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December 27, 2014

Rare Soviet Tourism Posters of the 1930’s and the Communism they tried to show or may be hide

Soviet Tourism Posters Of The 1930s

Intourist, the Soviet travel agency, was established in 1929 to attract foreign visitors to the U.S.S.R. Using the classic elements of early communist graphic design, Intourist managed to entice tens of thousands of foreigners (many from the United States) to special tourist sites set up for them in the Soviet Union. Given that several of these holiday resorts were located in Ukraine, the idyllic portrayal of these destinations contrasts sharply with the experience of many Ukrainians in the 1930s who endured immense hardship and famine -- known as Holodomor and causing more than 1 million deaths -- as a result of radical Soviet economic policies. (Images courtesy of David Levine, (11 PHOTOS) 

The 1930’s was an era in which Americans and others living in a world repressed by an extreme economic down turn or how it was called then a “recession.” Many got enamored with communism. They saw that Capitalism together with democracy had failed them. Only the rich seemed to be able to front everything but even this time the rich made that way by investing on the capital of new companies and industries were getting poor when those companies failed. Even by paying the worker was not enough to buy the essentials like food and a roof over their head.
Communism: What a beautiful word. That means we all pay alike and reap the benefits alike. Many took arms against the US, other moved to Russia what was seen the mother of communism. Russia said welcome, not because they meant to feed them but they needed able bodies to work the fields and fight the next war knocking on the door. 

The problem with communism is you need a government to be beyond any reproach.  You needed man which by nature are greedy to manage a government who was brutal and had in mind for the workers to share their wages but not for the government but for friends of the government. You had a corrupt government. Thats is the achilles heel for any form of government that is either centralized or not and that is how to you give everyone a fair share when the government itself runs on money and everything the government does relates to money. These breed of american communists still here and there but with the failures of every communist country you have to be missing brains cell to want such thing.

What has work for us and not well because the american people have been sold on a dream called the American dream that if you work hard you get your share of the pie. Most people work very hard and wether they have a college degree or not they never see a share of the pie unless they go to the supermarket and buy themselves. But they give it all!

You need a strong central government that has a lot more check and balances and is under civilian control. Ours is not. Ours is under the Military industrial complex. Their only reason to exists is to make war and make the most amount of top americans survive to start again. On the caves miles upon miles deep and long not regular american will ever step in one of those. Those are for our do nothing congress and the civilians that own the companies that the military contracts from. So you we are being led towards the precipice but no one cares because is not today and hopefully not next month. What if it happens when Im dead, who cares then?

These are the times that was and is communism. Look at the pictures and look how peaceful they look just as WWII is about to begin with Hitler invading Poland,Japan bombing Pearl Harbour and Italy attacking Greece. No indication of anything wrong. Look at the metallic color they have indicating a new industrial time that was about to commence but not to build building but weapons to destroy them.

Happy 2015 and may your kids recognize something our generation has not. Who are the real thieves and who are the liars?  To push for a law that every time Congress says there is no money the person should be taken by Ft Knox and left in jail there. Let them understand that this is still the richest nation as what comes in.
How it goes out is another story. No is not food coupons those are percentages lower that what people tip to waiters and ballets in this country. The money is being given away by the president and by the congress to other people no not the poor. We refer to them as the top 1% and the military and when I say mitary I don’t include oldies because as been quoted many times soldier are made to die for their country. That is their only reason to have them so if they come back alive hurt or not, there will be nothing for them. They don’t even get a super nice funeral.

February 14, 2012

A Justice Of the USA Gets Robbed in The Island Of Nevis

Justice Stephen Breyer by Angela N.
  {All the Caribbean Island are dangerous . My experience is that the best place to go is PR but not in San Juan. Go to the west like Mayaguez. If you rent a car you can enjoy the center, west and south of the island. Old San Juan is nice and safe, but most people don’t stay there It’s just a good site seeing site. It’s very expensive to find accommodations there.  Is good to visit but go west. As of the other Islands from Jamaica to Nevis Stay away! They are homophobic and the police seems to be ineffective. You don’t believe me read on as this justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Makes history by getting rob, him and his family. We came close to Obama having to nominate another justice. }
Adam for adamfoxie*

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was uninjured after being robbed by a machete-wielding intruder
  Last week, according to the Associated Press.
The 73-year-old justice, his wife Joanna and a friend were on vacation in the Caribbean island of Nevis when the incident occurred. The intruder took about $1,000 in cash and fled. He has not been apprehended.
The FBI and local authorities are investigating the incident.
Breyer was appointed by then-President Bill Clinton in 1994 and tends to side with the liberal half of the Supreme Court.
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Angela N.
By Eric W. Dolan

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