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August 30, 2018

The Talk That Killer of Wife and Girls (Watts)Had a Double Live Might Be Confirmed by X Male Lover

 A man claiming to be the gay lover of accused US murderer Christopher Watts has told a US media outlet they had a 10-month affair.
Watts, of Colorado, has been charged with killing his pregnant wife, Shannan Watts, and their two young daughters – Bella, 3, and Celeste, 4.
Shanann's body was discovered in a shallow grave about 65km from the family's home in Frederick, a community in the oil and gas fields north of Denver. 
The girls' bodies were recovered from nearby oil tanks.
Watts told investigators that he killed his wife after discovering that she had strangled their daughters, after he told her he wanted to separate.
Watts told investigators that he killed his wife after discovering that she had strangled their two daughters, Bella, three, and Celeste, four, after he told her he wanted to separate.
Watts told investigators that he killed his wife after discovering that she had strangled their two daughters, Bella, three, and Celeste, four, after he told her he wanted to separate. (Facebook)
Now an anonymous man appeared on HLN’s ‘Crime and Justice’ TV show claiming he had met the accused on a dating app.
It comes amid intense media speculation in the US that Christopher Watts, 33, was having an extra-marital affair with a “co-worker” – presumed to be female. But yesterday, the anonymous man told host Ashleigh Banfield he had been approached by Watts in June 2017.
“He reached out to me and messaged me,” the man said.
“It was small talk. He told me his age. He had two daughters.”
Watts, 33, was arrested earlier this month over the slayings of his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, 34, and their two young daughters.
Watts, 33, was arrested earlier this month over the slayings of his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, 34, and their two young daughters. (AAP)
The purported gay lover said Watts’ profile listed him as straight.
“I asked why his profile said straight. He said he was not out and not ready to be out as far as sexuality.”
Court papers released last week revealed investigators had learned Watts was “actively involved in an affair with a co-worker”, something he had denied in police interviews.
Watts worked as an operator at Colorado oil and gas explorers  Andarko Petroleum.
He was fired on August 15, the day of his arrest.
Frank Rzucek the father of Shanann Watts, left, and her brother Frankie Rzucek attended court for Christopher Watts' arraignment hearing at the Weld County Courthouse.
Frank Rzucek the father of Shanann Watts, left, and her brother Frankie Rzucek attended court for Christopher Watts' arraignment hearing at the Weld County Courthouse. (AP/AAP)
The bodies of his wife and daughters were found on property owned by the company.
Court documents stated the girls had been submerged in crude oil for four days.
In the HLN interview, the unidentified man said Christopher Watts talked about his wife before her death and said he had met one of their daughters.
“Bella made a comment… She asked if she could sleep with him and mommy,” he told Banfield. 
“That’s how I found out he was married. I asked why he lied to me. He told me he knew he wouldn’t have a chance with me if he told me he was married. He told me what I wanted to hear.’
A man claiming to be Christopher Watts' gay lover claimed that he and his wife Shannan were having marital troubles.
A man claiming to be Christopher Watts' gay lover claimed that he and his wife Shannan were having marital troubles. (Facebook)
Watts was also critical of his wife, according to the unidentified man.
“He told me his wife was verbally and emotionally abusive,” he said. 
“He told me he didn’t love her. She didn’t love him. I knew something was wrong at home.”
When Banfield asked the man if he thought Christopher Watts had killed his family, he replied that the husband and father should be jailed for the crimes.
“‘I hope he gets convicted and I hope he stays in prison for the rest of his life.’
During a court appearance last week, Watts did not enter a plea to three first-degree murder charges, two counts of killing a child under 12, one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy and three counts of tampering with a deceased human body.
He is due back in court in November.

August 18, 2018

What Could Ever Be Wrong for a Dad To Kill His Pregnant wife Then Kill His 3, 4 y.o. Daughters

Image result for Chris and Shanann Watts
Bella and Celeste with Mom
On social media, Chris and Shanann Watts were a smiling, picture-perfect couple from suburban Denver.
They went on oceanfront vacations, cheered for the Pittsburgh Steelers and doted on their two young daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, while preparing their home for a third child — a boy they planned to name Niko.
In an Instagram post from November, Shanann Watts gushed over her husband on their fifth anniversary: "Chris these have been the best years of my life! Our love just grows strong everyday! We have two beautiful little girls that call us mommy and daddy!"
In May, she boasted on Facebook that "I love this man! He's my ROCK" — eliciting a response from a friend that "he is amazing! So glad you two found each other."
But that facade of a loving husband and dutiful dad was shattered Thursday when Chris Watts, 33, was arrested in connection with the deaths of his 34-year-old wife and their children, who had been reported missing three days earlier. It was an unexpected turn from earlier interviews outside of his Frederick, Colorado, home, where Chris Watts pleaded for their safe return — at one point telling reporters that "I just want them home so bad." 

Chris and Shanann Watts with their two children, Bella and Celeste.
Chris and Shanann Watts with their two children, Bella and Celeste.Courtesy family

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation said the mother and two girls were killed Monday in the home, and Shanann Watts' body was later discovered on the property of an oil and natural gas company that Chris Watts had worked for. They also "have strong reason to believe" two other bodies recovered are those of the daughters.
A law enforcement source told NBC affiliate KUSA that Chris Watts confessed to the murders, although state investigators would not confirm that. The deadline to file charges against Watts is Monday, and he is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.
In the meantime, friends and family are asking why he would allegedly harm his daughters and wife, who was 15 weeks pregnant, and are trying to piece together clues that would indicate whether he was capable of something so sinister.
A bankruptcy filing from June 2015 reveals a family that was under financial pressure.
In 2014, the couple made $90,000 — about $61,500 from Chris Watts' job at Anadarko Petroleum and the rest from Shanann's $18-an-hour job at a call center at a children's hospital.
But they had about $70,000 worth of debt, mainly from student loans and retail purchases, in addition to their nearly $3,000 monthly mortgage payments, $600 in monthly car payments and $1,300 in other expenses. In their bankruptcy filing, the couple said they had two savings accounts with less than $10, and a joint account with less than $870.
The couple, originally from North Carolina, left for Colorado after they were married in Charlotte in 2012. The man who bought their original home in Belmont, west of Charlotte, told The Associated Press that Shanann Watts was eager to sell and left behind property.
Shanann Watts had recently returned to North Carolina for a visit with her family, and spoke with her parents' next-door neighbor. "She didn't give me an indication that there was anything wrong. She seemed pretty happy," the neighbor, Joe Beach, told the AP.
Danell Search, who works with Shanann Watts' mother at a hair salon, said she saw the family on this latest trip, according to NBC affiliate WRAL.
"She was one of those people, when she walked in the room it was just like sunshine," Search told the station. "Chris was very standoffish. He didn't really say anything. I said 'Hi' to him, and he kept his head down."
"It's just heartbreaking and devastating for this to happen to such a good person," she added. "Such cute, good girls. They had a whole life ahead of them taken away unfairly."  
It's unclear how the Watts' financial fortunes may have improved — allowing them a cushy lifestyle in Colorado — but Shanann Watts flooded her social media pages with her venture working for Le-Vel, a marketing company that sells weight loss and health patches.
The company encourages sellers to use Facebook and Instagram to share apparent success stories from customers. Shanann Watts and her husband regularly took pictures together wearing the patches, and posted a photo of a Lexus she said she was awarded for her work and getaways she was afforded. She called herself a "momtrepreneur."
"All inclusive, no work, all fun vacations," she wrote recently about trips to the Dominican Republic, Mexico and San Diego.

                                            A Bad Actor

 Whatever was going on behind the scenes, Chris Watts kept his guard up when he appeared in public Monday after reporting that his wife and daughters were missing. He told investigators he had an "emotional conversation" with Shanann before he left for work at around 5 a.m.
Jon Buehler, a retired detective who investigated the murder of Laci Peterson, a pregnant California woman, in 2002, told "Today" on Friday that Chris Watts was unbelievable and "very flat" in his statements.
"He's saying the right thing, but there's nothing convincing about it," Buehler said. "It's like an act he's putting on, but he's not a very good actor."

August 2, 2018

Three Russian Journalists Killed While Investigating A Russian Paramilitary Organization


 The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe's (OSCE) media-freedom representative says he is "deeply saddened and shocked" by the killing of three Russian journalists who were investigating the activities of a Russian paramilitary organization in the Central African Republic (CAR).
In a tweet on August 1, Harlem Desir offered his sympathies and condolences to the families and colleagues of Orkhan Dzhemal, Aleksandr Rastorguyev, and Kirill Radchenko, who local authorities and the news organization they were reporting for said were ambushed and shot dead the previous day. Reporters Without Borders, meanwhile, condemned the killings "in the strongest terms" and urged "the CAR and Russian authorities to conduct a serious and thorough investigation."
Questions swirled along with grief and anger a day after the news of the deaths of the journalists, who were investigating a shadowy group that evidence indicates President Vladimir Putin's government has been using to fight battles abroad when it does not want to use the Russian military.
The online news organization Investigation Control Center (TsUR), funded by exiled Putin foe Mikhail Khodorkovsky, said on Facebook on July 31 that the journalists were in the CAR to make a documentary film about ChVK Vagner, a private contractor employing hundreds of mercenaries that reportedly is funded by Kremlin-connected businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin and has carried out clandestine combat missions in eastern Ukraine, Syria, and elsewhere.
Russian documentary filmmaker Aleksandr Rastorguyev had been a contributor to RFE/RL.
Russian documentary filmmaker Aleksandr Rastorguyev had been a contributor to RFE/RL.
Local and international media have reported that Vagner has been operating in the CAR since Russia delivered light arms to the country's security forces this year and deployed hundreds of military and civilian instructors to train them. Russian authorities have denied that the Vagner contractors are carrying out their orders.
Russian investigators said they have opened a criminal case to look into the deaths of the journalists. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on August 1 that the stated purpose of their visit to the CAR was tourism, seems to take them to task for allegedly misstating the intent of the trip.
That remark drew rare criticism of the ministry from a senior pro-Kremlin lawmaker. Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the State Duma, the lower house of parliament, wrote on Telegram that issues such as the purpose of the trip were "not very important now."
"What is important is that Russian citizens have been killed," he wrote. "Here we should follow the example of our 'strategic friends' from across the ocean: the United States does not leave the death of any of its citizens without consequences. No matter what country they were in and what political views they adhered to."
Henri Depele, the mayor of the town of Sibut, around 200 kilometers northeast of the capital, Bangui, said the journalists were killed late on July 30. Their driver survived the attack.
"According to the driver's explanations, when they were 23 kilometers from Sibut...armed men emerged from the bush and opened fire on the vehicle. The three journalists died instantly," Depele told Reuters.
A CAR government spokesman gave a somewhat different account on August 1, saying that the journalists had encountered about a dozen "turbaned gunmen" after being stopped at a checkpoint and venturing further despite being advised against it.
"When they resisted the theft of their vehicle, they were shot dead, while their driver was injured" but was able to flee, German news agency DPA quoted the spokesman, Ange Maxime Kazagui, as saying.
Other media reports quoted Kazagui as saying the assailants spoke Arabic rather than French or Sango, the national language of the country in which Muslims make up about 15 percent of the population of 5.6 million.
CAR has been plagued by violence, often fought along religious lines between predominantly Christian and Muslim militias, since a 2013 rebellion overthrew then-President Francois Bozize.
Most of the country is beyond the control of the Bangui government, and a 12,000-strong UN peacekeeping mission has struggled to keep a lid on the violence. 
TsUR's statement said the journalists flew to CAR on July 27 and that its last contact with them was late on July 29.
Anastasia Gorshkova, a deputy editor of the media outlet, told the Russian news network Dozhd that the journalists had tried to enter an estate where members of the security company reportedly stayed, but they were told that they needed accreditation from the CAR Defense Ministry.
An armed fighter belonging to the 3R rebel group displays his weapon in the town of Koui in the Central African Republic in 2017. The country has been riddled by violence since a 2013 rebellion overthrew then-President Francois Bozize.
An armed fighter belonging to the 3R rebel group displays his weapon in the town of Koui in the Central African Republic in 2017. The country has been riddled by violence since a 2013 rebellion overthrew then-President Francois Bozize.
On July 30, the journalists planned to meet with a local contact in the town of Bambari, 380 kilometers from Bangui, Gorshkova said. The road to Bambari runs through Sibut.
TsUR is financed by Khodorkovsky, a former oil tycoon who spent 10 years in prison following convictions in financial crimes trials supporters contend was a Kremlin-orchestrated campaign to seize his company's production assets and punish him for challenges to President Vladimir Putin.
He was pardoned by Putin, released, and flown out of Russia in 2010. He now lives in Europe.
TsUR has published a number of investigations alleging corruption by senior members of Putin's entourage. 
 Monument to the three journalists killed by the Russians.
Photographs of journalists Orkhan Dzhemal (right), Kirill Radchenko (center) and Aleksandr Rastorguyev are seen at a small memorial to the slain journalists outside the Central House of Journalists in Moscow.
 Khodorkovsky called the three journalists who were killed "brave men who were not prepared simply to collect documentary material but wanted to 'feel' it in the palms of their hands... Rest in peace."
Dzhemal, 51, was a respected Russian military correspondent who covered conflicts around the world. He was seriously injured in Libya in 2011 and published a book in 2008 giving a firsthand account of the five-day Russia-Georgia war.
Rastorguyev, 47, was a prominent documentary filmmaker and a contributor to RFE/RL. He was among the three directors of an award-winning 2013 film about leaders of the Russian opposition.
Radchenko, 33, started his career as a projectionist and had become a cameraman in recent years. 
With reporting by dpa, AP, Reuters, AFP, and The New York Times

Radio Free Europe

April 21, 2018

Two Florida Deputies Shot Through The Window While They Ate-Shooter Found Shot to Death

Sgt. Noel Ramirez, left, and Deputy Sheriff Taylor Lindsey were shot and killed after sitting down to eat at a Chinese restaurant in Gilchrist County, Fla.
Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office
A gunman shot and killed two sheriff's deputies in a restaurant in Gilchrist County, Fla., on Thursday, in an attack that seems to have come with no warning.
Sgt. Noel Ramirez, 30, and Deputy Sheriff Taylor Lindsey, 25. were shot through the window. The gunman was later found dead nearby.
Sheriff Bobby Schultz called the two deputies "the best of the best," adding, "They're men of integrity, they're men of loyalty. They're God-fearing, and they loved what they did. And we're very proud of them."
The deputies were on duty and had sat down to eat at the Ace China restaurant in Trenton around 3 p.m. when a gunman started firing at them from outside, the Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office said.
"Both our heroes had simply sat down to eat while on duty," the sheriff's office said. "There was no crime in progress, no disturbance. The suspect appears to have walked to the front of the business and shot both men without warning. Two holes in the window are visible tonight."
Deputies and other who responded to an emergency call about the shooting found the gunman nearby, dead from a gunshot wound. He was identified as 59-year-old John Hubert Highnote, 59, of Bell, Fla. — a nearby town in the northern Florida county.

When a reporter asked Schultz to confirm whether Highnote had committed suicide in his car near the restaurant, the sheriff declined to comment, citing both an ongoing state investigation into the killings and his own perspective.
"I want this to be about those deputy sheriffs, I think that you can respect that," Schultz said at a media gathering late Thursday afternoon. He added, "The world's full of cowards, and the world's full of heroes. We need to highlight those heroes, and what they gave."
Ramirez was a 7-year veteran of law enforcement who had a wife and two young children. Lindsey had worked with the force for a total of more than three years; he had recently returned to working at the sheriff's office.
"It was just surreal" to get the call about the attack on the deputies, Schultz said.
He added, "Whether you're a large agency or a small agency, it hits you like a ton of bricks."
A possible motive for the shooting has not been released. Twice during his media briefing on Thursday, Sheriff Schultz mentioned negative public attitudes about law enforcement officers.
"What do you expect happens when you demonize law enforcement to the extent that it's been demonized?" he asked at one point.
Schultz added, "The only thing these men were guilty of was wanting to protect you and me. They just wanted to go get something to eat. And they just wanted to do their job."
The department has received numerous condolences and messages of support, including from President Trump, who said, "My thoughts, prayers and condolences are with the families, friends and colleagues" of the slain deputies.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott said, "My wife, Ann, and I are heartbroken by the loss of two law enforcement officers in Trenton," adding that he has committed state resources to help the Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office.
Scott added, "It is true evil for anyone to hurt a law enforcement officer, and in Florida, we have zero tolerance for violence, especially against the police."
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April 16, 2018

Tragic Final Days For The Hart's Being Drunk on Drugs and Killing the Famly

 ReportedBy Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN

 Devonte hart huggin a policewoman years before and the laying crushed at end of prescipice

Three children remain missing and so many questions persist in the mystery of how the Hart family's SUV ended up at the bottom of a 100-foot Mendocino, County, California, cliff.

The few details that have emerged paint what appear to be dark months, and perhaps years, for Jennifer and Sarah Hart's six adopted children, who repeatedly accused their mothers of abuse, according to reports from neighbors and a social worker.

How Harts isolated kids to hide abuse

The home-schooled kids complained specifically of being denied food and of racist behavior, according to a case report. Jennifer and Sarah Hart were white. Their children were black.

In their final days, the family members left their home in Woodland, Washington, and headed south. Little is known of their seemingly hasty departure -- or of the following days -- but the latest details speak to a possibly disturbing demise for the children.
Before the SUV was found at the bottom of the cliff off US Highway 101 on March 26, Jennifer Hart's blood-alcohol content was over the legal limit to drive and some of the children were sedated when she, possibly intentionally, got a 70-foot start and accelerated off the cliff without breaking, according to police, which is investigating the crash as a crime.
Here is what is known of their last days:

Authorities pay visit
There had been reports of abuse in the past, and neighbor Bruce DeKalb says he heard firsthand from the children allegations that the mothers were withholding food and mistreating the children, who the Harts adopted in Texas.

A few weeks before the deadly crash, 15-year-old Devonte began asking DeKalb for food, saying his mothers were punishing him by withholding meals, the neighbor said. It began as a once-a-day event but soon escalated and he was stopping by three times a day, he said.

"We decided that we needed to get professional help," DeKalb said.
Body found near Hart family SUV crash site
He called Child Protective Services on March 23, and officials arrived just after Jennifer Hart came home from work, but she didn't answer the door. The next morning, the family and their vehicle were gone. Child Protective Services tried to visit again on March 26 and 27, but didn't make contact, the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services said.
Timeline: Were all 6 kids in SUV?
Also on March 26, one of Sarah Hart's friends called 911 requesting a welfare check. The friend said she'd received a text from Sara, saying she was sick, and her phone was now dead and no one had seen her or her wife, the friend told dispatch.
Jennifer and Sarah Hart were found along with children Markis, 19, Jeremiah, 14, and Abigail, 14.
Devonte, 15, Hannah, 16, and Sierra, 12, remain missing. A sixth body was found in the ocean last week, but it will take time to identify it, police say.
Jennifer Hart too intoxicated to legally drive
What exactly happened to the Hart family once they left Woodland is not clear, though police have been trying to connect a few dots.
Police search for travel records, suicide notes
At some point on March 24, the day after the report to Child Protective Services, the family made it to Newport, Oregon, and then, later that evening, to Mendocino County, about 400 miles down the coast from Newport. On the morning of March 25, Jennifer Hart was recorded on surveillance video at a Safeway in Fort Bragg, about 15 miles south of where the family was found dead the next day.

Questions surround family killed off the cliff 
They remained in the area until at least 9 o'clock that night, but there's no further information regarding the family's whereabouts until their SUV was found upside down on the Pacific coast.
At some point between the family's last sighting that night and March 26, when their SUV was found at the bottom of the cliff -- likely several hours after landing there -- it appears Jennifer Hart had a few drinks.
She was driving the SUV, and had a blood-alcohol level of .10%, which is over California's legal limit to drive, .08%, police said.
Two of the kids sedated
Sarah Hart and two of the three children found dead at the scene tested positive for diphenhydramine, an active ingredient in Benadryl.
The presence of the substance has not been determined in the third child.
Devonte, a boy in the viral photo, missing
Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine that can cause drowsiness.
The toxicology report was released Friday.
No skid marks
Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman has described the crash as a crime.
The vehicle appears to have left a highway for a dirt turnout, then accelerated on that
turnout for about 70 feet until it went off the cliff, authorities said, citing 
data from the vehicle's software airbag module. 
No skid marks were seen in the area, officials said.
"I'm to the point where I no longer am calling this an accident," Allman said.
There were no witnesses to help guide police. A passerby discovered the SUV, 
seeing the wreckage at the foot of the cliff.
CNN's Madison Park, Steve Almasy, Eric Levenson and Ralph Ellis contributed 
to this report.

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