January 2, 2019

PORTUGAL, Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country with beautiful beaches in which someone with just a modest income, retirement can live there in a good fashion. Whether renting or buying is right for you, one can just decide but with this beautiful country you can't go wrong as a tourist but I'm mainly talking about moving there. The public health care system is a disappointment even though is free.  I'm told they are trying to improve but that is a problem.

As an American, it would be easier to get busy but it will take time.

Why am I posting about Portugal? Because I love that country and if it was up to me I will be moving there now.

No one has advice me or paid me to write about Portugal and we don't do that type of commercial.

If you are from Portugal or in Portugal you can add whatever I missed good or bad. I have no doubt Portugueños will see this because they are my top readers and I love them as people. The only Portugueñeno I feel shame as a latin is the head of a congressional investigation on Trump and he went and gave all the private information to the white house which was investigated for awful crimes that the justice dept was investigating. Do you know his name? I will see if you can find out. I know who he is but I would like you to know who he is.......and post it on this. No need to let anyone who you are unless you want to. Any problems let me know at 

Thank You, Adam



Frederick Wright said...

My husband and I go to Portugal at least twice a year, it is one of our favorite places to visit. Love the culture, the people, the food, the reasonable cost of living, the architecture, all of it. We may end up retiring there. I'm currently organizing a 'guys week' using our rented villa in Sao Miguel in the Azores as a home base. All our inner circle of male friends, no wives, girlfriends, or kids. Just ten days of hiking, mountain climbing, volcano exploring, biking, kayaking, cigars, moonshine, and guy fun. Really looking forward to it!!

Adam Gonzalez said...

Portugal has been a very strong supporter of the blog. On certain days the readers from there are stronger than the US! Which is not easy to do because the blog is based in the US. You and I feel th same on many things and Portugal is one of them💖

Adam Gonzalez said...

I would not mind moving to Portugal when I fully retire. I just need to check more on their health system

Frederick Wright said...

Yes, we will be looking into those details as well. The health care system and other aspects of living there. I'll be starting my portuguese language lessons this year, I already speak french, italian, and spanish so I'm not nervous.

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