA or the World (if it’s different than your current situation)
this blog will post it. So when we say last blog, we don’t really know….but it tells you what we doing. 

At 12: 01 we will thank you (USA) and every nation that has been a regular reader during this year. We don’t who you are and for those in nations controlling the net, we just know the nation, what you are reading and a what road you took to be with us. 

I am sure that Google knows more because they know everything, but then you knew that. Let me ad that I don’t know of any blog as free of cookies and spam than this one…it is 0.  Advertisers might place a cookie but that's when you go to their sites. ((if they do it most be one that expires in a short amount of time, or they can’t advertise with us))They want to know who comes to their stores to shop. That is true in all the net. But coming to this site is just between you and you. We also protect you on spammers that try to leave comments with little things attached…they get eliminated with a smile and No good bye.
See you soon…the blog will show up at 7pm but it might now got out to other sites like Google, FB, Tweeter and others right away. You can come here at 7pm or wait for it to make it’s way where you are.

Brazilian Ford Model Francisco Lachowsky Comes Out and….

Yup, he's gay!

Francisco Lachowski has confirmed his sexuality for the first time to gay newsmagazine The Advocate.

The highly sought-after Brazilian-Polish Ford model, who has appeared in campaigns for designers from Gucci to Versace, will give his first interview to The Advocate after many denied requests.

The Advocate and other media had previously criticized Lachowski, 20, for not confirming what many have called the "open secret" of his sexual orientation. Prior to his coming out, he was linked to Yana Dwyer. 

The Advocate will release Lachowski's statement - along with a photoshoot by Rion Sabean - in their February 2012 issue.

While we are on the subject of coming out... Roberto Silverio is also out They get younger and younger. Someone most’ve paved that road…..Im just saying..but believe me some want to pay back which will be the paved road right to jail.    adamfoxie*
I guess that says it all. I am “Jack, The Master Of All Trades” in this blog.
I made this to further enhance my writing and creative skills, to feature friends, to serve as a hobby for me.
I am a movie writer by profession. Spent almost 30 years as a writer/columnist in magazines and tabloids. And now, trying to venture into blogging.
Something new for me, I guess.
It challenged me a lot.
It’s like a new-found freedom,
Thus I created this blog.
A sweet revenge for me? Maybe not, maybe yes.
But nothing personal now for me this time.
Just doing things positively, productively.
Doing things that I can be proud of, featuring people worthy to be publicized,
worthy to be seen-
and worthy to be recognized, in their own little way.
It’s like an advocacy on my part.
I just do things on my own, and not linger with the past.
And I am happy just the way I am.
FOR THOSE WHO WANTS TO KEEP IN TOUCH…., text me at 0927-6012718.
or email me at: or
I can cover events and write about them, I can do travelogues, I can write feature articles,
anything about writing, I can do.
Feel free to keep in touch.

December 30, 2012

GAY Russian Scandal on Their Football Players {ALL in Pictures}

Russian footballers Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev are being accused of being gay after pictures emerged of them enjoying their holiday in Miami.
Two top-level Russian footballers have sparked outrage after a series of 'gay' holiday pictures have emerged.
Pavel Mamayev, 24, a midfielder for CSKA Moscow, and Alexander Kokorin, 21, a striker from FC Dynamo Moscow, are believed to be in a relationship after ‘intimate’ photographs of them were posted on the internet.
On VK, an Eastern-European social network similar to Facebook, Kokorin posted one of the pictures, saying ‘I love him’.
Other snaps include the two hugging, sharing dinner, going to a basketball game, and having a bath together.          By:
As soon as the holiday snaps were uploaded on a popular sports blog, it caused a furore of discussion on internet forums.
Opinions were split with one VK user saying the players should immediately be dropped from the teams.
Another said: ‘They play well so just leave them alone. Their private lives should remain private.’
Neither of the players has commented on the holiday pictures, with only Kokorin continuing to upload photographs from their visit to the USA on Twitter.
Publishing the manifesto on their website, they said: ‘We are not racists, but the absence of black or gay players in the Zenith lineup is an important tradition that underlines the identity of the club, and nothing more.’
Worldwide, the only two footballers to ever come out as gay have been Anton Hysén and Justin Fashanu.
Hysén used to play in Sweden’s lower leagues until he came out, became a celebrity, and then went on to win the country’s version of Dancing With The Stars.
Fashanu was the first, and only, English footballer to come out in 1990. Eight years later, he committed suicide.

BrokeBack Boathouse with Film } Ben Cohen SU Foundation

Go Commando Calendar 
The video below has images which show back nudity of men on their athletes pursues [This site does not produce nor show porno, which this is not]: 

Earlier this moth in preparation for Christmas and the New Year, So So Gay put together a review of some of the best and hottest charity calendars for 2013. One of the best calendars came from the University of Warwick Boat Club that included tasteful black and white shots of the rowers in various poses reminiscent of the Dieux du Stade offerings. The calendar has been so popular that it quickly sold out. However, don’t panic, there are still copies of their imaginatively titled DVD, Breakback Boathouse, which provides a behind the scenes look at the making of the calendar.
Available from their website as a downloadable DVD for just £9.99, Breakback Boathouse features interviews with the members of the club where they discuss what it’s like to be a member of the rowing club and what it’s like to take part in the calendar.
There is no other way to put this: the guys featured in the calendar and the video are fit. They have incredible bodies and are clearly comfortable showing them of. In the video they explain how comfortable they are, both in the Lycra onesies they have to wear when competing and with being naked for the photographs. They do admit to being shy after the first time they removed their clothes, but when everyone has seen it once there’s no point in trying to cover up again, and they are all naked so it doesn’t matter.
At no point is the video crude or gratuitous but this doesn’t mean that they shy away from the good stuff. You get to see several members of the club naked, both front and rear, and they have to be commended for daring to bare all for a good cause – the film is being sold in support of The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundationto help tackle bullying and homophobia. It’s a cause that’s particularly close to Joey, a member of the boat club. In the video, he talks about how the rest of the team have always been comfortable around him and how he feels it’s very positive that the club are standing up with Ben Cohen against homophobia.
This is one of the best charity calendar DVDs on the market, not only for its professional finish and stars, but also because of the good cause it supports.

Image Crown Copyright 2012       by 


Major Set Back Today GOP Demanded Severe Cuts to Social Security

 NATASHA LENNARD from Salon  reports about the reason on the major set back today on the negotiations on the Financial Deadline in congress late today.                         adamfoxie*
 In what Democratic aides told reporters was a “major setback” in fiscal cliff negotiations, Republicans proposed throwing a Social Security cut into the scaled-back deal Congress is attempting to cobble together in advance of the New Year deadline. As things stand at the time of writing, negotiations are close to breakdown.

Aides to Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell presented the Social Security proposal, which included a method of calculating benefits with inflation. The plan would lower cost of living increases for Social Security recipients. Democrats were swift to reject the offer.
A Democratic aide told ABC News that the proposal was a “poisoned pill” in the current negotiations. However, it should be noted that President Obama has suggested a similar proposal within the context of negotiations on a broad deficit-reduction deal. Such a measure had been taken off the table in discussions over a scaled-back, short-term agreement.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on the Senate floor Sunday, “We’re willing to make difficult concessions as part of a balanced, comprehensive agreement but we’ll not agree to cut social security benefits as part of a small or short-term agreement, especially if that agreement gives more handouts to the rich.”
As such, the Republican move has brought negotiations close to breaking point. According to the Hill, a Democratic aide noted of the Senate Majority Leader’s reaction to the Social Security proposal, “Sen. Reid was personally taken aback and hugely disappointed to hear the new element of the Republicans latest offer,” said the aide. “We’re further apart than we were 24 hours ago.”
Reid said Sunday he remains “cautiously optimistic” that a deal can be made as the cliff’s edge approaches.
The president has said that Democrats will simply call an up-or-down vote on his initial proposal, which prevents tax hikes on all but those incomes above $250,000, and force the issue if talks break down and the deadline gets too close.
Natasha Lennard is an assistant news editor at Salon, covering non-electoral politics, general news and rabble-rousing. Follow her on Twitter @natashalennard, email

2012 The Year of Meh and sometimes a PetRock Comes Out Wanting to displace our pets

The video for Psy's "Gangnam Style" has racked up more than a billion hits on YouTube, becoming the most-watched entry of all time. 

 And then there are years of "meh."2012 was one big stream of meh 
 There are years of shockers. There are years of groundbreakers.
 an"Meh," as defined by The New York Times Magazine (which features a weekly "Meh List"), describes "all those things in life that exist at the top of the fat middle of the bell curve of taste." They don't inspire wonder or excitement. They don't arouse fury or contempt.Carly Rae Jepsen talks fame, ne’ album  NYC jail
As the Times puts it, they're "not hot. Not not. Just meh."So consider 2012. Lindsay Lohan allegedly drunk, in acar accidentarrested? Whatever. "Call Me Maybe" and all of its YouTube parodies? Next. "The Dark Knight Rises"? It was OK.2012: Highs and lows of women in Hollywood
It was the kind of year in which buzz faded quickly -- if it ever started at all. Not even Justin Bieber could shake things up. (See? You yawned when I mentioned "Justin Bieber.")
Pop culture is being made, remade, remixed, rebooted and churned up so fast that, sometimes, the only reaction is a slightly exasperated, seen-it-all-before sigh.
There were exceptions, of course. Jennifer Lawrence blossomed into a major star with her performances in "The Hunger Games" and "Silver Linings Playbook"; the fact that she describes herself as "just really boring"bodes well for her career (as an actress, not a tabloid staple). Comedy Central's dynamic duo -- Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert -- seldom missed when skeweringthe hypocrisies of an over-the-top election campaign.
Moreover, a number of the year's deaths caused us to catch our breath, including the tragic passings of such notables as Whitney HoustonLevon Helm and Dick Clark.
Usually, though, events went by with the weight of a breeze."Gangnam Style" was fun the first million or so times you saw it; by the time its YouTube counter passed 100 million, it was time to ask Psy, what more do you have? One Direction is packing them in, but so did the Jonas Brothers, New Kids on the Block and the Bay City Rollers. Honey Boo Boo may be a sign of the reality TV apocalypse, but there's a new one of those every six months.
Sure, it's the nature of pop culture. Once Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton ruled the planet; now they're the subject of a much-mocked TV movie.
Still, it's striking how little from the entertainment world's 2012 will likely be remembered in a year or two. Before long, the year will be the subject of one of those History Channel specials, sandwiched between a Hitler documentary and "Ax Men."
And then we'll glance up, grab the remote and say, "Meh. What else is on?”   The he will start jumping up and down again! 
Cultures are a funny thing, Any pet rock can come out from under any from under any other rock and make the the upper middle class screw  and kids from all classes go: the dogs and the cats are  messy. We need to spend $25, and more depending on the clothes and the box. He poops none and keeps quiett. Wont pee the bed. Well that is culture for you and once in a while a pet rock call Meh comes out.
CNN source w/ af*

2013 A Short Little List For The New Year 2013

New Year is Knocking!
Are you making the usual resolutions or you decided that the best one was none at all. This finds us   politicly in up-heavel like we were back in to the future in the Clinton Administration. The GOP through Gingrich saying they were going to not raise the ceiling and let the government default. You could say a lot of things about Clinton, but he had balls. As Monica will attest!
Well the government defaulted for the first time!
Government workers went without pay checks, the Smithsonian closed for the first time and all the branches of government. If it wasn’t so stupid it will be so funny!
Now we Have another untested president  and history repeats itself. Because all of the truths I know this one has proven right every time: Those that ignore history are doomed to relived again. the guys and girls in Washing ton are at it again testing this president. A president that would have his hands and administration hog tied if every few months we had to go through this GOP made crisis.
But I don’t want this message to be merely political but as we are getting ready for a new year we should not allowed certain factions of the government to treat us like this. We always say they are punks, they are doing this and that. But they are they because they elected them. We need to examine who “they is” and how we are doing our part in the political field. Because if we just bitch after they do what ever they want to do to us, then actually you and I {Because we are They} and are the problem.
I hope that this year will bring clarity to us and those who hold our mortgages and collect our rents to do things thinking about the impacts that selfish decisions bring. 
If one day we could care for each other that will be heaven. But I know that is a pipe dream, wish I had the weed to go for it and smoke it.
Happy New Year!


December 29, 2012

Happy Holidays and a Better Year! 2013

Regular operations will resume on or about Jan.1.2013

Important articles will continue to get posted. Thank You


THe Rape of Girls in India Begins At The TOP It Most Be Stop There

India delhi rape protests dec 2012 1
Indian students and activists carry candles at India Gate during a protest following the gang-rape of a student in New Delhi on December 19, 2012. Indian police December 17 arrested the driver of a bus a day after a student was gang-raped and thrown out of the vehicle, reports said, in an attack that has sparked fresh concern for women's safety in New Delhi. The attack sparked new calls for greater security for women in New Delhi, which registered 568 rapes in 2011 compared with 218 in India's financial capital Mumbai the same year. (SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images)


NEW DELHI, India — As angry protesters marched on India's symbolic seat of power last week, the nation's august members of parliament raged against the government's failure to stop violence against women.
They blasted the Delhi police for incompetence and insensitivity. And they cried out for the death penalty for six men accused of brutally gang-raping a 23-year-old woman aboard a private bus on Dec. 16. The woman succumbed to her injuries on Friday in Singapore, where she was being treated at a hospital, according to media reports.
In the story of India's battle against sexual assault, the honorable members ignored one important footnote: Every major political party has fielded and continues to field candidates facing criminal charges for rape, harassment and other crimes against women.
“We found that all these parties had given tickets to people of dubious backgrounds, involved in crimes against women,” said Anil Bairwal, national coordinator of the watchdog group National Election Watch. “It's the highest order of hypocrisy.”
According to mandatory self-declarations filed by candidates with the Election Commission and tabulated by National Election Watch, India's leading political parties have offered tickets to 27 candidates accused of rape and a whopping 260 candidates facing charges for crimes against women ranging from assault to harassment over the past five years. As a result, two members of the current parliament and six members of the various state legislative assemblies are facing rape charges, while 36 others face charges for lesser crimes against women.
Not one of India's major parties is innocent of the charge, and by some measure the two largest, national parties, the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are the worst offenders, according to National Election Watch. While most of the rape accused hail from smaller parties, or from the regional Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party, both based in Uttar Pradesh, 11 out of 36 legislators facing charges for crimes against women hail from the Congress and BJP. And out of the 260 candidates offered tickets despite facing such charges, the Congress and BJP account for 50.
Even amid the ongoing furor, Congress MP Abhijit Mukherjee, the son of President Pranab Mukherjee, was compelled to make a backhanded offer of resignation on Thursday after he made sexist remarks about women protesting India's failure to stop sexual assault. “If my party high command demands I will do that," he told a TV news channel.
And they're wondering why the people have taken to the streets.
“They don't treat violence against women as a serious issue,” said Rituparna, an activist affiliated with the Citizens' Collective Against Sexual Assault. “Any violence against women should be treated seriously, and not with callousness.”
The impact of that callousness goes far beyond discouraging women from bringing charges against their abusers, as it trickles down more readily than any economic growth. Between 2002 and 2010, as many as 45 women were raped by the police while in custody, according to the Asian Center for Human Rights — while Indian law, which requires prior sanction from the government before law enforcement personnel can be prosecuted, protected the officers responsible.
The same week as the Delhi gang rape, a woman in Uttar Pradesh claimed that a police officer who'd promised to help her prosecute her attacker had instead raped her himself.
A series of horrific stories, known in shorthand as “the Mathura case,” “the Rameezabee case” or “the Suman Rani” case, make it all too clear that Indian women are not safe from sexual assault in the country's police stations themselves. In the Mathura case, for instance, a 16-year-old girl was allegedly raped by two policemen in a Maharashtra police station while her unwitting parents waited patiently outside.
Where it comes to other security forces, such as the Indian army or paramilitary troops, the situation may be even worse. Women of Indian-administered Kashmir and Manipur — where the Armed Forces Special Powers Act grants the army untrammeled powers — have long complained that they are targeted for sexual assault. And in at least one notorious incident, at least 53 Kashmiri women were allegedly gang-raped by army personnel conducting interrogations related to the militant separatist struggle.
Protests against the decay of law and order and the callous treatment of victims of harassment and sexual assault continued this week in New Delhi, and across India. And though the protesters are now fewer in number, and have ceded contentious symbols such as India Gate and the house of the president to the police following a hamfisted crackdown over the weekend, the anger has not dissipated.
On Wednesday, for instance, a group of young women who had been part of protests at Jantar Mantar — a spot designated for expressions of civil disobedience — complained to the media that they had been detained and beaten up by the police the day before, according to the Times of India. (Police confirmed they had detained 17 women but denied they had been mistreated).
From a spontaneous outpouring of rage — mostly characterized by calls for castration or the death penalty for the rapists — the protests have increasingly turned against the political establishment. After police turned water cannons, tear gas and canes on protesters over the weekend, a tardy and inarticulate statement from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was inadvertently sent to the media unedited, ending with him asking his minders, “Theek hai?” (“That OK?”).
The response, via Twitter and other social media, as well as the people shouting in the street, was a resounding "No."
But the anger is not so much directed at the Congress Party government currently responsible for law and order in the capital, as well as the nation. It's aimed at the corrupt, incompetent and hypocritical political class as a whole — exactly as it should be.
"People are being given a small space in Jantar Mantar that is barricaded on both sides,” a merchant seaman participating in the protest told the Times of India.
“The protest has clearly been hijacked by political groups such as [the BJP's student wing] Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, [the Congress' student wing] National Students Union of India, [the newly formed] Aam Aadmi Party and [yoga guru turned would-be kingmaker] Baba Ramdev.”
The trouble with that kind of hijacking, however, is it's almost certain to backfire.

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