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September 17, 2014

Legislation being introduced in NS Wales to Sponged Gay sex Convictions


 LGBTI community leaders in NSW have welcomed news that an intention to introduce a bill enabling people to have their historical convictions for homosexual conduct extinguished was motioned in state parliament today.
Coogee state Liberal MP Bruce Notley-Smith provided the notice of his intention to introduce a Private Member’s Bill to the Legislative Assembly which, if passed, would extinguish historical convictions for consensual sex between men. 
The bill would apply to convictions made before the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1984, and up until 2003 when the discriminatory age of consent — for example, when a 17-year-old gay male was liable for prosecution for having consensual sex with a 16-year-old male — ended.
The NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby has stated that the move was “significant in material and symbolic terms” for those directly affected and the broader LGBTI community.
They also said the estimate number of people charged with such offences was in the hundreds, but it is also suspected that the actual number is likely to be “significantly higher”.
“In many cases where people were charged as a result of acts no longer considered criminal offences, the effects on their lives have been profound, sometimes resulting in incarceration, social alienation, the  inability to apply for specific jobs,  and,  in many instances, the  inability to travel freely overseas, as other Australians do,” NSW GLRL convenor Justin Koonin said.
ACON president Mark Orr shared similar sentiments.
“The introduction of such a bill is an important step towards righting a long standing historical injustice arising from the criminalisation of sex between men,” he said.
“The issue is important for several reasons. There are a number of individuals who, for purposes of residency or immigration elsewhere, are troubled by the obligation to report a historical conviction.
“Also, through ACON’s work with older people we know that many of these arrests and convictions produced long lasting trauma and shame for the individuals involved, which in some cases has produced long standing distrust of institutions and services, to the detriment of their wellbeing. The retrospective extinguishment of these convictions may help resolve these issues.”
Both Koonin and Orr commended Notley-Smith for taking the initiative to make his intention to introduce the bill official, and called on all NSW parliamentarians to support it.
“A commitment to equality and justice requires that we extinguish these convictions, resulting from charges that today would not be upheld in a  court of law,” Koonin said.
The news comes on the same day as the Victorian Government introducing their long-awaited legislation into state parliament to allow men with historical gay sex convictions to have them expunged.
 Star Observer

April 10, 2013

He Stood There Like an Apollo Rocket Ready to Blast off, Except He blasted Down

My Introduction:
Adam Gonzalez

Let me tell you something about comedians. I have never trusted them, never liked them. Whenever I went to see one or a bunch off them I disagree with most of the stuff they throw on the wall to see what stick. They offend more than half of the audience trying to accomplish a stupid laugh. You become a friend of one and you never know when they are telling you the truth and when they are bull shitting you. But there some comedians that without being 100% percent offensive they can make you laugh with one laughing and crunching their teeth,. The great Johnny Carson was one. He didn’t score every night but he knew it and the audience knew it so it was very human and very sophisticated on its own way.  Besides he had a variety show to hide behind it or just hump into his side kick arms and some times he did just that.
Besides Johnny there was fat Louie guy. Whom i first saw on the carson show. I’ve heard fat comedians make fun of them selves, but they come across to me as people that want to be skinny but have too many issues to be fit. One of the issues is that they have is being a bad comedian. Not with Louie. He was fat and he knew why. He also knew that he probably he would stay that way. May be getting to be more fit which he did even though he waited too long, but he still alive and hasn’t had a heart attack yet, that Im aware of.

But With this show splash I see him (don’t watch the show, just was channel surfing) and I see this whale of a man jump from a diving board, high diving board. I say god dammed he is dead. The whole damn pool is going to empty out of water or he's going to hit chest first and make his heart stop. I then realized after the jump it was fat Louie; My Louie that almost made me  develop this love for him like a brother towards a crazy brother or best friend. 

After he jumped Not only He had to be taken out in a stretcher. That is after 20 minutes or so in the water until he recovered. They didn’t have a hoyst that strong to pick him off the water. Besides it did him good for his fat and muscles to try and get together to the previous positions if they remember of coarse.   There he is below like a whale and that is fine! But Jumping off a diving board…not good man…Not good.
Im sorry I don’t see him on tv for ages and the next time he is up the like an apollo rocket ready to blast to the moon except he blasts down. yikes!
I still Love you Louie, just be careful man, love to have you back with just  jokes!

Out of the show: Louie Anderson left the competition on Tuesday night's Splash

This is not my last dive. This is my first step into a brand new life.' 
Louie had proved so popular that beauty queen Katherine Webb, up against him with the lowest scoring dives of the night, burst into tears when she realized he was going home rather than her.
 'I'm just more upset to see Louie go than anything,' she said, shortly after having hugged him and told him: 'I'm so proud of how far he has come in the competition.’ This is something that has changed my life,' he told the audience, many of whom booed the decision to vote him off.
Close call: The comedian was in the bottom two with Miss Alabama Katherine Webb

His final dive, a flip, saw him lying backwards on the diving board and rolling back into a full flip before landing feet first. 
'You are probably the first 400-pound plus man to ever do what you just did in the world', diving legend Steve Foley, one of the judges, told him as he gave him the exact same score he gave Katherine.
'That's why I do it - so that other people out there can get off the couch,' Louie replied proudly.
His or hers: heir splash landings were compared before the end of the episode

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