February 26, 2012

We Knew Palin Interview With Beck Was Rigged {Now See The Proof}

Lucky us! A second set of Sarah Palin emails has been released, and are slowly making their way online. Evidently they weren't released in a format that was particularly user-friendly, so they're being posted one at a time in searchable format. The search is handy, but it's still really painful to navigate them. Still, the search helps, and so I was able to locate a few nuggets in a short period of time.
I was curious to see what sorts of things Palin received from Fox News, so I searched on that and came up with this nugget. It's aseries of questions for her appearance on Glenn Beck's debut on Fox News, submitted in advance so that she could either object to the question or form an answer ahead of time.
Check out these questions! Even funnier, the fact that she sent them on to an aide to "formulate very short answers" to them.
Gov. we have people jumping in front of trains and out of buildings over the economy, over money how do we get back to having our priorities right, where family, kids are most important?
Gov. can you tell us anything about the suspected arson investigation of your church. It's disappeared from the news.
We hear a lot about the economy but Alaska appears to be doing relatively well--how is Alaska's economy going to do if oil and gas prices continue to fall? What does Washington need to do to get our economy going?
You've seen national politics--you've lived it--is political common sense dead? I don't want to get my oil from our enemies. When do we start getting gas from the new pipeline you worked on making happen?
Partisan politics are crazy in Alaska and everywhere else. How do we get passed that--I'm asking you because you weren't afraid to take on your own party, have a very high approval rating and have Democrats in your administration.
Do you consider Mr. Obama your President?
The people who are active and want to be involved--they don't know what to do anymore--the calls and letters don't seem to work--what can they do?
Alaska is a neighbor with Russia. It seems that it's got a new change from the Soviet Union and that's all. It seems like nothing has changed with Putin in charge am I wrong?
Are you concerned about what appears to be a global push to discredit capitalism?
I couldn't track down a full transcript of the show. I'm still looking. I did find this short summary of the interview on YouTube, which referred back to the capitalism question and the question about whether she considered Barack Obama her President. What kind of a question is that? I just burst out laughing at these softball questions that still needed to be submitted for her approval. I wonder if he should have warned her that he would call her "one hot grandma?”

Oh, here are her answers, as written by one of her assistants.

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