January 28, 2019

{{Updates}} 2 Yr Old Boy Still Trapped in 10 Inch Wide 330 Foot Deep Hole 2 UPDATEs FOLLOW

UPDATE:...Sat. Jan. 27.2019    The body of the boy has been found and no one is surprised the boy was no longer alive. Everyone grieves for his parents.
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 Father of Julen Rosello

Crews are preparing to carefully dig a tunnel on Friday in hopes of rescuing the 2-year-old boy who’s been trapped in a hole for five days in Spain.

Drilling equipment and giant pipes were delivered to the site in Totalan, located in the southern part of the country, to start work on a vertical tunnel to reach little Julen Rosello.

“The priority now is the works on the vertical tunnel,” said a spokeswoman for the regional government in Malaga.

The toddler slipped down the nearly 330-foot-deep hole, which is just 10 inches wide, on Sunday after wandering away from his parents as they prepared lunch.

Rescue efforts have been thwarted by a blockage created by soil and rocks about two-thirds of the way down — prompting workers to dig alternative holes to try to reach the boy.

“The terrain’s geology is complicated, and that’s slowing down the works,” said Angel Garcia, the leading engineer coordinating the search-and-rescue operation.

Authorities said Julen could still be alive if there is enough oxygen under the obstruction.

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Follow up:
 I would like to follow up on the latest and report that this is not the first toddler this family is lost in tragic unusual circumstances.
A funeral was held Sunday for the toddler who fell into a deep borehole in Spain, ending a frantic search that lasted nearly two weeks. The search for 2-year-old Julen Roselló captivated people around the world, and hundreds of people reportedly attended his memorial service in Spain’s Málaga province to pay their respects. In 2017, according to the newspaper, the family’s 3-year-old son, Oliver, died of cardiac arrest during a family walk on the beach

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