January 7, 2019

What is Worse Than Clinton or Sanders Running Again?


Washington Post
When word oozed out last month that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders might be considering another run for the presidency, I admit my first thought was “Nothing could be worse.”
I voted for Clinton, and I think she’d make a good president, but … you know. Last time around, she somehow managed to lose to a guy who had the maturity of a petulant adolescent, the temper of Yosemite Sam, the bluster of Foghorn Leghorn, the sensitivity of a burlap condom and the nastiness of an enraged honey badger, and physically resembled a Baby Huey pear-shaped punching bag. And Bernie Sanders — well, he had lost to the person who had lost to that guy.
But then I second-guessed myself. After canvassing some friends, I decided I was being unfair: There are lots of ideas worse than a Clinton or Sanders candidacy:
"Carbonated chicken soup"
“Drive on the Wrong Side of the Road Day”
"Replace the seventh-inning stretch with … nap time"
"Stormy/Trump: The Porno!"
"Trump in Russia: The Porno!"
"Habanero enemas."
"Seeing-eye rhinoceroses."

"Gefilte fish ice cream."  ⏬
                    Image result for "Gefilte fish ice cream."

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