December 23, 2011

Matt Di Angelo } What do you wear in bed?

 Matt Di 

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We’re in a posh hotel, where else? We’ve seen the handsome, shaved-chested Matt Di Angelo pop in and out of nightwear (NOT pyjamas) all afternoon, flashing nothing racier than his cheeky grin at our eager camera.

It got us thinking of those hard hitting journalistic questions, like ‘What do you really wear in bed?’
“Just regular stuff really….” says Matt is his off-the-cuff, unthreatening laddish manner. “Nothing fancy. Just pyjama bottoms, And then I go topless. I don’t like too many layers, I always sleep with the window open or a fan. I know you sleep better when it’s a colder temperature, you fall asleep quicker.”
It’s a technique we’ll bear in mind. It’s typical of his nonchalant demeanour that he can name drop, blag and be utterly unaware of any titillation involved. Of course, being in his bed is about the only time you’ll get to see Matt topless. Unless you’ve got a massive wad of cash to spunk. We hint about getting him to do one of our classy naked shoots.
“Wouldn’t do them, I am a very tasteful young man.”
Hang on, you’d NEVER go topless?
“Well if I had a better body then yeah, loads. But I don’t go to the gym. I work very hard to have a very average body, and I don’t think I need to share it.”
Hang on, average body? How do you work hard to have an average body?
“By not eating loads of shit really. I can’t be bothered to go to the gym. I think if I was a carb freak I’d be in trouble. If I did a Men’s Health thing – in Strictly [Come Dancing], there were talks of a three-month intensive training session where they build you up, and then do a before and after thing. Something like that I would do. If I had a better body, I would do a topless shoot but I don’t feel comfortable enough to do it.”
We politely disagree about his body being average.
“It’s average at best. For me to see it in a photograph, it has got to be pretty good. It’d have to be like Brad Pitt in Fight Club if I was to do a topless shoot.”

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