January 30, 2016

Russian Airstrikes Killed 200 Civilians in Syria No Outcries from the Usual People When is the US

When the US has drone collateral damage it makes the newspapers and there demonstrations around the world. The silence after Russia does the same thing is very loud. May be the people Russia kills are less people?? I don’t know.

Amnesty International added to the criticism of Russia's air campaign in Syria with a new report Wednesday saying the bombings have killed at least 200 civilians in Homs, Idlib and Aleppo provinces.
The rights group said the Russian airstrikes have hit homes and hospitals, and that its research showed there were no fighters or military targets nearby.
"Some Russian airstrikes appear to have directly attacked civilians or civilian objects by striking residential areas with no evident military target and even medical facilities, resulting in deaths and injuries to civilians," Amnesty Middle East and North Africa Program Director Philip Luther said. "Such attacks may amount to war crimes."
Amnesty also said it had evidence Russia used banned cluster munitions and unguided bombs.
FILE In this photo taken from Russian Defense Ministry official web site on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015, Russian military support crew inspect missiles attached to their jet at an air base in Syria. at an air base Hmeimim in Syria.
 Oct. 6, 2015, Russian military

A Russian defense  spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, denied the Amnesty allegations. He said nothing new or concrete was published, "only cliches and fakes that we have already repeatedly exposed."
Syrian campaign
Russia launched a major military air campaign over Syria in late September as part of an effort to support President Bashar al-Assad. Russia has said it is targeting Islamic State, but it has faced widespread criticism that its strikes have focused largely on opposition group sites.
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Tuesday stepped up his criticism of Russia for targeting civilians sites and moderate opposition fighters.  During a meeting with lawmakers, he condemned what he said were deadly Russian airstrikes Sunday in the rebel-held northwest city of Idlib.
Tensions between Russia and Turkey mounted late last month after Turkey shot down a Russian military jet that Ankara said had strayed into its territory near the Syrian border. Russia denies the charge.
Syrian opposition groups also blamed Russia for the strikes in Idlib, which they said killed more than 40 people, many of them civilians.
A separate U.S.-led coalition, which includes Turkey, has been targeting Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria.
In reference to Russia’s alleged responsibility for Sunday’s deadly strikes in Idlib, a senior State Department official said it was not for the U.S. or the U.S. coalition to investigate claims of collateral damage by Russian aircraft.
“The Russians should speak to what they are doing, what they are hitting, what they are missing,” the official said.
'Credible allegations'
The official added that U.S. authorities had evidence showing that some Russian airstrikes had not been “as precise” and had received “credible allegations” of Russian strikes hitting facilities such as hospitals and schools and killing or wounding innocent people.
“I assume that the Russians would not intentionally target a civilian site. That is a war crime,” said Daniel Serwer, a conflict management professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. He said, however, that Russia was less concerned about collateral damage in Syria.
“I think the long and short of it is that they just don’t worry as much about hitting civilians [in Syria] as Americans do,” Serwer said.
Although Russia and the United States are involved in separate air campaigns over Syria, both countries are part of the International Syria Support Group, which has been working to foster a political transition in Syria. 
Last Friday, the United Nations Security Council endorsed a plan by the group. It includes U.N.-mediated talks between the Syrian government and moderate opposition, a cease-fire, and the establishment of a transitional government followed by elections within 18 months.
Russian airstrikes, such as what may have occurred in Idlib, could slow this U.N.-led process, said Mark Katz, of George Mason University’s School of Policy, Government and International Affairs.
“If they are behind it or if they are even perceived to be behind it, then I think that other parties are going to question the seriousness of Russia’s commitment to the U.N. process,” Katz said.
Russia reaction
Last week, the Russian Defense Ministry addressed criticism about its air campaign in Syria.
In a statement last Wednesday, the Ministry said it had constantly faced criticism from "several representatives of the so-called 'anti-ISIS coalition.' "
It said, the more “precise” the Russian strikes, the more “clamor” had been observed in foreign mass media sources.

Mike Richman and Chris Hannas contributed to this report from Washington.

RCP Polling: Who is Going to be The GOP Nominee for Pres.

If you have been following the polling you should find no big surprises here. As for Trump some people thought it he was a fad but the steady polling will suggest otherwise. It seems he represents  what most of what the people that vote Republican feel. These voters don’t like immigrants even if their own parents or grand parents were immigrants. They hate programs for the poor and hate to pay have health insurance. They also believe there is something wrong with this country which makes it not great (for the reasons I just mentioned). Never mind the US is the most powerful nation on earth, spending over half its income on the military. No other nation has a more discipline bigger, tech davy as the US compared to any large nation. That is why when Trump says he will make America great again it resonates with these voters even if the only thing America could do to be greater is to destroy the world with Nukes to kill ISIS. Not the Soviet union since for what ever reason Trump believes the fallacy ex President Bush believed, that the Russians interests are similar than the US and they can be negotiated with and come on top.

 Some people expected and still expect the GOP establishment which is said to hate Trump would do something to stop him. The problem with that is the establishment on this election cycle is small, less powerful and at the end of the day they will back up whomever puts them or keeps them in power.

Between Trump and Cruz they don’t trust Trump because they see him as a loose cannon but they hate Cruz and they already know that he is not smart but conniving and he will be worse for the establishment than Trump. Trump has also promised he will stop some of the shenanigans of the primary coming into the general election if he was the nominee.


January 29, 2016

Amazing Orgasms Achieved Through your G-spot via the Prostate [5 steps]


These 5 steps are for any man as long as they have a butt and prostate. Straight? Let your girlfriend read this. Gay? You know most of it but want to make sure you got all the 5 steps for the so called ‘top’ to experience what that the guys that want to get it all the time know. Find the secret which is here revealed to you Thanks to Carrie Weisman at Alternet.org and Adamfoxie blog.
When most of us were taught about sex, we understood one basic principle: sexual satisfaction for men is delivered through their exterior genitalia, while women achieve it internally. But it looks like men were sold short with that explanation, because another powerful pleasure center exists inside the male body. Prostate-assisted orgasms aren’t as widely publicized as the penile version. But there is an enthusiastic community of people who have experienced the wildly intense and lengthy orgasms they can deliver. There is a reason, after all, why the sex toy industry seems to be overflowing with prostate stimulators (“progasms” as they’re sometimes called), massagers and plugs.

For some, this realm remains a largely unexplored, uncomfortable territory. It’s for this group that we bring the five steps to achieving an amazing prostate-assisted orgasm.

1. Prep For It

Anytime butt play is involved, it’s important to take the right precautions. Things have a tendency of getting messy when this region of the body is involved, but an easy routine can help sexual participants avoid embarrassing incidents. For the man looking to achieve a prostate-assisted orgasm, douching is probably a good idea. The process flushes your body of all junk so you don’t have to worry about it coming out during sex. It wouldn’t hurt to follow up with a shower.

The penetrator should also take some polite measures to maximize his or her partner’s experience. The skin around the anus is sensitive, and can tear easily, so trim nails, and clean hands are a must. Couples may want to arm themselves with paper towels, and rubber gloves (for those who aren’t fluid-bonded with their partners).

2. Lube Up, Warm Up

Unlike a vagina, the anus isn’t designed for penetration. So lots of lube is welcome, and should be continuously applied throughout your rendezvous. For those who aren’t accustomed to being penetrated, a little warmup can go a long way. Prepare your partner for penetration by grazing the butt cheeks, stroking the shaft and massaging the anus (which is loaded with as many nerve endings as your erogenous zones). Other notoriously sensual areas are the nipples and the ears, but everyone is different. The best way to figure out where your partner wants to be caressed is by asking. 

3. Diamonds are a Guy’s Best Friend: Finding Your Target

Finding the prostate may be a bit of a puzzle for those who haven’t done it before. But it’s not so hard. Because the prostate swells when aroused, it’s best to start the process when already aroused. The prostate can be located externally via the perineum (the diamond-shaped area between the scrotum and the anus). It’s possible for your partner to reach orgasm simply by applying pressure to the area and administering a generous massage. But for those who prefer a more direct approach, penetration is the way to go. The prostate is located about two inches below the rectum toward the scrotum. After inserting a finger (or two if you’re feeling comfortable) you should feel a chestnut-sized ball. Moving the finger(s) in a “come hither” motion toward his navel can stimulate the prostate to the point of orgasm.

4. Use Your Muscles

We’ve all heard of Kegels, but what most people don’t realize is that both sexes can benefit from this kind of exercise. The Pubococcygeus (PC) muscles not only help men maintain control over urination and blood flow to the penis, but can help them during orgasm as well. Much like the female G-spot orgasm, prostate-assisted orgasms are achieved and maintained through a series of muscle contractions, so strengthening this area is key. There are a bunch of different ways you can help do this, but one of the most effective seems to be clenching your butt cheeks and anus (we all know how to hold in a fart, right?). The more control you have over these muscles the longer your orgasm can last.

5. Don’t Forget About The Toys!

Sure, it’s great to have a partner who can lend a hand (literally). But there’s a whole market for people who go at it solo. The Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager seems to be leading the way when it comes to prostate-assisted orgasms. The Aneros is a relatively small (3.5 inches), wavy-shaped device that users can easily insert into the anus. It comes equipped with a finger loop for easy removal and a “p-tab” that nestles up against the perineum for extra pleasure. By clenching their butt cheeks, users pivot the device forward, allowing for contact with the prostate. When the muscles relax, the device reverts back to its stationary position. This stroking motion is what stimulates the “p-spot” and allows for hands-free, toe-curling orgasms. And you don’t have to stop there. A lot of guys also enjoy wearing a cock ring during prostate play.

Other Benefits

Prostate-assisted pleasure comes with lots of other benefits aside from experiencing an amazing and undiscovered orgasm. The process helps flush out the prostate and increases blood flow to the pelvic area. This can help decrease impotence and provide some cancer prevention.

Apart from the intensity, the most appreciated aspect of prostate-assisted orgasms has to be that they allow for multiple orgasms (no more female envy!). With prostate-assisted orgasms, many men will experience “dry orgasm” meaning they don’t ejaculate. Ejaculation needs a refractory period; orgasm does not. 

Penetrative orgasm is something that appeals to both gay and straight men. Unfortunately, homophobia and outdated sexual values seem to have put a damper on general public dialogue on the matter. The process of prostate-assisted orgasm allows men to step outside cemented gender roles, hand the sexual reins over to a different driver and experience a new dimension of satisfaction. As professional dominatrix Margaret Corvid writes, “It’s an opportunity for men to enjoy the receptivity and vulnerability of being penetrated, which is a fulfilling part of sexuality that is largely off-limits to men in mainstream sexual culture.”

Carrie Weisman is an AlterNet staff writer who focuses on sex, relationships and culture   

January 28, 2016

Trump, the Clown Missing from the Circus Says What Some Hold in their Hearts

Make America GrEaT Again

*Somewhere, a circus is missing a clown. No one seems to know where this circus is, as it is hiding–desperate to not be found by the clown it lost.

Months ago, when Donald Trump began finding traction among a segment of Americans who actually believe he should be the next president of the United States, it was funny.
Then it wasn’t funny. Then it was embarrassing. Later, insulting. And then funny again. Now, it’s embarrassing, insulting and funny all at once.

Notice I never said scary. I absolutely refuse to be afraid.
Instead, I’ll say it is sad. Sad, because despite decades of undeniable social change and progress in this country, there are plenty of Americans to whom Trump’s ignorant, bigoted, sexist rhetoric holds water. It’s something to see and hear, isn’t it? But it’s real. And it’s a shame.

Don’t you dare believe that all those who follow Trump fit the typical stereotype of the bigot. You might be surprised at how many kind, intelligent, presumably forward-thinking people—-computer nerds, loving soccer moms, priests, pastors, lesbians, rock stars, doctors, lawyers who have dedicated their careers to helping the disenfranchised, Gays, transgender people, interracial couples; souls who routinely suffer a segment of society’s foot on its neck—are themselves straight-up bigots.

Looks and actions can be deceiving. Exhibit A: Donald Trump himself, who actually seemed like an okay guy until he decided to run for president and opened his foul mouth…which appears to be connected to his ass.

They say he “tells it like it is.” They never finish the other part of that phrase—“…in our hearts.” Trump doesn’t tell it like it is; he tells it like some people want it to be.
It’s intriguing to watch the Republican party attempt to distance itself from The Donald’s idiotic views, when the party created the monster.

Simply peruse the crowds at any Republican function–where is the rainbow of humanity that is America? The only difference between Trump, Ted Cruz and the rest of them is presentation.
By the way, these are the same people who insist that Black Americans only voted for Barack Obama because he was Black. Tell that cracked theory to the ever fading Dr. Ben Carson, whose constituents are 99.9 percent white for a reason.

The most convenient thing about Trump is that he doesn’t have to become president for us to get an idea as to how the rest of the world would receive him. In the U.K. a branch of its government actually took a vote on whether to ban him from the country.
In Mexico and Latin America he is despised. The Middle East sees him as dangerous. You really have to work hard to be feared in that region.

However, playfully, he is praised by Russia’s Putin. He knows the immature and insecure Trump is someone he’d trample.

And just when we thought this floorshow of ignorance and stupidity could descend no lower, up from the depths of dysfunctional madness comes dumb-as-a-chair Sarah Palin to “endorse” Trump.
If he were running against her for anything, Trump would be gabbing nonstop about Palin’s failed bid for the vice-presidency, her up and simply quitting her job as the governor of Alaska. He’d bring up her daughter Bristol.

Instead, since they are on the same page—-for now-—he actually sees Palin as a positive. That’s how imbecilic Trump is.

It is difficult to believe this lunacy is happening at the apex of modern American politics, the bid for the presidency.
But it is.

By Steven Ivory, veteran journalist, essayist and author, writes about popular culture for magazines, newspapers, radio, TV and the Internet. Respond to him via STEVRIVORY@AOL.COM 

Amazing Bowie’s Eulogy by Bono on The Rolling Stones

Bowie; Tribute; Bono
David Bowie and Bono at Royal Festival Hall in London in 2002. "I'd like to consider myself David's friend, but I'm more of a fan," Bono told us. Kevin Mazur/Getty

"In our new David Bowie memorial issue, out January 29th, various artists pay tribute to the late singer, songwriter and pop innovator. In this exclusive recollection, Bono reflects on the way Bowie helped him find “doors into ... other worlds."

I've played at being a rock & roll star, but I'm really not one. David Bowie is my idea of a rock star. Right now, I’m in Myanmar, a little cut off from the reaction to David's passing, but I can assure you the sky is a lot darker here without the Starman.

The first time I saw him perform was on Top of the Pops in 1972, singing "Starman." He was so vivid. So luminous. So fluorescent. We had one of the first color TVs on our street, and David Bowie was the reason to have a color TV. I've said he was our Elvis Presley. There are so many similarities: the masculine-feminine duality, the physical mastery of being on a stage. They created original silhouettes, shapes now seen as obvious, that did not exist before.

They both had that otherworldliness. With Bowie, you had this sneaking suspicion that if you hung around him, you might find some doors into those other worlds. In my teenage mind, "Life on Mars?" was much more about, is there life on earth? Are we really alive? Is this really all there is? And some of the doors Bowie opened led to other artists. He opened doors for me into Bertolt Brecht, and William Burroughs — and, by the way, Bruce Springsteen, who he was on very early. And for me, the most important door he opened was the one with Brian Eno behind it.

I'd like to consider myself David's friend, but I'm more of a fan. He came and visited us when we were mixing Achtung Baby — and, of course, he had introduced us to Berlin and to Hansa Studios. We had a playful sort of banter — he would really go there in conversations, and we would even occasionally hurt each other's feelings. He took his daughter to a matinee to see Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, and he sent me the reasons he didn't like it. And everything he said was really helpful, because it was in the early days of the show.

I’ve been talking with Brian Eno about this, because David sent Brian a goodbye note, and he shared the contents with me. It was so amazing, and it’s so funny. It’s a really surreal, defiant type of goodbye letter, a kiss-off. And I was saying to Brian that David had been on our minds. Over Christmas, my oldest daughter Jordan and I were listening to Blackstar a lot. David met her when she was two. He called her “Pixie," and she’s been a lifelong Bowie fan. 

I like Bowie when he’s evenly pulled in the direction of being a pop star and Picasso, where he’s right down the middle. That’s usually my favorite, when the songwriting is disciplined but the recording is not. I love when he’s pulled equally in the directions of art and populism. Blackstar is much more art, so I shouldn’t like it as much as I do. But I really loved it. And so did my daughter Jordan.
I sent him a picture of myself and Jordan toasting him on his birthday this year. I sent him a long email, and I sent him a beautiful poem by Michael Leunig called "Love and Fear" — one line goes, "there are only two feelings/love and fear." I didn’t hear back, but I was told he got it.

Ultimately, as a songwriter and as a performer, your currencies are thoughts and feelings. Some people may have original thoughts, but the musical landscape is not that unique. Bowie's musical landscape affected you in a way that is completely different from all the other music around it. You have to close your eyes, imagine you don’t speak English and just feel the songs and say, "What part of me is being played by those notes?" Or "Who else plays them?"
And in his case, the answer is nobody. That part of me is only played by David Bowie. So that part of me is now a void — I have to find other ways to wake it up. But it woke me up when I was 14.
As told to Brian Hiatt
From The Archives Issue 1254: February 11, 2016

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Measure to Destroy LGBT Rights for Religion to Discriminate Comes to a Stop in Indianapolis


Efforts to repeal last year's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act and replace it with new protections for "fundamental rights" came to a screeching halt Wednesday.

The measure, which also would have repealed last year's so-called RFRA "fix," failed to advance from a Senate committee after the chairman declared that the "timing is incorrect."

That decision shifts the focus to this afternoon's hearing on expanding the state's civil rights law to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Scores of opponents and supporters had shown up at the 9 a.m. hearing to testify on Senate Bill 66, which would have increased protections for religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble and the right to bear arms.

"These rights belong to each and every one of us,” the proposal's author, Sen. Mike Young, R-Indianapolis, said, “and I’m trying to protect every one of those rights for everyone in this room."

But after allowing Young to explain the bill, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Brent Steele, R-Bedford, declined to hear testimony, discuss or vote on the bill because he said it had been “mischaracterized.”

“Sen. Young’s logic is correct, and his legal analysis is correct, and I believe his motive is laudable,” Steele said. "The timing is incorrect. Probably next year would be a chance to have a legal discussion on this, on protecting our constitutional rights.” 

Opponents had dubbed the measure "Super RFRA" and feared it was an attempt to sanction discrimination against gay people. They worried it would re-ignite last year's firestorm over RFRA, which prompted boycott threats, event cancellations and travel bans. Gov. Mike Pence and lawmakers quickly passed a so-called "fix" to prevent the law from being used to discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Religious conservatives, however, have advocated for more rigorous protections for religious freedom through RFRA last year and SB 66 this year. They also oppose measures extending LGBT rights because they fear such laws may require them to violate their religious beliefs about same-sex marriage.

At Wednesday's hearing, one gay rights group printed out 118,000 tweets from last year that included the hashtag BoycottIndiana. The tweets — two per page — took up several boxes and were wheeled in on a cart.

Peter Hanscom of Indiana Competes, a group of businesses seeking a statewide ban on discrimination against LGBT people, said the committee's decision was a realization by lawmakers that the debate needs to shift to civil rights.

"You don’t need to go backwards and rehash this entire fight again. It makes absolutely no sense," he said. "Repealing RFRA, repealing the fix, and then re-inserting another RFRA had the capacity and most likely would have incited another nationwide firestorm on our state."

The decision to shelf SB 66 surprised Curt Smith, president of the Indiana Family Institute, which opposes adding LGBT protections to the state's civil rights laws.

He said Young's bill “elevated the conversation” about protecting freedoms, getting beyond last year’s RFRA controversy.

“I think this transcended the original RFRA, and that’s part of the reason I thought it was a novel and fresh idea,” Smith said.

Another Senate committee is expected to take up two measures later today that would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, but with exemptions for some religious objectors.

January 27, 2016

LeaderOfGroup Occupying Wildlife Refuge Arrested {Fast Learn all the issues involved on this InteractiveGraph}


The leader of the group that has been occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Ammon Bundy, was arrested during a traffic stop today in Oregon. Up to eight of Bundy's cohorts were also detained during the incident, and one unidentified individual was killed when shots were exchanged between the group and authorities after police made the initial stop.

Below is a live-updating timeline of the protest and occupation that began on Jan. 2. It will be updated to reflect the newest developments as more information becomes available.

Amnesty International Tells Iran to Stop Executing Young People


Iran remains one of the few countries in the world which allows the execution of young people under the age 18, Amnesty International reported today in the report named “Growing up on death row: The death penalty and juvenile offenders in Iran.”

“This report sheds light on Iran’s shameful disregard for the rights of children. Iran is one of the few countries that continues to execute juvenile offenders in blatant violation of the absolute legal prohibition on the use of the death penalty against people under the age of 18 years at the time of the crime,” said Said Boumedouha, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme.

“Despite some juvenile justice reforms, Iran continues to lag behind the rest of the world, maintaining laws that permit girls as young as nine and boys as young as 15 to be sentenced to death,” the Amnesty official stressed. According to the report, between 2005 and 2015 there were recorded 73 executions of juvenile offenders in the oil-rich country. Moreover, according to the UN at least 160 juvenile offenders are currently on death row. Amnesty said that the true numbers are even higher, as many executions are not reported.

Amnesty reported that some of the arrested young people are not guilty as the Iranian authorities are using violence to force fake confessions. “The report paints a deeply distressing picture of juvenile offenders languishing on death row, robbed of valuable years of their lives – often after being sentenced to death following unfair trials, including those based on forced confessions extracted through torture and other ill-treatment,” said Said Boumedouha.

In a number of cases the authorities have scheduled the executions of juvenile offenders and then postponed them at the last minute, adding to the severe anguish of being on death row. Such treatment is at the very least cruel, inhuman and degrading, Amnesty stressed.

“Iran’s authorities must…commute the death sentences of all juvenile offenders, and end the use of the death penalty against juvenile offenders in Iran once and for all,” the Amnesty official stressed.

How the Fist Gay Movie was Saved from the Nazis

 Sara Laskow wrote this wonderful story of LGBT movie history. She fills many questions about what gay movie survived that period in which so many LGBT were not able to survived themselves. We lost so many writings available on that period and movies which were made taking advantage of this new medium in which you could now have the characters in the books come alive in front of your eyes. 

The early movies were a wonderful new medium for gays to get to know how other gays behaved, looked and were able to communicate sexually or otherwise in works from the great writers from previous ages.  

Such a sad shame that we lost so much and up to this point I am not sure if we have found everything that was saved.  Atlas Obscura published this story today.                                                            
Looting of Hirschfeld's Institute for Sexology (Photo: Wikimedia)
 The first LGBT film ever made was released in Berlin, not long after the end of the Great War, and it was almost lost entirely.
A silent film, filled with love, betrayal, art and suicide, Different from the Others argued, very explicitly, that being gay was natural and that the only problem with relationships between two men were the laws that criminalized them. It was co-written by a sexologist and a movie producer, and though it was a popular film, within a year of its release in 1919, it had been banned from cinemas across Germany.
Any of the 30 or 40 original copies that were still around when the Nazi Party took over are now gone; a film like this one would have been singled out for destruction.
Original footage from the movie survived only serendipitously. After the first version of the film was censored, one of the co-writers, the sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld, patched about 40 minutes of it into another film, a copy of which ended up in a Russian archive, where it sat, untouched, for decades.
Over the past few years, film archivists at UCLA have been working to combine that footage with photos taken from Hirschfeld’s own collection and additional stills from the movie, in order to create a version as loyal to the original as possible. In February, that cut of the film will premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival, and audiences will have a chance to see a Different from the Others that’s as close an approximation of the original as has been seen since before World War II. 

A scene from Different from the Others, in which Körner meets his blackmailer (Photo: Courtesy of UCLA Film & Television Archive)
 This plot was drawn from Hirschfeld’s preoccupations. Since the 1890s, he had been fighting against Paragraph 175, a law that criminalized homosexual acts, and arguing that the law did more to assist blackmailers than it did to stop homosexuality. He was also deeply troubled by suicide in the gay community; he once wrote that one of the greatest satisfactions of his life had been to keep at least some people from killing themselves.
By 1919, though, Hirschfeld was already, in some ways, old-fashioned, “an avant-gardist of the belle époque,” whose rivals for leadership in the gay rights movement thought of him as “a fossil of a bygone era," as James Steakley, an academic who studies 20th century gay history in Germany, writes. But if the plot and storyline were drawn from the pre-War era, the movie was still a radical piece of culture. When it came out in May 1919, nothing so accepting of and positive about homosexuality had ever been shown on film before.
Where the film was distributed, it filled movie houses. But in some parts of Germany, screenings were banned almost immediately or restricted to audiences of people over the age of 20. Within a few months, Hirschfeld and Oswald were organizing special screenings for politicians, with little success. The opposition to the film (and others made in this free period) was so strong that by 1920, the parliament had reinstated censorship. Different from the Others was quickly banned–in part on the recommendation of Hirschfeld’s rivals, who claimed to cure homosexuality with hypnotism, which the film depicted as an ineffective ruse.
Hirschfeld was still allowed to show the film at his own institute, but he wanted it to have a wider audience. Over the next few years, he tried to edit the film into some form that would make it past the censors, and, very briefly, in 1927, he succeeded. His movie Laws of Love was an educational picture, which combined David Attenborough-esque nature footage of sex in the animal kingdom with parts of Different from the Others.
The film was shown in theaters for just a week and was not well reviewed, before it was yanked from public distribution. A version of that movie, though, made it to Russia, where it stayed safe (and forgotten) for decades.
Some of the images in Hirschfeld's collection (Photo: Wellcome Images/Wikimedia)
In the later decades of the 20th century, the most widely seen copy of the film was just 24 minutes, a version that had been edited in 1928 to evade censorship. In 2004, though, the Munich Film Museum rescued the footage from the archive and cut together a restored version. “The Munich version was a breakthrough,” says Steakley, who translated the text for the English version.
It's also the basis for the new cut of the film. Jan-Christopher Horak, now director of the UCLA Film & Television Archive, oversaw that earlier restoration, and, when he came to California, started working with Outfest, an L.A. organization that promotes LGBT films, on a new version, based on that same footage from the Moscow archive. 
“We have about half the film, maybe slightly more,” says Horak. “That’s all there actually is. There has been a search all over the world, but so far no one has found more. No print was found in other countries. We’re lucky to at least have some of this material.”
The version that will premiere in February at the Berlinale makes some improvements on the 2004 German version, though. Horak says that a “very, very long synopsis of the film,” found in censorships records, gave them additional hints as to how the existing footage should be ordered and how the plot worked. The latest version also has newly uncovered stills from the film, some of which were saved in film magazines from the time, including an additional shot from Körner’s funeral.
The most important update, though, may be to the lecture that Hirschfeld gives. In the film, he showed his own slides about the nature of human sexuality, including people in gay and lesbian relationships, as well as transgendered and transsexual people. In the new version, those slides come from Hirschfeld’s four-volume history of sexuality, which includes selections from his photo archive and from the photos that once hung on the wall of his Institute for Sexology.
“We can’t say for certain that these were the actual images in the film,” says Horak. “But they could have been.”
With the information available, this may be the best version of the film that can be made–unless, by chance, there’s more original footage, somewhere in the world, hidden away.

January 26, 2016

Family Jewels should be kept in your Family Not the Net

Wether you are famous, want to be or simply have or want to have a good paying job outside of the porno industry, you might need to have a policy of show in person only. We’ve had instances in which a photo sent to someone you want to impress or your boyfriend on the net to latter be seen in  an app for dating or something worse.
Lately a couple of FIFA athletes had a bad experience by not having that personal policy of don’t send only in person. They received the following advice.


FELLAS, if you’re going to send a photo of your genitalia to someone, Fifi Box has a word of advice.
The radio host was discussing the leaked nude photos of Collingwood players Dane Swan and Travis Cloke on her Fox FM breakfast host this morning when she offered their male listeners a tip.
“If you have a penchant for taking photos of yourself and sending them onto other people, crop your head out,” advised Box.

“Admittedly, that wouldn’t have helped for Swanny, necessarily,” she said, referencing the AFL star’s heavily tattooed body.

The popular media personality admitted that she feels sorry for the two players whose nude photos were printed in Woman’s Day, but she feels worse for their loved ones.

                                                                      Travis Cloke .Source: cdn.newsapi.com.au
                                                                  Dane Swan 

“The two people I really feel for in this are Travis’ fiancee and Swanny’s girlfriend of eight years,” she said.
Fifi Box can empathise with the player’s partners because she’s actually been in their position.
“I have been in situations where I have dated professional sportsmen,” she said on air to co-host Dave Thornton.
“He was a rugby player who played for Sydney Uni rugby. I remember I busted him with stuff on his phone from another girl and he tried to explain to me, that when you’re a professional athlete and you have girls throwing themselves at you, it’s like an addictive thing.
“He said I love you and I love our relationship but girls throw themselves at me and there’s something addictive about that. I forgave him ... kept going until he did it again and then fully cheated on me.”

January 25, 2016

New App “Bro” for Men to Find Men Who Are not Gay(?) but will Have Sex


With all the discussion about sexual fluidity in 2015, it's only natural that dating and hookup apps would jump on the trend. The latest company to make an entry into the gay hookup app market? An app called Bro (because of course it's called Bro), a dating app for men who want to have sex with other men, even if they don't necessarily self-identify as gay. 

A New App Is Here for Men Looking to Have Sex With Men — Even If They're Not Gay
Source: Courtesy of Bro
Because of the app's avoidance of explicit sexual labels, there is some confusion as to who exactly it's designed for.

Bro founder Scott Kutler told Mic that the app is catering to dudes who want to have sex with other men, without explicitly self-identifying as gay or bisexual. "One of the reasons we don't state bi or gay in our app is that we believe it shouldn't matter when meeting other men," Kutler told Mic in an email. “We've found labels are becoming less and less relevant — and rightfully so, since they can be damaging."


But gay website Queerty wrote that the app caters specifically to "heteroflexible" guys seeking "bro jobs" — in other words, straight men who dabble in gay sex while ostensibly maintaining their straight identities. This interpretation would certainly be in line with the recent flurry of internet trend pieces highlighting the prevalence of male sexual fluidity, many of which have been pegged to last year's buzzy book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men by Jane Ward. Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supported the idea that "bro jobs" might actually be a thing, reporting that 2.8% of straight-identified men have engaged in anal or oral sex with other men.

Kutler is quick to point out, though, that Bro isn't just trying to be a Grindr for straight (or "straight," whatever) dudes.

"The app is geared towards men that typically identify as bi/gay, and sexually fluid men are welcome to try it," he told Mic. So despite its "no labels" branding, there seems to be an understanding that the majority of men who would be interested in a networking app for men-seeking-men are likely to be gay or bi.
Psychotherapist and author of the book Is My Husband Gay, Straight, or Bi? Joe Kort told Mic that given the stigma against men having sex with other men, an app catering to sexually fluid men could be useful.

"They have no community and nowhere to go to meet," he said. "So I actually think this app is going to be perfect for them for now."

That said, there's something more than a little problematic about Bro's packaging, which features such hallmarks of bro culture as frat-y red Solo cups and the stereotypically manly mascots (not to mention the usage of the word "bro" over and over [and over] again). One might say that for an app that seeks to transcend labels, it sure is clutching tightly onto one label in particular: masc.

There seems to be nary an inch of space for men who don't vibe with traditional expressions of masculinity, something that is a little reminiscent of the "masc for masc" (and/or "straight-acting") phenomenon, in which some gay or closeted men are instilled with feelings of self-loathing and live in crippling fear of being perceived as anything other than a v. macho man.

Kort believes that this will likely be an unavoidable aspect of Bro's existence, but he doesn't necessarily see it as a problem so long as it helps such men become more comfortable with themselves.

"There's still a lot of internalized homophobia within the gay male community centered on 'straight-acting' men," he told Mic. "But as a therapist, I think it's OK if the app gets filled with these men because each of these men are working something out anyways."

Kutler is similarly hopeful that the app will do more good than harm in this regard.

"I agree that 'masc for masc' ideals can be very damaging to the community, and I also think that being comfortable with your sexuality is a process," he said. "If someone is in the closet, there shouldn't be judgment. They should have a safe space to find similar friends or men that have experienced it and are willing to help; not judge them for being 'closet cases.'"

Such noble intentions aside, the question remains: Where does this leave all the fem gays?

Poppers and Gay Men, England Wants None of it


Crispin Blunt, an MP for the Conservative party in the UK, offered the British media a late Christmas present when he admitted to being a user of the drug amyl nitrite, more commonly known as “poppers,” during a House of Commons debate on the Psychoactive Substances Bill, which would see them banned.

While he didn’t remark on precisely why he and other gay men he knew used the drug, The Sun enlightened its less worldly readership the following morning, labelling poppers a “sex drug” used to “boost sexual pleasure.”

The Conversation

While the use of amyl is not restricted to gay men, the drug has had a long association with gay male subculture. Cinematic and pornographic representations of gay sex and gay life have regularly featured men sniffing from small glass bottles. There were even urban myths of poppers being pumped through the air conditioning systems of gay clubs in the 1970s and 1980s. As someone coming of age on the Brighton scene in the early 1990s, the gay world was a multi-sensory experience, a subculture I could smell as much as I could see and touch.

Beyond the cheeky hilarity of having poppers discussed in Westminster, Blunt’s admission underscores the central role that recreational drugs continue to play in the lives of many gay men.

Those working within the field of gay men’s health are increasingly concerned with the use of crystal methamphetamine, GHB, and mephedrone (among others) on the scene. The term “chemsex” has become ubiquitous, and some men report taking alarming risks during sex while intoxicated.

Organizations such as 56 Dean Street are now offering needle exchanges for gay men who have started injecting drugs. Terrence Higgins Trust has pioneered a service that takes safer sex products to house parties, in an effort to reduce the spread of STIs.

To some, it will no doubt look as though gay male culture is hell-bent on destroying itself. Certainly, more research into why and how gay men are using the panoply of recreational drugs available is needed. But before anyone jumps on the moral bandwagon to denounce Blunt for supporting recreational drug use, they have to face a few facts.

Facing Reality

While mephedrone, ketamine, and crystal meth (“tina” in chemsex parlance) are all already illegal, only once the psychoactive substances bill passes will poppers be sanctioned.

Put simply, poppers lower your blood pressure, helping relax your muscles; they come with a dizzying head rush and sometimes heightened sexual excitement. And while amyl nitrite may potentially have side effects, it is not addictive. There’s a yawning chasm between sniffing poppers and smoking, snorting or injecting crystal meth.

In any case, Blunt was not pushing an ideological libertarian drug policy, but a pragmatic one: He wants to keep poppers legal to stop men having to go to criminals to buy their amyl – criminals who might well be selling far more dangerous stuff, too.

But perhaps most importantly, his surprisingly personal admission points to an often unspoken truth about gay male sexual practice: Anal sex can be painful. Done wrong, it can hurt, especially for the inexperienced. Of course, if it weren’t often great fun, people wouldn’t do it as often and as enthusiastically as they do – but like everything sexual, it simply isn’t for everyone.

Getting it right requires some degree of proficiency and relaxation, and this is where poppers come in; they’re both a psychological and physical relaxant, and simply make the whole thing easier.

That this is sometimes difficult to concede owes something both to taboos around anal sex itself and to gay pornography, which celebrates anal sex as the pinnacle of “real sex” while simultaneously overwriting any notion that it might be a challenge for a great number of men, or simply not their thing. 
This much was alluded to by Blunt’s parliamentary colleague Mike Freer, who argued that poppers could help some men be “intimate” with their partners, contributing to their “emotional well being.”

There is a good reason why poppers have been around on the gay scene for decades, and why they continue to be popular. Whether we like it or not, for many gay men, enjoyable anal sex often relies on the use of amyl nitrate. Blunt’s courageous admission before the house is testimony to that fact, and a much-needed alert to the harm that this much-derided bill might inadvertently cause.

January 23, 2016

Berlin’s LGBT Group Gets Help for Abused Gay Refugees


We all know that through all those thousands of Syrians asylum seekers there most be a good percentage of LGBT. As a matter of fact when gays have to disclose who they are they also need to disclose their sexual orientation so they could would be considered for qualification under the asylum program. 
The LGBT in Germany has taken steps to help those refugees. I don’t have to tell you what happens when all those so called religious people in line to be interviewed and they hear someone is gay the news spreads among homophobes like wild fire. 

For those that look weaker or smaller there is rape and possible pushed to to be pimped and for the others there is vocal abuse and gang beatings. The gay community in Germany is a strong smart bunch of people that not only complaint but they also get their hands dirty in demonstrations and pushing the government to be fair in the way they are treated. These community remembers the days in which they were tagged with a pink triangle and hung or sent to the gas camps to be gassed and burnt. They take no prisoners when they see their rights violated.

The Jerusalem Post reported what steps this community is taken to help some of these refugee seekers.
They have gotten the ok to open a center that accommodates 125 in Berlin.

There are an estimated 3,500 LGBT asylum seekers in Berlin, many experiencing abuse in shelters where they are staying with other people seeking asylum, according to Schwulenberatung, a Berlin-based gay rights organization which will run the center.

"We have heard a lot of stories about discrimination and crimes against LGBT people in the last two years," Stephan Jakel, Schwulenberatung manager in charge of refugee affairs, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation on Friday.

"They were frightened and scared after being beaten or spat on, and one survived a murder attempt. We heard a lot of horrible stories," he said by phone from Berlin.

Germany has borne the brunt of Europe's biggest refugee influx since World War Two with over one million people arriving in the country in 2015, most of them fleeing war and poverty in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Between August and December 2015, there were 95 cases of violence against LGBT people, mainly in accommodation for refugees and asylum seekers, according to the Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany (LSVD).

They involved physical violence, sexual assaults, insults, threats and coercion.

Jakel said there was a shortage of cheap or free apartments in Berlin and many asylum seekers were forced to remain in centers for a long time, often facing abuse.

"Refugees have been coming to our center over the last few years asking for help," Jakel said.

LGBT asylum seekers will be offered accommodation in the new center during their asylum-seeking process and will be allowed to stay for as long as they need, he said.

Trump’s Racist Dad and Donald’s Racist Beginning in NY’s Real Estate

=Blizzard Edition=

The following article was written by NATHAN TEMPEY IN  (Gothamist).
 as we wait for the blizzard we might get a little hot under the collar to learn about the rotten apple that fell from the rotten tree,
Woody Guthrie was no fan of fascism. (Public domain)
Folk icon Woody Guthrie, like many valiant New Yorkers before and after him, hated his landlord. Among the legions of aggrieved tenants, Guthrie is unique in that a) he was a pretty handy writer of songs and agitprop b) in the early 1950s he put some of that gift towards griping about his landlord's greed and racism and c) that landlord was Donald Trump's dad and silver spoon provider Fred Trump.
Gawker contributor recently paid a visit to Guthrie's archives in Oklahoma and uncovered a trove of Trump-bashing lyrics inspired by the troubadour's time at Trump's lily-white Beach Haven development in Gravesend, Brooklyn. 
As Gawker explains, the bard lived for two years in the middle-income development, backed by a Federal Housing Administration that, as part of its middle-class-building project following World War II, had become an ardent propagator of racial segregation. The elder Trump would later be investigated for over-billing on public contracts, but during his time as a tenant, Guthrie's chief concern was the racism of his neighbors and the exclusion of black people from "a decent place to get pregnant in and to have your kids raised up in." 
At the time of the 1950 Census, the tract that contained Beach Haven was home to 1,804 people, all but two of whom were white. The census takers did not record the races of the ultra-minorities in the neighborhood.
To an imagined African-American couple, Guthrie wrote in his notebook, "I’m yelling out my own welcome to you."
There were also these little ditties:
I suppose
Old Man Trump knows
Just how much
Racial Hate
he stirred up
In the bloodpot of human hearts
When he drawed
That color line
Here at his
Eighteen hundred family project
And, to the tune of "I Ain't Got No Home":
Beach Haven ain’t my home!
I just cain’t pay this rent!
My money’s down the drain!
And my soul is badly bent!
Beach Haven looks like heaven
Where no black ones come to roam!
No, no, no! Old Man Trump!
Old Beach Haven ain’t my home!
 The segregation at Beach Haven is one of many instances of overt and alleged bigotry attributed to the Trumps, spanning a period from Fred Trump's youth all the way to his son's current run for the country's highest office on a platform of naked racism and xenophobia. For example:
A man with Fred Trump's name and address was, according to a New York Times articlepublished in June 1927, arraigned after 1,000 Ku Klux Klan members attacked police in Queens. Donald Trump denied the man arrested was his father to the Times, then in the same interview seemingly confirmed it, saying, "It’s unfair to mention it, to be honest, because there were no charges."

A 1978 Village Voice investigation chronicled the fight over alleged systematic discrimination against black renters by the Trumps, and how they leveraged political connections to make millions. (Village Voice)
In the early 1970s, when Donald Trump was in his late 20s and beginning to play an executive role in his father's real estate empire, the federal government sued the Trumps, saying their company refused to rent to black people, and was throwing black apartment-seekers off by instructing supers and agents to claim units were no longer available, represent rents at higher than actual prices, and send them to an office to apply while white renters were given applications on site.
The Donald told the Times the charges were "absolutely ridiculous" and Trump Management sued the U.S. government for $100 million. A judge threw out that lawsuit, and in 1975 the Trumps settled, agreeing to send the Urban League a list of apartment vacancies weekly and let the organization send qualified applicants for one of every five listings for two years. After the agreement expired, the feds sued again, saying Trump Management was back to violating the Fair Housing Act.
Throughout the battle, Donald claimed that his company was being persecuted for refusing to house welfare recipients who couldn't afford apartments, which had no apparent basis in the allegations.
In 1983, the state's Division of Housing and Community Renewal said that two Trump Village developments in Coney Island were at least 95 percent white.
In 1989, the Trump of Our Time told SPY magazine that white people bear the brunt of discrimination these days, saying, "If I were starting off today, I would love to be a well-educated black, because I believe they do have an actual advantage."
The magazine also reported that a Trump Organization executive instructed a temp agency not to send black temp workers. A company spokeswoman denied the allegation, saying, "We have a new [black] gal [and] I think we have another one still with us."
In 1991, Trump the younger was accused by a former Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino president of saying "laziness is a trait in blacks" and "Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day." Trump later told Playboy that the former employee's book was "probably true," but that "the guy's a fucking loser. A fucking loser."
There was also, famously, the full-page ads Trump took out in newspapers during the prosecution of the Central Park Five calling for their execution over their alleged role in the rape of a white jogger. Following the exoneration of the five, Trump has been unapologetic, telling the Daily News
They should be very thankful I wasn’t mayor because they wouldn’t have gotten a dime. They owe the taxpayers of the city of New York an apology for taking money out of their pockets like candy from a baby.
The more recent the racial and nationalistic provocations, the more familiar—for instance, Trump's howling for President Obama to produce his birth certificate—but throughout it all, Trump says he has followed in the footsteps of Papa Fred.
This summer, Trump told the Washington Post, "My legacy has its roots in my father’s legacy."
The Trump legacy of racism doesn't just live on in the candidate's calls for President Obama's birth certificate, or his proposal that we destroy millions of immigrant families, or his calls to register Muslim-Americans. The Brooklyn zip code of Woody Guthrie's former home is still two-thirds white, according to census data, and has an African-American population of just 4.2 percent. The tract containing Beach Haven is even whiter, with 3,701 people of European ancestry living there, 81 percent of the total population, compared to just 142 African Americans, or 3 percent.

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