January 26, 2019

Trump Eats Craw After A Woman Tells Him He's Not King Like Putin and Live Earth Views From Space St.

First, before you see these live images: Trump eats craw twice! All had to happen was someone of courage which the speaker of the hosue of representatives is and did and a woman, grandmother stuck it to Trump. You will notice he is got no names for her like he gives all women working in government. No 'Pocahontas" here but a Californian woman who is been there for LGBT, AIDS crisis and every other crisis, speaker Nancy pelosi. She let him know he was not going to come to Congresss and he then found out a President is not a king like putin. Then his world fell apart. Governemnt is opneing up with less than they offered him before.


Behold, the Earth! See live views of Earth from the International Space Station coming to you by NASA's High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment. While the experiment is operational, views will typically sequence through the different cameras. If you are seeing a black image, the Space Station is on the night side of the Earth. If you are seeing an image with text displayed, the communications are switching between satellites and camera feeds are temporarily unavailable. Between camera switches, a black & gray slate will also briefly appear. The experiment was activated on April 30, 2014 and is mounted on the External Payload Facility of the European Space Agency’s Columbus module. This experiment includes several commercial HD video cameras aimed at the Earth which are enclosed in a pressurized and temperature controlled housing. To learn more about the HDEV experiment, visit: https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/ESRS/HDEV/ Please note: The HDEV cycling of the cameras will sometimes be halted, causing the video to only show select camera feeds. This is handled by the HDEV team, and is only scheduled on a temporary basis. Nominal video will resume once the team has finished their scheduled event.

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