May 31, 2015

Violence in Gay Moscow


 Police in the Russian capital have detained 15 people after a clash broke out between gay-rights advocates and opponents.
A small group of gay demonstrators tried to hold a demonstration ( authorities say unauthorized but you can’t get a permit in any case so there is no other you can hold)  in support of gay rights outside the mayor’s office on Saturday. But opponents fought with them and police detained people from both sides.
Being that Russia is no longer free to uncensored news there was no immediate word on whether any of those detained would be charged.
You probably thought that gay people in Russia had been deported to Mars being that we seldom hear from them in the news but saturday these young man and women sent the world a message, we are here and we are who we are!
Imagine living in a nation on this day and age in which the mere prospect of you being you can get you verbally and physically assaulted and when the cops come they arrest you even if you are the one breeding from the head. No injustice can last a life time and the changes that we experience here eventually would have to spread to them, even if it takes a revolution and it seems that may be one day every gay person that hold a position of service might have to go on strike to let the nation know that they also are parts of the wheel that makes the nation crawl along everyday.
 source: Interfax news agency.                                  

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